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Being a business owner, it is important to monitor accounting trends and use them for your business. If you are not up-to-date, you could remain in the dust while your competitors improve their performance with the latest and greatest software and techniques.

Here’s an overview of the leading accounting trends in 2021 so you stay one step ahead.

New Accounting Trends in 2021

1. Accounting software solutions:

In these years, there has been a leap in accounting software solutions. By far, most industries are harnessing the power of the digital world, and accounting is no different. There are more demands than ever on computerized accounting and software companies working hard to make sure that manual tasks can be limited and minimum.

2. Cloud accounting:

Today everything is in the cloud: your photos, music, and even passwords are stored in the cloud. So why not your account? Cloud accounting saves cost and time. In fact, about two-thirds of accountants believe it will be useful in their work.

The great advantage of cloud accounting software is that you and your team can access and update your numbers anytime, anywhere, and most importantly at the same time. Collaboration is easier than ever and there are no permanent archives and no email exchange required. Speaking of archiving, cloud accounting software ensures that your data is stored securely with military-grade encryption that definitely beats USB sticks.

3. Automatic accounting:

The automated accounting process saves time, money and, above all, errors. Companies are investing in accounting based automated software and processes as this can be very profitable for companies like never before. In addition, it also enhances companies’ ability to make data-driven decisions and allows them to do so faster than ever before.

However, automatic billing has its drawbacks. Like any technology-driven process, it carries cybersecurity risks that need to be properly assessed and continuously monitored.

4. Balance between work and personal life:

Another benefit of the growth of automated processes and cloud-based software is that more accountants can work from anywhere with no barrier of time and better work-life balance. This development also saves a lot of time exchanging emails and filing so accountants can enjoy more of the moment.

5. Accountants become consultants:

There has always been some overlap between accountants and financial advisors, but now the accounting industry is increasingly focused on data analysis and so many accountants are shifting to more advisory roles. Developments in accounting technology allow accountants to provide more accurate information and provide valuable advice to their clients. Indeed, harnessing the power of technology for business consulting is a way for accountants to ensure that they are not eventually replaced by machines.

6. Social media:

Accounting and social media may seem like odd friends, but networking is essential to any business. The coronavirus pandemic means that even the toughest crazies have to use platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to interact with their colleagues and prospects. There is no denying that social media platforms allow accounting firms to build brands, drive more traffic to their websites, and create new links. This channel is a powerful marketing tool for any business and accounting is no exception, so it’s time for the industry to catch up.

Summing up:

As you can see, advances in technology have led to many changes in the world of accounting – most for the better. This means you can expect more efficient and effective bookkeeping, as well as the ability to make smart business decisions based on optimized financial data.


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