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Service Tax Rates wef 1st April, 2012

The rate of service tax is being increased from ten per cent to twelve per cent with effect from 01/04/2012. In another words from the 1st April, 2012 service tax rate will be 12.36% instead of present 10.3%. ...

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Maharashtra Budget 2012 Highlight, Download Speech

Growth in Sales Tax collection is 20 per cent and exceeds target by 4000 crore. Electronic surveillance of transactions to go up. Online verification of Input Tax Credit facility will be made avail able to dealers shortly.Exemption to food-grains, pulses and their flour, Solapuri Chadars and towels and wet dates to continue upto 31st Mar...

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Misconception – e-filing of Income Tax Return

Individual assesees with income from salary or pension, one house property and income from other sources are required to file their tax return in ITR-1 (form Saral-II). ITR-2 will be applicable to salaried assessees who have also made some capital gains or own multiple house properties....

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All about Payment of Gratuity Act 1972

The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972:- Gratuity is a voluntary Payment made by the employer to the employee in recognition of continuous, meritorious services and sincere efforts by the employee towards the organization.It is governed under the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972.It is an Act to provide for a scheme for the payment of gr...

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Payment received / receivable by the applicant in connection with IVTC Services are taxable as FTS

In re XYZ (Authority For Advance Ruling)

Que.No.1 The payment received / receivable by the applicant in connection with IVTC Services are taxable as FTS under section 9(1)(vii) of the Act. The exception provided under section 9(1)(vii)(b) of the Act is not available to the applicant. Que.No.2&3 The payments received / receivable in connection with the cost incurred and recovery ...

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Tax Provision in India in 2025

1. Any transaction in West Indies is now taxable in India since the word 'Indies' substantially involves an Indian nexus. 2. A retrospective amendment is also proposed to bring to tax the income earned by 'Indiana Jones' movies...

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TDS, Advance Tax & SA Challan Status on Mobile

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) provides CIN (Challan Identification Number) based view of direct tax challans to taxpayers to know the status of challan on its web-site. In addition to the above facility, NSDL has launched a Short Message Service (SMS) based facility to know the status of its challans. The procedure for ava...

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Residential Status and taxability of Income

As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, an individual’s income is taxable based on his residential status in India. Residential status is determined based on the physical stay of the individual in the current financial year (1 April to 31 March) and the preceding 10 financial years....

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In computing book profit u/s 115JB, S.14A not apply if expense to earn exempt income not debited to P&L account

Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Ltd. Vs Asstt. Commissioner of Income-tax (ITAT Delhi)

In the present case, the AO has also made addition of Rs. 19,58,253/- on account of alleged expenditure incurred to earn exempt income while computing book profit u/s 115JB of the Act. The AO’s action has been confirmed by the CIT(A). Both the authorities have applied Rule 8D of the Income-tax Rules while computing the amount of expendi...

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If tax effect less than Rs.1 lakh Department should not file appeal before Tribunal

JCIT Vs M/s Video Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (ITAT Delhi)

The Tribunal found that in view of Instructions issued by the CBDT where the tax effect is less than Re. 1 lakh. The Department should not file an appeal before the Tribunal. In the present case the tax effect is less than Re. 1 lakh. Under the circumstances, the Tribunal did not entertain the appeal. ...

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