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Instructions Regarding issues relating to Customs clearance at International Airports in India

F.No.520/14/2011-Cus.VI 01/07/2011

Attention is invited to Notification No.74/2005-Customs (N.T.) & 75/2005-Customs (N.T.) both dated 30.8.2005 under Import Manifest (Aircraft) Regulations, 1976 and Export Manifest (Aircraft) Regulations, 1976, as amended, respectively. The former notification mandates that passenger manifest shall be delivered electronically within 15 mi...

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Carve Outs provided in Ind AS

The Ind As have been prepared by NACAS and with its recommendation submitted to MCA.NACAS adopted due consultative proposed of hosting the draft Ind As insisting comments/suggestions and therefore after deliberated with industries representative in NACAS. The finally recommended Ind AS have the following carve outs. These carve outs have ...

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Master Circular – Lending To Priority Sector

RBI/2011-12/107 RPCD. CO. Plan. BC 10/04.09.01/ 2011-12 01/07/2011

The Reserve Bank of India has, from time to time, issued a number of guidelines/instructions/directives to banks on lending to Priority Sector. In order to enable the banks to have current instructions at one place, a Master Circular incorporating the existing guidelines/instructions/directives on the subject has been prepared and enclose...

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SARFAESI – RBI's Master Circular dated 1-7-2011 on Directions/instructions issued to the Securitisation Companies/Reconstruction Companies

CIRCULAR NO. DNBS (PD) CC. NO. 27/SCRC/26.03.001/2011-2012 01/07/2011

As you are aware, in order to have all current instructions on the subject at one place, the Reserve Bank of India issues updated circulars/notifications. A gist of circulars issued by the Bank to Securitisation Companies/Reconstruction Companies updated as on June 30, 2011 is reproduced below (Annexure). The detailed circulars have also ...

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RBI's Master Circular, dated 1-7-2011 on Credit Card Operations of banks

CIRCULAR NO. DBOD.NO.FSD.BC. 14 / 24.01.011/ 2011-12 01/07/2011

Purpose To provide a framework of rules/regulations/standards/practices to the credit card issuing banks/NBFCs for their credit card business and ensure that the same are in alignment with the best customer practices. Banks should adopt adequate safeguards and implement the following guidelines in order to ensure that their credit card op...

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CIRCULAR NO. DNBS (PD) CC NO. 238/03.02.001/2011-12, Dated: 1.7.2011

CIRCULAR NO. DNBS (PD) CC NO. 238/03.02.001/2011-12 01/07/2011

No NBFC shall open subsidiaries/joint ventures/representative office abroad or shall make investment in any foreign entities without obtaining prior approval in writing from the Reserve Bank of India. The application from the NBFC seeking No Objection would be considered subject to these directions....

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RBI's Master Circular dated 1-7-2011 on Mortgage Guarantee Companies Investment (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2008

CIRCULAR NO. DNBS (PD-MGC) C.C. NO.10/23.11.01/2011-12 01/07/2011

The provisions of these directions shall apply to every Mortgage Guarantee Company which has been granted Certificate of Registration by the Reserve Bank of India....

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NBFCs – RBI's Master Circular dated 1-7-2011 on Exemptions from the provisions of RBI Act, 1934

CIRCULAR NO. DNBS.PD.CC.NO.228/03.02.004/2011-12 01/07/2011

As you are aware, in order to have all current instructions on the subject at one place, the Reserve Bank of India had issued a Master Circular No. 148 on the captioned subject, which is now updated up to 30th June, 2011. It may be noted that the Master Circular consolidates and updates all the instructions contained in the notifications ...

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NBFCs – RBI's Master Circular dated 1-7-2011 on Non-Banking Financial Companies Acceptance of Public Deposits (Reserve Bank) Directions, 1998

CIRCULAR NO. DNBS (PD) CC NO. 223/03.02.001/2011-12 01/07/2011

The Reserve Bank of India having considered it necessary in the public interest and being satisfied that for the purpose of enabling the Bank to regulate the credit system to the advantage of the country, it is necessary to give the directions set out below, hereby, in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 45J, 45K, 45L and 45MA of...

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FEMA – RBI's Master Circular dated 1-7-2011 on Foreign Investment in India

MASTER CIRCULAR NO. 15/2011-12 01/07/2011

Foreign investment in India is governed by sub-section (3) of section 6 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 read with Notification No. FEMA 20/2000-RB dated May 3, 2000, as amended from time to time. The regulatory framework and instructions issued by the Reserve Bank have been compiled in this Master Circular. The list of underl...

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