"18 December 2002" Archive

Circular No.50/11/2002-ST dated 18.12.2002

Circular No.50/11/2002-ST 18/12/2002

I am directed to say that doubts have been raised as to whether Service Tax is payable on the services rendered by Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL). CDSL is providing depository services in respect of DEMAT stocks to its customers. It has also implemented "Electronic Access to Securities Information" (easi), to enable th...

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Circular No. 49/11/2002-ST dated 18.12.2002

Circular No.49/11/2002-ST 18/12/2002

I am directed to invite your attention to Section 65(25) of the Finance Act, 1994 (as amended), which defines Consulting Engineer as "any professionally qualified engineer or an engineering firm, who, either directly or indirectly, renders, any advice, consultancy or technical assistance in any manner to a client in one or more discipline...

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SEBI : Review of recommendation of Dr. L.C Gupta Committee on Derivatives

SMDRP/DC/CIR-14/02 18/12/2002

Separation of Cash and Derivative Segment of an Exchange and its Clearing House/Corporation. The Dr. L.C Gupta Committee on Derivatives had permitted exiting stock exchanges having cash trading to trade in derivative contracts through a separate segment with separate membership....

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SEBI : Adjustment in Stock Option Contracts and Single Stock Futures Contracts at time of Corporate Action

SMDRP/DC/CIR-15/02 18/12/2002

The Exchanges may now determine the manner of adjustment in derivative contracts at the time of corporate actions in conformity with the following principles....

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SEBI : Risk containment measures and the broad eligibility criteria of stocks on which stock options and single stock futures could be introduced.

SMDRP/DC/CIR-13/02 18/12/2002

Derivative contracts on a new stock index shall be permitted if the stocks contributing 90% weightage in the index are individually eligible for derivative trading as per the eligibility criteria. This requirement shall be applied only at the time of introduction of derivative contract on new indices....

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