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The Cost Accounting Records (Telecommunications) Rules, 2002

Notification No. G.S.R. 689(E) 08/10/2002

state-controlled enterprise" means an enterprise which is under the control of the Central Government or a State Government....

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The Cost Accounting Records (Petroleum Industry) Rules, 2002

Notification No. G.S.R. 686(E) 08/10/2002

fellow subsidiary" means a company is said to be a fellow subsidiary of another company if both are subsidiaries of the same holding company....

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The Cost Accounting Records (Plantation Products) Rules, 2002

Notification No. G.S.R.685 (E) 08/10/2002

"related party relationships" means parties who are considered to be related if at any time during the reporting period one party has the ability to control the other party or exercise significant influence over the other party in making financial and/or operating decisions...

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Subject: Simplification of Certain Procedures Relating to Functioning of EOUs/ EPZ /STP /ETHP/SEZ Units-Issue of Procurement Certificate and CT-3- Reg

Circular No. 66/2002-Custom Duty 08/10/2002

Difficulties, if any, faced in implementation of the above changes may be brought to the notice of the Board at an early date....

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Public Notice No. 40 /2002-2007, Dated: 08.10.2002

Public Notice No. 40 /2002-2007 08/10/2002

A committee shall be constituted at the Zone level headed by the Development Commissioner and consisting of other concerned officials to approve units and to resolve the post-approval difficulties of the EOU/EPZ/SEZ unitSr. The Committee shall meet on Monday, every week. In case of the absence of Development commissioner, the meeting will...

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Public Notice No. 39 /2002-2007, Dated: 08.10.2002

Public Notice No. 39 /2002-2007 08/10/2002

A decision was taken to discontinue with the proviso for submission of copy of invoices certified by the Project authority in the case of redemption under EPCG. In tune with the decision , the third sub-para of Para 5.13 (b)(i) pertaining to redemption of EPCG licence for deemed exports is deleted and the amended version of para 5.13(b)(i...

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Notification No. 16/2002-07, Dated: 08.10.2002

Notification No. 16/2002-07 08/10/2002

Paragraph 4.1.9 pertains to Back-to-Back Inland Letter of Credit.. It has been decided to permit Back-to-Back Inland Letter of Credit against an Advance Licence for Intermediate Supplies also. Hence the first sentence of paragraph 4.1.9 is amended by deleting the phrase " (except Advance Licence for intermediate supply)". The amended vers...

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