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Circular No. 487/53/99-Central Excise Dated 30/9/1999

Circular No. 487/53/99-Central Excise 30/09/1999

Circular No. 487/53/99-CX I am directed to say that it has been brought to the notice of the Board that rebate claims in respect of duty paid on processed textile fabric used as material for manufacture of made-up (export goods) are being denied on the ground(s) that the claimants did not follow the prescribed procedure for export under...

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SEBI :(Underwriters)(Amendment) Regulations 1999

Notification No. S.O. 797(E) 30/09/1999

Securities and Exchange Board of India (Underwriters) Regulations, 1993, the principal regulation was published in the Gazette of India on October 8, 1993 vide No. LE/10/93. It was subsequently amended...

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SEBI (Portfolio Managers) (Amendment) Regulations 1999

Notification No. S.O. 798(E)-SEBI 30/09/1999

The fee referred to in paragraph 2 shall be paid by the portfolio manager within 15 days from the date of receipt of intimation from the Board disposing of the application for renewal made under sub-regulation (1) of regulation 9. ...

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SEBI : Investments in ADRs/GDRs by Mutual Funds

MFD/CIR No. 5/062 /99 30/09/1999

This has reference to our circular MFD/CIR No. 4/052/99 dated September 1, 1999 permitting all mutual funds to invest in ADRs/GDRs initially within overall limit of US$500 mn. with a sub-ceiling for individual mutual fund ....

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Production description under SS. No. 87.09 of the Drawback Table – reagarding.

Drawback Circular No. 66/99-Custom Duty 30/09/1999

Certain representations have been received in this Directorate seeking clarification whether in the Sub-Serial No. 87.09 in the Drawback Table, the description of the goods is "Others" or "Other Tippers...

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Circular No. 65/99-Custom Duty Dated 30/9/1999

Circular No. 65/99-Custom Duty 30/09/1999

The issue of granting endorsement of transferability of expired Advance Licences issued during Exim Policy 1992-97 was under examination in the Department of Revenue in consultation with the DGFT/MOC. The matter was also referred to the Ministry of Law. The export obligation against all these Licences ...

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Circular No. 64/99-Custom Duty Dated 30/9/1999

Circular No. 64/99-Custom Duty 30/09/1999

It has been brought to the notice of the Board that the product Hessian bag with LDPE Liner, Plastic handle and Zipper is being attempted to be exported under Entry No. 38 of Plastic Group for DEPB rates...

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