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Public Provident Fund (PPF) – Investment Limit, Income tax benefit

CA Sandeep Kanoi

The Public Provident Fund is the darling of all tax saving investments.  You invest in it and you get a deduction on your income. Besides, the interest you earn on it is tax-free. Since it is a scheme run by the Government of India, it is also totally safe.

PPF refers to Public Provident Fund and is a Long Term Debt Scheme of the Govt. of India on which regular interest is paid. Any Individual (whether Salaried or Self-Employed or any other category) can invest in this scheme and can earn a handsome tax-free return on the same which is usually higher than the return offered by Banks on Fixed Deposits.

1. Where You  can open a PPF Account and How?

a . To open a PPF account, drop  by a State Bank of India branch. SBI’s subsidiary banks can also open accounts. A list of these subsidiary banks is available on the bank’s Web site.You can even visit the nationalised bank in your neighborhood. Selected branches of nationalised banks can also open accounts.The head post office or selection grade sub-post offices also open PPF accounts.

b. You will have to fill up a form. You can take a look or download the form from SBI’s web site. Along with the form, attach a photograph and submit your Permanent Account Number. If you do not have a PAN, then furnish an attested copy of either your ration card, voter’s identity card or passport. When you open an account, you will be given a passbook (just like a bank pass book) in which all subscriptions, interest accrued, withdrawals and loans are recorded.

2.  Who can and who cannot not open PPF Account?

a. Who Can Open PPF Account - Any Individual (whether Salaried or Self-Employed or any other category) can invest in this scheme. HUFs are no more allowed to open any PPF account

b. Who Can Not open PPF Account-NRI’s are not allowed to subscribe to PPF Account. However, if someone opens a PPF Account while he is a Resident of India but subsequently becomes a NRI, he shall be allowed to continue investing in his account.  An NRI can  invest up to Rs 1,00,000 per financial year in an existing account, that is, an account that he opened prior to becoming an NRI. If someone  inadvertently opened an account after becoming an NRI, it is best to close it before it comes to the attention of the concerned authorities in India.

3. You can have only one PPF account in your name. If, at any point, it is detected that you have two accounts, the second account you have opened will be closed, and you will be refunded only the principal amount, not the interest.

4. You cannot open a joint account with another individual. The account can only be opened in one person’s name. You are free to nominate one or more individuals. On the death of the account holder, nominees cannot keep the account going by making contributions. If there are no nominees, the legal heirs get the money. You can open one account for yourself and others for your child/ children. But, on your death, your children cannot make any additional contributions.

5.   Minimum and maximum deposit limit

A minimum deposit of Rs. 500 must be made during one whole financial year. The maximum that could be deposited is Rs. 1,00,000 in a financial year.  The interest you will earn is currently 8.80% per annum. Deposits could be in either one go, or in flexible installments (in multiples of Rs. 10). You could vary the amount and the number of installments, as per your convenience, provided you do not exceed 12 installments in one financial year. Failing to deposit the minimum requirement, would lead to your account being discontinued. Interest would however continue to accrue. You could regularize the account again on paying the prescribed default fee along with subscription arrears.

6.  Continuing PPF after the 15 year period-  The PPF account is valid for 15 years. The entire balance can be withdrawn on maturity, that is, after 15 years of the close of the financial year in which you opened the account.  Once your account expires, you can open a new one. The only limitation is that you cannot withdraw it until seven years are completed, after which 50% of your deposits can be withdrawn, if needed.

PPF account holders have an option of extending their accounts after the 15 year tenure with or without further subscription, for any period in a block of 5 years. The balance in the account will continue to earn interest at normal rate as admissible on PPF account till the account is closed. In case the account is extended without contribution, any amount can be withdrawn without restrictions. However, only one withdrawal is allowed per year.

If you continue the account after 15 years, with continued deposit, withdrawal up to 60 per cent of the balance at the beginning of each extended period (block of five years) is permitted.

7. Deposit date in Cheque payments :- In case of PPF account money deposited  by means of a cheque or demand draft, the date of encashment / Realisation  of the cheque or demand draft will be treated as the date of deposit. This issue becomes particularly relevant in respect of deposits made towards the end of the financial year by cheque / demand draft because if the same is not realised by March 31, then the same will be treated as deposits for the following financial year. This would also have ramifications in respect of the tax deduction being claimed by the individuals in a particular tax year.

8. Opening an account for a minor :- U
nder PPF scheme, an individual may on his own behalf or on behalf of a minor of whom he is a guardian, open a PPF account. Further, either father or mother can open PPF account on behalf of his / her minor child, but both cannot open the account for same child.

9. Loans on PPF Account

Loans can be availed from the 3rd financial year excluding the year of deposit. Amount of such loans must not exceed 25 percent of the amount that stood to the account holder’s credit at the end of the second year immediately preceding the year in which the loan is applied for.

A fresh loan is not allowed when a previous loan or interest is outstanding. Interest is charged at a rate of 1% if repaid within 36 months and at 6% on the outstanding loan after 36 months. The repayment may be made either in lump-sum or in Installments.

10. Benefit of Investing in PPF – Taxation of PPF

a.            Benefit u/s 80C – The Investments made in PPF Account are eligible for deduction u/s 80C

b.            Tax Free Interest – No Tax is payable on the Interest Earned on PPF Account.

11. Premature withdrawal from PPF

The entire amount in your account could be withdrawn only on maturity. However, in times of financial crises partial withdrawals are permitted subject to certain ceiling limits. You could withdraw once a year, from the 7th year onwards. Such withdrawals, must not exceed, 50% of the balance at the end of the fourth year, or 50% of the balance at the end of the immediate preceding year, whichever is lower.

Pre-mature closure of a PPF account is permissible only in case of death.

12. The Interest Rate of PPF is decided by the Govt. The Current Interest Rate on PPF is 8%. The Interest is computed for a calendar month on the basis of the lowest balance in an account between the close of the 5th day and the end of the month and the Interest is credited to the account of the account holder at the end of the year.

13. From which account can an NRI invest in the PPF account?

An NRI can use funds in the NRE account or the NRO account to make investments in the PPF account. It is important to remember that the PPF rules require you to invest at least Rs 500 per financial year in the PPF account. If you fail to make the minimum investment in a year or years your account will be considered dormant. Subsequently, when you want to revive the account, you would need to invest Rs 500 for each year that you missed plus pay up a penalty of Rs 50.

14. What happens on maturity of PPF Account of NRI?

If you are an NRI at the time the deposit matures, you would need to withdraw the balance. An NRI is not eligible for extension on the PPF account. What happens if you leave the account unattended past the maturity date? “In such cases the account will be considered ‘extended without contribution’ in blocks of 5 years for an unlimited period of time. Extended without contribution means that the NRI will not have to make the minimum yearly investment of Rs 500. His account will continue to earn interest at the prevailing rate,” says Shanbhag adding, “We hear of instances where banks allow NRIs to extend the PPF account only for 2 blocks of 5 years or 3 blocks of 5 years. But according to the rule book the extension can be made for an unlimited period of time.”

15. What are the differences and similarities between the National Savings Certificate (NSC) and PPF?

National Savings Certificate (NSC) Public Provident Fund (PPF)
Interest Paid: 8%, compounded half-yearly Interest Paid: 8.80%, compounded annually
No monthly/yearly payments No monthly/yearly payments
Minimum investment: Rs 100Maximum investment: No Limit Minimum investment: Rs 500 (required annually)Maximum investment: Rs 1,00,000
Duration of investment: 6 years Duration of investment: 15 years
Can be used as a security for mortgage and other purposes Cannot be used for such purposes
Tax benefit under Section 80 ‘C’ available.Maximum limit: Rs 100,000 Tax benefit under Section 80 ‘C’ available.Maximum limit: Rs 1,00,000
Good medium-term investment option Good long-term investment option
Interest if fully Taxable Interest is fully Exempt

Do consider opening a PPF account if you do not have one. You can put in as little as Rs 500 a year to keep it going.

16. Only the person actually depositing the amount gets section 80C benefit

This means if your spouse deposits any amount into your PPF account, you will not be able to claim the deduction benefits under section 80C. Infact, your spouse will be able to (rightfully) claim section 80C deductions on his/her income.

17. You cannot claim section 80C deductions for any amount deposited by you into your parents’ or siblings’ accounts

While tax laws allow you to claim 80C tax benefits for deposits into your spouses account, the same rule does not apply to your parents, siblings or relatives.

(Republished with amendments)

582 Responses to “Public Provident Fund (PPF) – Investment Limit, Income tax benefit”

  1. mahesh says:

    i have ppf a/c in sbi. i want to take pention plan. so can i take pention plan after 10Y opening my ppf a/c?

  2. Mithu Agarwalla says:

    As per the Financial Rule-2014-2015(Budget) the maximum amount deposit to PPF A/c are Rs.1,50,000, if I am deposit Rs.2,00,000 through RTGS in my PPF A/c then It is possible ( i.e the amount can be show in my Pass book )

  3. prasanta says:

    Hi, please update the max. limit of ppf in sbi from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.


  4. nirmala says:

    i was open my ppf ac in 2011 in pnb but they dint give any passbook, due to that region i cant pay any deposit .but i have e-generated receipt, now i want continue my ppf a/c what i do……tell me

  5. mrinal shinde says:

    My son is 2.3 yrs old. Can I open PPF account on his name? As,I am told that he minor should be atleast 3 yrs old to open PPF account on his name. Is that true?

  6. VISHAL DOSHI says:

    Dear sir,

    I am having an Individual PPF Account in my name in which I deposit Rs.100,000 every year and claim deduction of Tax U/s. 80(C). I am having a 6 years old Daughter for whom I would like to open a minor PPF Account and I will be her Natural Guardian in this minor account. I would firstly like to know that if I open a minor PPF Account in her name, can I deposit 100,000 each in both the PPF Accounts every year. As she is a minor, her account will be clubbed in my Individual Account. So can I deposit 100,000 each in both accounts every financial year. I know that I can claim only 100,000 U/s. 80(C) in my Individual Account, but I would like to know whether I can deposit 100,000 each in both the PPF Accounts every year.

    Awaiting your valuable and haste reply at the earliest.

    Vishal Doshi

  7. Chayan Maji says:


    I already have a PPF account, Can I open another PPF account for my daughter, her age is 2.5 years.

  8. Siva says:

    Hi Sir,

    i am paying rs.2000 monthly for ppf. is it possible to increase the payment to rs.5000 ?

  9. Kashyap Patel says:

    Regarding PPF for minors….
    I have been wanting to open a PPF account for my son who is almost 2 now. but when i approached the SBI bank, the manager said that the PPF for minor are no longer available. through some notification (probably in 2009 or 10) the same has been stopped. I knew this for HUF…but minors.
    then i discussed this with few financial advisers…and there was a difference in opinion – some said it is no longer possible to open while other said it could be.
    so what is the truth in this?
    i just found out that IDBI is opening PPF in name of minors.
    so what is the truth in all this????

  10. sachin mishra says:

    i want to deposite in ppf account 100000 yearly. after 15 years i get how many total rupees with interest

  11. Sarbjit Singh says:

    Interest earned on PPF, is it required to be shown in IT returned

  12. Joseph Anandaraj.M says:

    Is Withdrawal after the minimum lock in period of 7 years taxable or exempted?

  13. AMIT M says:

    My PPF has completed 25 years can renewed it further 5 years
    it is with SBI

  14. prashant says:

    for Exemption under section 80C which amount should be take.
    is balance of in PPF account or interest amount or amount which is deposited in the year 2013 – 14.

  15. trushal says:

    Pls tell me ppf investment ruppes after 5 year at widrow tex free or not.and also tell me loking period.

  16. In Future pay in Total One Lakh in PPF Account of you and your minor kids

  17. Rasik dagli says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Please also note that amount lying at the credit of PPF Account can not be attached by any Tax Authority or even by Court.

  18. Husaini says:

    Dear Sir,

    There is lot of confusion regarding total ppf investment limit including that of minor. Please clarify the same with proper references.
    In my case I already have ppf accounts in the name of my kid and myself.
    As I was not aware that one can contribute only a total amount of 1 lakh ( myself + my kid), I have exceeded the amount eg 1 lakh in my account and few thousands in my child’s account for past few years.Bank passbooks also show earned interests in both the accounts.
    Please let me know what should I do now.

  19. Sumendra Jain says:

    Dear All
    Best time for depositing in PPF is 1st april and get maximum saving for your family.

  20. Anannya says:

    Dear Sir,
    Dear Sir,

    There is lot of confusion regarding total ppf investment limit including that of minor. Please clarify the same with proper references.
    In my case I already have ppf accounts in the name of my kid and myself.
    As I was not aware that one can contribute only a total amount of 1 lakh ( myself + my kid), I have exceeded the amount eg 1 lakh in my account and few thousands in my child’s account for past few years.Bank passbooks also show earned interests in both the accounts.
    Please let me know what should I do now.


  21. Hitesh Daka says:

    Dear Admin,
    if i Invest my money in Feb or March in any FY ,
    thn It should be count for Tax Benifity for that FY year or not?
    bcoz v summint our Actual investment Declartion before 25th Jan of the same FY.

    So plz helps me out ,
    what should i have to do,,,
    for invested amount in Feb and March ?


    FY 2011-12 Upto 25th Jan 2012 i Invested RS: 45000,
    thn in Feb Rs: 1000, & March RS: 4000,

    But in my Form 16 it’s Shows only RS: 45000,
    so what about my Last 5000.

    Intest of PPF is countable for IncomeTax Benefits ?

  22. Rajib says:


    I have opened a PPF a/c in 16th Sep’2012,So i got the interest only for 6 months.
    So,if i deposit the yearly amount with 5th Sept of every year,can i get the interest of the same month or it will the opening date for calculating the interest for every year.

    Waiting for your reply

  23. virag says:

    if my ppf is going to mature on 01.04.2014 can i deposit the amount in march 2014?
    will i get deduction u/s 80C?

  24. Isha Single says:


    Regarding PPF scheme, I want to know if my husband will be entitled to get tax benefit in case he deposits money in my PPF account using his bank account cheques in place of me. Or he has to open another (separate) PPF account to avail the tax benefits.

    Please suggest.


  25. gautam baghmar says:

    i was having ppf account in my son name on closer post office authority told that your son must present while collecting cheque whereas i was authorised to collect cheque whether they can insist account holder’s presence

  26. rajiv says:

    “–Let’s say you open an account for your minor child. You can deposit Rs 70,000 in your account and Rs 70,000 in your child’s account. In this case you can in my opinion take the maximum benefit of Rs. 1,00,000/- U/s. 80C. As Limit of Maximum Investment in a year of 70000/- is fixed by Public provident Fund Act not by Income Tax law.–”
    Could you please reconfirm the above mentioned statement if it true that you could invest more than 1.0 Lakh by opening an account in child name – I had the impression that maxu=imum investment in PPF could be 1.0 Lakh combining PPF accounts in your name or in name of your child/children.

  27. MallikaRajeswaran says:

    Can I make contribution for more than one lac? (I know that I can claim for one lac only under 80C).

  28. kiran says:

    i have open my ppf account feb 1999 so i withraw my monery in feb- 13 or feb-14 please reply as early as possible


  29. Nishok says:


    I have two ppf ac. 1st post office in 2011 & 2nd Sbi in 2013.
    I thought of transfer from post office Account to SBI, but post master is not accepting the new Accont Id given by SBI .

    how to transfer from PostOffice to SBI ?
    how to close Post office account ( they are not accepting) ?

    waiting for your reply.


  30. Neeraj Singhal says:

    Dear sir
    i have PPF account in SBI PGI Branch chandigargh, which was opened in 2005. but now it has been found that computer by mistake has taken the opening date 1998 and matured the account due to which i am suffering a lot. further type account is individual, but in CIF it is HUF, due to which branch is enable to extend it.
    Kindly suggest me what i will have to do regarding the correction of date and type of account.

    neeraj singhal

  31. Neeraj Singhal says:

    Dear sir
    i have PPF account in SBI PGI Branch chandigargh, which was opened in 2005. but now it has been found that computer by mistake has taken the opening date 1998 and matured the account due to which i am suffering a lot. further type account is individual, but in CIF it is HUF, due to which branch is enable to extend it.
    Kindly suggest me what i will have to do regarding the correction of date and type of account.

    neeraj sighal

  32. ASHOK KUMAR BAID says:


  33. sanjay yedke says:

    I had opened a ppf account on my daughters name when she was below 18 years of age & I have also a separate account on my name.Now my daughter is above 18 years & she is self employed,so my main query is how to approach the bank to claim the tax benefit on her name because she wants to handle this ppf account independently.so please guide me how to approach the bank.

  34. Kailash Agarwal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I forgot to deposit minimum amount of RS 500 in my (SBI) PPF account for financial year 2012-2013. If I pay amount with penalty then am I eligible to get tax benefit for financial year 2012-2013.

    Please guide me how should I approach bank in this situation.


  35. Tapan Mehta says:


    My PPF account matured when my status was resident & it was renewed with contribution. Subsequently (within a year) my status changed to NRI. What options do I have ? Can I continue with contributions into the account ? If I can continue, do I have an option to stop the contribution and close the account ? Appreciate help on this

  36. B B BANIK says:

    My present age is 65. and open a ppf account . Suppose i expired at the age of 72 .Can my nominee will get the ppf amount at that point or they have to wait for 15 years . please reply.

  37. Arin says:

    Dear Sir,

    There is lot of confusion regarding total ppf investment limit including that of minor. Please clarify the same with proper references.
    In my case I already have ppf accounts (with SBI) in the name of my kid and myself. Total contribution p.a. has been more than Rs. 100k for last few years. Bank passbooks also show earned interests in both the accounts.
    With arguments published on your site, it is in contradiction. Please cross-check the facts and clarify the situation for the benifit of all.



  38. pankaj mehta says:

    kindly inform about the procedure of transfer of PPF account from one bank to another

  39. Sayan says:

    If I invest 70000 Per Anum in PPF account. What is the benifit after 15 Years..

    Plz do reply so that I can able to invest..

  40. saurabh says:

    plz let me know the procedure of online applay for P P F .

  41. saurabh says:

    i am a teacher and i have open an ppf a/c for rs 70000,per annum .what banifit will i have after 15 years of tanure .

  42. rutul says:

    In my ppf acc my father‘s huf can diposit 70000 and get tex benifit

  43. suma says:

    i am house wife can i open this ppf account

  44. amiya bej says:

    i am planning for a ppf account.if i deposit 50000 per annum,then what will be the return in 15 years.

  45. Ranjne says:


    I have deposited Rs 500 in PPF last year (29/02/12).As per my knowledge now interest rate is 8.8%. But yesterday (3/01/13 ) when I updated the Pass book they have shown Rs 4 instead of Rs 44 as interest amount .Can you please clarify how this is calculated .

  46. sanyam jain says:

    I have opened a PPF account recently. Can my wife open one in her name and I deposit money into it. She is a house wife. Do not have any income.

  47. Novneet Jain says:

    Maintaining PPF a/c since last 18 years or so in State Bank Of India,Cloth Market Branch,Sir Hukam chand Marg,Indore
    In most of time I deposited cheque in the bank on 1st of the month but in most of cases they deposited the amount after 5th of the month and I always loose interest for the full amount.Where as in most of times the amount was debited to my bank on 3rd or 4th of the month but they never provided credit to my account.Many times I make complaints but nothing happened.Please guide what should I do.

  48. Shobhit says:


    I have two ppf ac. 1st post office in 2010 & 2nd Sbi in 2013. bank manager suggested me to open 2nd and said no problem in opening 2nd.
    will there be any legal issue? also can i close the later one?
    waiting for your reply


  49. Vardhaman says:


    kindly let me know , is the invenstment ammount variable ?

    e.g. Suppose IF I invest 20,000/- Rs. for 1st 3 years, shall I incerase/decrease my investments in between.

  50. Rahul Jain says:


    I am planning to open PPF account in ICICI bank. If i submit 40,000 Rs. each year in PPF account then what total ammount i will get after completion of 15 Years?
    Is that ammount will be taxable? If yes, how much ammount i will get after tax deduction?

    As, discussed with ICICI bank PPF amount will be tax fully exempt. What is it mean?

  51. Dion says:


    Query: I have extended my PPF for a further 5 years, i.e it has completed 15 years,. I wish to withdraw 1 lac every year to pay off housing loan..is this permitted and is the withdrawal amount taxable ? (clubbed with taxable income?)

  52. Sandip Agarwal says:

    I have a question on point no. 17.
    I have my mother as a dependent on me(proof available). I deposit money in her PPF account. Have I the rights to get the rebate for the same, if total amount (her+mine) less than 1 Lac?

  53. padmesh says:

    kindly amend the law as soon as possible.

  54. santosh kanodia says:

    i have opened a ppf account in the name of my grandson(minor) can my son deposit 1 lac in his name and also 1 lac in the name of my grandson. i agree that he will get 80c benefit for 1 lac only. but can he deposit 1 lac in each account. also will he get interest in both the accounts.thanks

  55. Anjaiah says:

    If, account holder dies after 1 or 2 year after opening of the PPF account, Is it continued till 15 years or is there any assumption.


  56. Jitendra PateI says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to know that what if i hold 2 PPF account.
    Actully i am holding a PPF account in Post and SBI and both are in my name. So Would you please advise how to react on this?

    Can i close 1 PPF account ?

    1St account will be going to mature in 2017.
    2nd will be going to mature in 2025.


  57. Lakshmi says:

    Hello, can u please clarify if I can open a PPF A/C here and deposit money that my husband sends from abroad. Is it allowed? This is not for tax saving but as a saving. Thank u!

  58. PRASAD says:

    what happen when money not deposited in ppf a/c for contineous 4 years

  59. BS says:

    please clarify does total amount invested in ppf and epf is tax free or just the interest? can i get tax deduction for mine educational loan? can i get someones total tax calculation details?

  60. Monsy Varghese says:

    Can I make an NEFT payment to my PPF account.

  61. Article is dated 21.07.2011, while limit been increased from 25.11.2011

  62. sandesh says:


    your article is not updated. ppf limit is now 100000 however your article though it dates on Nov 2012 still shows as 70000. this is very bad as many people – like me- consider your site as a guide and such misleading outdated information could land somebody in trouble.

  63. C. Venkatesh says:

    Dear Chinmay,

    The PPF deposit is Government of India Scheme offered by banks/post offices. Hence there is no difference between PPF deposits with one bank/post office to another. However, you can have only one PPF account at a time.

  64. Chinmay Kr. Choudhury says:

    Would you please tell me, if there is any difference between sbi ppf and post office ppf?

  65. Kapil Kumar says:


    Need your help.
    My mother got demised in the age of 62 and her PPF a/c has nominee quoted me (son) and my sister. Sister got married around 4 years ago and my mother forgot to remove my sister as nominee post her marriage. My sister is now in abroad and can not come until one more year where as i need to withdraw amount on prioirty (to settle some financial obligatoins). can affidavit will support her absense and enable me to get the money solely. is that possible? any other way around?

  66. Ananda says:

    I have started a ppf account at sbi from June 2012 @ Rs.6000/month.But I can not deposit the amount for the month of August 2012. Can I deposit the due amount on the next month for due month August 2012 (Rs.6000)+ Rs.6000/ for Sept.2012 together.

  67. Mitali Chatterjee says:

    I have got one extension and in 2010 was for the second extension for my PPF. I forgot to extend the same. I need advise to extend it. MY Tax planning will get haywire. Can I keep the account PPF though it is deactivated. I deposited 70000 in April 2012 and the same is being reflected in my passbook. What is the way to resolve this impasse and my PPF get activated. Thanks

  68. Mitali Chatterjee says:

    I have forgotten to extend my PPF for five years. Last was extended on 2110. I am told that the account will cease and can withdraw the money. I deposited Rs 70000 in April 2012. Can I get my PPF account activated. What is the rule? Withdrawing the amount will upset my tax planning. Please advise a way out. Mitali

  69. ASHISH SHAH says:

    Can HUF invest in PPF on behalf of its members, HUF doesn’t want any tax break on the same.

    Also can HUF pay LIC premium on behalf of its members

  70. ravikant says:

    Whether interest payable in PPF account after the maturity is taxable or not ? I have opened this account with SBI three years back .

  71. ravikant says:

    regarding ppf we have deposited every year 1 lakh up to 15 years and after maturity 15 years total deposited amount & total Interest is tax free.or taxble

    let me know

    ravikant singh

  72. Subhash Ahuja says:

    Whether interest payable in PPF account after the maturity is taxable or not ? I have opened this account with SBI ten years back . 

  73. Satish Agarwal says:

    Each adult member in ourfamily has individual PPF accounts. In addition, we have now opened a PPF account in name of my minor grand son (under guardianship of my son). I deposit Rs 100,000 in my PPF account.
    In addition, can I deposit Rs 100,000 in my grand son’s PPF account also by cheque. I am aware that my 80C benefit is limited to Rs 100,000.
    Please advise.

  74. sushant says:

    if by mistake open second ppf account what can i do to close second ppf account ?

  75. sundararajan says:

    You have to update the information, otherwise it is misleading

    “The maximum that could be deposited is Rs. 70,000 in a financial year.  The interest you will earn is 8% per annum. ”

    both these statements need correction

  76. Udit Chadha says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am planning to open a PPF .The amount which I deposit will help me in getting rebate from income tax but on maturity when i get back the money with interest,will the interest add under my income ,thereby I will have to pay income tax on that income.
    Udit Chadha

  77. soumitra das says:

    I want to know the rate of interest on PPF a/c for F.Y.2011-12. Is their any changes made during F.Y.2011-12, please provide me interest details. I think my bank given me less int. upto 31.03.2012.

  78. Binayak Dwibedi says:

    i have PPF account open on October 2011. I deposited Rs. 1000/- for regular 03 months. Is my account working. May I deposit irregular amounts at any point of time.

  79. prasad says:

    i had ppf acount since last 12 year so i want to close the account if it is possible or i want to withdraw 40% amount it is possible or not

  80. Kapil says:

    Sir, i am 51 years old and paid rs 20,000 into a PPF account in 1992. I did not make any subsequent deposit. Can i get the money with interest back without paying the penalty on account of non deposit of yearly minimum as the account is more than 15 years old. 20 years actually.


    Kapil Advani

  81. dattatreyahg says:

    SANDIPAN, REF your 16 june 2012 posting. Extn is NOT automatic. You have to apply for it in Form H, within prescribed time limit, specifying whether it is with or without subscription. Pl. check with your Bank manager,understand the implications, and act accordingly. Keep an approved copy of this safely for future reference.

  82. Ashwani Kumar Bhalla says:

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to open a PPF account in the name of my grand guardian as guardian. Her father  is alive. My request has been denied by PNB Gopi Nath Bazar with plea to open her PPF a/c through father. Please comment 

    With regards,

    AK Bhalla

  83. Sandipan says:

    Is the extension after 15 years automatic or is there a requirement to file a form? 

  84. Suresh Awasthi Retd Sudpt says:

    Sir I have taken the agency of PPF where should I have send the format for application and what condition whould . Kindlt suggest me so that I have applied for that.

  85. Bollineni says:

    under the public provident fund scheme, the maximum contribution is Rs.1,00,000/-(Rs.70000 prior to December 1,2011)

  86. Dinesh Gupta says:

    please let me know that on line we can deposite ppf fund or not in varanasi.
    Dinesh gupta

  87. mahender says:


    I have a PPF a/c with PNB at my home town but I stay in other city. My PPF a/c does not have online transfer facility. I hardly visit my hometown once in a year and find it very difficult to deposit money in PPF because of tight schedule during my visit to hometown and long line of depositors in PNB. My source of income is through ICICI bank. In view of this is it advisable to open an a/c with ICICI on my minor son’s name and deposite most of the annual contribution deposited in that a/c. I hope I can get tax benifin on total of 1 lac only. But can I get interest income on diposits of both a/c upto the limit of 2 lacs altogether. Also I am sick of that PNB a/c because it does not allow online trasfer of funds. Can you suggest me better options. Also kindly confirm if my understanding about whatever I have written here is correct. Thanks and regards.

  88. dheeraj vora says:

    after 13/5/05 if you open minor & huf a/c in ppf then interest is not payable. there is a circular for this. pls clarity

  89. harish suyal says:

    suppose if i deposit Rs 100000=00 per year in my PPF account , then how much amount , i can get after the maturity and will it be tax free?

  90. rakesh kumar pandey says:

    dear sir i open a ppf account in sbi but due to poor services of bank i cant maintain it even not a single transiction made by me in this account,now icici bank offer a ppf account.can i open a ppf account in icici bank? i not maintain my sbi ppf a/c can this affect my running maintained account

  91. pramod says:


  92. pramod says:

    it is a good opstion for saving and tax benifit.

  93. Dheeraj says:

    I am having saving account with PNB. Can I open a PPF account in PNB with linking my saving a/c?

  94. PRAKASH PATIL says:

    IF POSSIBLE PLEASE REPLY TO MY MAIL ID ( hero_lic @rediffmail.com)

  95. Rajeev Khare says:

    If my deposit of Rs. 30,000/- in PPF a/c exhausts the limit of 100,000 under 80C but I deposit 100,000/- in PPF, will the interest earned on the entire sum be tax free ? Is 50% withdrawl after 7th year tax free? Suppose I need some money at the end of 10th year of PPF and I keep on depositing more than 30,000/- ( it will suffice to use the limit of 100,000/-) till the end of 10th year, and then make premature withdrawl, will it not save tax on interset ? Your early response will be appreciated.

  96. Madhura says:

    I opened PPF account with ICICI Bank on 04 Feb 2012 with deposit of Rs.30000/-. I was expecting credit of 2 months’ interest on 31 March 2012. But the bank office said that interest is payable only after completion of 6 months from the date of opening the account and that the interest credited on 31 March 2013 shall include the ainterest payable for Feb & March 2012. Please advise me whether this is true. I did not find answer at http://www.indiapost.gov.in/POSBActs/PPFRules1968.pdf

  97. sivasankaran says:

    I am having PF Account, whether i am allowed to open PPF in post office

  98. Devendra Aswal says:

    My wife has a PPF A/c and she is also a guardian for our two kid’s PPF A/c. I have been told by many people that she can deposit a maximum of Rs 1,00,000/- in all the three PPF A/c’s and not Rs 1,00,000/- in each account. Please clarify. I am sure many of us have this doubt. Please clarify. Thanks & Regards

  99. Suresh says:

    To my understanding, as per the latest guidelines(effective IFY 2011-12) upto 1 lakh rupees an individual can deposit in PPF during a financial year and get complete exemption, if he/she does not have any other savings.  As rightly pointed out by you, I strongly recommend this savings to every individual in India and certainly for those who are under tax bracket.

    Thank you.

    An online Hindi tutor
    91 0 9840643690

  100. Allan says:

    I am an NRI, Can i open a PPF account on my childs name(minor) where I will be the guardian and pay the annual subscription from my local savings account (not NRE or NRO account)

  101. Jyotsna says:


    I deposited money to my PPF account using online money transfer from my Father-In-Law’s account. The same is updated in my PPF account passbook, the photocopy of which I submitted to my company for claiming deductions under 80C.

    My office accounts department have returned back my claim saying that since money was transferred from Father-in-law’s account, it cannot be claimed by me, as he might have claimed for the same.

    Pls advise, if deduction under 80C for PPF can be claimed only for self, spouse or child this means that Father-in-Law cannot claim for the deposited amount. In this case should my company not allow me tax benefit i.e. deduction under 80C ? Is there any rule from Income Tax Department which clarifies who all can claim tax benefit for PPF ? Also has Income Tax department specified any rules/guidelines regarding online payment to PPF accounts ?

  102. CHETAN VORA says:


  103. shobhit agarwal says:


    I have PPF account in SBI bank but don’t have saving account, now my question is how I can check my PPF account statement online, I do not want to open saving account in SBI.
    IS it possible ?

    Please Guide me

    Thanks in Advance :)

    Shobhit Agarwal

  104. Edwin DSilva says:

    Dear Tax Guru,
    This query refers to pint 2.b in the article ‘Public Provident Fund (PPF) Invetmentlimit… etc. I opened a PPF A/c in March 2003 (also 3 PPF accounts were opened with my children and self as guardian Total invested annually was Rs 70000) while I was a NRI. The account was maintained regularly since then. Under the latest laws, I will cease to be a NRI. All three children are already Major and their accounts are now separate (individual). As my residence status will now change, what would happen to these PPF accounts? Will the interest earned on the accounts for the period that I was NRI be forfeited? Will I be penalised on all 4 accounts? Will the accounts now be considered invalid? or can the accounts just be operated as normal? – Your learned advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance – Edwin

  105. TN Sivashankar says:

    My spouse has got a PPF account and she is un-employed. Is investments made in her PPF account can be counted for my IT exemption. May please clarify urgently.

    TN Sivashankar

  106. RC PANDE says:

    I have deposited Rs. one Lac in PPF. in fin.Year 2011-12. Will this whole amt. ( 1 Lac) will be the qualifying amt u/s 80-c for Tax purpose or it will only be 70,000/= as of last year?

  107. DAMODAR says:

    how many maximum limit investment in ppf (a.p.2011-12) and interest  rate

  108. Puneet says:

    what amount i will get,if i deposit RS 1500 p.a in my ppf account after 15 years and if i will deposit RS 2000p.a then what is the amount i will get after the maturity period.

  109. binod mishrah says:

    clarify the exemption amount and limit amount to be deposited

  110. Ravindra Sontakke says:

    pls. send the current rate of interst on ppf a/c.

  111. Ravindra Sontakke says:

    Pls. send the rate of interest on PPf A/C

  112. chavda suresh says:

    what is the ppf service my question is your ppf service is only government members ya any general members please answers me.

  113. Rakesh_gamdi says:

    good information

  114. Lakshmi says:

    Recently i heard from collegues that we can dedposit upto1 lac in PPF acount of SBI, is it correct

  115. Rajpal says:

    I wish to open PPF account on my son name. His date of birth is 30 Apr 1993 (above 18 years old ) Can I get tax rebate on my salary . I am a Haryana State Govt Employee.

  116. admin says:

    Yes she can. Its better if she pay by cheque.

  117. s puri says:

    i have a ppf account in my name.Can my wife deposit in my ppf a/c by cash or cheque and claim tax benefit in her return. please clarify.

    still waiting the ans.

  118. Bankim Bangawala says:

    PPF Account Opening Form “A” Para (iv) is reproduced below: I also declare that I shall adhere to the ceiling on deposits as provided for by Central Government from time to time, which is Rs. 100000 in a financial year at present, in each of the following types of PPF Account :- (a) Individual Self Account and Accounts on behalf of minors of whom I am the guardian, taken all the accounts together; (b) Omitted wef 13/05/2005; (c) Omitted wef 13/05/2005. In case, at the time the said declaration is found untru/false. no interest shall be payable to me/the subscriber on the amount of deposits found in excess of the prescribed limit. Limits of subscription Sec 3 (1) Any individual may, on behalf of a minor of whom he is the guardian, subscribe to the Public Provident Fund (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”) any amount not less than Rs. 500 and not more than Rs. 100000 in a year. Hence investment limit of Rs. 100000 is applicable for the account of individual as well as minors putting together all the accounts.

  119. Amarjeet Chatterjee says:

    If i opened a PPF account then can i deposit different amounts in a financial year,suppose i’ve deposit 500 1st month,1000 2nd month and the same as furthur on basis of my salary. can it will be possible.

  120. s puri says:

    i have a ppf account in my name.Can my wife deposit in my ppf a/c by cash or cheque and claim tax benefit in her return. please clarify.


  121. Amish Bhushan Goel says:

    I have deposited 7,000 each in my and in my two children’s account in one financial year. I came to know that the collective amount of the three should not have been more than 70,000. Please suggest what PPF office generally do in such cases.

  122. H G Dattatreya says:

    Thanks for your updated version on PPF d/d 26 jan 2012. It has answered one of my questions on extension of PPF a/c unambiguiously. Readers may see that. H G Dattatreya

  123. admin says:

    Ya its their opinion but we differ from their opinion as PPF act do not say such things

  124. Hemant says:

    Point # 8 in this article states- “Let’s say you open an account for your minor child. You can deposit Rs 70,000 in your account and Rs 70,000 in your child’s account”. This is completely wrong. See- Point # 26 at www. statebankoftravancore.com/ppf.htm.
    Point # 26 is reproduced below which specifies that the overall limit one can contribute his self PPF account and minor’s PPF account collectively is Rs 1 lac. One cannot (should not) contribute above 1 lac collective in both the accounts.
    Point# 26-> “26) The ceiling on deposits as provided for by Central Government from time to time, which is Rs.1,00,000/- in a financial year at present, is both for individual self account and account(s) opened on behalf of minor(s) of whom he is the guardian, taken together.”

  125. Hemant says:

    I have self PPF account as well as minor’s PPF account for my daughter. Can I invest 1lac in my account and 1Lac in minor’s account? OR I can invest total 1 Lac only collectively in both the accounts? Your article says 2 Lacs (1 lac in each account, 70 k limit is raised to 1 lac since Dec 2011). Please see the excerpts from the PPF opening form:- “I also declare that I shall adhere to the ceiling on deposits as provided for by Central Government from time to time
    which is Rs.70,000/- in a financial year at present in each of the following types of Public Provident Fund Account.
    a) Individual Self Account and Account(s) on behalf of minor(s) of whom I am the guardian
    b) Hindi Undivided Family Account
    c) Association of Persons account as applicable in the State of Goa and Union Territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli
    and Daman and Diu.”
    Need clarification for a). Thanks

  126. Girish says:

    Hi sir,

    I have opened a PPF account in SBI in DEC2010, When the Interest rate was 8% PA. But as per the new rule by Govt. of India the interest rate on PPF account got changed to 8.6% per annum wef DEC2011, So please let me know whether I will be eligiblle to be covered under this new interest rate.



  127. Venkatesh says:

    if DTC Comes into act,what may be the exemption limit of sec 80c?

  128. dattatreyahg says:

    It is not for nothing that people raise queries here. PPF Act / Rules have been amended a number of times.Even now, there are doubts in the minds of many. Some may have already suffered losses just because they have not been able to get proper advice at the right time. There is also the element of Sec80 C benefit that people have availed. Imagine yourself to be told one day that your a/c was closed long back or you were not eligible to extend the a/c beyond 15 + 5 years or you should not have opened the second a/c etc etc. Someone above said “It is so simple. Look up the Rules. You get the answers “. Sorry. To get an authentic copy of PPF Act / Rules with the latest amendment is itself a big task. Even people who are handling this desk in SBI / Post Office dont have such an amended copy. If you do get a copy,then there is the question of interpretations of the wordings(quite normal in Govt Rules / Regulations). That is why you have so many amendments. There are differences of opinion even among people who are handling this subject exclusively, on some of these issues–particularly regarding extension. Even an article (Page 14 )in BUSINESSLINE d/d 8 jan 2012 does not UNAMBIGUIOUSLY say that PPF a/c can be extended beyond 15+5 years.(I have raised a query on it ). . I am not an expert in this area ,but I have gone thro’ these hazzles. One Mgr said it can’t be extended after 15+5 years,while the next Mgr did it .But each time I was advised that extension is not automatic-but has to be on an application, within a prescribed time, in Form H which should be approved by Mgr. Under these circmstances, no wonder there are so many queries. Taxguru would be doing a great service to hapless PPF investors, if one more comprehensive and authentic article is generated from a knowledgeable source (from the horse’s mouth,as it were) and publish here. May be a Question /Answer platform ,if this is more useful. This can start with the Questions already in print here. Looking forward to a favourable response at the earliest. H G Dattatreya

  129. manu says:

    Kudos on such a perfect article…
    I want to know if the amount obtained after maturity of PPF account, or on premature withdrawal, taxable under the current prevailing law, and if this law changes will it affect the previous account holders….

    Please reply…
    Thanks in advance..

  130. C M BHAN says:

    Can a spouse deposit  money in her husband’s PPF account and avail exemption in tax under relevant section.

  131. Kris says:

    Sir, I have opened PPF account in the year Aug 2010 and deposited Rs 500/- initially and deposited Rs 65,000/- in Dec 2010. In Apr 2011, I have got interest of Rs 1,413/- only. Can you please clarify?
    It seems we need to deposit PPF amount at the begining of the year (i.e. 1st April of every year ) to get the full interest?)

  132. Pramod Singh Mewari says:


    kya 8 sal bad PPF a/c ko saving a/c ki tarah use kiya ja sakta hai.

  133. Pramod Singh Mewari says:

    Joint PPF A/c hone par kay dono ko tax mai dudaction milegi. jab ki deposti es hi kar rha hai.
    nhi to joint PPF a/c ka profit kya hota hai.

  134. VARSHA PATIL says:

    My PPF A/C got matured in Mar 2010, & subsequently I renewed it for further period of 5 yrs. Now I need money ,Can I close my A/c? Please inform.

  135. Sameer Ghandhi says:

    My case is very typical.
    I opened one PPF account in Dehradoon in Mar’2005. I deposited around 8000.00 Rs at the time of opening of PPF account. After this I never tracked this account and I never deposited any ammount in this acct. Then I moved to Noida.
    I was not aware of the Rule that an an individual cannot maintain more than one PPF account.
    I opened one more PPF account in Noida in Jan’2010 and now am regularly depositing amount in this new account and earning interest also.(Tootal deposited amount is around 1.5 Lakh as on date in new PPF acct).

    Now can you suggest me what shall I do?
    As per rule if it comes to PPF knowledge that I have 2 PPF accounts they will forciblily closed my second account and they will revert all ineters.

    1. Can I apply transfer of my old PPF account to my new PPF acount.
    2. If not then what is best possible soln.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  136. Sinha says:


    Can I make an online payment for PPF? Pls revert ASAP

  137. Vikash Kumar says:

    Sir, I have a PPF account but not able to utilize it to get tax exemption since already have LIC and PF which is exceeding 1 LAKH cut off. Now I want to transfer PPF account to my wife’s name so that atleast she can take tax exemption benefit. Is It Possible if yes what is the procedure?

  138. Gourav Sahni says:

    Sir, I have a running PPF account in post office for last 6 yrs and I am unable to make payments at post office which is why i put only small amount to have it running. Need your help in knowing if I can have my PPF account from Post office migrated to SBI. If yes then please let me know how should I proceed.

  139. D M Revankar says:

    Respected Sir, I have deposited Rs. 60000+40000-Total+100000 in PPF,Financial year 2005-2006 now today 23.12.2011, letter received from post office that you withdraw the Rs. 30000, which excess & irregular money and not to entitled interest theron. My question is whether I get inerest or what to do for interest for the period of 2005 to 2011.

  140. Chandrasekhar.A says:

    Hi, i have a question with me that one of my co employee said that if we maintain continuous 10 years PF, after our retairement age we will get pension. Please some one clarify my question that what is the possibilites of my question.

  141. Jayantilal says:

    can HUF claim deduction for ppf subscription in the name of karta

  142. leena says:


    I would like to now which month we should invest in PPF to get the maximum interest ?

    For ex : If I want to pay 50000 per anum in ppf . Shall I deposit that amount in month of April [ which is the start of financial year ] to get the maximum interest?

  143. Sachin says:

    Dear sir,

    I have self(my name) PPF account and I am depositing Rs 70000/= PA. Now i am opening my wife’s(dependent on me and HOUSE WIFE) new PPF account and want to deposit Approx 30000/= to 40000/= PA.

    I want to know can i get income Tax rebate of Rs 100000/=(as per govt rule) to showing both PPF Amount sum(Self Account sum and Wife’s Account Sum == 100000) under sec 80C. As i am not interested to invest amount on Insurance policies.

    Please tell me clear can i get Tax benefit in Sum amount of Both PPF Accounts.


  144. srikanth says:

    hello sir,
    i will pay ppf 2k per month,can i withdraw every year,as i had to pay other policies yearly.

  145. riaz ali khan says:

    hey.i want to know the interest rate?

  146. John says:

    Hi Salotia,

    I just did a rough calc of the ROI for 20 year period for a sum of 25k. I hope you will find this helpful…

    Year Amount Invested Acct Balance Rate Interest ROI
    Year 1 25,000.00 25,000.00 8% 2,000.00 27,000.00
    Year 2 25,000.00 52,000.00 8% 4,160.00 56,160.00
    Year 3 25,000.00 81,160.00 8% 6,492.80 87,652.80
    Year 4 25,000.00 112,652.80 8% 9,012.22 121,665.02
    Year 5 25,000.00 146,665.02 8% 11,733.20 158,398.23
    Year 6 25,000.00 183,398.23 8% 14,671.86 198,070.08
    Year 7 25,000.00 223,070.08 8% 17,845.61 240,915.69
    Year 8 25,000.00 265,915.69 8% 21,273.26 287,188.95
    Year 9 25,000.00 312,188.95 8% 24,975.12 337,164.06
    Year 10 25,000.00 362,164.06 8% 28,973.12 391,137.19
    Year 11 25,000.00 416,137.19 8% 33,290.97 449,428.16
    Year 12 25,000.00 474,428.16 8% 37,954.25 512,382.41
    Year 13 25,000.00 537,382.41 8% 42,990.59 580,373.01
    Year 14 25,000.00 605,373.01 8% 48,429.84 653,802.85
    Year 15 25,000.00 678,802.85 8% 54,304.23 733,107.08
    Year 16 25,000.00 758,107.08 8% 60,648.57 818,755.64
    Year 17 25,000.00 843,755.64 8% 67,500.45 911,256.09
    Year 18 25,000.00 936,256.09 8% 74,900.49 1,011,156.58
    Year 19 25,000.00 1,036,156.58 8% 82,892.53 1,119,049.11
    Year 20 25,000.00 1,144,049.11 8% 91,523.93 1,235,573.04

  147. Salotia says:

    Hi All,

    If I invest 10000 p.a, than what should be the total amt I would be recieving after 15 years.

    And if I invest 70000 p.a, than what should be the the total amt I would be recieving after 15 years.

    Guys please help.

  148. Dr Vineet Marwaha says:

    Respected sir, in continuation of what u said above. I want to ask if the tax benefit would also be upto 1 lac or will remain at 70K.

  149. admin says:

    Dear Sir , You can deposit up to one lakh

  150. Girija Shanker Upadhyay says:

    Tax guru;
    I have ppf account in name of my self. Can I deposit maximum limit( supposed to be 1 lakh from dec 2011) to account ?

  151. Ranjan D says:

    can i open ppf account in name of my self and in name of my minor children(two in no)? In this case Can I deposit maximum limit( supposed to be 1 lakh from dec 2011) to each account( Mine account and my other two children account)? can I get the interest on all three account? Will that interest will be free from any tax on maturity?

  152. Gopal says:


    I am aged 58, have my PPF a/c with SBI for 25 years which I would like to withdraw in April 2011 to augment my son’s educational needs.

    I will be continued to be gainfully employed for couple of more years. Can I open a PPF a/c in my son’s name who is a major and student ?

    If opened, can I avail tax benefit in my name…?

  153. sandeep jain says:

    hello sir,
    can i deposit the money in my ppf account through net banking?request please reply.

  154. vishal says:

    70000/12 = 5833
    pls invest Rs.5900/= p.m. in banks RD account……..this will give u a tax free income of Rs.23.16 lac after 15 yrs

  155. vishal says:

    firstly the PPF return would be Rs.18.25+……
    secondly the return on LIC jeevan saral is not fixed…..the figures u hv got is a myth….LIC will never give u a gurantee on the return……whereas PPF returns are fixed…..

    the only advantage of insurance is the risk cover…….so u can mix Term cover plans (LIC) + PPF…….to get both protection & return

  156. vishal says:

    on maturity after 15 yrs u wd receive Rs.1,82,825/=

  157. Sivaram says:

    It would be prudent not to reveal your financial account details on publicly accessible websites and chat forums!

  158. akhilesh kumar says:

    Please confirm what is the PPF Deposit Limit for the financial year 2011 2012

  159. Partha says:

    I am having a PPF account since 2004. However, I could not deposit any money in my PPF account for the last 2 years. As I read, I understand I have to deposit a minimum of Rs 500. Now, is my PPF discontinued? Am I still earning the interest on my balance in the PPF? What do I need to do to restore the account?

  160. navneet sharma says:

    Tax guru;
    can i open ppf account in name of my self and in name of my minor children(two in no)? In this case Can I deposit maximum limit( supposed to be 1 lakh from dec 2011) to each account( Mine account and my other two children account)? can I get the interest on all three account? Will that interest will be free from any tax on maturity?

  161. Priyank says:

    Just wanted to throw some light for the sake of all reading this.
    For investing in any FD you are assuming that all of the amount (here 10,50,000) is available at the start of the Investment; while for PPF 70K is required at the start of financial year(or it can be paid in installments).
    Yield after 15 Years = 20,50,000 if 70K deposited each year at the rate of 8%
    Obviously this will Increase when 8% rate is increased by Govt and limit increased to 1L p.a.
    For the sake of comparision PPF can be compared to a recurring deposit where if 70K is invested p.a. at the start of financial year ar the rate of 9.5% will yield 19,80,000 at the end of 15 years after a tax deduction of 20% every year. I am not sure if such Recurring deposit is available and have any upper cap on investment.

    Now lets see the benefit of PPF
    1. If you dont have enough liquidity or are going through financial trouble you can get away by investing just Rs 500 in a year in PPF, BUT CAUTION: that this will hit the final value of the yield and will hit more if you are investing less in initial few years of PPF tenure.
    2. You can extend the PPF in blocks of 5 years after the initial 15 years by submiting a form well in advance i.e. by 14.5 years and ensuring that change is done. WHAT’s the benefit – The cumulative interest earned will be very high in the last years or as the extension is done in the extended years and all of it is Tax free from the begining.

    Conclusion: If you have lot of money initially that go head with RD/FD from nationalised banks , but if you know that you will have limited funds to invest like 70K to 1L p.a. then PPF is the probably the best Instrument out there.

    One omore important thing to note here is to distinguish PPF from Investment. PPF is supposed to be used to AID you in retirement planning and should not be considered as investment. Start early and try to put it as much amount every year as possible in April itself to earn maximum benefit, extend it till you retire in blocks of 5 years.

  162. Paresh Bhayani says:

    Intrest is calculated at the end of year . If u doposit entire 70000/= before 5 th April , u will get more intrest than .At the earliear intrest rate of 8 % , the difference would have been Rs 233 & at current new rate of 8.6 % is Rs 251

  163. Paresh Bhayani says:

    Yes . U can deposit upto the limit defined from time to time for the FY by central govt.Intrest will be deposited @ 8.6 % in respective account , for the entire FY , on 31 st March.

  164. Manoj says:

    Tax guru;
    can i open ppf account in name of my self and in name of my minor children(two in no)? In this case Can I deposit maximum limit( supposed to be 1 lakh from dec 2011) to each account( Mine account and my other two children account)? can I get the interest on all three account? Will that interest will be free from any tax on maturity?

  165. Vikas M says:

    Dear Tax Guru,

    I have a PPF account in my name and have deposited Rs70,000/- for year 2011-12. Can I open another PPF account (as guardian) under my daughter’s (minor) name and deposit another 70,000/- in this PPF account?

    Will I be earning interest on both (mine and my daughter’s – minor) these PPF accounts?

    Vikas M

  166. prafulla says:

    if i deposited Rs 500/- per month then can u tell me how much amount i get after 15 years.
    urgent revert back

  167. Nitin Mehta says:

    Is interest in PPF account of HUF taxable?

  168. Vinay says:


    If I Invest 5000 Rs. In PPF I will got 1759497 Rs. after 15 years.but when I invest same amount on LIC Jeevan saral 5000 Rs. per month for 15 years I will got 2221984 Rs. The diffrence amount is 462487 Rs. so i want what are the benefits of investing in PPF. and which is better option for investing?

    Vinay Gupta

  169. Sumatha gomasta says:

    Sir,India govt taken better action for tax saver.

  170. sandeep jathar says:

    what are the procedures to start ppf account and pls tell me benifits suppose 500 per month i invest…

  171. MOHAN says:

    on the interest earned you deduct the tax as this will be taxable in your hand. The PPF interest will be tax free hence it will work out more.

    hope this will suffice.

  172. NILESH says:


  173. admin says:

    Limit extension approved by ministry but official notification not yet come.

  174. R P PANCHAL says:

    Recent news paper statement the PPF limit in the bank is increased from 70, 000 to 1 laksh (One Lakh). Are you following or not, if not when it will be implimented. Kindly intimate as early as possible.

  175. shkar says:

    i am interested to open a new account PPF.

  176. Sachin Mane says:

    I want to open a PPF account in the name of my daughter who is 9 years old. I approached the SBI Aundh, Pune branch. Along with other documents, I had submitted my PAN card copy. However, they are insisting me to submit the PAN card of my daughter who is a minor (Minor PAN Card). If I submit the PAN card of my daughter, will i get the income tax benefit. Is it necessary to submit the PAN card of my daughter. Please guide me.

  177. Madneshwar Thakur says:

    I got a massage fron news that we can deposits upto Rs 100000/= in my PPF a/c.
    I would like to know that from which month we can deposits Rs. 100000/= (one lac.)

    With regards.


  178. trupti says:

    hello sir,
    i want to ask that after investing can i withdraw money after 3 0r 4 yr.if i will pay 15,000 for month after 3 or 4 yr how much money i will get.and after 15 yr how much money i will get.

  179. mukesh kumar says:


    pls provide the Rs 500 per month after 15 year total amount.

  180. pavan says:


    I started investing in PPF since january 2011 in the following installments,

    7 months x 5000 = 35000
    5 months x 7000 = 35000

    so total of 70000, while opening account in SBI i declared it as monthly investment of 5000,but later on i increased it to 70K/anum, i have one doubt, on this amount i get same annual interest OR will i get more if i invest more amount at the beginning of year say suppose 70000 at a time?

    kindly reply,


  181. admin says:

    That was an proposal which is not yet approved.

  182. Nirav says:

    Recent news paper statement the PPF limit in the bank is increased from 70, 000 to 1 laksh (One Lakh). Are you following or not, if not when it will be implimented. Kindly intimate as early as possible.

  183. Dr/ ramaraju sita rama anjaneyulu says:

    Recent news paper statement i.e. gazzet equal, statting that the PPF limit in the bank is increased from 70, 000 to 1 laksh (One Lakh). Are you following or not, if not when it will be implimented. Kindly intimate as early as possible.

    (DR. R.S.R. Anjaneyulu)
    BHEL R&D Branch
    Account Holder. A.c No.10202156488 *Saving.

  184. Nabul konwar says:

    I have one query, that ppf account in my name, can i deposit the amount in my account from my income.

  185. nilesh says:


  186. sameer gupta says:

    I have one query, that my wife have a ppf account in her name, can i deposit the amount in her account from my income & take the benifet of section 80 c for my income tax return.

    sameer gupta

  187. MOHAN RAO says:

    sir, suppose if i pay yearly Rs12000/ after 15 what will be the maturity amount

  188. Swaroop. M. J. says:

    Hai Sir,
    I just wanted to know the maximum limit that can be deposited in a financial year in PPF a/c. It is mentioned in your article that it is 70,000/=. But I heard that the limit is raised to 1,00,000/= from this financial year, is it true?

  189. S.Kannan says:

    Pl. refer to the discussion on PPF account in minor’s name appeared in the ‘ The Hindu’dt 26/11/2011, under the heading ‘tax forum- questions and answers’. It is referred to in the question that as per clarification dt march 29 2010 of RBI, the deposits made in the names of 2 minors (rs. 70,000 + 70,000) were refunded to the major account holder, as the total contribution has exceeded the limit of rs. 70000 made by the major account holder himself.
    But in para 8 of “features of PPF scheme”, you have mentioned that rs. 70,000 can be remitted in the name of the individual and another rs.70000 in the name of the minor, but limiting the income tax benefit to the maximum of rs.100000 under 80c. This explaination is contradictory to RBI’s clarification dt 29th march 2010.
    Kindly explain the correct position, as it stands now and also mail a copy of RBI’s clarification

  190. Mehta says:

    My father(sr.citizen) have PPF a/c. since year 2000 and me as Nominee.
    My father’s HUF also have ppf a/c. and me as Nominee.
    He is expired a couple of months ago. What do i need to claim these account’s proceeds? Is it advisable to transfer these proceeds in my ppf a/c? or in sb ac?
    would it earn same exempted interest if the transfer is done in my ppf a/c?
    I and my children also have ppf a/c in the same bank since 2000.
    The ac were opened when they were minors, now they are majors do we need to intimate bank to make change from minor to major? or they do automatically?
    Do major children get same tax benefit on the interest earned on their balance in ppf?

  191. Varun Karasia says:

    I am in my last year of my PPF a/c. If i withdarw Total Amount from my PPF account Will i get interest that is to be accrued till date.?

  192. Archan says:

    You can invest in PPF, life insurance, mediclaim, home loan, ELSS, NSC, ULIP, infrastructure bonds for tax savings.

  193. Archan says:

    No. you have to show that as income when you withdraw it.

  194. Archan says:

    You can deposite to the PPF account, but you will still be liable to pay tax for your remaining taxable income. Means your deposite of Rs. 10000 will save your tax by Rs. 1000 (10% tax slab), Rs. 2000 (20% tax slab) or Rs. 3000 (30% tax slab), remaining tax has to be paid.

  195. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son’s ppf account is already due, however he lives abroad and has no intentions of coming to India. He does not have any pan card or bank accounts in India. I am a senior citizen and would like to know how I can close his account. His account does not have a nominee either.

    Please note that it was I who kept the account running all these yeara. My son does not support me financially.

  196. mohit says:

    Hi All,

    Please help me out in this:-

    Can i change my name in PPF account.
    If yes please tell me the procedure of the same

  197. Atul says:

    You need to deposit a minimum amount of 500 rupees every financial year. Any amount over and above this would be at your will. You can change the amount every year, i.e. 10,000 in 1st year, 20,000 in 2nd year, 5,000 in 3rd year. You can do all such transactions with a upper cap.

  198. Atul says:

    You need to deposit a minimum amount of 500 rupees every financial year. Any amount over and above this would be at your will. You can change the amount every year, i.e. 10,000 in 1st year, 20,000 in 2nd year, 5,000 in 3rd year. You can do all such transactions with a upper cap of 70,000.

  199. Monisha says:

    can one month old baby open PPF Account?

  200. Ramachandra Reddy says:

    I want to deposit an amount of Rs.5000/- in PPF account during 2011-12. During 2012-13, I want deposit Rs.20000/-. During 2013-14, I want to deposit Rs.10000/- Can I do so or I have to deposit equal amount in each of the year throughout 15 years period.

  201. Ramachandra Reddy says:

    suppose I am liable for payment of income tax of Rs.10000/- during the financial year 2010-11. Instead of paying tax, I wanted to deposit Rs10000/- in Public Provident Fund. My query is, can I do so and get exemption from payment of Income Tax of Rs.10000/- for the financial year 2010-11.

  202. Ramachandra Reddy says:

    suppose I am liable for payment of income tax of Rs.10000/- during the financial year 2010-11. Instead of paying tax, I wanted to deposit Rs10000/- in Public Provident Fund. My query is, can I do so and get exemption from payment of Income Tax of Rs.10000/- fot year 2011-11.

  203. Rajendran says:


  204. Amit says:

    If I open an account in the name of my child, after 15 yrs it is closed or I close it. Can my child open a fresh new account as an adult?

  205. Raj says:

    Can a nominee continue the PPF account without any further deposits after the death of the subscriber? Will such an account continue to earn interest till final claim and closure? Is there any time limit for nominee to close the account and make the claim?

  206. J D says:

    yes u can . i also done it.

  207. Murli says:

    My PPF is maturing on March 2012. I have taken a loan in June 2011 and I require funds urgently can I apply for one more loan.

  208. VINIT SINGHAL says:

    i have a PPF acount in my name, can i open account in my sons name (who is minor) with me as guardian, pl advice

  209. resh says:

    is it better to deposit PPF amounts as monthly installments? or all at one go-in big sums? And pls let me know if depositing before certain date is better for interest calculation. When does interest get credited?

  210. resh says:

    just threaten to sue them. First write to them politely asking for ur PPF details. If they refuse to give u any, just send them a lawyer notice they’ll do it all for you in a minute.

  211. Dheeraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have opened PPF A/C threw IDBI bank. It does not provide online view facility such as SBI. can I transfer my PPF A/C from IDBI to MY SBI account.

  212. Shamina Husain says:

    How many times can i renew a PPF account in a block of 5 years after expiry of its 15 years?

  213. Ana Dennis says:

    I have a PPF Account in SBI , Can I renew the same as the last date of transaction was on 28/12/2008

  214. Mangesh Hande says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have an account with PPF from last 10 years. Every Year I am depositing apx 40,000 to 60,000 in my PPF account. Now I have opened an account with my child name as Minor & Natuarl Guardian. Can I get Interest on both the accounts ? Pl advise.

  215. Parikshit says:

    Yes, since the interest has to be compounded anually for the financial year in question, gross deposit for the financial year in subject shall be qualifying for interest after 31st march (financial closing).

    Best option is to raise a FDR, to ensure its maturity by 15th Mar and to transfer the saving of FDR to PPF a/c.

    This shall ensure some interest on the savings along with one time financial load in March for deposit to PPF.

  216. Parikshit says:

    Further o this in SBI online transections can bemade for deposits and no physicalpresence is required in the post office.Whereas, in post office, we are supposed to deposit manually (either self or some agent).

    Online system of deposit makes the PF deposit in SBI very handy.

  217. Jugal says:

    Hi Uma,

    PPF with SBI is very good option . All service under one counter is provided in all branches of SBI . Post office is very slow and time consumable idea .

  218. vaishali says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can I invest in names on my minor children form the funds of my HUF?? What would be the implications u/s. 80C of the Income Tax Act.

  219. Uma says:

    What is the difference between opening a PPF A/C in SBI branch and in a post office? Which provides better service if we encounter problems like transfer, closure, etc. In my opinion none of the government offices provides good service to its customers.


  220. Manoj patil says:

    To show the Interest amount of PPF Interest is upto you anyway it will be exempt income for you

  221. Manoj patil says:

    Not in current year but you will get the deduction U/C VIA earlier in the financial year 2005-2006

  222. Manoj patil says:

    definitely you will get the interest amount on your investment

  223. Manoj patil says:

    Hi Anil,


  224. Ashutosh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was associated with one NGO. As per an Appointment Letter, they are suppose to open PPf Account and contribute towards it. They are actually cutting the PPF amount from my salary, but they have not published my PPF account no. Can you help me how can i cliam this amount. If possible can you please provide me details of person whom i can contact.

    If this NGO is fraudulent then what can be my next plan of action.

  225. Somnath Sharma says:

    I want to know that I have invested some amt. in PPF last year and I got Rs 1000 as interest. Do I need to show that interest as source of other income in my ITR-1 i.ereturn filling form.

  226. Abidali says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know, if i have deposited 70000 at once in my PPF account at SBI in the month of Jan 2010, will i be entitled to get full 8% interest on the year of 2010-2011 at April 2011.



  227. vaibhav d says:

    Account will not be closed but inactive. You need to pay some fine (may be 500 Rs) for last year and continue the account

  228. vaibhav d says:

    No,you will not get the interest after 15 years, unless you notify about the extension to the bank/post office.
    The account will be treated as dead unless you deposit 500 Rs each year

  229. vaibhav d says:

    Yes, you can deposit more than 70,000 but you will get the interest on only 70,000 Rs.
    Remaining money will be deposited as interest free throughout the tenure

  230. vaibhav d says:

    Since account is older than 15 years. You will get all the principal and accrued interest.You can also extend the account by slots of 5yrs each time

  231. Chandan says:

    If I need not required any income tax benefit than how much amount can be deposited in PPF A/C in a financial year. Can I deposit more than 70000/- and get the interest amount as per PPF A/C.

    Pl clarify.



  232. Aditya Goel says:

    Sir, I would like to ask what is the Policy Number in case of an SBI PPF account?

  233. Anita Dua says:


    I have opend a PPF A/C in Post Office in 1994. Now I want to withdraw my deposited amount. How much amount I will get this month i.e. July, 2011.



  234. Hans Raj says:

    Dear Sir, I am a pensioner and income tax payee. Can I open a PPF account in the name of my grand daughter and have its benefit towards income tax? My son is also income tax payee and does not have ppf account in the name of his daughter in whose name I want to open the account.

  235. Hans Raj says:

    Dear Sir, I am a pesioner and have taxable income. Can open a PPF account in the name of my grand daughter and have its beefit towards income tax? My son is also an icome tax payee and has no PPF account in the name of his daughter in whose name I want to open the ccount.

  236. Vaibhav Jain says:

    There have been certain practical hurdles in respect of opening of accounts for minor vis-à-vis some intermediary agencies. This clarification reiterates that as per the rules under PPF scheme, an individual may on his own behalf or on behalf of a minor of whom he is a guardian, open a PPF account. Further, either father or mother can open PPF account on behalf of his / her minor child, but both cannot open the account for same child.

    Let’s say you open an account for your minor child. You can deposit Rs 70,000 in your account and Rs 70,000 in your child’s account. In this case you can in my opinion take the maximum benefit of Rs. 1,00,000/- U/s. 80C. As Limit of Maximum Investment in a year of 70000/- is fixed by Public provident Fund Act not by Income Tax law.

  237. sherif says:

    min 500 and its denomination n maxi 70000

  238. sherif says:

    i have take PPF in the name of spouse ,can i get deduction under sectin 80c?

  239. sherif says:

    nothing ill be taxable

  240. deepak jain says:

    nsc certificate purchase 28/03/2005 they are deductiable or not u/s.80-c

  241. sherif says:

    does ppf n interest taxable as income when it matured?

  242. Gunjan Singh Thakur says:

    My parents wants to save some money for my daughter(means for their grand daughter).
    Can my father open a PPF account on my daughter’s name & Can my father get the TAX benefit for the same.Please suggest.


  243. Asmita says:

    i have opened a PPF account as a guardian to my 3yrs old son, i am mother of a kid wether i will get interest on the deposited amount.As I have read somewhere that mother and grandfather can’t be guardian .


    DEAR SIr,




  245. RUCHI MISHRA says:


    Thanks and Regards
    Ruchi Mishra

  246. harish says:

    dear sir

    manimum or max.deposits of PPF A/C within year.

  247. NIMESH says:

    Dear Sir,

    I open minor ppf account & guardian name is mine. i deposited ammount in minor accout. this amount deduction in my income tax return.

  248. Vivek Jain says:

    I have PPF account open on 28/03/2005.
    I have checked and found that i can withdraw 50% of balance on 31/03/2008.
    can you tell me that withdrawble abount will be taxable.

  249. Satish Kumar says:

    I wish to know if there is any different intrest rates in PPF account for senior citizen and secondly what is the age to be eligiable for senior citize benifit.

  250. Ravi kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have opened a PPF account on 29.03.10 and deposited a amount of Rs 5000/-. But I have not deposited any amount between 01.04.10 to 31.03.11. In this condition I want to know that my account was in running condition or it is closed due to non deposit of any amount between that financial year.

    With Regards
    Ravi Kumar

  251. anil says:

    find below procedure to get PPF money in case of Death of Accountholder

    If the subscriber dies and there is no nomination at the time of death, the balance in the account, if it is upto one lakh, will be paid by the Accounts Office to the legal heirs of the deceased on receipt of application in Form G supported with necessary documents without the production of succession certificate. If the balance is more than one lakh, the production of Succession certificate will be necessary.


  252. Santosh Kanwar says:

    dear sir,
    I am a Widow. My husband had a ppf account in SBBJ bank, bikaner rajasthan.
    he opened that account in year 1999 and he expired in 2005, there was no nominee
    mentioned in that account.The balance at that time was 65000rs.
    Now the balance is 105000 rs (with interest) till date.
    when i went to the bank manager he said that he is unable in issuing the ammout
    as it is above 1 lakh. After producing all the documents and affidavits from all
    my children and myself, manager is unaware of the process of issuing the claim.
    he asked me to go to jaipur, just to avoid me. After repeated follow up he told
    me that he didn’t know the process and asked me to look for it over internet.
    I request you to show me the right way, so that i can get the ammount as soon as
    thanking you in anticipation
    Smt. Santosh Kanwar

  253. Ranbir says:

    PPF account can be opened in any Head Post Office also and this is the account which can be transferred from Post Office to Bank and Bank to Post Office.

  254. Amit Srivastava says:

    Dear Ruchi
    The article above is quite lucid. YOu must open an account with PPF. Just walk into important SBI branches ( and also some other designated PSU banks) and start saving!!
    Best wishes

  255. Amit Srivastava says:

    Dear Deepak
    Such recycling is allowed and 80 C benefit can be taken from the reinvestment of withdrawal proceeds. A lot of people actually do it.
    HAppy investing

  256. Amit Srivastava says:

    Dear Ram and Gopi,
    You can get interest on the two major accounts i.e your account and that of your wife. Your wife’s savings are her small savings ‘streedhan’ and the accounts are not considered linked. If you have opened kids’ accounts under your guardianship then you will not get any interest on it. If you insist on opening PPF accounts for the kids and earning interest thereon, you should ask your parents to open account and make your children the beneficiaries!!!
    BEst Wishes
    Amit Srivastava

  257. Amit Srivastava says:


  258. Amit Srivastava says:

    HI Sachin,
    You can invest all of the 80C limit of 100000 in one instrument alone ( Tax Saving FD in your case). Do bear in mind that the interest proceeds are taxable at the time of maturity. You may also like to consider PPF route as the final withdrawal is tax free.
    Best wishes
    Ami Srivastava

  259. ram says:

    Hi Gopi,

    Your assumption is wrong. You can maintaine 4 accounts on different names of your family members. But you could not have 4 accounts on your name. And you can invest 70000 on each account i.e.,280000 total.

  260. sachin says:

    Good morning Sir,I am sachin from ludhiana.I invested 94,500 into 5 years fd in the bank under deductions of 80 c in the last financial year.I want to ask can I invest maximum of 100000(80c fd)in every financial year?Will all my financial year fd amount will be safe and legal?More over Can I save maximum 10 lakhs in 80 c fd in 10 years?
    pls reply.

  261. Shambhu Kr. Singh says:

    Dear sir,
    please tell me I opened PPF acount. whether differ amount can be deposit every year in PPF.
    Thanking you

  262. Gopi says:

    Dear Sir, Last year I opened ppf accounts for my wife, myself, daughter who is eight years old and son who is 3 years old. I put 70000 rupees into each of the 4 ppf accounts thinking that it is allowed. I am the only earning member of my family.

    Later I came to know that this is not allowed and I am allowed to invest only Rs.70000 in total distributed to 4 accounts and not Rs.2.8 lakhs as I did last year. I guess I will get the ppf benefit with interest from only my account and the other three acounts I will just get the principal without interest after 15 years even if I continue to invest Rs.70000 every year into each of the 4 accounts every year which would be a waste.

    Are you in agreement with what I understood? Thanks for your help

  263. Deepak yadav says:

    I have a query regarding the PPF account. After the period of seven years my PPF account holds upto Rs 3 lakh, if i withdraw an amount of 70,000 Rs and redeposit on the next day to the PPF account and also use the same deposit slip as a current year savings proof. Then the amount, which i m liable for Income TAX for the current years includes the amount which i was supposed to deposit in the PPF, but i didn’t.

  264. Anil patil says:


    it’s very important information are provided.
    and it help me to how i can open the PPF A/c.

    And also diff between NSC and PPF is realy good.
    now i know the diff between NSC and PPF.

    Thank you very much.


  265. Ruchi says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Self Ruchi Sahu. I want to know about PPF opening a/c procedure & opening date.
    And its benefits & demerits also.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ruchi Sahu


    I Interest to PPF Account Invest yearly 15000 thousand

  267. MAHENDRA AJMERA says:

    I am holding PPF A/c since about 25 years, with due renewal, after 15 years. In my PPFPass Book, it is Printed that subscriber is entitled to have FINAL BALANCE CERTIFICATE / STATEMENT SHOWING OPENING BALANCE, AMOUNTS DEPOSITED DURING THE YEAR AND INTEREST EARNED AT THE END OF THE YEAR. – Free of Charge. For Submitting to Income Tax Authorities, alongwith the return of Income.
    Whereas, recently I am informed by the BANK OF INDIA to pay fees of Rs.200.00 for the certificate to be issued. Please confirm whether Bank is required to issue certificate free of charge or sucsriber has to pay for the same.
    Kindly reply

  268. durai says:

    no, it is extendable only for 5 years. 15 years + extra 5 years

  269. Arun Aggarwal says:

    one assessee 70K is the upper limit for one financial year.

  270. Arun Aggarwal says:

    (10,000X15)+ int.

  271. punit says:


    I am intrested to invest 10000 yearly in ppf account. so what amount we receive after 15 years.

  272. S Aditya says:

    My 15 yrs tenure of PPF is over on 31st March 2011. I will extend the account for another 5 yrs,My question is , have I neccessarily to withdraw the matured amount of 8 Lacs right now or I can withdraw it any time later

  273. Kiranmai says:

    How much tax benefit can be availed on the amount deposited in PPF

  274. VISHAL GWALANI says:

    sir i have invested by mistake 70000/= im my ppf account and another additional 10000/= in my sons account who is a minor on the advice of the banks manegirial staff reading thruough i think this is not allowed now how do i rectify my mistake please advise

    vishal s gwalani

  275. tan b says:

    If i want to transfer my ppf account from one branch to another then the bank in which i have transfered will pay the previous interest

  276. Manoj says:

    Hi Sanjeev,

    As u have ur ppf a/c for 24 yrs, so i have some quick question for u.

    like u r getting 8% interest for first 15 yrs. suppose i want to extend the period for 5 yrs. so can u tell me whether i will get the same interest rate in that extended period.


  277. Manoj says:

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please tell me, is it possible to continue the same PPF account for 30 yrs?

  278. Atul Agarwal says:

    Yes you can do it.

  279. Atul Agarwal says:

    and can get the same income tax benefit.

  280. Atul Agarwal says:

    Yes you can deposit in your daughter PPF account.

  281. v s bapna says:

    i am having a HUF PPF account for 21 years. Also having personal PPF account. Pls let me know whether i can continue HUF PPF account till 25 years with interest or it should be withdrawn.

  282. kripal singh says:

    will i get same interest for ppf for 2011-12 if i deposit rs 70000 on 1.4.2011 or 31.3 2012.thanks . kripal singh dehradun

  283. O P DIKSHIT says:

    I visited sbi main branch varanasi today at 11:30 am to close my ppf a/c matured on 31-3-2011, the officer conerned told me to give application to close the a/c or if u like u may get the intt.@8% till the closure of a/c. please let me know the exact rules.

  284. sanjeev says:

    i have ppf account in sbi since dec 1987.even last year i have deposited.since 24 years are over, how 15+5 year rule can be applied in this case as bank has not pointed out any thing till date?

  285. RAVINDRANATH says:

    If PPF is extended for another 5 years only 60 percent of the last balance is allowed for withdrawal any time subsequently.

  286. sameer says:

    The point number 5 on ppf for minors is wrong. Please note that 70k is alllowed as a total between individuals and minors. Not 70k for each accounts. tks.

  287. joginder sud says:

    You will get interest upto 31 March,11 as PPF account will stand matured on 1 April, 11.

  288. RK AGRAWAL says:

    My PPF account has completed 20 ( 15+5 ) years on dt. 21.03.2011. If I closed the a/c on dt. 01/07/2011 , the interest upto 30th june 2011 will be admissible or not.

  289. Arvind says:

    As per the PPF rules, in an year, a minimum of Rs.500 to a maximum of Rs.70000 can be paid to the PPF account. So 10lacs cannot be invested in a single year.

  290. Sugar says:

    I wolud like to know what is the Rate of intrest for 2011-2012 For PPF deposits. Is there any link where PPF rate of intrest is published for the current fiscal? or PPF rate of interest is a constant at 8%?

    Sugar User

  291. manisha says:


    your company may be fraud pls take your epf account no.and go to epf office in wazirpur office at near ashok vihar red light or contact for area manager.

  292. Nitin says:

    Dear sir,
    My SBI PPF account has completed 15 years.Can I withdraw 90 % of the amount & then extend the account limit for next five years?Please,reply.

  293. binod jajodia says:

    i open a ppf a/c in my minor daughter name.
    can my wife deposited to above ppf a/c and take benifit in incometax

  294. gurpal says:

    can a installment be deposited from funds already head amount of from taxable income.

  295. ASHOK JAIN says:


  296. Sasikala says:

    I have opened a PPF Account in bangalore. Now i have got trasfer to chennai. Whether i can deposit money in my account in any of the nearby SBI branch?

  297. Hemant says:

    I think is Rs.100. If your account is in Post Office, just open your PPF pass book and you would get the required information printed on it. Also you may enquire about it in your post office.

  298. Priyanka ghorpade says:

    Dear Sir
    I have opened the PPF account in 2003 and from 2006 till 19.03.2011 i have not invested anything. On 19 th March i have invested Rs. 10,000/- what will be the penalty amount for defaulting 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10. Pl revert

  299. Nagesh says:

    Bank will not accpet the amount if they know it is 13th instalment. They would refund it if they realised after collecting the receipt but while posting it.

  300. Hemant says:

    It might happen when you pay online through internet banking transfer to your State Bank of India PPF account.

  301. Rakesh says:

    Post office will not accept the 13th deposit

  302. silver says:

    u can withdraw 50% of it as u have already completed 6 years….

  303. Hemant says:

    In new tax code Government is for moving PPF from EEE to EET. If implemented, PPF would be taxable at maturity.

  304. Hemant says:

    I understand that a PPF subscriber cannot deposit not more than 12 times in a year. What if he deposits more than 12 times in a year? Will his contribution from 13th time onwards not bear interest? If yes, will it be ineligible for interest for that year only or will it be forever? Will he get some penalty? What are the consequences?

  305. vhuta says:

    hi this is this

  306. Amit says:

    Dear sir,

    Please provide PPF payment chq. details . what the name for PPF payment by cheque. and how can track my PPF account if any statement provide by PPF department. please let me know.

  307. Sandeep Kumar Singh says:

    PPF account pay 8% interest as on 31 march , Installemnt frequency is Min 1 & Max 12. you can check your PPF status if u have SBI net banking, since PPF have a Lock in period of 15 years so you cannot withdraw money before 15 years in any case, although u can close your account anytime.

  308. Sandeep Kumar Singh says:

    PPF comes under EEE(Exempt-Exempt-exempt) reginme, so there will be no tax treatment when you withdraw the money after 15 years

  309. Sandeep Kumar Singh says:

    Although you can close the PPF now but the income proceeds will be given to you only after 15 years i.e. after 2018. There is a 15 years Lock In period for PPf account & 6 years for NSC

  310. sandip ray says:

    i am having a ppf account in sbi from last 2003. i have seen till date 13 th march 2011 my balance is almost 400000. i sudenly having a monotory problem n require urgent money. can i close my ppf a/c now and witdraw the full amount? please reply me soon……

  311. Ganesh Kumar says:

    yes u can withdraw ur amount

  312. Ganesh Kumar says:


  313. Ganesh Kumar says:

    I opened a PPF account in 2010.Can advise during maturity TDS deduct or no?

  314. ritesh gupta says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am investing 70000 INR in my PPF A/C and my one year son. So after 15 years how much i will get if i witdraw or close account.

    With Regards
    ritesh cupta

  315. Deepak M. says:

    I was working in a Pvt. Ltd. Company at Dadar wherein from the first day, PF was being deducted. I left the Company after five months of Service. Now the said company is telling that for Withdrawing PF, at least six months of Services is required. Can anybody tell me why so. Reply me at deep_m12004@rediffmail.com

  316. Minoo M Patel says:

    Form C for PPF A/c is not available on your site.

  317. Chirag Shah says:

    I have HUF PPF Account . My HUF PPF Account is renew after 15 years in 2009. What Should I do.

  318. suresh says:

    I started my ppf account on feb 2010,when i have to pay next due , is ther any time limitation, whether I may permitted to pay my due after march 2010

  319. Subrata Mukhopadhyay says:

    Dear Sir
    My PPF A/C shall complete 15+5 yrs in Feb 2012 but i wish to withdraw full amount in December 2013.
    Will i get full interest after Feb 2012 to Dec 2013?
    Subrata Mukhopadhyay

  320. sumana says:

    i am an govt employee .presently residing in pwd quaters.shall i deduct the amount of hra i recieved 80gg. i am owning a home at chickmagalore.

  321. rahul p.b. says:

    excellant article especuially useful after the maturity after 15 years and considering a furthe rextension of furthr time. a very sure asset in the wealth creation investment options A must for investors from all strata as it requires a min 500 rs to start the PPf. such good advice is much welcome for everybody using these excellant informative sites thanx!

  322. SURIDER PAL SINGH says:

    My father had a PPF A/c in the post office.He passed away in 2008. My son is the nominee of this a/c. he at present is in USA. I visited him in May 2010 and he gave me notorised power of authority to collect the payment from the post office. Sanction for the payment has already been accorded but the GPO IS INSISTING that power of authority should come through AMERICAN embassy to the Indian embasSy for onward delivery to the post office. Only then P.O. WILL GIVE THE CHEQUE TO me. I have even requested that the P.O may send the cheque to the bank directly(SBOP)where my son has an account.But the response from P.O is negative. There is absolutely no dispute involved in this case. Kindly advise some solution . Regards

  323. ashrid says:


    You do not have to worry. As I understand you will have to pay a fine of 50 Rs ( If not increased) and 500Rs as the minimum amount for that year.It will be done on the spot. Relax you can continue

  324. Mamgain says:

    I opened account under PPF scheme in SBI, during 2004, but last year I forget to deposite ethe amount.Pl.advice whether I can continue.

  325. Mamgain says:

    I opened the account in SBI during 2004. Last year viz., 2009-10 I forget to deposite the amounmt. Kindly advice whether I can continue wih out any complications.

  326. Anish Patil says:

    don’t know the answer of Q.No.1.
    But answer for Q.No.2 is
    yes. you can have multiple accounts. can deposit total 70000/- per yr. But no-body will like to do this. instead of this he will simply open a fresh account (if 70000/- per year is not permitted in extended account).

  327. Pradeep says:

    Hi, I want to know the following…

    1. PPF account after completion of 15 years can be extended for another 15 years ( 5 years each — 3 times max ). In that extended period can one make contributions also say 70000 / year after 15 years say 15~20 years.

    2. If in case one cannot make contributions then can one extend the existing PPF acount after 15 years for another five years and also open a fresh PPF account to make make fresh 70000 / year contributions



  328. DINESH KOTAK says:


    you stated that you can deposit 70000 in your account and 70000 in minors account . As I understand , this is not correct the limit of Rs.70000 including minors deposit. Can you please clarify on what basis this statement is made. I have read the rules of PPF , hence asking. If any clarification is there, it will help all us


  329. dattatreyahg says:

    para 6 ab0ve is a bit misleading. i am given to understand that an INDIVIDUAL can extend his ppf account any number of times in blocks of five years after completing initial 15 years on applying for each such extension on specified FORM available with the bank manager,within the stipulated time limit. i have not said here the “name of the form and the time limt specified” as they may change from time to time. it is best to contact the manager about a month before the date of completing15 years/20 years etc and apply(in prescribed form) for extension as per the instructions valid as of then.some expert may please validate/correct my above understanding. dattatreyahg

  330. Kamlesh vagadiya says:

    Dear sir..
    After maturity i can received amount are taxable or not?

  331. Kapil says:

    If i want to open a PPF account in wife and make the payment for the same using my bank account, will i get the benefit of the payment made in her PPF account

  332. Vipin says:

    Please visit http://www.personalfn.com
    They have a PPF calculator there.
    It says if you invest 70000 for 15 years
    The amount in account would be 20.5 Lakhs.
    Anyway, please check that calculator and confirm

  333. Subodh Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am investing 70000 INR in my PPF A/C. So after 15 years how much i will get if i witdraw or close account.

    With Regards
    Subodh Singh

  334. Girish says:

    I have one query.
    My wife is dependent on me.
    So whether I get tax benefit on the PPF investment done on her name?

  335. sudha says:

    i take 55,000 amount ppf in sbi . i want clarification about the yearly paid amount if we not instlament amount requlary, what is the status about account and if any situation we need money before the locking period what we can follow the methods pl give me about this doubtes.

  336. g h s iyer says:

    please let me know whether i can invest rs ten lacs in ppf account and earn tax exemption for the interest paid .whether interest will be paid yearly

  337. srinivasan_r says:

    can i deposit in ppf in my minor child and myself Rs.70000 each in a financial year how will get the tax benefit and what is interest for my child account. is this deposit allowed as per rule

  338. prasthak says:

    I am the only earner in my family of three (myself, wife and a son). I know you already replied very similarly here, but just want to double check if the maximum investment that can be done is 2,10,000 (70,000, each into my, wife and son’s PPF account).

  339. Anand says:

    Husband ,Wife and One Minor Child;all have PPF accounts.What is the maximum total contribution that can be done in total for all these three accounts,without violating any of the rules

  340. dadasaheb says:

    i am ppf account opening for 2008 . it is good for long term investment

  341. savita joshi says:

    if Monthly i will pay Rs.1000 /- for 15 years..

    I want to know how much amount will i get after 15 years.

    Please explain me…

  342. JASDEV KUMAR says:

    I Have opened a PF Account in Post Office.
    Monthly i will pay Rs.2000 /- for 15 years..

    I want to know who much amount will i get after 15 years.

    Please explain me

  343. Sangram says:

    Dear maitri ,

    If you invest Rs. 1000/- for 15 years then you will have Rs. 351,891.40 at the time of maturity.



  344. N.SRINIVASAN says:

    How to incorporate the change of residential address in my postal ppf ac.

  345. B.S.Shankara says:

    Although it may be a small detail, it is to be noted that one need not compulsorily deposit the minimum of Rs 500 every year. The correct interpretation of the relevant rule is that in case you wish to deposit some amount in any year after opening the PPF a/c, the minimum acceptable for that year will be Rs 500, max being Rs. 70,000/

    This clarification comes after some one forgot to deposit the minimum for many years and after 15 years, he found that the post office had closed the a/c, ie not adding interest to his a/c and he had to fight his case to get all that was due. This case was reported in the news papers during 1996-97.

    Bank officers may wish to reconfirm the same as post office is not very responsive to such queries.

  346. Softy says:

    Can i deposit in PPF a/c more than 70000 in a FY.

    If so, how much deduction will be allowed u/s 80C of IT Act

  347. vasudha says:


    I have opened a ppf account in my mothers’ names and paid it through my bank account, will i get na exemption on tax? Thanks.

  348. TEJARAO K says:

    I am having a PPF account which is going to be matured on 01/04/2011.Now I want to make a deposit of Rs.70000/- in this Financial year.I wish to know whether I have to wait 3 more years for getting Tax benifit on the deposit made in this Finacial year.I am giving to understand by some people that I can withdraw entire amount on maturity date.Some are telling that I have to wait till 3 more years period from the date of last deposit.What is the correct position?

  349. Abhay says:

    I opened PPF account in SBI. Fifteen years completed in 2010. Per officer of SBI, either I have to extend the account for another five years or has to withdraw the money from my PPF account before 31-Mar-2011.I don’t want to extend the account for another five years. Is it possible, if I don’t withdraw the money before 31-Mar-2011 and keep on getting the interest till I withdraw the money (which will be after 31-Mar-2011).


  350. VIDHYADHER says:


  351. I am amazed at the number of questions posted on this blog (which can be answered by a simple google search).
    A simple exercise of reading the PPF rules would answer most of the queries. Interest calculation requires a bit of effort (nothing exceptional) 8% interest on your deposit (amount deposited before the 5th of the month) earns the interest for the entire month.
    Questions like open a ppf account at post office or bank (note SBI is not the only bank)…there are choices…would depend on the service level you get and the ease/comfort of visiting that place. Having a Savings account in the same bank would make it effortless as you would only have to transfer the funds.
    If you have missed out on your minimum deposit requirement for the year, you are supposed to pay INR500 (MINM DEP) PLUS INR 50 (PENALTY) for each year you did not contribute to PPF.

    So folks, look up the basic rules on ppf (minimum deposit per month), loan facilities/withdrawal & extension after 15 years…etc…

  352. ANIL GUPTA says:


  353. khalid says:

    Good & informative article. Keep it up. I want to open a PPF Account, which one will be better, post office or SBI ?

  354. satish says:

    if we pay 1000 p.m in PPF A/c for 15 Years it becomes 360000 to 375000 so our suggestion if dont have any ppf a/c Please open it.

    Example:- 1000*12=12000*15=180000


  355. pradeep says:

    i am pradeep rai. i wanted to know if i open a PPF account for Rs 70,000. How much will i get after 15 yrs.

  356. Hiren says:

    If a person at the age 55 years, opens a PPF account, would it be mandatory to continue 15 years tenure ?

  357. Mahesh says:

    Hello Sir ,

    If I want to withdraw some money from my PPF account before 7 year , bank will allow to withdraw or not ?
    If yes then how much they deduct from my money ..

  358. Sudhanshu Sharma says:

    Hi Team,

    I am Sudhanshu Sharma. I opened a PPF account in SBI and I deposit some amount in this account through internet banking.
    Please suggest me what proof i get from bank to shows for IT deduction before creating Form 16 for this year.

  359. Ravinder says:

    I opened a PPF a/c in SBi 3 years back and at the time of opening i deposit Rs.500/- in account. After that i didnt deposit any amount. Pls suggest whether i need to pay any panelty and my account is still active. As per PPF rules, we should deposit at least Rs. 500/- . pls suggest

  360. ajitabh srivastava says:

    sir, i am 26yr old ,i want have RS 1crore at my retirement age .please tell how much amount i have to invest monthly in ppf .my expected age would be 55yr.

  361. kush gupta says:

    upto how much at one time can i invest in PPF ? i sold a property & can i invest that amount into PPF or whether it will be taxable on the interest earned

  362. karthika says:

    I Have opened a PPF Account in SBI.
    Monthly i will pay Rs.1000 /- for 15 years..

    I want to know who much amount will i get after 15 years.

    Please explain me…

  363. Sunil Kumar Tiwari says:

    I Have opened a PF Account in Union Bank of india.
    Monthly i will pay Rs.500 /- for 15 years..

    I want to know who much amount will i get after 15 years.

    Please explain me…

    Thanks & Regards

    Sunil Kumar Tiwari

  364. Sachin says:

    Dear sir,

    My father opened a PPF account for me when I was minor (below 18), 11 years back. Now I am 27 and have my own child. Now if I open a PPF for my own child. Can we put 70000 each in each account?


  365. Amit Agarwal says:

    I am also intrested in PF please let me how to invest in PF

  366. Dinesh Jawrani says:

    Dear Sir,
    maine ek PPF a/c 1998 me apne son ke nam se khaola hai jab uski age 1 year thi. Jis name se maine PPF a/c khola tha, but school admition ke time uska name change kar diya tha. ab kya PPF a/c me name change kiya ja sakta hai.

  367. Bosco Patil says:

    I have PPF account but i want to open this account for my son also but he is right now 5 months, is this possible for my child?

  368. Gopi Krishna says:

    I Have opened a PF Account in Post Office.
    Monthly i will pay Rs.1000 /- for 15 years..

    I want to know who much amount will i get after 15 years.

    Please explain me…

  369. srinivasarao says:

    dear sir
    please tell me what will be the ideal date in the year of deposit the money to gain maximum rate of interest.

  370. admin says:

    You can open three account one for yourself, one for wife and one for your child and you all can invest up to 70000/- in one account.

    Here I would like to mention that one Individual can have only one account and minor is a separate individual despite the fact that his income get clubbed with his parents.

  371. Binay says:

    admin says:
    November 1, 2010 at 1:02 pm
    Yes you can invest up to 1.40

    Dixit says:
    November 1, 2010 at 10:06 pm
    70000 in each PPF accountof self and child is a violation of the PPF principle of investing more than 70000 by an individual (My thoughts).

    I will be very glam if I am wrong here.

    As long as child is account is linked to self account the combined limit is Rs. 70,000.00. But if self account is separate and child account is linked to wife account then the limit will be Rs. 70,000.00 for self and Rs. 70,000.00 for wife and child together. So, for all three limit will be Rs. 140,000.00


    Dear Sir,
    I will definately open a PPF Account instead of RD.Good Information is posted. Keep it up.Regards.

  373. Chakravarthy says:

    Hi ,

    I am paying money for PPF account of my wife. Can i claim IT expemption for that under section 80C ?

  374. Sam says:


    I had opened PPF account with SBI in 1998. I opend it myself (not through agent) and deposited 1000 Rs in it.
    Then in 1999, a PPF agent contacted me and told me that if I open PPF account (through him) then every year he will give me 0.5 % of the amout deposited. I told him about existing account, then he told me that its not problem. He adviced me not to deposit anything in that account so as to make it disabled (or dormanant).
    So finally I opened account as per his advice. I am depositing regularly Rs 70000 in it and I am not depositing anything in the earlier account (which I had opened myself).
    Now I am reading on site that the second account will not get interest.
    What will happen in this case? will I get deposited money along with interest? or will I get only deposited money?

    Please let me know.


  375. Pinakeen says:

    dear sir
    please tell me what will be the ideal date of cheque reliesation date to gain maximum rate of interest

  376. Dixit says:

    70000 in each PPF accountof self and child is a violation of the PPF principle of investing more than 70000 by an individual (My thoughts).

    I will be very glam if I am wrong here.

  377. admin says:

    Yes you can invest up to 1.40

  378. ganesh says:

    dear sir,
    i have 2 ppf a/c one for me and one fo my son. can i invest 70000 rs in both a/cmeans 140000 in one year.

  379. maitri says:

    I Have opened a PF Account in Post Office.
    Monthly i will pay Rs.1000 /- for 15 years..

    I want to know who much amount will i get after 15 years.

    Please explain me…

  380. sanjay paragi says:

    Kindly tell me that how much amount i can withdraw after how many years of opening of account?

  381. RK AGRAWAL says:

    I opened a PPF account on dt. 27.03.1991 and after 15 years I extended the period for next 5 years which will be complete on dt. 27.03.2011.My account is now active. Can I extend the period for next 5 years again.

  382. Jay Rengarajan says:

    I opened a PPF account for myself with a nominee during the year 1996. It’ll soon reach its maturity period of 15 Years. Currently I’m NRI and becoming US citizen.

    Should my nominee can withdraw the matured amount who is living in India.


  383. MALLESWARARAO says:

    i want form st-3. in excel format

  384. vitthal bhosale says:

    Please give me the details about NSC Scheme. if I am investing rs. 500 per month in this scheme then what will be the maturity amount of my nsc certificate after 6 years. my cell no. is 9272838707. let me know about the calculation of interest in this scheme.

  385. R.K.TEWARI says:

    I Had opened the PPF ac in head post office 6 years back ,i did not deposit the minimum required Rs 500 /= per year, but deposited Rs in breaks is there any penalty for making this as continuation, I like to continue as per the norms , please advise

  386. Anil P Sharma says:

    I Had opened the PPF ac in head post office 6 years back ,i did not deposit the minimum required Rs 500 /= per year, but deposited Rs in breaks is there any penalty for making this as continuation, I like to continue as per the norms , please advise

  387. sumanta sarkar says:

    i have two ppf account one favouring myself another favouring my minor daughter,sbi official does not accept 70000/-on each of the account telling me maximum cealing is 70000/-for my account and my daughter account.kindly furnish me circular in this regard.

  388. Deepak says:

    Please clear my doubt’s, I want’s to invest 50,000/- one time for tax benefit:

    1.There is any entry and exit load in PPF.

    2.It’s the regular or one time investment.

    3.Correct Look-in-Period i.e. 5 or 6 Yrs.

    4.Withdrawal condition: A)Can I Withdrawal full amount upon completion of look-in-period. If no,then when it is eligible.

    5.Current rate of interest.

    Awaiting your early response.


  389. Deepak Jain says:

    I wants to invest in PPF for taxation purpose this FY.
    Kindly confirm,can I invest in as one time.

  390. Dr.P.M.Moothadath says:

    kindly inform me as and when this question of PPF INTEREST HIKE IS FINALLY SETTLED

  391. dattatreyahg says:

    This is regarding PPF(posted above by R L Garg on 7th sept 2010 at 9:34 am).this is an important question that needs to be answered by an authentic agency in clear and unambiguious terms quoting the correct rules(with latest amendment,if any).Right now,there are doubts and differing opinions even among SBI staff,as far as renewing the same ppf a/c after 15+5 years for a furher period of 5 years ,and 5 years, and so on for ever(with all the benefits assosiated with the original a/c). The very fact that exactly the same question has been raised by more than one person appears to suggest that there are geuine doubts. It is not a happy situation to be in perpetual doubt, because it has implication of tax free interest/withdrawal and also Section 80C beneft.To be told later,that all those benefits are not applicble to you from the date the a/c completed 15+5 years can create difficult situations. Tax guru may please disseminate the right advice from the authentic person/agency at the earliest in the true spirit of social service for which tax guru is known,by now

  392. dattatreyahg says:

    this is regarding

  393. SCHENCK says:

    Dear Sir,
    as rate of PPF interest is hike by 1% w.e.f sept. and the 1% is taxable as per it rules. as per present rule the rate of interest in IT Rules is 8% . on the other places it has mentioned entire inteest from PPF is exempt from the tax.
    as per new interest rate, who will be liable to pay tax? is Tax has been deducted at sources?if yes, then if someone has come the high tax bracket the diffrence betwwen the TDS deducted and the rate after incuding interest of PPF arise , when it has been paid because interest amount has been credited by the respective institution at the end of the year.
    pls clarify the matter.



  394. Kamal Gupta says:

    Dear Sir
    My PPF account matured in 2005 and I extended it for 5 years.maturing in 2010. I didn’t make any deposit during these years.If I draw the amount in 2011, will I get the interest for one more year?

  395. kanthkumar says:

    I have opend PPF account in wife name whether it is elegibel for tax exemption for me. Pl clarify.

  396. Mallikarjuna says:

    Hi Jitin,

    I just read that it is allowed to make an investment of more than Rs.70000/- in PPF account, but those should not be in the same name. The best thing you can do is mail SBI Ombudsperson. They will come back, if they don’t then contact Ombudsperson from RBI directly.


  397. R.K.TEWARI says:

    Dear Sir,

    Dear Sir, I have open a PPF account in SBI in my own name and depsit 70000/- in 2007-08. Rs 500/- in 2008-09.
    In 2009-10 I have not deposit any amount. Now my account is continew or not. i.e. Is it compulsury to deposit some money in PPF A/C in every finencial year?
    Thanking you R.K.Tewari

  398. jagjit singh says:

    Dear Sir.
    I retired from PSU & having PPF in SBI. Please clarify
    1. whether the amount recd. on Maturity will be Taxable or Tax Free.

    2.If I withdraw some permissible amount after 7 years & in subsequent years,will that be Taxable / or tax free.
    Thanking You .
    Jagjit Singh.

  399. jagjit singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    1. I retired from PSU & having a PPF a/c in state bank of India.Please clarify, the amount which i receive on maturity will be Tax free or Taxable.

    2.If I withdraw some amount after 7 years, & thereafter every year, will it be tax free or taxable.

    Thanking u.

  400. Dattaram says:

    Dear Sir,

    Dear Sir, I have One PPF account in SBI in my own name & I want to open another account in the name of my 5 year old ( minor ) son. Is it allowed ? & I am already deposited full Rs. 70,000/- in my account ( FY2010-11).
    Can I deposit additional money in my sons account, around Rs.10 or 20 thousand ?

    Please Reply, Thanking you in Adavance !

  401. R Garg says:


    1) I opened my ppf a/c with SBI on Aug,1995. Can I take maturity value right now.

    2) What is the best option i.e To close this A/C and Open New-One or Extend it. (If I open New A/C is there any change in New Direct Tax Code Draft regarding rebates and tax free maturity value)

    3) If I extend it for furthur 5 yrs, am I eligible to get all tax concessions u/s 80C for these all extended 5 yrs and tax free intt. & Tax free Maturity value after 5yrs.

    4) How much money I can withdraw every year, & Is this annual withdrawl and Maturity Value after 5 yrs is Tax-Free.

    (Hoping for an early Reply)

  402. rupesh says:

    please tell me will ppf interest rate increase or not ??

  403. rupesh says:

    please tell me will ppf interest rate increase ??

  404. suresh says:

    dear sir,
    i am working in govt.company..i am planning to invest money in such a scheme which will reaps me good returns.i am not intrested in tax relaxation,as my savings already crossed limit. which will be the best option for me in ppf or nsc or post office.

  405. MPJAIN says:


  406. surendra says:

    Dear Sir,
    please tell me on what amount bank give interest on PPF a/c .I think interest will be given on minimum balance between 5th and 30th of each month.is it right?

  407. admin says:

    No. Both are separate schemes and not linked with each other at all. There is no possibility of increase in PPF rate.

  408. admin says:

    No. Its exempt.

  409. admin says:

    Rate of Interest – 8%.
    Maturity will not be taxable

  410. Amit says:

    What is the current intrest rate of PPF account. And will my maturity amount will be taxable if i open an account now? Please reply

  411. s v joglekar says:

    i have been depositing money in my account 4 the last 4 years and now i wish to discontinue the same and withdraw the amount.what is the way to do it?please inform me

  412. Sanjeev Aggarwal says:

    I have a PPF opened in the name of my minor child.Now, since the name of the child has been changed.

    Pl. intimate the procedure for change in name.

  413. m says:


    My father expired 2 months back and my mother will get the PPF dues for my fathers account. Will this income be taxable for my mother?

  414. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    can i submit a fixed amount in six month or i year in ppf account

  415. Amit Jain says:

    Dear Tax Guru,
    Is there any connection between EPF interest rate and PPF interest rate, as the government has increased EPF interest rate to 9.5%, will the PPF interest rate will also go up?
    Pl advise.


  416. Rudresh says:

    I have heard that with direct tax policy coming in the next year, maturity amount of PPF is fully taxable.

    Suppose if I invest 70000 Rs per year, in 15 years my principle investment is 1050000.

    Assume if the maturity amount is 20 lacs.

    What will be the taxable amount on maturity, is it the whole maturity amount of 20 lacs or Interest earned amount of 950000.

    I am not going to avail tax exemption under 80C for the principal investment every year,Since my contributions for New Pension scheme and LIC premium is exceeding 2 lacs per annum.

    Thanks in advance


  417. R.L.GARG says:


  418. Heera Lal says:

    NSC provide Net amount after 6 year as per intrest rate at the time of NSC purchase.(For ex-Rs.10000/- at the rate of 8% will get Rs.16010/- after 6 year). But intrest rate of PPF variable time to time. If at the time of PPF a/c opening intrest rate is 8% and after 1-year increases to 9% then which intrest rate will be applicable? and what amount will get after 15 year?

  419. vinod bansal says:

    On 31/03/2011 my PPF A/C
    IS DUE after 20 (15+5) years. Can i extend it for further 5 years with same benefits.
    Thanking you

  420. No in both the circumstances.

  421. manoj arora says:

    can a huf open account. if not can membar of huf open account on huf behalf

  422. Ishwardas says:

    Sir, I and my wife both are employee & both have PPF A/C. I want to know that, If my wife deposite Rs.70000/- in my ppf A/C ONLY FOR THIS YEAR, can she get tax exempt ONLY FOR THIS YEAR.

  423. Jayesh says:

    Dear Tax Guru,

    First of all thanks for such a detailed and updated information about the PPF.
    My question is if I am depositing 70000 INR every year in month of April for continous 15 years then my principle investment would be around 10.5 Lacs INR.

    Can you give rough idea about the amount i will get back after the maturity of my account after 15 years.


  424. Rishiraj Nanda says:

    Sir I contribute Rs:16000/- a year towards Contributory Provident Fund in the Company where I work. If I want to contribute to PPF what will be the amount? Will it be Rs:70000/- per year or Rs;54000/- per year (ie) after deduction of CPF for eligibility under 80C.Please give your valuable advise.

  425. JayKayEss says:

    I am facing the same problem as Jiten Rai. I already have three PPF accounts in SBI. one is in my own name, and the other two are in the name of my minor daughters, with me as the guardian.

    The SBI officials refuse to accept deposits totalling more than Rs.70,000 (combined) in all the three accounts.

    I am more interested in the interest earning, and not so much interested in sec.80C exemption.

    Can you please provide any ruling, PPF act section number, or something like that which I can show or quote to the SBI officials, so that they will accept separate depsoits of Rs.70,000 each PER ACCOUNT?

    If this is indeed permitted under law, I intend to take it up seriously, and I am prepared to fight it out through consumer forums and/or banking ombudsman to make the SBI officials accept the deposit and pay the interest thereon.

    Your earliest help and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  426. suresh says:

    i wantTDS in excel table format.

  427. Sathyanarayana D says:

    I have opened 2 ppf accounts on my children individually when they were minor. They have become major now. There are still a couple of years before the ppf matures. Pl clarify if I can still claim income tax benefit when i contribute to the children accounts.

  428. somnath chatterjee says:

    i had continued ppf account for 15 years. then extended it for further 5 years.
    Then i did not make any deposits for 5 years
    CAN I continue this account ?
    if the deposits of rs. 500/yr and penalty for each year is paid can this ppf a/c be continued ?
    please let me know the correct position

  429. Prabhu says:

    The duration investment of PPF is 15years. Can i close and withdraw the amount in the interim say at 5 yrs or before 5 5 yrs ? Is that option available.

  430. Kalpesh Bhandarkar says:

    I want to close my PPF account of SBI, Ojhar, Nasik

  431. MUKESH says:

    Pl. advise the procedure to extend the period from 15 years to 20 years.

    Can we draw the amount from 15years to 20 th year, if yes, to what extent.

    Please advise.



  432. MUKESH says:

    Dear Sir,

    I opened my PPF a/c in 1993 ith a brach of SBI and got shifted to another location of SBI in 2004 . In 2008 , 15 yrs compled and I requested for the formalities to be done for extension of 5 years.

    SBI officials are confused, sometime they say it is automatic or these is no need for a written request or form to be filled.

    I am continuously depositing my contribution, whether this amount is earning normal interst otr what should I do to regularise.

    Kindly advise.



  433. Karthik Pai Kasturi says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a final year Bcom Student. My lecturer says that in the Meharotra text book it is given that we can invest more than 70000 in ppf a/c in a year but we will get interest for 70000 only. It also states that the excess amount over and above 70000 is also subject to deduction u/s 80C upto 100000. Please comment on this issue. Thank you.

  434. benefit is available only in the year of investment

  435. mukesh says:

    want to know that once deposited 70,000 in a current finan. year the tax benefit would be applicable for next 15years or u have to make a fresh investment further of 70,000 to take the benifiet year.

  436. Anon says:

    Please can you respond to this query of Jatin Rai of 15th June 2010. Very interesting question and will clarify many doubts: – As I came to know through SBI officials, maximum amount of Rs. 70000/- can be deposited in a PPF account combined together with accounts opened in the name of minors. For Example if I have opened the a/c of two minor daughters and have three PPF accounts ( one in my name and two in the name of minors ) …I can deposit only Rs. 70000/- combined in above three accounts and not Rs. 70000/- in each account. Is it true or not as per current PPF rules? If it’s not true then is PPF accounts of my daughters will earn the interest or not? Last week the SBI officials was denying to open the minor ppf a/c by giving refernce of year 2005 notification, but i opened the ppf account of my elder daughter in july 2009, so i gave them this reference and forcibely opened the ppf a/c of my second daughter. Plz advise for the same.

  437. rinkita agrawal says:

    Respected sir,
    I want to know that in which year intrest on NSC is taxable. weather it is taxable in the year of accrual or in the year of reciept.
    please reply soon.

  438. Mahendra says:

    In the information it was written that we cannot withdraw the money before 15 years and on the contrary at one place it was written that we can withdraw 50% amount after 7 years. Please clarify whether after 7 years 50% amount can be withdrawn or not ?

  439. Milind Shah says:


    We had a PF account. We have not paid min amount for last 2 years and please can you advise if I pay the amount tomorrow, will I get interest for the last 2 years on the actual principal amount

  440. Savita says:

    Hi We have PPF accounts in name of- Myself , My husband and our two minor kids. Can we open PPF account in name of our HUF which is being separately taxed. Thank You . Savita

  441. Kalpesh Shah says:

    Query :- my father have ppf huf account. he is Karta & he only operated this. before 6 month he is expired & in this march his account is matured. what is the procidure?
    How can i claim?
    what i have to change a karta first?
    Pls. guide me.
    Pls. help me as soon as possible
    THanks & regards

  442. Mukesh says:


    I have one PPF account on my name & one on my wife’s name… & i am depositing 70,000 each in both the accounts p.a
    Can i open 1 account for my son & daughter seperately making my wife as guardian & deposit 70000 additional in their account every year.

    what shall be the tax implications for that year & at maturity


  443. You can deposit 70000/- individually in each account.

  444. Mukesh Mittal says:

    It has came to know that maximum amount of Rs. 70000/- can be deposited in a PPF account combined together with accounts opened in the name of minors. For Example if I have opened the a/c of two minors and have three PPF accounts ( one in my name and two in the name of minors ) … Can I deposit only Rs. 70000/- combined in above three accounts or deposit 70000/- individually in each account. Plz advise for the same.
    Mukesh Mittal

  445. Harsh says:

    The rate of interest will be same for 15 years once we opened the ppf account.

  446. SONA says:

    I have one query regarding investment in PPF.

    Like i would like to invest full 70000 per year but in 12 installments.Now suppose in first two months i am giving 500 for next months i am giving 2000 and rest of the months giving rest of the amount.Is it possible to invest like this in PPF .Plz throw some light on this.

  447. Satish says:

    I have following doubts on PPF: I appreciate your response to this:
    1. whether simple Interest for PPF will be calculated monthly apart from compounded annually
    2. Is it wise to invest annually lumpsum or monthly
    3. More will be accumulated when we invest max 70,000 in first year and there on 60, 50, 40 for subsequent years, when compared to reverse scenario like 40 K in first year and increase to 70 k for subsequent years.
    4. If interest calculated annually during March then is it good to invest only during that month of year or do you suggest monthly

    Please clarify these points, Thanks in advance

  448. Jiten Rai says:

    As I came to know through SBI officials, maximum amount of Rs. 70000/- can be deposited in a PPF account combined together with accounts opened in the name of minors. For Example if I have opened the a/c of two minor daughters and have three PPF accounts ( one in my name and two in the name of minors ) …I can deposit only Rs. 70000/- combined in above three accounts and not Rs. 70000/- in each account. Is it true or not as per current PPF rules? If it’s not true then is PPF accounts of my daughters will earn the interest or not? Last week the SBI officials was denying to open the minor ppf a/c by giving refernce of year 2005 notification, but i opened the ppf account of my elder daughter in july 2009, so i gave them this reference and forcibely opened the ppf a/c of my second daughter. Plz advise for the same.

  449. If you open an account for Minor that account will not be considered as account in your individual name.

  450. Bhaswar says:

    I have a query. The Act clearly states that an individual can open an account in his name OR on the name of a minor for whom he is a minor. But the above article says that an andiviual can open for himself and also for his minor child and invest 70,000 per year in each account. So I am a little confused.
    Also the PPF account opening form of SBI has a declaration section where it is to be declared that “I do not have any other account in my individual name”. Can someone please clarify.

  451. Col MNG Kumar ( Retd) says:

    I had read in one of issues of ‘Business Line’ (Aril,2010) that there is a ruling of the Hon’ble Karnataka High Court that the upper limit of annual PPF currently @ Rs 70 K should be enhanced to Rs 1 Lakh so as to bring the former on par with the amount under 80C qualifying for full exemption. If so, why has it ( enhancement of the PPF ceiling) not been effected ? Enlighten please.

  452. Dhanjai says:

    Is there any one can tell me how I can close my PPF account it is 3yrs old. Actually I need money very urgently

  453. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Full amount will be exempt.

  454. Ankit garg says:

    I would like to know if the Account of minor has been opened in the FY2011, and the sum of Rs.70000 is deposited each year then the amount received on maturity will be taxable??
    If yes then to what extent, i.e, complete amount or just the interest earned during the 15 years period??

    looking forward for ur reply…

  455. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    In My opinion you can deposit 70000/- in each account and there is no violation of PPF act.

  456. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Yes You can.

  457. atish dassgupta says:

    Can I deposit Rs 70000 in one month in a financial year to my PPF account instead of 12 monthly deposit.

  458. DINESH KUMAR says:


  459. DINESH KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    As I understand, maximum amount of Rs. 70000/- can be deposited in a PPF account combined together with accounts opened in the name of minors. For Example if I have two minor sons and have three PPF accounts ( one in my name and two in the name of minors ) …I can deposit only Rs. 70000/- in above three accounts and not Rs. 70000/- in each account. This factor has been clearly mentioned in Nabhi’s Mini Tax RR . Please give your suggestions if any.

  460. anjali says:

    As my salary does not fall under the tax bracket, i have not taken PAN CARD. With out a pan card can we open a PPF a.c. Some people say that with some FORM 16 0R 60B we can open the A/c. Please throw some light on this information.

  461. Heerachand Jain says:

    My PPF A/c has completed 20 Years on 31.3.2010. I want to close account on 15.5.2010. Will I be entiled to interest from 1.4.2010 to 15.5.2010?

    Please reply as my Bank says that no interest will be given after 31.3.2010.

    Heerachand Jain

  462. Harnesh Modi says:

    Is it true that Investment in PPF account is highly safe investment. Particularly is it that No court in India can attach accumulated balance in PPF account of a person who is declared insolvent by any court.?

    Kindly reply.


  463. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Yes you can open in your daughter name too and can claim benefit u/s. 80C

  464. Vimal Kumar says:

    I already have an PPF account with SBI and would like to open one account for my daughter who is just 1yr old. Please let me know is it possible to open an account on the name of minor whereas i have an account on my name? and can I get tax banefit if it is possible?

    Vimal Kumar

  465. Vimal Kumar says:

    I already have an PPF account with SBI and would like to open one account for my daughter who is just 1yr old. Please let me know is it possible to open an account on the name of minor whereas i have an account on my name? and can I get tax banefit if it is possible?

    Vimal Kumar

  466. NEELAM says:


  467. M Pillai says:

    Dear Sir

    Please clarify, wheather 80 C benefit is available on Extended PPF A/c (i.e for the 5 years after expiry of 15 years )on both principal & Interest

  468. Shrikant K says:

    If i invest Rs.50,000/- p.a., can i get monthly amount after 15 years??? & how much?????

  469. raju says:

    How to open a ppf account for my minor kid ? She does not have a pan card.

  470. RAJESHADAGLE says:

    what will be the interest paid by the bank if the deposited amount in the ppf account for 1 year is Rs.50000

  471. Anil Kumar Bhuwania says:

    I hold a PPF A/C with SBI,Ultga,
    Kolkata.I havebeen deposited a sum of rs 70000/-for subscription
    relates to F.Y-2009-10 With SBI
    Rashbehari Br, Kolkata on the morning of 27th March,2010.The same cheque hasbeen cleared from my bank on 3/04/2010 & got thr receipt from the Bank in the date of 05/04/2010.Bank hasnot menttioned the tender date.Can I claim the deduction U/S 80C for the A.y-2010-11 & could I deposit the subscription for the F.Y-2010-11.Kindly advice me.

  472. Vishal Parakh says:

    I hold a PPF account with SBI. Last year, I have transferred my account from Post office to SBI. Till August 2009, the account was in the post office and there after it was requested to be transferred. The account creation and amount transfer was done on 23rd Nov. 2009 in SBI branch. Now when I look at the interest paid to me for Financial Year 2009-10, it is paid only for December 2009 Onwards. I have not been paid any interest for the period before that (from April 2009 to November 2009). Whom should I approach for this problem. Please help me on this.

  473. Nilesh S. Kamthe says:

    My father was invested Rs. 10000 in PPf accunt in march 1991. But after he was not operated that account for single time. Due to this reason how much charge bank will offerd & how he can widraw that amount.

  474. Kumar says:


    I’ve just now made investment of 70000. It is 1st April 2010 today. Will i get the interest for this year or not or did i invest it too early?


  475. SK. MAKSUD says:

    Interest from PPF is exempted. If same income come in HUF file then it is exempted or taxable?

  476. V P Kulkarni says:

    I had a PPF a/c. After 15 years I renewed it for furthur five years. This extended period is also expiring.I do not want to renew furthur. I also do not wish to close a/c and get the acrued balance. Is it possible to keep the a/c without depositing any amount after expiry of extended period. Can i withdraw the amount as and when required by me and will I continue to get interest till I withdraw complete amount and close the a/c.

  477. Vikas Sharma says:

    Reply for Jigna:

    Jigna u can withdraw after 6th year from ur date of starting the investment.. Withdrawal amount wil be approx 1,68,000/-

  478. Vikas Sharma says:

    Reply for Ashok b Waghmare..

    If u invest 50,000/- every year for a period of 15 years.. than ur accumulated balance will be Rs. 14,66,212/- after 15 years..
    main conditions for it is dat u invest 50,000/- between 1st & 5th of April of each year…

    Hope ur doubt is cleared!!

  479. Ashok b Waghmare says:

    If i invest 50,000 for 15yrs,
    how much returns i will get back.

  480. Jigna says:

    i have my ppf a/c opened in march 2008,i deposit 70k every year.When can i make first withdrawal & how much ?

  481. Aditya says:

    Thanks for ur reply
    In case I do not withdraw the amt on 17/11/2010 on maturity ,will i continue to get 8% interest thereafter and secondly will the new tax code affect my dicision adversally

  482. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    It will mature on 16/11/2010, so you can withdraw on or after 17/11/2010

  483. Aditya says:

    I have opened my PPF ac on 17/11/1995 when is it getting matured for total withdrawal

  484. Vinit Parekh says:

    My father in law as opened HUF PPF account with SBI dated 10/04/1996. He expired in 1998. Now we contacted branch where our account is there, but the branch has misplaced the form which was filled during the time of opening this account and also on the front page of passbook they have mentioned “RECEASED account”.
    Now my query is that, who is entitled to get this money. Yaah i have my brother in law who is also adult. Also which are documents to be submitted??? Unfortunately we don;t have DEED for the same.

  485. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:


  486. mathi says:

    I opened my PPF account with SBI on 24/11/1995. What is the maturity date? Is it 24/11/2010 or 31/03/2011? Kindly clarify.

  487. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Yes you can and can also deposit up to 70000 a year in each account.

  488. Anurag says:

    Thanks for providing great information.
    Saw the website just today, SUPERB
    thanks on behalf of all the readers.
    Me and my wife already have two separate ppf accounts.

    I have a daughter 4yrs and son 4 months.
    Can we open two more PPF accounts one for son and one for daughter.

  489. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    She can open in other branch and also in the same branch too.

  490. Abhijit says:

    I have one ppf account on my name and nominee as my wife.Can my wife open another ppf account in another SBI branch and can i be nominee there?

  491. Prutha says:

    Can I invest in PPF if my gross taxable income is lower than basic exemption limit? Can I invest an amount in excess of my GTI? I don’t necessarily wish to get S. 80C benefit.

  492. b.n. venkataramu says:

    ppf account is very fine the concerend authroity can intriduce the risk factor scheme in this if subscriber dies in the middle of tenure his dependent should be compnesated with lump sum amount to them and they can fix slabs according to that dependants interest other than tax benefit is protected

  493. A.Ramaswamy says:

    I am 62 years old. Is it possible to open a PPF account in my name?
    Am I to hold it for 15 years?
    Is a short duration option available?

  494. K.R.Venkataraman says:

    I have a doubt regarding the calculation of inerest in PPF.Will the interest for the current year be calculated on the amount deposited in March of the same year PLUS the balance as on 31st March of the previous year or the interest is calculated only on the balance as on 31st March of the previous year irrespective of the amount deposited in the current year.

  495. Rit12 says:

    Should PPF be withdrawn by the nominee after death of account holder or can it be retaind without making any further contributions?


    I wanted to know if a PPF amount should be withdrawn by the nominee after the demise of the PPF account holder?

    My father has been maintaining the account for 12yrs now. After his demise, should my mother who is the nominee, withdraw it immediately or can she retain the same if she wants to, even without making any further contributions?

    If she wants to retain it till maturity then is the amount in the PPF account still be eligible to earn interest on it, from now unto maturity, or if we decide to retain the account (with no deposits made in the account in future) we will not get any interest on the money in the account?

    Please guide us what is the best solution; since there no immediate financial need, would it be wise to retain the PPF account, with making any contributions to it (given that it has a good rate of interest and it is tax-free) or withdraw immediately, as that money will not attract any interest on it from here on?

    Thanks & Rgds,

  496. Mrunal Shah says:

    Hi , in any of the scheme of 80 c , who can pay for whom? ( ie. husband can pay for wife ? , wife can pay for husband ? , son can pay for father or mother ? , grandmom can pay for grandson ?)

  497. Kartik says:

    How can a minor create his income, and in what ways can that be invested.

  498. vinod says:

    My wife has one PPF account and i maintain it regularly. could i take a benifit of that in income tax saving?

  499. Amit says:

    One Query: every year equal amount need to deposit or can it be variable amount?

  500. Dinesh Aggarwal says:

    Great Job ! Firstly for providing this information, then for keeping in touch, constantly replying the queries.

    Saw the website just today, could not resist confessing, this impressed me a lot.

    thanks on behalf of all the readers.

  501. swapna says:

    I have a ppf account with SBI. I generally deposit money during jan-feb period. This year, i am yet to do it, as have other investments for tax proofs. Is there any last date for depositing the money into the ppf ? Or I can do it any time this month or next ?

  502. cvc says:

    Pls reply….I am an NRI , my son is 1.5 years of age, can i open ppf account on my sons name?
    my mother is 64 and pension holder, can she open an account and nominate my son, What happens when the account holder deceases say after 10-12 years of account opening can the nominated one continue the account?

  503. jk says:

    I would like to know can we used PPF a/c. as a security for mortgage and other purposes.

  504. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Deposit will be eligible for deduction under section 80C.

    You can further extend your PPF account by 5 years by applying for the same to your bank where you are having account.

  505. M S Murty says:

    I have a PPF account opened in March 1996 and 15 years will be copleted by March 2011.If I deposit Rs.70,000 now will it be eligible for tax benefit? And what will be the position of deposits (assuming that the scheme rules continue to be the same )in the year 2010-11?

  506. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Yes. Only thing is they should pay from there own bank account.

  507. Manoj kumar says:

    Can husband and wife both get tax benefit, for their Individual PPF a/c’s

  508. Sagar Doshi says:

    I have just heard that the following changes are about to come soon to PPF :
    1. The withdrawal will be taxable.
    2. Inbetween withdrawals will not be allowed.
    3. Interest rate may reduce.

    How much of this is true & by when is this likely to be implemented.

  509. cvc says:

    I am an NRI , my son is 1.5 years of age, can i open ppf account on my sons name?
    my mother is 64 and pension holder, can she open an account and nominate my son, What happens when the account holder deceases say after 10-12 years of account opening can the nominated one continue the account?

  510. Bhushan says:

    I am reading all this, and i wanted to open ppf account because it is necessary

  511. VIVEK VERMA says:

    I have a PPF account in your sbi bank from 2006.So,kindly reply my status account PPF on my e-mail account.


    vivek verma
    PPF ACCOUNT:30092933286

  512. Akshay Bansal says:


    I have a PPF account in which I have already deposited a sum of Rs. 50,000 and have touched my 1,00,000 limit by making 80C LIC investments.

    Now, I have more money that I would like to invest for growth. Since bank FDs are delivering an interest of ~6.5% (max) these days, I want to invest in NSC and PPF instead.

    1. Can I invest 20,000 or more in PPF? What would be tax implications on the interest accrued?

    2. If further investments attract taxes, can these channels still be used for investment purpose?

  513. Vinoda Iyengar says:

    I have a PPF account opened in the year 1996. I opted for VRS in 2001. The account was regularly updated till then. Thereafter, I discontinued updating. I went to withdraw the eligible amount in the year 2006 and I was paid the same. I visited my bank in the month of December 2009 for another withdrawal, but I was asked to regularize the account with some penalty.

    What was the minimum subscription then? (it was Rs. 100 when I paid in 2001)

    What is the minimum subscription now?

    What was the penalty then? (It was Rs. 50 in 2001)

    What is the penalty now?

    Can I regularize the account with the rates that were applicable in that particular year, or must I make payments as per the current rates?

    Thank you. Please advice.

  514. nrrkumar says:

    ppf can be extended, after completion of first 15 years, to another 5 years and for any no of 5 years period, as per one’s wish.

    there is no need to open a new account after 20 years.

  515. Yes you are right. Now we added the Interest point too in comparison between PPF and NSC. Thanks for bringing our attention to this.

  516. Viral Jain says:

    Aap Interest pe Tax benefit ko compare karna bhool gaye between PPF & NSC !!!!!!!!

  517. Monsy Varghese says:


    I have a PPF Account with SBI for the past 21 years (renewed after 15 years).

    I have the following query:

    1. Can I withdraw some money which is not refundable.

    2. Can I withdrawn again in the next year and the year after that.

    Pls advise.


  518. If you paying PPF on her behalf then you can claim deduction for Payment of PPF u/s 80C

  519. Jigar says:


    My wife has one PPF account and i maintain it regularly. So, can i get tax benifit under this circumstance.

  520. You can get it renewed not for five year from the expiry of 15 years. If you don’t get it renewed mostly they will not pay any interest after the expiry of the account.

  521. For deduction purpose whoever pay the PPF can claim the deduction under section 80C

  522. Father and son both can deposit 70000 in a year in their account.

  523. Ram Bhuvnesh says:

    Rs. 70,000/- limit of deposit in PPF Account is seperate in father’s account and minor’s account under father’s guardianship?
    Rs. 70,000/- can be deposited in each account or Rs. 70,000/- should be deposited totalling both the accounts? Please give reference in the act.

  524. Ram Bhuvnesh says:

    Can guardianship of a minor PPF Account be changed? Say from papa being guardian can mother become guardian of the account?

    Mother contributing to PPF account of minor under guardianship of father will be considered as father’s investment or mother?

  525. Dear Sir,
    The PPF account for 15 yrs has expired almost two and a half years ago and has not been renewed till date.
    1. Will there be a reduction of interest paid to the account holder if the account is closed now?
    2. Is it possible to renew the account now if desired without loss of interest?
    3. If there would be a loss of interest what would be the interest rate?
    Kindly advise.

  526. The PPF account for 15 years expired almost two and a half years back and the same has not been renewed till date.
    1. Will there be a reduction of interest paid to the account holder if the account is closed now?
    2. Is it possible to renew the account now if desired without loss of interest, if there would be a reduction in the interest, what would be rate at which it will be reduced?

  527. Bhavik Davda says:

    If Some one has not deposited the minimum amount of Rs. 500 then what will be the consequences. Kindly throw light on this

  528. MANOJ says:


    I have opened a PPF account on 07-01-10 and deposited 60,000 Rs. How much exact interest I’ll get on 01-04-10. As I know, I should get 4800/- (according to 8%) and my balance on 01-04-10 will be 64800. But I have a doubt regarding calculation of interest rate. Is it calculated month-wise & Pro-rata basis (as calculated with Saving account) or what ever amount is there at the end of the financial year, you will get 8% of that? Please let me know???

  529. alags says:

    Is there any possibilty to withdraw my PPF account even before 5 years from the date of opening it ?

  530. Jitender says:

    I have a PPF account which I’m claiming IT deduction under 80C. I’m also contributing towards my spouse PPF account, she is house wife and does not IT file and does not pay taxes. Can I claim the amount contributed by me towards her PPF in my IT deduction?

  531. To other branch of same bank I myself get done. In may opinion it can be transferred but you can inquire at your bank branch.

  532. Neeraj says:

    Thanks for a good comprehensive information.

    I have a question regarding transfer of PPF account. I am currently located in Bangalore. If I open a account in State Bank of Mysore, and then relocate to a place where there is no branch of state bank of Mysore. Can it be transfered to any other bank as we can have only one PPF account?

  533. amit igatpurikar says:

    Let me know about how much amount is exempted from I.Tax, If I invest Rs. 10,000 in PPF in current F.Y.2009-10.?

  534. Partial withdrawal not allowed. Only after 15Years you can withdraw.

  535. Rao says:

    sir, i have opened ppf a/c in 1999 and till date a/c is paid and alive.Now 10 years completed and opting to close the account in full.
    Is it possible to close the account completely or only partial withdrawal is only allowed.

    pls clarify

  536. Yes. Account will stay active. Deposit this year twice once for last year and once for current year. But bank will levy a small penalty for non deposit in last year.

  537. Prasad says:

    I have a PPF a/c with SBI, however I forgot to deposit min 500/- last year. Is my a/c still active..Please advise of consequences.


  538. Yes you can and deposit up to 70000 in a year.

  539. Jaspreet Singh says:

    I have 1 PPF A/C in my name and another in my son’s name wherein I am the Guardian . Can I open a third account in my daughter’s name wherein I am the Guardian .

    My wife is not working and if she is made the guardian , she wont be able to deposit 70000/- as she has no income of her own .

  540. Vijaykumar says:

    if you have table of PPF’s Principle and interest from 1st year to 15 years. sapose we are 70000/- every year. after 15 years how many amount we will take home?

  541. phani kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    One of our employee’s husband having housing loan on his name and getting IT benefit on it. She is asking that, can they share the premium & interest to show in their a/cs… means now he is paying total amount of principal & interest.. now can they share 40% : 60% or 50%:50% like that… is it possible.. if it is which section…

    i am awaiting your valuable reply..please..

    Phani Kumar.

  542. No. You should not have two account in your name.

  543. Shamkant says:

    I have opend a PPF a/c in post office, can i open another PPF a/c in SBI? please clear the matter….

  544. Yes you will and you can also claim exemption u/s. 80C for PPF paid by you in your Minor sons account subject to maximum limit of Rs. 1,00,000/-

  545. Dheeraj says:


    A plain reading of rule 3 of the scheme suggests that a subscriber can deposit total Rs. 70,000 on behalf of himself or on behalf of minor. Thus, if I deposit Rs. 70000 in my a/c and Rs 70,000 in my minor son’s account, will I get interest in both a/cs

  546. DTC not yet been made applicable so once the act get approved we will come to know about its effect.

  547. R.Subramany says:

    I have a baffling doubt on EET and EEE.
    when I retire in June, 2012, I am eligible to get the CPF amount accumulated over a period of 35 years. My doubt is whether all the accumulated amount plus until 31st march, 2011 will be exempt from tax on the retirement date and only the amount added after from 1st april, 2011 till my retirement date of June 2012 will be taxed under EET/ EEE. OR

    All the accumulated amount until my retirement date i.e., June 2012 will be taxed under EET/EEE?

    Please explain Sir,
    Thanks & Regards,

  548. pradeep dubal says:

    my query

    a ppf a/c in my father”s H U F was opened & operated by my father as KARTA of H U F , 2 years ago my father died, as on today, the PPF A/C has matured.

    The HUF has income and is filing Income Tax Returns seperatly.

    Pl. advise how to claim maturity proceeds of PPF A/c

  549. Yes. Subject to overall limit of 1,00,000/- under section 80C.

  550. Rakesh Kumar says:

    If I open a PPF account in my son’s name who is a minor and keep paying each year’s subscription, Will I be eligible for claiming Tax relief for this PPF account ?

  551. No It cant be extended. You have open a new account after expiry of 20 years.

  552. R.K.Lall says:

    Sir, My querry Dt 17 Sep 09 above has not been replied yet.Also please let me know upto what time I can get my PPF account extended for another period of 5 years,as 20 years have already been lapsed.

  553. Bank or post office which whom you have account will not accept more then 70000/- in a year in one account as neither they are allowed to accept more then 70000 and nor we are allowed to deposit more then 70000/- in a year in one account.

  554. Alok Kumar says:

    What happens if you put more than Rs 70000 in a year? First are we allowed to put more than 70000. If yes, while upto 70000 can be considered for 80C purpose, what happens to above above 70000? Will it earn interest?

    And what happens after the account reaches maturity? Will it continue to earn interest?

  555. Rs. 70000/- Limit is per account. So you can deposit 70000/- in each account.

  556. M Padua says:

    Does the Rs 70000 limit for PPF accounts include self as well as minors account, or can I deposit Rs 70000 each in self and my two minor sons accounts ?

  557. R K Lall says:

    I opened PPF account in Sept 89 and extended it for 5 years which is now due.Can i extend it for a further period of 5 years.If so how much can I draw during this extended period if the need be.
    What will be the implications of the new tax code on principal and interest after 31.03 2011.Please suggest.

  558. Rate of Interest in PPF is 8% and currently maturity amount including Interest is tax free.

  559. Anil Maurya says:

    suppose if i deposit Rs. 70000/- per year in my ppf account, then how much amount, i can get after the maturity and will it be tax free?

  560. No you can deposit maximum 70000 in one account in a year.

  561. Mandar says:


  562. Dr.srinivas says:

    I did not get the answer for my question on the applicable interest rate for ppf accts which are closed after one of 5 years ,after the initial 15 year period.
    Again,what is use in continuing the ppf acct after the first 15 year period is over, when- after the new tax code comes in to directly at the 10% rate rather than extending and contributing to the PPF acc- whic also attracts tax at the same 10% rate for both the principal as well interst accrued?Again,it will be a commitment to continue for 5 long years during which I see there are restrictions to withdraw or take loan from the extended ppf acct?If ubconditional withdrawal is possible,then it is a good scheme to continue,enabling one to close any time during this 5 year extended period without losing the interest rate.If this facility exists in ppf rules atleast for senior citizens,it ia good scheme to extend and continue contributing till the need from the rules..That was my question.Pl give your expert view on this opinion too.Thanks-srinivas

  563. PPF-EXPERT says:


  564. Dr.srinivas says:

    Can the PPF account be closed after say one year during the extended period of 5 years after the first 15 years? IF yes,will the interest payable to the acct in that broken period of 1 year be same as 8% i.e. the normal ppf rate or will any reduced rate of 3%. Pl clarify

  565. Even in new direct tax code benefit of saving up to 300000 thousand is available so on your new saving you will get tax benefit and interest will be exempt but on maturity the maturity proceeds same may be taxable. You can invest in Bank Fixed Deposits if any bank is giving you more then 9% as after deducting Tax @ 10% assuming you not having more then 10 Lakh Income your rate of Interest will be same as in PPF.

  566. Thank you ,Sundeep.
    MY questiion was -is it desirable for me now to close my ppf acct which has already matured on 1-4-2009 or extend it , for any specific advantage , by the mandatory 5 year period?I feel it may be desirableto close the the matured pp accton 1-9-2009 as it will get me interest up to Aug month of 2009 at the normal 8% p.a.Because of EET status,both fresh investments during the first extension period of 5 years and interst accruable on the ENTIRE BALANCE after 1-4-2011. &.Is ppf acct,I can pay off the 10% tax direcly and save the matured money now from tax.Is it not?
    If you also suggest to me that it is better to close the ppf acct now,as there is no addl benefit after th new tax rule comes in to effect,can you please suggest any alternate saving scheme now available to fetch me decent return and safety.I am a senior the money for my children’s higher education next year around aug 2010..Pl suugestthe approprate action for me with regard to my present ppf acct-in your reply.Thanks very much.-srinivas

  567. 5 Year is maximum if you already get in extended then wait for 5 years. Although account can be closed but it may result in credit of interest at lesser rate. EET scheme cant tax your Interest earned and investment made till 31.03.2011 so not to worry about amount already invested.

  568. Sirs,
    Can the ppf acct be extended for one year only?Extending for 5 long years may not be desirable considering the EET status of PPF from 1-4-2001.Pl clarify.If one wants to close the PPF acct after one yea of the extended 5 year period, if one had already extended the acct for a block of 5 years,as is being insisted by SBI,will there be a reduction of interst paid to the acct in the extended periodor it will continue to be 8% til the month end preceding the month of closure.Will there bethe PPF acct after one year of the extended period.Pl advise in the light of the new tax code just announced Although it is not law yet,but it is and made effective from 1st april 2011.My PPF acct matured on 1st april 2009.Now I am in a dilema whteher to extend it at all after reading the new tax code.i am yet to officially extend it still nor have I yet withdrawn the ppf balane amount.Pl advise which is better.I dont want to pay tax on the maturity ammount after 5 years.I would like to continue the acct otherwise as i can defer receiving the amount if there is no taxation on withdrawal after 1st april 2011 that will be amount also if IT benefit is availed in the year of contribution.Kindly advise now pl.

  569. My dear Tax code is just proposed its not a law yet. Not to worry much as government cant deny us the benefit we are use too.

  570. vivek says:

    The new tax code (proposed) on 12th August 2009 says the tax deduction amt will be increased to 3 lacs. Is it the housing loan int deduction or max saving limit for rebate under Chapter vi? Pls clrfy.

  571. Under section 80C full amount of 100000/- will qualify for exemption in the year of Purchase. in subsequent years accrued interest on NSC will qualify for deduction U/s. 80C but acccrued interest will be taxable too under the head Income from other sources.

  572. Dr.Darwin.L says:

    I would like to know how much is the tax exemption, if I have Rs. 100000’s NSC, kindly throw light on this.

  573. urgent says:



  574. Arpita says:

    I would like to know what is the tax exemption for an amount of Rs. 70,000. Kindly throw light on this.


  575. Subhasish Bhattacharjee says:

    There is no change in PPF, scheme, tax benifit etc. I would like to know if there is any additional tax benifit scheme. What is the maximum tax exemption limit, what is the maximum amount that can be invested in various scheme under different sections.

  576. jayesh parikh says:

    Regarding PPF Scheme I have read in v.k.singhania’s book that one deposit in single account 70000 and 70000 in minor account and also eligible for tax benefit of Rs. 100000/- U/S. 80 C so you are requested to clarify this.

    jayesh parikh

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