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CA Sandeep KanoiArticles deals with deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act and explains who is eligible for deduction, Eligible Investments, Limit for deduction, who can invest for whom and time period for investment. 

Background for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act (India) / What are eligible investments for Section 80C:

Section 80C replaces the Section 88 with more or less same investment mix available in Section 88.  The new section 80C has become effective w.e.f. 1st April, 2006.  Even the section 80CCC on pension scheme contributions was merged with the above Section 80C.  However, this new section has allowed a major change in the method of providing the tax benefit.  Section 80C of the Income Tax Act allows certain investments and expenditure to be tax-exempt.  One must plan investments well and spread it out across the various instruments specified under this section to avail maximum tax benefit. Unlike Section 88, there are no sub-limits and is irrespective of how much you earn and under which tax bracket you fall.

The Maximum limit of deduction under section 80C is Rs 1.50 lakh from Financial year 2014-15 / Assessment Year 2015-16. Before FY 2014-15 the limit was Rs. 1 Lakh. Under this heading many small savings schemes like NSC, PPF and other pension plans. Payment of life insurance premiums and investment in specified government infrastructure bonds are also eligible for deduction under Section 80C.

Most of the Income Tax payee try to save tax by saving under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.  However, it is important to know the Section in toto so that one can make best use of the options available for exemption under income tax Act.   One important point to note here is that one can not only save tax by undertaking the specified investments, but some expenditure which you normally incur can also give you the tax exemptions.

Besides these investments, the payments towards the principal amount of your home loan are also eligible for an income deduction. Education expense of children is increasing by the day. Under this section, there is provision that makes payments towards the education fees for children eligible for an income deduction

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act is the section that deals with these tax breaks. It states that qualifying investments, up to a maximum of Rs. 1.50 Lakh , are deductible from your income. This means that your income gets reduced by this investment amount (up to Rs. 1.50 Lakh), and you end up paying no tax on it at all!

This benefit is available to everyone, irrespective of their income levels. Thus, if you are in the highest tax bracket of 30%, and you invest the full Rs. 1.50 Lakh, you save tax of Rs. 45,000. Isn’t this great? So, let’s understand the qualifying investments first.

Investments Qualifying for deduction under section 80C

Provident Fund (PF) & Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) : PF is automatically deducted from your salary. Both you and your employer contribute to it. While employer’s contribution is exempt from tax, your contribution (i.e., employee’s contribution) is counted towards section 80C investments. You also have the option to contribute additional amounts through voluntary contributions (VPF). Interest is tax-free. Must Read-EPF Act 1952 vis-á-vis Income Tax Act – Tax Treatment of PF Dues 

Public Provident Fund (PPF): Among all the assured returns small saving schemes, Public Provident Fund (PPF) is one of the best. Interest is Compounded Yearly and the normal maturity period is 15 years. Minimum amount of contribution is Rs 500 and maximum is Rs 1,50,000. A point worth noting is that interest rate is assured but not fixed. Read more- All about PPF and Income tax benefit

Life Insurance Premiums: Any amount that you pay towards life insurance premium for yourself, your spouse or your children can also be included in Section 80C deduction. Please note that life insurance premium paid by you for your parents (father / mother / both) or your in-laws is not eligible for deduction under section 80C. If you are paying premium for more than one insurance policy, all the premiums can be included. It is not necessary to have the insurance policy from Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) – even insurance bought from private players can be considered here.  Read More-Life Insurance Premium- Tax benefit on Payment and Maturity 

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS): There are some mutual fund (MF) schemes specially created for offering you tax savings, and these are called Equity Linked Savings Scheme, or ELSS. The investments that you make in ELSS are eligible for deduction under Sec 80C. Read More-Section 80C – Investment in Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) 

Home Loan Principal Repayment: The Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) that you pay every month to repay your home loan consists of two components – Principal and Interest.The principal component of the EMI qualifies for deduction under Sec 80C. Even the interest component can save you significant income tax – but that would be under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act. Please read “Income Tax (IT) Benefits of a Home Loan / Housing Loan / Mortgage”, which presents a full analysis of how you can save income tax through a home loan.-Income Tax Benefits from House Property and Loan

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges for a home: The amount you pay as stamp duty when you buy a house, and the amount you pay for the registration of the documents of the house can be claimed as deduction under section 80C in the year of purchase of the house.

Sukanya Samriddhi Account : Sukanya Samridhi Account’ can be opened at any time from the birth of a girl child till she attains the age of 10 years, with a minimum deposit of Rs 1000. A maximum of Rs 1.5 lakh can be deposited during the financial year. Interest on this account is fully exempt from tax  in the year of accrual as well as in the year of receipt. Sukanya Samriddhi Account meaning Girl Child Prosperity Scheme is a special deposit scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 22 January 2015 for girl child. The scheme of Sukanya Samriddhi Account came into effect via notification of Ministry of Finance. The notification details are Notification No. G.S.R.863(E) Dated 02.12.2014. Scheme will be governed by ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Account Rules, 2014’.

  • Per girl child only single account is allowed. Parents can open this account for maximum two girl child. In case of twins this facility will be extended to third child
  • Minimum deposit amount for this account is ₹ 1,000/- and maximum is ₹ 1,50,000/- per year
  • Money to be deposited for 14 years in this account.
  • Interest  is calculated on yearly basis ,Yearly compounded.
  • Passbook facility is available with Sukanya Samriddhi account.
  • From FY 2014-15 the interest earned on account will be tax exempted. As per Finance Bill 2015-16.

Read More- Sukanya Samriddhi Account- Tax & Other benefits

National Savings Certificate (NSC) (VIII Issue): 

NSC is a time-tested tax saving instrument with a maturity period of  Five and Ten Years.  Interest is Compounded Half Yearly. While the minimum investment amount is Rs 100, there is no maximum amount. Premature withdrawals are permitted only in specific circumstances such as death of the holder. Investments in NSC are eligible for a deduction of upto Rs 150,000 p.a. under Section 80C. Furthermore, the accrued interest which is deemed to be reinvested qualifies for deduction under Section 80C. However, the interest income is chargeable to tax in the year in which it accrues.

Infrastructure Bonds: These are also popularly called Infra Bonds. These are issued by infrastructure companies, and not the government. The amount that you invest in these bonds can also be included in Sec 80C deductions.

Pension Funds – Section 80CCC: This section – Sec 80CCC – stipulates that an investment in pension funds is eligible for deduction from your income. Section 80CCC investment limit is clubbed with the limit of Section 80C – it means that the total deduction available for 80CCC and 80C is Rs. 1.50 Lakh. This also means that your investment in pension funds upto Rs. 1.50 Lakh can be claimed as deduction u/s 80CCC. However, as mentioned earlier, the total deduction u/s 80C and 80CCC can not exceed Rs. 1.50 Lakh.

5-Yr bank fixed deposits (FDs): Tax-saving fixed deposits (FDs) of scheduled banks with tenure of 5 years are also entitled for section 80C deduction.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme 2004 (SCSS): A recent addition to section 80C list, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) is the most lucrative scheme among all the small savings schemes but is meant only for senior citizens. Interest Senior Citizen Savings Scheme 2004 is payable quarterly instead of compounded quarterly. Thus, unclaimed interest on these deposits won’t earn any further interest. Interest income is chargeable to tax. The account may be opened by an individual,

  1. Who has attained age of 60 years or above on the date of opening of the account.
  2. Who has attained the age 55 years or more but less than 60 years and has retired under a Voluntary Retirement Scheme or a Special Voluntary Retirement Scheme on the date of opening of the account within three months from the date of retirement.
  3. No age limit for the retired personnel of Defence services provided they fulfill other specified conditions.

5-Yr post office time deposit (POTD) scheme: POTDs are similar to bank fixed deposits. Although available for varying time duration like one year, two year, three year and five year, only 5-Yr post-office time deposit (POTD) qualifies for tax saving under section 80C. Interest is compounded quarterly but paid annually. The Interest is entirely taxable.

NABARD rural bonds: There are two types of Bonds issued by NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development): NABARD Rural Bonds and Bhavishya Nirman Bonds (BNB). Out of these two, only NABARD Rural Bonds qualify under section 80C.

Unit linked Insurance Plan : ULIP stands for Unit linked Saving Schemes. ULIPs cover Life insurance with benefits of equity investments.They have attracted the attention of investors and tax-savers not only because they help us save tax but they also perform well to give decent returns in the long-term.

Others: Apart form the major avenues listed above, there are some other things, like children’s education expense (for which you need receipts), that can be claimed as deductions under Section 80C.

So, where should you invest?

Like most other things in personal finance, the answer varies from person to person. But the following can be the broad principles:

Provident Fund: This is deducted compulsorily, and there is no running away from it! So, this has to be the first. Also, apart from saving tax now, it builds a long term, tax-free retirement corpus for you.

Home Loan Principal: If you are paying the EMI for a home loan, this one is automatic too! So, it comes as a close second.

Life Insurance Premiums: Every earning person having dependents should have adequate life insurance coverage. (For more on this, please read “Life after life – Why you should buy Life Insurance”) Therefore, life insurance premium payments are the next.

Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) / Public Provident Fund (PPF): If you think that the PF being deducted from your salary is not enough, you should invest some more in VPF, or in PPF.

Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS): After the above, if you have not reached the limit of Rs. 1,50,000, then you should invest the remaining amount in Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS).

Equities provide the best, inflation-beating return in the long term, and should be a part of everyone’s portfolio. After all, what can be better than something that gives great return and helps save tax at the same time?

When to Invest for 80C deduction?

Many of us start looking for investment avenues only in February or March, just before the Financial Year is getting over. This is a big mistake! One, you would end up investing your money without putting proper thought to it. And secondly, you would end up losing the interest / appreciation for the whole year. Instead, decide where you want to make the investments, and start investing right from the beginning of the financial year – from April. This way, you would not only make informed decisions, but would also earn the interest for the full year from April to March.

(Republished with amendments)

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    I am a central government pensioner. I would like to know the following. If I deposit Rs. 1.50 lakhs under Senior citizen service scheme for a particular year and claim tax exemption under 80C in that year, can I close prematurely after one year by incurring 1.5 percent penalty without loosing the 80C benefit. The doubt is that the scheme has 5 years locking period. Kindly reply.

  3. Tusar Mohanty says:

    Thanks for the information. The article is full of information. What about the declaration of Govt about extra saving of Rs. 50,000/- in case of NPS or Atal Pension Yojana ?

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    Very informative article. This article helps me to find other options to get deduction under section 80C.Thank you for sharing this.

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    Can HUF open and claim benefit U/s 80C of Sukanya Samruddhi Account in the name of member (GIrl)

  6. CA. S.C.Podder says:

    Read carefully / invest properly = that is tax planning
    The above write up is self explanatory ,
    Join in forum for your specific queries .
    Don,t jump to earn extra income in excess of earning with out knowing the details of Specific Bonds / mutual funds etc ( Lucrative monthly earning ) to meet the family expenditure etc. All are risk factors for the market condition .
    Well written details -Tax planing

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    Only my untimely death before the completion of five yrs will be making nominee eligible for that money. I can not take back money deposited in tax saver scheme before five yrs

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    Me and my mother are joint ownerrs in a Flat , we paid for the registration fee and Stamp Duty Rs. 2lakh fifty thousand in September 2016 . The amount was paid by a DD in my mother’s name . Can I claim an exemption of 1 lakh in 80C ?

    Can you please guide me . Your help will be highly appreciated

    • Burhanuddin says:

      If you have purchased the property jointly, the co-owners can claim these expenses in their respective income tax returns based on their share in the property. However, the maximum limit of Rs. 1,50,000 available under section 80C shall apply.

  10. Manish Hinger says:

    I fully agree with these notes, when it comes to tax saving SIP is also one of the best option for tax saving. Just like there are taxes saving government securities, FDs, there are also tax saver mutual funds to cut down your tax bill,
    one of which is ELSS SIP’, i.e., Equity Linked Saving Scheme. However, the according to section 80C, the maximum limit of investment is up to Rs. 1 lakh.

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  17. CA Shubham Parasar says:

    Eligible Premium under Sub-section (3) and (3A) of 80C of Income Tax Act,1961 For regular Life Insurance Policies is 10% of Capital Sum Assured so in you can claim deduction of 30 K only i.e. 10% of 300000.

  18. CA Shubham Parasar says:

    Eligible Premium under Sub-section (3) and (3A) of 80 C of Income Tax Act,1961 For regular Life Insurance Policies is restricted to 10% of capital sum assured. So you can claim 10% of 300000 i.e. 30000 only.

  19. chaitanya says:

    I took a life insurance this year and i am paying a premium of 80K anually and the sum assured is 300000. how much can i claim under 80C

  20. Amit says:

    You could invest additional of 50k under NPS (new pension scheme). This is eligible for deducution under 80 CCD (1B). also any medical insurance premium or health insurance premium can be claimed under 80D.

  21. MANDEEP POONIA says:

    I had claimed full deduction of Rs. 1,50,000/- U/s 80C but I want more deduction of Rs. 25,000/-. Can you please help.

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    Hi taxgurus,
    I need your help to file tax and reduce the amount that i pay to i.t
    Actually i am getting 1200000 rs total salary
    How i will reduce my tax where and how much i invest on tax saving schemes.please help me. I plan to buy some Agri land trough bank loan. Is it help me to reduce tax

    • tarun sharma says:

      You can claim:
      1) 1.5 lacs deductions under section 80 c which include investments like Life insurance,mutual funds,ppf,nsc,etc.
      2) 55000 deductions under section 80 d which is for health insurance.
      3) you can invest 50000 in NPS under section 80ccd 1b
      4) further you can invest 10% of your basic salary in 80ccd2 in nps (1.2 lacs as it is 10% of your basic salary)

      Total = 1.5 lacs (80c) + 55k(80d) + 50k (80ccdb1)
      = 2.55 lacs deductions
      10% of basic salary (1.2 lacs)
      = 3.75 lacs in your case.
      for any queries mail me at

  23. Dhiraj Wala says:

    I have purchased a house in Oct 2016 and have paid Rs. 145000 as Stamp Duty and Registration fee. Can the benefit of deduction for payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee paid for purchase of house be claimed Under Section 80C with overall limit of Rs. 150000?


    Sorry. The author is out of date with interest rates on various schemes.
    Example – Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is 8.50% w.e.f 01 October, 2016

  25. SUDHAKAR says:

    Can i claim tuition fee paid for nephew for full time study in private school?

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  29. chandan says:

    would like to know below that how much is the cap that can be saved
    annually max under 80c tax by elss and for that how much needs to be
    invested annually

    * i fall over 30% tax bracket

    see that for AY 2015-16 the tax calculator shows ELSS tax saving amount
    (80c) is showing a cap of 25000/- max(50% of annual elss investment
    amount 50,000/-)

    this true for current financial year(2015-16) , i.e AY 2016-17 as well
    which means i ( being in 30% bracket) can save by ELSS max upto 25,000
    only with required investment 50,000/- annual(elss) ?

    • Varma alluri says:

      Under section 80C you will be eligible for deductions of up to RS:1,50,000.
      In case you need help reach out to us and our experts will assist you.You can also call /whatsapp us : 9052535440.

  30. Aseem Juneja says:

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  32. N Dheenadayalan says:

    Need clarification wheather HL principal deduction u/s80C is admissible if the loan is for second home? We have taken the second loan for a new home after retirement.

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    thanks a lot for sharing such a useful info.

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    Dear All,

    For all your queries related to Tax , Savings or Investments, I request you to please call or mail on the below mentioned contact details.

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  35. sonu sagar says:

    dear vijay singh you can claim all your amount which recipts is made under financial year 15-16 are eligible for claim. if your employer asked for recipt of lic payment you just given the declaration

    for further clerification call-9711251211 (sonu sagar)

  36. D.Ganguly says:

    I need to invest 30000 more this year to complete deduction of Rs.150000 under 80c. My wife is a housewife without any taxable income. Is it possible for me to get the tax benefits, if I invest that 30000 on her name?

    • sonu sagar says:

      yes u can save the tex
      by taking medical insurence which give you tex benifit upto 25000
      for further more clerification call me on-9711251211(sonu sagar

  37. Ghanshyam Sahoo says:

    No, Deduction u/s 80C related to life insurance premium is restricted to own children only. she will not get the deduction for grand daughter.

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    Home loan principle repayment also qualifies for tax rebate u/s 80C but is it restricted exclusively to the principle portion of EMIs paid during the FY or even lumpsum repayment of say 25K /50K during the year will also qualify under limit of 1.50 lacs u/s 80C

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    we are dealing compressors. some of our clients are not paying VAT on the freight paid by us while despatching their orders. They claim that the VAT is payable only on the price of goods sold. Whether their claim is correct
    Our billing is cost of product+ freight+ VAT at 14.5% on the total of cost and freight. Please clarify

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    i have a home loan i claimed tax deduction u/s 24(B)loan intererest
    Am i eligible for HRA exemption as per U/s 10(13-A)? any one ans me

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    is there any deduction on post office RD in wife’s name

  42. MANISH PANCHAL says:


  43. MANISH PANCHAL says:

    Can anyone guide me where I have to invest money so I can get good regular income after my retirement. My age is 45 years and my salary is 95000 per month.
    yearly I deposit Rs.50000 in PPF, Rs.60000 in PF, Rs. 100000 in LIC and I purchase 20 gram gold every here But I dont have any idea where I have to invest money so I can enjoy my life after retirement. After all above investment I can invest more Rs.10000 per month.

    Please guide me,

    • GANGADHAR Gore says:

      Pls sir u may refer mutual fund schemes….or invest in share market through expert advice for more detail watch CNBC awwaaz and zee businesses channel
      U must see pehla kadam programme on every Sunday and Saturday 12:00 morning

    • Harish Guleria says:

      SIP in Mutual funds are the best tool for good returns in long-term. You can call me at 9816600901 for details

    • sonu sagar says:

      mr manish you will take the shri ram ulip plan in that you pay 100000 lakh per annum for 10 year after 10 year you will get monthy fix income 14800 guranted which written on bond paper
      means for 1lakh you will get 1.8lakh approx after 10 year
      for further clerification call me- 9711251211(sonu sagar)

  44. jaswinder says:

    I have a question i have a daughter of 10 yrs and her grandmother is paying the premium in life insurance will she get the rebate for her granddaughter or grandson

  45. Bharat says:

    Really simply explained.

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    I have a question, my wife is suffering from ulcerative collitis, a chronic disease. Can i claim tax benefit under section 80DDB

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    Can a Long term Capital gain amount accruing by virtue of sale of property which was held by single person be invested in a joint property which he and his wife bought 6 months before making this Capital Gain?

  48. N Sinha says:

    I had a joint property along with my wife on which we made a Short term Capital Gain of Rs. 10 Lacs after selling it. How is the Capital gain to be distributed between both of us?

  49. N Sinha says:

    I bought a house for Rs. 20 Lacs and also paid lease rent of Rs. 50000 on the same. I spent 3 lacs on furnishing the house for which I do not have bills. I sold the house within 3 years of purchasing it at Rs. 30 Lacs. Now for calculating Capital Gain tax, Can I :-
    (i) Include lease rent paid in the cost price of the flat?
    (ii) Can I show Rs. 3 Lacs spent by me on furnishing the house for which I do not have bills now in the total purchase price?

  50. MANGAT RAM JOLLY says:


    • Wg Cdr TPN Singh says:

      Dear Mr.Mangat Ram,
      Your total pension that is service element and disability element is exempt from income tax.There is a govt letter to this effect.


    I was claiming home loan principle amount under section 80C & interest under section 24 for own home but due to company transfer now I am living in rented home at another city. So can I claim rent amount under any section?

  52. R A SRINIVASU says:

    sir,please tell me about im a banking employee gross salary 23600 ,income tax deducting 1113 every month,some what increasing gross salary every month like 24000 to 25000,please tell how much premium i have to pay for new LIC COVERING 330000 PA NOW,WHEN IT WILL BE APPLIED,MY PHONE NUMBER 9573394942

  53. veeresh juluru says:

    Is 80C applicable on stamp duty and registration charges fo both self occupied and let out property?

    Uder 80C i didnot find any row with respect to stamp duty and registration charges. where to include this.


  54. vijay singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    Need your help urgently
    My employer has asked me to submit the LIC proofs for (2015 -16)
    I pay my LIC permium in 2 slots.
    1st in Sept – 50k.
    2nd in Jan Feb March – 50 K.
    Now I only have E Reciept of 1st Preimum.

    So, can I upload the receipt of only 1st premium mentioning 1lac and then claim the rest in Income tax file return.

    Please suggest me the right procedure.

    Vijay Singh

  55. Vikrant sharma says:

    I have 3 LIC policies having total premium 42170{17134+16153+8883} with sum assured 5lakh-5lakh-2lakh and policies are new bima gold, bima gold and Endowment assurance policy.
    I paid around 43 k premium{with late fee} in april month and will pay 2016 premium in feb 2016.
    So my quiry is whether i would get tax deduction for Rs.85000(for both installment) or only for Rs.42170 in financial year 2015-16.

  56. P says:

    repayment of loan taken for repair of a residential flat owned by himself whether it is liable for deduction(both Interest as well as principal) if yes than under which section? & how much?

  57. Virendra singh says:

    My SCSS-2004 a/c matured after completion of its term(5 years)in August 2015 and as permissible in SBI Ihave renewed/extended for 3years,maximum permissible period pse reply whether this amount will be eligible for deduction under 80C of IT act in FY 2015-16

  58. Arun says:

    I have been given to understand that NSC IX issue for 10 years is no longer available but I did not find any notification on internet. Is it true?

  59. Vidhat says:

    Is Kisan Vikas Patra considered in Section 80C for the financial year 2015-16?

  60. MANINDRA SINGH says:

    I have two LIC policy.1. Jeevan Surahbi and 2.Endowment policy. I can’t understand how these effect tax savings ? Which policy includes which tax saving schemes (80C or 80CCC)?

  61. Name says:

    Sir, I have purchased open plot in the FY 2014-15 and started construction residential building on it during the same year. Can I claim deduction u/s 80C on the stamp duty spent on purchase of house site.

  62. Mohit says:

    hello sir
    i have an FD in PNB of 1,00,000/- for 8 years. on maturity value is 181203 @7.5%. Will bank deduct TDS for whole interest of 8 years or for each financial year? if yes then how can save tax. May this FD come in 80C category.

  63. SUNIL KUMAR says:

    i want to know about deduction u/s 80c (insurence police in reliance)

  64. Vijay Jain says:

    Dear Sir ,

    please share mutual fund exemption limit agt 80-c

  65. Daniel Pinto says:

    Please let me know why is the ITR-1 they have asked for all the active bank account details.

  66. C.D.Hingu says:

    when deduct my deduction amount from my salary account that time Medical reimbursement and HRA amount not deduct and also i am paying rent every month to home owner and medical bill pay to doctor, so i have a question Medical reimbursement and HRA not earn, so way it is deducted?
    regarding,The Medical reimbursement and HRA deducted amount or not?
    if no please give me reason,
    I am state government officer.

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    Hi Sir,

    If I deposit 50k on 5 yr Post office scheme, how will it be calculated on this year’s tax?. Is it 50k itself or 10K ? .

    Also If I join a LIC for 3 year scheme, is that same logic like above? .

    Please let me know.


  69. UMESH says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have joint Account with my brother can we show both in our books as well as ITR and take rebate on interest.?

  70. rabiul rahaman says:

    I have booked a flat which is under construction. I have done registration of the flat on july 2015, and paid registration fees.I will get the possession of the flat next year i.e. after November 2016.can i avail benefit under 80c in current F.Y. 2015-2016

  71. ani kumar meena says:

    i purchased new flat for that payment (including service tax) is done on 24/03/2015 i.e financial year 2014-2015 and stamp duty for the same is paid on 5/06/2015 i.e financial year 2015-2016. Now my question is in which financial year i can get rebate for both stamp duty and tax on flat cost paid by me under section 80c

  72. H.N.Mohan says:

    purchased LIC Endowment policy ,on my grand daughter name premium is 59683.00. pl inform whether can avail the premium amount under 80c benifit ?

  73. Vijay says:

    Sir,would like to start an investment plan.Could you help

  74. Pravin Bagwe says:

    I had purchased a house in June 2014 and have paid stamp duty and registration fees in Jun 2014. The possession of my house is in May 2016. Can I claim the stamp duty and registration fees under section 80 C this year?

  75. S.ANIL KHAMBE says:

    Hi sir, My salarie as 600000 per year how much shuold show as tax 80c

    I had fixed 250000/- in post office month of June 2015 for one year & My wife’s name

    can i show in tax 80c, Sir please make now.

  76. Ramya says:

    post office 5yr fd is Rs.500000 80c Covered but this amount. 80c deduction amount deducated yearly are one year deducating this amount.

  77. B L Gehlot says:

    Please inform me whether I am retiring from service in month of feb 2017 and where amount deducted from my salary on account of PF/VPF is qualified for tax exemption as all my retrials benefits to be received on 01st of March 2017

  78. Prathap reddy says:

    if need any answer about income tax deduction us 80c contact this mail or 9066329789

  79. Kundan Lal says:

    I have opened sukanya samradhi account for my daughter and her mother is gardian in that account.
    Can i take tax benefit under 80C(as i am depositing money from my salary)D T6 or only my wife is eligible for tax exemption?

  80. shrinivas says:

    i have a question regarding the medical treatment that is taken in clinic or hospital for the family and for self, has tax rebate in section 80c.Does it have any ceiling limit for the expenditure incurred upon medicals.

  81. bhoomija says:

    I have another question not entirely related. I would like to know that if i have only capital gains income from equity which is less than my investments in 80C than what is the tax implication. For example i have invested 1.5L in ELSS and my income from short term capital gain from equity is 1.4L. Do i need to pay any income tax at all??

  82. ilayaraja says:


    my mother have FD and UPLI policy.i am paying premium for every month,can i tax debat for that.

  83. Bhupesh Y. Makde says:

    Education Fees paid for higher education in USA of my child is exempted under 80c or not (within limit 1.5 lakh)


    I have a question
    Rebeat under section 80c 1(I), TAX REBEAT ON BANK FD

  85. Dhananjay Kumar says:

    Is PF/Pension withdrawal (completely) is considered in income ? Kindly help me to understand.


  86. Chetan says:

    Kindly contact us for your tax related queries and assistance in filling income tax returns,

  87. Geeta Saxena says:

    My son has purchased the policy, Can i get income tax rebate on that policy’s amount . My son is in service and he is 40 years old.

  88. Geeta Saxena says:

    I have a question regarding income tax rebate in section ATC. My son is in service. I am pensioner so I cant have an insurance. I want to get the insurance of my son so that I can have income tax rebate. Is this possible?.

    An early response will be appreciated

  89. varghesae mathew says:

    I have paid Rs. 1.20 lacs as tuition fee for the education of my child during the FY 2014-15. Whether I can claim the full amount u/s. 80C or is there any ceiling for claiming the tuition fee?

  90. Adityndra says:

    i have purchased a resell house in oct 2014, can i claim Stamp duty and stamp registration fee u/s 80c. for tax benefit.

  91. rexy varghese says:

    I have spent Rs.85000/- towards educational fees of two of my kids. will it qualify under 80c and if so, how much?

  92. Ashok sharma says:

    Sir, i want to buy NSC rS. 50000/- IN THE NAME OF MY HUF Can I do so.

  93. Anushka says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am depositing Rs. 10,000 every month in my mother’s PPF account . Can I also get any tax benefit for that.

  94. NIRAJ says:

    Dear All,

    get your investment plan by perfect planing

    communicate by 9724714554

  95. R.K.Srivastava says:

    Amt paid towards repayment of Education Loan of son will qualify for deduction under sec80c?

  96. Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    I forgot to show my investment(LIC) made on Feb 2014, under section 80c last year(2013-2014. Is it possible to show it now for 2014 – 2015 March and get the 80c benefit.

  97. aloysius raja says:

    i have an account of recurring deposit scheme in post office. will the same be claimed for income tax exemption.

  98. anita says:

    sir ,

    is registration and stamp duty fee paid on home purchase if paid from capital and not taken loan is exempted from 80cc pls clarify.


  99. Ankit says:

    Sir, I have a LIC in my name whose premium is 1,44,000. My total income in FY 14-15 is 856087. I have left my job in August 2014. This years premium has been paid by my parents as dont have that much money. Can I still use this amount in 80c to reduce my taxable income?

  100. Sukanya says:

    Hi sir,Myself Sukanya. My annual income is about 6,25,000 per year, and I am paying LIC Premium 20,000 per year, so how much tax I have to pay in 2015 under 80c.

  101. meena says:

    This is regard to ppf account.I have deposited for financial year 2014-2015 twelve months Rs 50000.Ihad made a deposit every monthand complted 12 months.Now I want to turther deposit 50000 this month to avoid tax .If I deposit 50000this month will I get exempted from deduction of tax for 50000/-it will be 13 th instalment.

  102. Om Prakash Mandoloi says:

    I have Grand child. She is dependent on me. I pay her school fees. Whether I am eligible to take Income tax deduction under 80 c of educaiton fees

  103. Vishakha says:

    I have Question that I purchased 1 LIC policy for this polict premium payment is quarterly. but due to some personal problem i could not pay premium for last 2 quarters. but 1st 2 Quarters premium i have paid. can i take Income tax benefit for that paid premium?

  104. Vishakha says:

    I have Question that I purchased 1 LIC policy for this polict premium payment is quarterly. but due to some personal problem i could not pay premium for last 2 quarters. but 1st 2 Quarters premium i have paid. can i take Income tax benefit for that paid premium?

  105. nms says:

    Dear sir,

    I have spent Rs.100000 for education for my children.This is inclusive of tution fees and books expense. Is it eligible book expense under 80cc?
    Pls reply….


  106. jatinder says:

    sir I have paid Rs. 5 lacs towards tuition fees of my spouse. Sir is it eligible for exemption under section 80C, as the section talks about the tuition fees paid for children and not for spouse.
    Thanks n regards.
    Jatinder Singh

  107. kamlesh says:


    I have booked a flat which is under construction. I have done registration of the said flat and paid the registration fees and stamp duty. I will get the possession of the flat next year ie after May 2015 tentatively. Can I avail benefit under 80C in current financial year.
    Please reply

  108. Murali says:

    Hello sir, my income 324000 per year, and I am paying LIC Premium 14808 per year, so how much tax I have to pay in 2015 under 80c

  109. T.T. Nair says:

    T.T. Nair, Mumbai

    Sir I am a retired person. I have invested 9 lakhs from my retirement benefit in the Post Office MIS Scheme The monthly interest is diverted to Cumulative Term Deposit ( 5 Years) for 5 years. I want to know whether the MIS interest is taxable or not; even though the same is deposited to 5 year CTD in the Post Office. Also On maturity of CTD, whether the amount is taxable or not. Please reply An early reply is highly solicited. ( 9967514381 )

  110. Nilesh Shukla says:


    Just wanted to clarify one doubt.

    Is Infrastructure bond still liable for tax exemption under 80C? I read on other sites and they have mentioned that its not considered since FY 2012-13.

    Please clarify and update the post.


  111. ABDUL KALAM says:

    I got medical reimbursement is this income. This wil be shown as income or not please clarify it.

  112. H.B.Trivedi says:

    I an senior citision . I want to get benifit of 80-c with maximum rate of interest and less period with minimum TDS. pl answer me on m. no 9428246792
    sorry for the trouble given to you

  113. sanjay wange says:

    Sudip Kumar
    your are eligible to lic premium under sec 80 c for the fy 2014 -15.

  114. sudip kumar sarkar says:

    my LIC Premium due date is 31.03.14 but I was paid on 19.04.14. can I eligible for tax rebate for the fin. year 2014-15?

  115. sanjay wange says:

    You are applicable for HRA Rent & House laon under sec 80c.if your house given to rent then income shows under income from house property.

  116. sanjay wange says:

    you are applicable for HRA & Home laoan under 80 c.if house is given rent then income shows as income from house property.

  117. gangadharan says:

    Repayment of house loan during the FY comes to Rs 3lakhs as principal and Rs66000 as interest.GPF contribution is Rs60000 and Tuition fee remitted is Rs 24000.How can I distribute this amount for tax dedution

  118. Ashish Batra says:

    Sir if i deposit a amount in my wife PF account,
    Tell me whether i am eligible for claiming deduction under section 80C of the amount deposited by me in my wife’s PPF account

  119. suman says:

    I sold my house in November2014 in 9.5 lakh which I have bought in 2010,June in 9lakh. I am a government employee what is the procedure to show this in my income tax return and what is the calculation

  120. Sreelatha says:

    Dear Sir,

    My question is : I am working and avail HRA. Recently I have bought a ready flat in my home town (where I am not staying) for which I have paid stamp duty and registration charges and also have availed a home loan.

    So can i avail the benefit of HRA against rent paid by me for my rented house & Can I avail the benefit / deduction under section 80C for the stamp duty and registration expenses and interest paid for home loan too?

    Please clarification.


    Dear Sir,

    Kindly clarify whether the contribution made to my wife’s PPF account qualifies for IT exemption under sec 80c for me.

  122. shyam sunder kaushik says:

    stamp duty fee is exempted under 80 c

  123. Sanjay Wange says:

    Both or husband or wife avail to. deduction only both are divide to loan amt & give declaration to employer then any body who need are eligible to get deduction under 80c & 24.

  124. Priya Jain says:

    If a loan is taken by husband and the payment is being made by wife and also wife is the owner of the property. Who is eligible for deduction u/s 24(b) u/h House property?

  125. Rachna Singh says:

    If husband has taken loan from the bank and wife is paying interest and principal amount.Who can avail the deduction related to this loan?

  126. jignesh patel says:

    Can I get rebet car insurance premiums

  127. Bhavesh Chordia says:

    Thanks for your this article! It is very helpful to save tax.

  128. Shridhar says:

    For filling IT details for finical year 2014-2015, its usually done in moth of Jan in our firm, I have a doubt, for Sec80C the PPF account which can be availed, but it can been shown till month of Jan only for month Feb and March it not able to show, I want to how can avail that benefit while filing the IT returns in month of July, what’s the procedure, documents required and date?
    Pleae help me with it.

  129. Shahaji Bhosale says:

    I have purchesed second flat. First flat is occupied by self & second flat is given on rent. Can I get the tax benefit on the stamp duty & registration charges paid for second flat. Is it covered under 150000/- or can apply seperatly.

  130. salim khan says:

    Dear TaxGuru,

    I am buying a flat for self use which is under construction and the posseion will be by Dec 2016. I will be doing my stamp duty and registration on 10 Feb2015. I would like to know whether I can show the cost of stampduty and registration in 80C for this finicial year.

    Please guide me.

    Thank you very much in advance.


  131. lalita says:

    I a question can i save the tds by home registry stamp duty & registrar receipt

  132. Durga Vaidyanathan says:

    respected sir,
    i’ve a question:-
    In the IT form it is mentioned under ”7.DEDUCTION UNDER CHAPTER VI-A”- ”J. Tution fees for education of children”, but you’ve mentioned under ”others” that ”Apart form the major avenues listed above, there are some other things, like ”children’s education expense” (for which you need receipts), that can be claimed as deductions under Section 80C.”, what do you mean by, ”children’s education expense” in this? whats the difference between this both.

  133. Khanjan JM says:

    kindly tell me whether all type of SIP investment invested for more than one year are tax exempted u/s80 of IT Act or not?
    with regards,
    Khanjan JM

  134. Vinay says:

    I want to know whether postal recurring deposit is eligible for income tax exemption.

  135. sanjay wange says:

    I am taking decision to invest Rs 20000 under section 80 c , after maturity income is tax free.
    Please suggest me better equity funds.

  136. Ilesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have query that in under construction House.If we have taken the loan.Can we claim principle amt and interest paid to bank if we have not get the possessions till now.

    Pls revert.


  137. raj says:

    1. LIC insurance payment made by father in behalf of son (upto which age or there is age limit) while income tax exemption under 80C.
    If yes then LIC Payment receipt is sufficient document, submit for proof?
    2. If mediclaim/health insurance policy purchased in the name of son and premium paid by father is eligible for exemption under 80C or not?
    3. In case of government employee upto which date we have to submit exemption document & how?

  138. gopal tulsyan says:

    sir, i want to safe investment in u/s 80c & income also tax free pl.planing for above 15 lac salary. thanks mobile no 09415221371

  139. sandipan says:

    Hi, I have puchase a flat with my wife as partner.My wife is in Govt,. secvice ,and she want 80 c deduction in tax saving as Registration and stamp duty. In the receipt the client name is as ” sandipan and other” and no name of my wife in receipt of registration and stam duty of as second owner.My she have to submit the certified copy of deed or xerox copy of sale deed where the name of second owner is dictated.
    Either both can or only my wife can claim the deduction?
    please give me suggestion…..

  140. Razak Bagwan says:

    Dear siir
    Is amount paid under rpmf of Rajasthan govt employees
    Is rebatable under 80 c.

  141. pramod says:


  142. jay says:


    Can i show my cousins LIC insurance payment under 80C section while income tax exemption, which is always done by me?
    If yes then what document i need to submit for proof?


  143. Makhan Jhaver says:

    Pl inform if HUF can take Life Insurance Policies for any coparcener ( Karta, Karta spouse, karta children , karta Grandchildren ) and whether this is exempt under Sec 80-C –

  144. Makhan Jhaver says:

    Pl inform if Life Insurance Policies can be taken by Grandparent for Grandchild ( child, minor , teenager ) – Is this eligible for exemption under Sec 80-C or not exempted. Sec 80-C is not clear .

  145. Makhan Jhaver says:

    Pl inform if Life Insurance Policies taken for Adult son / married daughter are exempt under sec 80-C – In sec 80C the point is not clear and hence clarification required.

  146. Ratan Lal Prajapat Dailana Kalan Pali Rajasthan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Question is that I Have Fix Deposit Amount Term is 3 years
    Can I take Take this amount in 80c
    Please advise me or please call on 09480428071

  147. m.c.arya says:

    I am taking rebate on home loan since 2008 and I have taken again home loan in 2012 against extantion part construction (in same home) .Can I get rebate on both loans under section 80C& section 24.

  148. balasaheb says:

    dear sir,

    i want section 80c

  149. pratham says:


    what is mean by when we say that a particular mutual fund scheme is with 80c benifit. Is it return wuold be rebated or money will be rebated that we going to pool in mutual fund.

  150. pratham kumar says:

    sir, what comes under 80c of income tax in mutual fund is it return wuold be rebated or money that we going to pool in mutual fund. what will be rebated when scheme is ELSS when i will file ITR

  151. MAhwash Rahat says:

    Can you please tell me how to claim Section 80 IA deduction. What is the procedure for the same. Its my first time when I am handling this type of work. So what all documents are required for the claiming it

    Thanks And Regards

  152. K Kashish says:

    I have a question. sir, my husband has a policy for our child(last year) in his name but now he has left his job & i am paying his entire premium(quarterly). He has never claimed this insurance in his tax-benefit. I am also working. Can i show this LIC premium for my tax benefit scheme.

  153. Durga Prasad Agrawal says:

    I Durga Prasad Agrawal (CFP:Certified Financial Planner).

    I have complete financial solutions with proper “Tax Relief” under Income Tax Act. Best Investment Planning with relevent section like 80’C & 80’D.

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    And also contact for Company Secretary and Chartered Accountant office work.


  154. Raj Panda says:

    Respected Sir,
    I already submitted Rs.1,50,000/- in my PPF account in 2014. This account opened in 2013. My questions are –

    1. Can I invest my money in NSC? If the answer is yes, then is it tax free when I will get the mature amount after 5 or 10 years later on interests???

    2. Will I have to pay tax on the interests of my PPF account after mature in the end of the year 2028???

    3. Now how can I invest money???

    Plz give me some suggestion….. I have till 5 months salary….. Now I want to invest the money of my next months salary…..

    Note : I already saved Rs. 1,15,000/- in my saving account as Fixed Deposit with the help of MOD facility for one year in this year also…..

  155. manish says:

    i want to know which mutual funds investments are tax free or which comes under section 80 c

  156. ganesha says:

    what documents has to submit claim under section 80 c for property registration charges.

  157. Manoj Kumar Ash says:

    Please guide us regarding 80C, Any amount that you pay towards life insurance premium for yourself, your spouse or your children can also be included in Section 80C deduction –

    Please inform me whether any person can claim for LIC premium paid by him for his Adult Son or Married daughter also? What are the guidelines?

  158. N. Satya Narayana says:

    Respected sir,
    my self is a Senior citizen and income tax payer.

    I want to know that the education fees for children is also entitled for claim rebate u/s. 80C.

    Now my question is that, my grand son who is staying with us and i will deposit the education fees for Rs. 60,000/- for his higher studies, can i claim the deposit amount in the income tax rebate U/s. 80C.of the IT Act ?

    the parents of the child is not claimed the Education fees in their income tax return.

    plz clarified my doubt and give the answer in my mail ID – at an earliest date

    thanks with regard,
    Satya Narayana N

  159. Vijay Chaudhari says:

    Dear Sir,

    I appreciate your social service of answering their queries and helping them.

    My question is : I am working and avail HRA. Recently I have bought a ready flat (where I am not staying) for which I have paid stamp duty and registration charges and also have availed a home loan.

    So while availing benefit of HRA against rent paid by me for my rented house where I stay, Can I avail the benefit / deduction under section 80C for the stamp duty and registration expenses and interest paid for home loan under section 24 ?

    I would be obliged with your clarification.

    Thanks a lot,

    Warm Regards,

    Vijay Chaudhari

  160. v k naidu says:

    I am working in a PSU residing in quarters provided by the organization.My D.D.O calculated perquisite amount wrongly on higher side and deducted higher TDS. He issued Form 16 with the wrongly calculated perquisite amount. He is not willing to correct FORM 16. My auditor says Form 16 should be corrected otherwise we cannot claim refund. Till date I have not filed my I.T returns.please advise me

  161. Nirmal De says:

    Sir, I have a query. I have purchased Rs.60,000/- NSC in this FY for investment purposes and tax rebate u?s 88. Now I want to take a loan against these NSCs from a bank by pledge it within same FY. What is the provisions of I tax. Can I take a bank loan and get benefit U/s 88 in same FY. Kindly advise me.

  162. smt. Shrivastava says:

    – See more at:

  163. C A K C AGARWAL says:

    kindly let me your views , in case of exemption of L I C. Now we have to pay also the service tax along with the insurance premium, It is my question ,whether we are entitled to claim the deduction for L I C along with service tax or without service tax. However in my opinion we cant not claim the deduction of L I C alongwith service tax, WHAT IS YOURS VIEW


  164. Gayathri says:

    My husband & I in a joint account took Housing Loan. For income tax purpose I produce annual statement of the bank.Now they asking ownership/co ownership document.How can I get this certificate? Who will give me this certificate ? Wether respective bank or panchayath or village officer?

  165. mohit says:

    what are the investments for a small businessman,if bank receipts upto 9laks. I am providing software services from my home so no majaor expenses.

  166. Chandana Sanyal says:

    I am currently residing in a flat which is under House Building Loan of HDFC Ltd. since 2004. I had availed another loan in 2011 from Corporation Bank for a flat under a Cooperative Society, which is still under construction. Both banks provide me with EMI certificates every year. Am I eligible to avail deduction u/s 24(b) and/or 80c for both the mentioned house properties?

  167. ANKUSH says:

    I have made FD in the name of my wife for Rs. 150000/- can i claim this in sec- 80c

  168. Prasenjit Roy says:


    I have booked a flat which is under construction. I have done registration of the said flat and paid the registration fees and stamp duty. I will get the possession of the flat next year ie after May 2015 tentatively. Can I avail benefit under 80C in current financial year.

    Prasenjit Roy

  169. amit says:

    Hi ,

    My father has passed away and my mum is a house wife, i am paying my sisters tuition fees in Gov College which is around one lac annually can i claim deduction?

  170. sandeep says:

    CAN I TAKE REBATE UNDER SECTION 80 C FOR education fees for SELF also instead of children

  171. T Ramakrishna says:

    I have taken an Fixed Depoit from SBH,during August 2013,for 66 months(5.5 years).I have not claimed excemption under 80C during financial year 2013-14.Can i claime excemption during 2014-15?

  172. pradeep sharma says:

    please explain new rebate under section 80c for 2014-15

  173. sharad says:

    I have query regards the fixed deposite for 5 year. i had done FD in 2010 of Rs- 1,00,000/- but that perticular year i cant take benefit of 80C, can i take the same in the current year.AY 14-15. kindly suggest me?

  174. Abu osama says:

    i got INR 585971/- as a sallery in 13-14. and declared interest again education laon 32000/- rent 72000/- , however my company deduct tax 37084 as whole. as i can not submiteed my rent receipt on time could you please help me out how i file return and pay genuine Tax.

  175. rajeev says:

    Can we get any tax benifit if I have bought a piece of land under taluka panchayat, karnataka?

  176. sunil kumar says:

    is there any standard deduction for the AY 2013-2014.

  177. ram says:

    how much deduction is allowed for loan taken for renovation of house.

  178. ram says:

    how much deduction is allowed for loan taken for renovation of house

  179. Shanthi says:

    Excellent Post. Thanks Much

  180. sreedharan kc says:

    can an employee under govt get 80c benefit for his da arrears amount credited to gpf

  181. sreedharan kc says:

    my doubt is whether ican get the rebate under 80 c
    for my dearness allowance credited twice annually
    i have an amount 24000/- credited to my gpf
    my total 80 c amount is only
    can i add my da arears to 75000/- figure for tax rebate of maximum 100000/-one lakh

  182. Brijesh Gupta says:

    First of all thanks for posting this article. Earlier concept was not appropriate. Because Service Tax amount is not income of assesse and TDS should be deducted from income.

  183. geetha gp says:

    I am paying RD in a bamk shall i take exemption in 80c

  184. KETAN ZALA says:

    If an employee pay notice pay to his employer while resigning from the services, the amount of such pay should be deducted from his taxable income while computation of tax or not?

  185. Sajal says:

    LIC Premium paid by my parents for me, i mean the LIC policy is on my name but installment is paid my parents. So in this case can i avail Tax rebate on this policy ?

  186. sandeep says:

    i and my wife are govt. wife invested 10000 Rs in national saving certificate,can i take the rebate in section 80 c instead of my wifr

  187. siva says:

    Am planning to take a housing loan in Joint Name ( myself & my working wife). Pl suggest how I should be Splitting (any % agreement to be executed between both of us )so as to claim tax benefit for both (for our appropriate portion…)

    Also pl clarify if total value of property is <40 lacs & can we take loan for 30 Lacs (15 each assume) and even then it will qualify for 80EE as same stipulated loan amount to be < 25 lacs… (if it is per joint loan applicant / on the whole)
    thanks in adavance,

  188. Mohan T says:

    After VRS , I am getting pension and also now earning monthly consolidated pay on Contract basis from a Pvt Co.. Even the pension is shown as consolidated amount in Pension. In that case, pl advise how to assess my IT . Whether I have to show the entire amount as salary for calculating Tax. Kindly guid me.

  189. ANIL KUMAR says:

    I have purchased HDFC 8Yr Fixed Deposit i just want to know can we take tax benifits u/s 80c or any other section

  190. dinesh says:

    i had purchased 1 acre agriculture land in my native place during the 2013-2014 period & had the sale deed got registered in my name for which the stamp duty & registration fees i have paid .
    my query is can i claim the stamp duty registration exemption under 80c

  191. Bal Krishan says:

    Is mobile allowance taxable?

  192. M. SRINIVAS REDDY says:

    1. i am state govt 100/- are being deducted from my salary every month towards SFMS(self fund medical scheme ). is it eligible for deduction? case of state govt employee ,is medical reimbursement amount eligible for deduction?(it was reimbursed by employer )

  193. Ridhima says:

    As per my knowledge deduction limit has been raised upto 1.25 lacs u/s 80c.

  194. Mangesh says:

    Can the premium paid of Jeevan Sathi (Joint Plan) policy of LIC shown seperately/individually by both husband as well as wife u/s 80c of Income Tax for one financial year..??
    Thank you.

  195. ADARSH SINGH says:

    Reply to 634.Prithwiraj Pramanik :-

    Dear Prithwiraj Pramanik ,

    pls understand that sec 80c for Replyment of Loan which u pay in EMI basis. and we Know that EMI consists of both A portion of principal and Interest.Principal paid in one FY can be claimed in 80C Maximum upto 100000 and Interest portion can be claim U/s 24(b)-Limit is 1,50,000

  196. kaarthik says:

    Is 5-Yr bank fixed deposits (FDs) made for dependants(parents) too can be accounted in Tax claim.?
    or it should be only self?

    • Pradip says:

      Hi Kaarthik. Investment made in 5-year Tax Saver FD will get the income tax relief to the investor for FDs made out in his own name only i.e. only for self, and not for his dependant parents.

  197. dr harshal says:

    hi, im dr harshal doing a job at xyz hospital and taking part time education from a govt. undertaking university, is there paid tuition fees benefits me under 80c sec. for tax saving.

    • Pradip says:

      Sec. 80C of IT Act specifies that tax relief is permitted on various instruments only out of investments made from out of income of the incumbent. In your case you have taken 5-yr Tax Saver Fixed Deposit in your dependant parents name from out of your income for which you will not get tax relief while accounting for your tax return. Such tax relief benefit is available to you only if you make investment in LIC schemes for your parents out of your income, but not in case of Tax Saving Bank FDRs.

      In case of tuition fee paid for your education, the person paying the tuition fee is entitled to tax relief u/s 80C upto Rs 1.00 lac.

  198. Pradip says:

    Is a regular school teacher of non-gazetted rank working in Municipal Corporation of Delhi school, drawing salary in scale of pay of Rs 9300-34800 with Basic Pay Rs 19680 and Grade Pay Rs 5400, eligible to receive yearly Bonus or not ? If eligible to get bonus, then under what service rule. Pl help and guide me.

  199. Bhargav Shankarwala says:

    Please answer immediately,
    If an individual assessee pay the amount of life insurance premium as on 29.03.2013 (F.Y. 2012-13) by cheque
    and got receipts also as on 29.03.2013. The cheque cleared as on 03.04.2013 (F.Y. 2013-14) . Now my question is that can we claim the deduction u/s 80-c for F.Y. 2012-13 or not ?

  200. prakas says:

    I am paying for LIC inthe name of my daughters children living abroad.Can I include the amount under 80c

  201. Himanshu Talwar says:

    Dear Concern

    I want to weather a grand parent can propose a policy to their grand child and will he eligible for 80c tax rebade

  202. Nilanjan Saha says:

    Please let me know what is meant for education fees.
    I spend Rs-7000/- for my daughter’s admission to School. Is this expenses is eligible entirely for deduction u/c 80c ?.

  203. aneesh says:


    i have one doubt about 5 year bank deposit. Is it taxable whrn getting back the same after 5 year

  204. Ashish Shrivastava says:

    This year i had paid 2 year premium of Rs 100000/- (50000*2) in my ULIP policy. kidly confirm can i take tax benefit of Rs 100000/- under sec 80C. my basis premium is Rs 50000/- and my insurance amount is 250000/- which is 5times of my premium.

    Kindly confirm.

  205. Vinod Kumar Mittal says:

    Are GPF contributions made on account of return of refundable advance, taken out of one’s GPF Account, eligible for deduction under Section 80-C?

  206. Raajesh says:

    Hi. I am getting 18000 per month a salary. I am also paying in LIC of rs 28 thousand per annum. How much can i able to reduce the Income Tax from my salary using the LIC amount.

  207. Anteshwar S Jadhav says:

    Post office RD is covered under Income tax Section 80C yes or no

  208. Vikas Saini says:

    Can a stamp duty deduction be claimed on a house under construction and when there is a difference in the possession date of the house and the payment of the stamp duty? eg. my possession date is June 2014 and i paid the stamp duty in March 2013

  209. ram says:

    sir, under 80c 100000/- exemption. i showed 75,000. so still i can eligible for 25,000 right. i paid 50,000 tax for govt in my salary. so i want to take p.p.f if so, 1. how much can i invest and much return i can get. If i invest under p.p.f 50,000

  210. suresh mohnani says:

    Dear Sir,

    During year 2010, I have booked one flat. Builder is executing the sale deed and giving possession this year (March’13). Can I claim deduction for payment of Stamp Duty, this f. year?

    Further, I had claimed deduction for payment of Stam Duty for purchase of earlier house in another city during 2008-09.

    Can we claim deduction for payment of stamp duty, any number of times?

  211. ajay says:

    1. Whether the life insurance premium paid by me for my dependent parents(mother and father) can be covered under section 80C of income tax?

    2. Is there any other way to covered deduction tax of the life insurence paid by me for my dependent parents (mother/father/both)?

  212. MAHESH says:


  213. tamilnesanvimalathithan says:

    i am eligible for wife tuition fee under 80 c exemption

  214. AKRITI JAIN says:


  215. jaideep says:


  216. amit kumar says:

    can i claim income tax rebate of my wife’s LIC.the premium of the policy was paid by her. She is working as a teacher in mcd

  217. naik says:

    I would like to know whether recurring deposit is exempt under 80C if it is for 1 year?

  218. jestin says:

    my autitor said max one lack rupees only can adjust sec by 80c,
    it is true, i spend lic insurance and home loan (principle only)total 127000

  219. GAURAV SAHU says:


  220. salomi says:

    can deduction under section 80 be from casual income

  221. YOGESH says:

    what are the provisions of tax exmption about employee contribution and govt.contribution for new pension scheme{nps}

  222. satish d sawant says:

    My wife’s investment in 80 C has crossed the limit of 1 Lac. Can I show the surplus of LIC premiums paid by my wife. The life policies is also in her name. Can i claim rebat under 80C.

    Pleas help.

  223. Raj says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Exemption under sec.80c of Rs.1,00,000/- and conveyance allowance of Rs.800 p.m. from long time back. As per current economic growth on every field I feel the exemption amount will be increases.
    I hope government take necessary action about this.

  224. vikram says:

    can any one suggest me to reduce income tax for 180000. i dont have pf and any insurance, and i need to submit documents in feb which way can i overcome this problem.

  225. k mohan says:

    I have a house which is under construction, taken a loan and repaying monthly both Principle & Interest to the bank.

    Now I want to sell that home under construction, in this case what I am eligible to get the benefit of principle paid during the FY U/s 80C or not and what are the other liabilities of taxes comes like , capital gain on the sale proceeds of the home and any other …

    Please advise me in this regard.

  226. Ritesh Jain says:

    I have purchased a flat in Nov-2009, agreement was done in the same year in December-2009, I got possession in Aug 2010, Can i claim tax benefit under 80c in stamp duty registration charges this year (12-13)

  227. Ritesh Jain says:

    I have purchased a flat in Nov-2009, agreement was done in the same year in December-2009, I got possession in Aug 2010, Can i claim stamp duty registration charges this year (12-13)

  228. neha says:

    sir, can i know that if father paid insurance premium for himself then he can transfer this premium deduction u/s 80c to his child or not? & why?

  229. Sameer says:

    Sir ,

    In my company there is a limit of 15000/- that can be claimed under u/s 80. But what about the expenses more then this amount done on dependants ? Do we have any section where we can claim . Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.

  230. S Sinha says:

    I want to know what proof is needed to claim income tax rebate for stamp duty & registration charges. Kindly help.
    Moreover, the bank has done a loan insurance is it acceptable under section 80C.


  231. Himanshu Wadhwa says:


    my package is 2,24,700 and this time i have OT for 10,800 and tax has been deducted from my salary worth 1,178. so, i want to confirm will it be ok if i will take a FD from post office for 25,000.
    please revert asap.


  232. Naveen says:


    I have been deposited Rs.5000/- in post office during f.y.11-12. Can i claim these amount as deduction u/s 80C. Let me know please. Thanking you sir.

  233. Raman says:

    I received arrears of medical reimbursement allowance from previous years. Against same, I have already incurred enough medical expenses in those years.
    can i claim set off now subject to limit of Rs.15000 per year ?

  234. Pawan Soni says:

    Sir, I have purchased a land and get Housing Loan from SBI, Jaipur. Please tell me can i get income tax rebate on this land purchase loan under Income tax Act under section 80 C & 24 for interest which i have paid to bank.
    Thanking you.

  235. milan says:

    dear sir can we get the benefit of tax exemption for principal and interest paid for a loan for house repairing purpose from a credit co-op society made up by government employees.

  236. Nilesh Sutar says:

    I have taken home loan from SBI. To cover the loan repayment SBI have deducted SBI life insurance. Whether this amount eligible for deduction u/s 80 C

    With regards


  237. Ritesh Paliwal says:


    I have purchased a Flat with possession date in Dec’13 along with my wife and younger brother.

    We have taken a Home lone of Rs.5,000,000/- from PNBFL and started paying EMI of RS.51000/-, Please help me with the information about the income tax saving, is it possible to get any tax refund on principal and interest amount for three of us.

    Looking for your kind support in this regards.


  238. ries fathima says:

    i am a govt employee. As per the New pension scheme (NPS), i wanted to know under which section i can apply for deduction.

  239. Anand kumar Apala says:

    interest earned by senior citizen beyond the exemption of 2.4 lakhs of income per year can a gift be given to the grand children for education or marriage?

  240. BIPIN says:

    My father has taken home loan and i m co-borrower in that. my dad is paying installment from his account but i am depositing money in his account from my salary. my father’s income is not covered under tax slab but my income comes so can i get benefit of sec. 80c here in this case ?

  241. Sanjiv says:

    I have a small doubt regarding Employer’s contribution towards PF.
    Consider, My Salary = 10 L per annum.
    My contribution to PF = 30000 per annum
    Employer’s contribution to my PF = 30000 pa
    Now, my contribution to PF is considered under section 80C for deductions for tax exemption. So, effectively, i can invest 1L – 30K = 70K for maximum tax exemption under 80C.
    1. Am i correct here??

    Now, Employer’s contribution to my PF account = 30000 pa. This is also a part of my salary as mentioned in my offer letter.
    1.Will this 30000 p.a. be taxable to me?
    2.Will my taxable income reduce to 10L – 30000(My PF contri) – 30000(Employer’s PF Contri) = Rs. 9,40,000 considering i do not make any investments for tax exemptions?
    3. Will this 30000 be considered in 80C deductions making my effective 80C limit as 1L – 30000 (My PF) – 30000(employer’s PF) = 40000?

  242. Sonia says:

    Dear Tax guru,

    I want to know we have purchased an under construction house in a building can that be claimed under 80 c deduction.

  243. Manik says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have bought a Insurance policy of Rs.100000 base plan and with this plan a rider of Rs. 100000 and for that i have paid premium Rs 20000. Will i get 100% tax benefit of this premium amount

  244. Priti Agarwal says:

       I want to know whether limit of 100,000 allowed as deduction under section 80c has been increased to 2,00,000 for financial year 2012-2013
      Do reply to my mail , pls do needful.

  245. mahendra says:

    i want to know that my investment is exceed above 1 lac under sec 80 c ( LIC , Tuition fees, PF, loan principal amt) , what should be the best way to save tax.

  246. piyush says:

    i just want to know if we earn money from stock market and at the end of financial year we saw loss or profit than how can we show the same in ITR ……….

  247. kreya says:

    i would like to know if recurring deposit are taxable ? and whether it will fall under 80C for exemption?

  248. SAURABH says:

    if we buy a land for house than will stamp duty  be considered under 80c? 

  249. rakesh says:

    dear sir, i m confused about my return. i get my salary as “prefessional fees”  after TDS deduction already. now ione of my friend said that i can show my personal expenditure like travel or so in this return form to save tax…sir, in which column i should show my expenditure?? and hoe would i show the detail of that,i mean travel+ restaurant+other expenditure??? or what do u advise i should not show these in my return?? i m confused….help

  250. Gayatri says:

    If suppose housing loan interest not shown while preparing form 16 due to some problems but the loan is already taken in the previous assessment then whether it will be taken into account when filing the income tax refund

  251. Shandilya Dixit says:

    If I pay premium for my father’s LIC policy, will my father get 80C deduction?

  252. prem says:

    R/Sir     i am a govt empoley  in railway  i alloted a railway  qatter [house]  with i puracse a housing lone why rebat housing lone or qater rent rebat

  253. ravi says:

    If mother is paying the insurance premium for daughter, can daughter claim the insurance premium paid as an exemption from her income.

  254. Deepak Gupta says:


    I have taken a home loan against a 3 bhk flat around 4 years back.
    I bought this flat from builder in pre-launched. Now I have done the entire payment (except stamp duty & registration) of my flat and got the possession.

    When I am asking to get home loan rebate (on principle & interest), my employer is asking me to produce registered sale deed agreement.
    Since all the flats are not completed yet I am unable to register my flat.

    I wanted to know that is it really mandatory to have sale deed agreement in order to get income tax rebate on home loan. if yes do i have any alternate?
    FYi. I have all documents except registered sale deed agreement i.e bank loan sanction letter, sale agreement, possession letter, Bank certificate for re-payment.


  255. prakhar says:

    is There any Additional deducation in Respect of INFRA BOND of Rs. 20000/-
    Other Than ( rs. 100000/- Deducation in 80C)

  256. subhash Bhandari says:


    Life Insurance premium paid for grand daughter policy ,can be claimed deduction u/sec.80C.Please advise.

  257. PRASAD says:

    Whether NSC taken in the name of the Individual & mother qualify for IT under 80C fully for
    the individual, if the mother is unemployed ?

  258. sasikumar says:

    arrear DA for the period from1/1/2009 to31/3/2011 credited to general  provident fund  can be considered for deduction under section 80C of income tax

  259. Hari KIshore Singh says:

    Sir I have one question. I have taken a Endowment Plus ( T. No. 802) single premium plan for Rs 30000 with risk cover of Rs 45000. Can I get a deduction for the same within the limit of Rs 100000?

  260. Raj says:

    Why can’t I claim the insurance that I am paying for my parents..?

  261. Raghavan K says:

    I am planning to buy a residential PLOT. Can i get registration charges & stamp Duty exemption under any section of I.T?

  262. KETAN says:


  263. purna chandra palei says:

    i have drawn monthly salary as pay Rs15860+Gp 4200+D.A13039+HRA1003=Rs34102.But i have paid HRA@5000 pm.&p. taxRs2500 annually..Then what will be my monthly income tax which will be deducted from my salary . 

  264. RK Menon says:

    Poornima: For the financial year 2012-13, you are liable to pay I.T on Rs.80000/-@10% if your salary is Rs.2.8 lacs/annum. You can invest upto Rs. 80000/- under section 80 c and avoid paying of taxes.
    Soniya: if your salary is upto Rs.200000 annually you are out of I.T for the year 2012-13.

    RK Menon (Financial Adviser)

  265. Poornima says:

    my Salary is around 2.8 lac, how can ppf and nsc help me in tax savings.

  266. Soniya says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have a query to ask you regarding Investment in NSC.

    My age is 27 yrs, If my Annual Income is 2,00,000 & I invest Rs.1,00,000 in NSC, then how much will be deducted u/s 80c ? I want to know the calculation. Will it be the whole Rs.1,00,000 to be deducted u/s 80c ? Or 20% of my Investment…? 

    Please help…Thanks

  267. Edison says:

    I purchased icici pru tax growth on 30 march 2011 from icici bank, mira road, with clear instructions that i want this for fy2011-2012, now they have completely disregarded my instructions and have given the units as of april 2012, the clerk of icici bank says his CA friend says that i can claim deductions for fy2011-2012 as the cheque given to them is dated 30.03.12 as it takes time to process , but the intention was clear for the product for the fy11-12. I need clarification for the same.

    Thanking you,

  268. rubina says:

    i m earning  above twenty thousnd whch wuld my best deal to save tds and tax.

  269. Lata Bhandare says:

    If their is only on child and his Tuition Fees paid Rs. 100000/- then what is exumption amount unde section 80 c ?

  270. Preeti says:

    Dear itsjiny, you can get extra exumption on Interest on House loan uptill Rs. 150000/- and this amount is apart from 80C’s deduction of Rs. 100000/- so overall you can get 2.5 lac exumption from this scheame.

  271. vinod kumar korada says:

    sir, somewhere i had seen section 80CCA. Pls tel me about that

  272. Santhosh says:

    I have a housing loan on my mother’s name.

    cant i produce that for tax exemption.

  273. itsjiny says:


    If the income is around 4 lacs. What is the best investment under 80 C?
    if i take housing loan and get deduction under it upto 1 lac – is it over and above the investment i make in ppf (70 K)?
    Pl guide. Thanks.

  274. SK Rajeev says:


    I Have a LIC Policy for 18000/- per year. Can I claim for Rs 5000 for myself and the rest 13000 for my wife income tax under 80C.

    Thank You

  275. Pallavi says:

    My mother is not working. My father is working. His salary is 5,000/-. So can I use my Mother’s and Sister’s LIC amount for my Income Tax Return filing under 80C deduction..

  276. DEEPAK SHARMA says:

    Both my mother and i file separate income tax. i am married and,my mom took a insurance policy in my name and paid vide cheque 50000/- from her account.can she claim 80c exemption on it?

  277. omkar says:

    Dear All,
    My annual income is 120000 .is it required to submit income tax return.

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      If salary is the only income you are earning then you are not required to file your income tax return

  278. Siva Kumar says:

    Does Mortgage Loan comes under 80c for Tax Deduction.
    Is Mortgage / Housing Loan, is one and same.
    regards. SIva Kumar

  279. g p khanduri says:

    i have  lic premium rs.50000/-annual and gpf rs. 50000/-annual. therefore 100000/- limit under section 80c is over. can i  avail children education allowance deduction rs.2400/- for two children?

  280. CHANDRA says:

    I want to fill my ITR, So Please send me complete deduction details as per income tax 

  281. Md. Yousuf Ali says:

    Dear sir, I have deposited Rs. one lack in deccan gramina bank, hyderabad for the period of 7 year & 7 days, is it helps in tax saving?

  282. Ramashis Hota says:

    I am PSU employee. Whether can I get the benefit of NSC purchased by me in the name of my wife in the F.Y. 2011-12 U/S 80 C of the Income Tax Act.

  283. deb says:

    dear sir,
    My query is through which portal I can enter my investment details under 80CC?

  284. shyam says:

    Hi sir, I have a query regarding LIC policy payment through cheque.I have made a payment through cheque on 31st march 2011 and have got the premium receipt showing dated 31st march 2011 but the cheque was encashed by LIC on 7th April 2011 through my Saving bank Account. Will i be eligible to claim deduction under section 80C for the financial year 2010-11? Thanks a lot for spreading your valuable knowledge.

    Regards shyam

  285. bharath kumar says:

    dear sir,
    I would like to ask “is the increase in ppf limit to rs. 1,00,000 will be applicable to A.Y2012-13 for the purpose of deduction under sec 80C, if not then from which financial year,
    i wiil waiting for the reply

  286. Rashi says:

    i have paid stamp duty registration fees on 17/01/2012. However i am taking possession on 01/04/2012. Can i avail the deduction in F.Y. 2012-13? I have taken the housing loan for this house purchase the repayment has already started. from which year i can start availing the benefit of that?

  287. shahid says:

    hi to all tax payer i can help you to deduction from 80c from income tax act just buy an insurance policy that can give you 70percent returns and you life also will will be cover from risk but be care full that if you want to invest in such know the all details and i will help you from this you can contact my 91 8546992056 and shahidtherobinhood for all are welcome

  288. shahid says:

    hi all of you if you want to deduction from 80c i will give you best plan and it will help you to return back 70percent you have invested for more details contact my and you can call my no +91 8546992056 in Bangalore

  289. BIJI ALEX says:

    I am investing 1500/- per month as RD in Post Office, the total tenure period is 60 month cum 5 years. One year investment comes as 18000/-.
    Can I show this amount to the Form 16 A for the IT filling. Please advice.
    If so, then please share the printed notification shared by the Income Tax Department.

  290. sandip patel says:

    if i will take national saving certificate joint name with my sister ,then can i get tax exemption under section 80C??

  291. Ravindra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have already home loan & it’s shown tax benefit but I have purchase one more home this year hence we have claim this new home registration & Stamp Duty for I.T benefit. u/s 80 c

    Please update me.

    Thanx & regards,

  292. ISHWAR says:

    just i want to know that is their any limits for fixed deposit in Income tax.?

  293. Prashant Sonar says:

    If the life insurance premium & Post recuring  is paid by son by his account or ecs systems for his father then son can’t claim the deduction, but can father claim deduction for this investment?

  294. Awdhesh Prasad says:

    I have contribute to Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) through my salary, guide me for deduction claim u/s 80C or 80D

  295. Ravi A says:


    I have purchase Falt in Jan-2012, please tell me and i have paid Stam duty to govt.can i take banifit against Income Tax exemption under 80c.
    Please update me.

  296. DEBASISH BOSE says:

    If I invest Rs. 37000/- in single premium of LIC’s BIMA BACHAT Policy, am I entitled to get full exemption on the premium paid under 80C? Accounts Deptt of my office says that I will only get 20% of the premium as tax rebate.

    Kindly enlighten me on this issue please.

    D BOSE

  297. Rejifeba says:

    the write up is good for general knowledge but not for calculation purpose. what are the limits applicable for each type of investments?

  298. Rejifeba says:

    the write up is good for general knowledge but not for calculation purpose. what are the limits applicable for each type of investments?

  299. Rejifeba says:

    the write up is good for general knowledge but not for calculation purpose. what are the limits applicable for each type of investments?

  300. Rejifeba says:

    the write up is good for general knowledge but not for calculation purpose. what are the limits applicable for each type of investments?

  301. Eshwar 0512 says:

    how to get these updates to my mobile

  302. Eshwar 0512 says:

    how to get these updates to my mobile

  303. Eshwar 0512 says:

    how to get these updates to my mobile

  304. VKG says:

    i am getting my 50% HRA from company & same 50% is paying to company for giving accommodation. But sir, my parents are also living at rent and i am paying rent for his rents. Can i save my income tax, please suggest.

  305. JYOTHI says:

    I invest rs. 50,000 as Term Deposit for 5 yrs. in SBT during february.  I claimed this amt as exemption under section 80 c.  is it admissible?  will the interest to be included in next years income?  what are the consequences if I withdraw the amount before 5 yrs.

  306. JYOTHI says:

    I invest Rs. 50,000 as Term Deposit for 5 yrs in SBT on February. I claim this amount for deduction under 80 c.  Is it admissible.  Will the interest to be added in next years income. what are the consequences if we withdraw the amount before 5 yrs.

  307. geetha says:

    Sir, my total income per month is 50075/-. how much should be my saving for claiming income tax benefit. Please let us know the celing limit for LIC, Medical bills, Health Insurance, PPF, Housing loan, Infrastructure bond.
    Thanks in advance

  308. Anshuman Verma says:

    Dear Sir, I want to claim tax on capital gains from sale of land through purchase of house. Is the saving applicable even when new asset is financed through loan or I need to repay the loan from the proceeds of sold land to claim exemption.
    Also let me know how to claim exemption on record(through I-T return filing ..? or what)


  309. CHETAN V ANGOLKAR says:

    Dear Sir, Kindly provide information about income tax exemption under section 80C or other sections for the amount paid on service tax 2.25% and vat 1% (on the aggrement value of Flat) in the present financial year 2011-12, the possession is also in this financial year 2011-12. Your expedited reply would be helpful to me.

  310. K K Singh says:

    I am maintaining a D-mat account with my wife name. Can I claim IT tax rebate on infrastructure bonds held in the name of my wife.

  311. Amit Kumar says:

    I am maintaining a D-mat account with my wife name as 1st holder. can I claim IT tax rebate on infrastructure bonds held in the name of my wife as 1st name and my name as 2nd holder.

  312. akhilesh kumar says:

    sir 1 lakh has been deducted from my basic salary by section 80c still 11910 is deducting as tax from my salary how can i save it

  313. S.S.Joshi says:

    Last 15 years I am depositing regularly in PPF A/c. Can I continue the same PPF A/c ? Can I get income tax exemption on that investment.?

  314. megha says:

    At which case limit u/s 80c  is from 100000 to 120000

  315. Parthasarathy says:

    Is it possible to show my car loan interest under 80c?

  316. sweta says:

    we purchase resale flat of rs.2381000/- and pay the stamp duty, registration, so could we get the excemption u/s 80c
    if yes, then how much excemption

  317. Anant says:

    if i paid my wife L.I.C. premium  weather i will  tax exemption benefit if my wife is salary employee 

  318. gurpreet says:

    whether i can get rebate under 80 c for policy on my husband’s name ?

  319. Ashim Kumar says:

    My investment in 80 C has crossed the limit of 1 Lac. Can I allow my wife to show the surplus of LIC premiums paid by me on my life policies as her investment to claim rebate under 80C

  320. Ashim Kumar says:

    My investment in 80 C has crossed the limit of 1 Lac. Can I allow my to show the surplus LIC premiums paid by me on my life policies as her investment to claim rebate under 80C

  321. Dimpu says:

    3,00,000 Per annum,

    Have 20,000 NSC & 18,000 in LIC. Should I need to show more Investment so that tax may not get deducted.

    Please reply



  323. SHOBY says:

    whether gratuity deducted from salary is eligible for deduction u/s 80 C?

  324. sarath says:

    whether grandfather can claim insurance premium of his grandson for IT purpose

  325. NIKHIL says:

    Will I get Tax benefit on Stamp duty and Reg fees for this year (2011-12) under sec 80c if possession is after 1 year(Next financial year)? And Im also paying VAT and Service tax on property. Are they also exempted. if yes under which section?

  326. ABHISHEK RATHI says:

    sir, in want to know that whether my father in law will get the benefit of section 80c under income tax act, if he pays the life insurance premium of  my policy as well as of my wife’s policy ?

  327. narendra says:

    1.  Are 5 years bank fixed deposite interest amount is taxable?
    2. If yes, the interest amount is calculated as income per year OR on maturity? 
    How to calculate ? 

  328. Nisha Avinash says:

    I have personal loan from my salary account bank. Shall I get tax exception for this?

  329. M.P. SINGH says:

    I have taken a housing loan which is in joint names of mine and my wife. My wife is also a working lady. The house property is also in joint names. The EMI is being paid totally out of wife’s salary account due to operational convenience and household expenses are being met totally out of my account and there is an understanding to this effect between us. Can I claim benefit of tax under Section 24 & 80C for the whole amount of interest & principal.

  330. suniloc says:

             i have saved up to Rs.o1 lac  for income tax benefits during current  financial yr…kindly communicate whether section -80c of deductable items such as ulip inked insurance plans of sbi   is included in the margin of  Rs.01 lac.. or not.?
      02)    sir,  .if it is beyond the limit of Rs  one lac   what is time limit for submission of return?

  331. suniloc says:

     i have saved up to o1 lac  for income tax benefits during current financial yr…kindly communicate whether section -80c of deduction is included in the margin of  Rs.01 lac.. or not.

  332. Jiten says:

    I have purchased a flat in non municipal cooperation (gram panchayat) and have not taken loan from any bank. I have an agreement with the builder for paying the amount as EMI and at 0% Interest. Can I claim it as housing loan payment under 80C. If yes what document do i need to submit to save TDS.

  333. Sachin says:

    I had gon all the comments mentioned above but didn’t found answer of the below question Can husband get tax benifit on the premium paid for the wife’s life insurance policy.The policy is on the name of wife.But the name is before marriage name and contains the address same as of me? .If yes what documents needs to be submitted.

    • admin says:

      In respect of payment husband can claim the deduction. Supporting documents can be marriage certificate and your marriage invitation card.

  334. Anil says:

    Kumar Ashish ,

    I am also looking for the same information.

    property/loan is on both wife and husband name and EMIs have been paid by husband from citi bank can my wife claim tax exemption u/c 24 or 80c ??

    if no , what are the penalties for claiming interest like that ?


  335. Akhilesh says:

    sir, i am doing mba is it fees recipt is help full in tax diduction

  336. Kumar Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,
    Gretting for the day.
    A query regarding housing loan. If husband and wife both are working in private sector and come in tax. Housing loan had taken on the name of husband and wife. But payment made by husband bank account. Interest component are above 2 lacks. Can husband and wife both take deduction on the interest component.

    Kumar Ashish

  337. Amit Surpuriya says:

    For Application of All Infrastructure Bonds (80CCF) Contact – Amit Surpuriya – 9850873688 – Pune
    KSHITIJ FINANCIAL SERVICESMutual Fund | Infrastructure Bond | 54EC Capital Gain Bonds | Company Fixed Deposit | Medi-Claim 

  338. P R SARKAR says:

    Kindly intimate me :
    1. Money invested in the name of parent/children –
        Does the money received is taxable in the hands of parent/children ?
    2. IIn case, the money is invested in joint name with parent/children (1st holder) & taxpayer (2nd holder):     Can the income on investment be shown as income of 1st holder & the 2nd holder can get rid of tax burden?


  339. OP Satheesh says:

    In a 5 year Fixed Deposit in bank is the principal and interest taxable on maturity

  340. Chadra N says:

    My father was expired and my mother is a housewife and i am paying LIC for her as she is dependent on me, can i take tax exemption by providing her LIC Receipts of her if yes is there any document i need to attach for that.

  341. Giri says:

    Me and my wife have taken a home loan. Also we have SBI Life Insurance (SBI RINN Raksha) for Funding of Home Loan Insurance Cover. Please advise can we claim exemption for paying the Premium amount.
    This coverage is paid against another loan by the same banker that of home loan. We are paying interest for the Insurance Loan. Can we get exemption for both the premium paid and the interest for the insurance loan ?

  342. jyoti says:

    Invested in post office monthly paymnet 1500. is it deducted u/s 80c?

  343. ravi says:

    hi, how much amount will invest in elss m.f. in this assessment year?

  344. Anup says:

    Regarding Stamp Duty and Registration Charges –> Can husband and wife both claim the Stamp Duty and Registration Charges, in case of joint home laon?

  345. Girish says:

    I am purchasing a site from BDA and shall pay registration charges and stamp duty of Rs 2 Lakh , will the amount paid for registration charges and stamp duty for site purchase extemted under section 80 C , Please advise.

  346. Giri says:

    Me and my wife have taken a home loan. Also we have SBI Life Insurance for Funding of Home Loan Insurance Cover. Please advise can claim exemption for paying the Premium amount.
    This is coverage is paid against another loan by the same banker that of home loan. We are paying interest for the Insurance Loan. Can we get exemption for both the premium paid and the interest for the insurance loan ?

  347. Balaji S says:

    Hi, whether Grand parent has a benefit of 80c , for taking insurance for granddaughter.

  348. divya says:

    can i show my husbands lic policy for tax deduction.As he is remitting 30000each in 4 installments.can we both show the same policy in deduction(as 2 installments for me2 installments his)

  349. venkat says:

    For Infrastructure Bonds processing, please call me at 9241545354 (for bangalore

  350. Jayantilal says:

    can a HUF claim exemption U/s. 80/c if HUF give cheque to karta,s PPF Account

  351. Prashanth says:

    Hi, can premium paid for a pension plan by father for major earning child qualify for deduction under section 80CCC. Please guide.

  352. Tanuja says:

    It is mentioned stampduty for purchase of residential property can be claimed under 80C.
    Is that applicable for purchase of residential site(KHB) ?

    Next need suggestions for best option which will help in tax saving as well as my parents and child.


  353. sathish says:


    this is sathish, i planned invest Saving s certificate in Indian bank for Rs. 50000 for the 5years period. This certificate comes under 80c. i have some questions regarding tax. please clarify the following points.

    How much amount will deduction on 50000. whether whole amount or some percentage of amount only.
    can i show savings certificate for next year also, is that possible.
    please advice some best plans for tax savings.

    Thanks in advance

  354. Kumar Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a question about investment.

    If husband and wife both are working (private sector) and tds deducted of both. Will husband show the investment for tax exemption, if the investment as like LIC is on the name of his wife. His wife will not show the investment in her organisation.

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Kumar Ashish

  355. Balaji says:

    I am paying ULIP in my spouse name. Can I show that for Income Tax Exemption?(she is not filing IT)

  356. msrc murthy says:

    in which section agriculture income comes?

  357. Kishen says:

    Infra Bond gives an additional deduction of Rs.20,000 under Section 80CCF and not under 80C.With this the total deduction will be Rs.1,20,000(1,00,000 from 80C and 20,000 from Infra bonds)

  358. Anil Kumar Vaid says:

    Kindly confirm that how many limit amount can be claim from Tution Fee for rebate under 1 lakh excemption

  359. Shyam says:

    Hello Sir,

    Recently i have bought a house,for which i had to pay 8 lacs and then remianing was loan from Bank.My EMI’s have not started yet and will start in next financial year.Please let me know if the rs 8 lacs can have the benefit under section 80C.Thanks!


  360. Rajesh says:

    can i claim tax benefit u/s 80C and 24 if i take loan on land + construction from finance company.

  361. DAYALCHANDRAN says:


  362. kalpana shirsath says:

    is it right if people are showing all atc’s, deduction on what basis u r cheacking? that

  363. Rohit says:

    I would like to know whether Education loan is consider in 80C or not?
    I am paying 60k p.a. and also 18k for life insurance.


    • Sravani says:

      U will not get deduction to loan on education u/s. 80C. Only the fee upaid to the institution will be allowed as deduction and that too such amt is to be for u, ur spouse or ur children. Bt Interest on education loan will be allowed as deduction u/s. 80E. This loan mst be for higher studies of urs or ur spouse or ur children whether in India or abroad.

    • Sravani says:

      hey small correction. 80C tuition fee payment to ur children will only be eligible. It is not eligible if payment is for urself or to ur spouse. Children can be ur legal children or even adopted children.

  364. taruna says:

    hi ,
    i want to know twinkal is under 80 c taxbenifit?

  365. nitin says:

    sir i want to know that if wife paid LIC premium of his husband, should wife get deduction of that premium on his IT return

  366. AJAY MISHRA says:

    Short term mutual fund (non ELSS) gain is taxable? What about long term mf gain?

  367. Prashanth Pai says:

    Dear All,
    Pls tell me whether i can avail tax exemption for stamps duty and registration charges for purchase of land. If yes which section of the act.

    with regards
    Prashanth Pai

  368. Rajesh says:

    morgage loan came under 80C ?

  369. micky says:

    pls tell me whether birla sunlife is eligible for deduction under section 80 c

  370. arup says:

    Dear sir / Mamadam

    I have submitted may ppf withdraw from in my previous company virgin mobile ltd on feb 11 still it is pending as norms it takes sum 45 working days and I have spoken in virgin mobile they have told me that they have submitted the form in pf office on 28 mar 2011 but still it is pending

  371. ajay singh says:

    plz let me know that in which investment i will save tax

  372. Saagar says:


    Can you please clarify if Govt.’s New Pension System(NPS) qualifies for tax benefit under 80C?

  373. PRAVALLIKA says:


  374. Sourav Chakraborty says:

    I think ELSS should be placed higher in the list, particularly for young professionals who will prefer moderate-to high risk investments with much higher returns. FD, PPF are more logical to middle aged professionals.

  375. SAGAR RASTOGI says:



  376. Namra says:

    If I purchase a shop on loan basis will it be considered for getting deduction same as housing loan….

    • SAGAR RASTOGI says:



  377. Dr. Kamaljit Singh says:

    I wish to claim rebate of Rs 150,000/- on the interest paid against house loan. I am submitting the return online on form ITR1, but see no colum to claim this rebate (section 24(b). Will you please suggest, if I have to deduct it from the total salary and then fill it, or there is some other way of doing it.
    Kindly reply.
    Kamaljit singh

  378. Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir

    Under Deduction 80c can i claim refund of an amount Rs 22745=00 which is paid for admisson to college but the bill is collected as Managment fee for PCME (subjects) by college total amount collected for year 2010-2011 is Rs 25500
    i have paid TDS amount under which can i claim this refund

    Management fee PCME (subjects) Rs 22745-00
    College Fee Rs 1255-00
    Corpus Fund Rs 1000-00
    College Fee (language Hindi) Rs 500-00
    Total Rs 25500-00

    Please sir would you kindly Reply me urgently

  379. maharaj krishen says:

    i have to pay rs 70000=00 being tution fee to my daugter doing b,des
    from indian university,i want to know whether i will get rebate for
    the the amount mentioned above in full or there is some limit because
    one can save only 1 lac for financial year 2011-12
    pl reply me soon

  380. Sourav Kumar says:


    I want to go for LIC’s Jeevan Anand policy for an amount of 5 lacs and for a period of 20 years.The sum of all the annual premium turns out to be more then the sum insured.What are the rules for getting the tax rebate as someone suggested that for this policy under revised taxation rules for 2011 we cannot get tax rebate as the premium amount is more then the sum insured and some other reason too.Kindly confirm and reply asap.


  381. Hemanshu says:

    Can A Father Take An Insurance Policy Due On Earning Son And Avail Tax Benefit.?
    Eg :

    Father Age = 68
    Son’s Age = 44

    Can Father Aged 68 Take A Policy On His Son Aged-44 And Claim The Tax Benefit U/S 80c For Life Insurance Deduction??

  382. Maheshwar says:

    Hi, I have invested in year 2005 for a plot for Rs. 5,00,000, since there was some issue with land allocation, they returned my principal amount of 5 Lac in year 2009 and last year interest for 4 to 5 years.

    My query is that is interest income taxable and need to be added to my main salary or I can avail any depriciation.


    • SAGAR RASTOGI says:


  383. vipin goyal says:


    i am purchase aviva polciy dtd 31.3.11 but ch. pass in my a/c dtd. 15.4.2011 pls till me i can taken tax benfit in F.Y. 2010-11

    • deepak says:

      the date is date of deposit, nothing to do with when the cheque is encashed. but remember if the cheque is bounced april and you again deposit it, then the rebate will be available in the next year

    • nirav says:

      Yes Vipin. U can take Tax examption for the F.Y. 2010-2011. Policy date should be for the month of March’2011 only..

  384. JANA S. says:

    OVER ALL LIMIT UNDER SEC 80-C IS RS.1,00,000/- AND ADDITIONAL LIMIT OF RS.20,000/- IS ALLOWED FOR INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS. Is there any chance to increase this limit ?

  385. Chetan Adalja says:

    Will it be possible that father will give loan to his son for purchasing house.

  386. Rajeev kumar says:

    if i paid to insurance policy pension plan premium of my dependents,
    is this value help me in tds deduction

  387. Mangesh says:


    I paid an insurance premium on March 29, 2011 and I did not claim that premium for FY 10-11. Can I use that premium for 80C benefits this year, i.e., FY 11-12?


  388. karan says:

    I will be paying fees for my cousin brother for his MBA in India.

    Can i claim deduction on the same.

  389. sushma says:

    in case i withdraw money of icci prudential LIC before maturity then loss on that will be allowed as deduction from income from other sources?

  390. K H Mahajan says:

    Sir— Can I claim short term capital loss on shares dealing on delivery base, from my income of business and profession or from interest recd. from banks on FDs ?
    Thanks . K H Mahajan

    • SAGAR RASTOGI says:


  391. Jaywant M H says:

    How to Value FOC Stock

  392. Arpita Sarma says:

    I want 2 know the tax deduction list of every policy….plz rply me

  393. elima says:

    sir, i have been just recruited in a govt. job. my annual income is 2.23 lacs. what do you suggest me for tax saving.
    i already have lic policy of monthly premium 2300.

    • nirav says:

      Hie Elima,

      Take NSC for Rs. 10,000/- from post office & make sure ur premium of Rs. 27600/- (yearly) – (Rs. 2300/-pm) has to be paid on time n before 31st march of every year.

  394. Sanjay says:

    I am an NRI who plans to settle in India. I have Insurance policies in UAE and wish to continue to pay the premiums for the same even after settling in India? How can I remit the payments towards premiums from india ?

  395. Mukesh says:


    Kindly advise the liability of Sevice Tax on Cargo handling service provided for agri product, which is providing to Singapore base Company.we have also received remittance in foreign currency.

    Thanx in advance

  396. sonali gawand says:

    Actually i donate every month 5000/- PM to handicarft school and my anuual income is 3.4 lakh means i donate yearly 60,000/- PA. My qus is how many amt i save to showing this donation.

    • arijit says:

      donation is the subjectmatter of under section 80G so check out this under section for ur donation making…………

    • srinivasan says:

      you can claim 50% of your donation made. IF the handicraft get 100% tax relief u can claim fully.

  397. Sam says:


    I have paid Life Insurance premium from my credit card account.
    Can my wife claim income tax exemption for this premium under 80C?

    Please advise.

    • Nrusingh prasad subudhi says:

      Yes ,your wife can claim the benifit.

      • SARIKA says:


        • SAGAR RASTOGI says:


  398. Kumar Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,

    If a tax payer is getting heigher education. will the fees of education cover under section 80 c.

    Kumar Ashish

  399. Kailash Narayan (Sameer) says:


    • RAJU DAS says:


    • srinivasan says:


      • SAGAR RASTOGI says:


  400. kailash says:

    Dear sir,
    Kindly advice me concern Tax benifit as I purchaged a house with NRI MONEY and the rent will give by person in IR-9000/- monthly and depositing in local bank. I had PPF A/C and yearly some what I deposite 30000/- wife and kids LIC 30000/-yearly 15000/- in post office 20000/ on health insurence, 25000/- daughter insurence 50000/- sbl life insurance etc.
    advice me for the Tax on money I recieved from rent can my all above saving can come under it.

  401. Harsh says:

    Dear sir,

    I want to know that if I invest in this financial year (say in ELSS). But from next year after new tax law ELSS are not exempted. Will the investement done in this year be eligible for tax exemption.


  402. KAMAL GUPTA says:


  403. SM says:

    How much eligible to tution fees of 2011-12 ass.year

  404. anup says:

    Sir ,
    I have taken a Bhima Bachat Policy , a single premium policy from LIC with the single premium of Rs. 1,00,155/- the Sum Assuerd policy value of Rs. 1,50,000/-. My Drawing & Disbursing Offcier says that only 20% of the sum assued Or the premium amount paid , which ever is least is only eligible for tax relief under section 80C. So he allowed only Rs. 30,000/- instead of Rs. 1,00,155/- . I feel it is not as per rules. so please clarify it. If he is right then I want to know wether I can get tax benifit of another 20% for next 4 years.

  405. anup says:

    dear sir

    i have taken lic policy in april 2010, total sum assured is Rs 150000 and for that i have paid one time single premium of Rs.100155. As per incomtax act, only 20% of total sum assured is refundable u/s 80c i want to know wether i can get tax benifit with same policy for next 4 year also ?.(20%x5)

  406. P.S.SRIVASTAVA says:

    dear sir
    is the premium of rose valley in 80c?

  407. draksingh. says:

    Highly Appreciable Steps for I.T. Return

  408. Balaji says:

    Is there any change in VPF eligibility criteria for qualifying investment under section 80c.

  409. aparna says:

    what is the relaxation limit under section 80c

  410. vivek says:


    Dear Sir,

    i have purchase const house and paid stamp duty & registration charges pl advice exem under section 80c.

  411. S K GARUD says:

    I have purchased the flat in Maharashtra,Iam presently working in Gujarat.
    Beside paying STamp duty ,Registration Fees I had paid VAT TAX also
    THANKS & Regards

  412. Amit Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a Unit link single premium pension plan, having complimentary SA of Rs. 1000/-.
    Now i have opportunity to pay unlimited top up in it.
    If i do so, can i get 80’c’ benefit on top up?

    Kindly reply on my mail id.

  413. narendra says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have two property

    Ist propert – it in joint name me and my wife who is govt employee. I have take staff loan from my company and paying eniter emi. My wife is not paying any amount towards loan repayment.

    2nd propert- taken in my wife name and her income is quite sufficient to meet emi requirment. But due to bank requirement, bank has made me co-applicant, however i am not co owner of 2nd house. Entire emi will be paid be paid by my wife throuth her salary account.

    Pls let me know the tax treatment. How can we both get the maximum benefit.



  414. Vijay says:

    Wanted to know whether persons living with HIV have any special tax rebate as that under 10i etc.?

  415. sumit bansal says:

    I have a query, If wife is dependant and studying. Can her husband claim rebate on her tuition fees under section 80c

  416. Dinesh says:

    I am Purchasing a Flat in mumbai, the stamp duty paid for the same is allow for the deduction u/s 80C, my question is, if i pay the stamp duty in current year i.e on 27.03.2011 and register the agreement in next year i.e 05.04.2011, am i allowable for the deduction of stamp duty in current year and registration charges in next year.

    Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.


  417. sreeharsha says:

    Is Surrender leave encashment has an excemption for incom tax under 80C?

  418. Sunil says:

    I am not able to understand how or which amount a senior citizen can claim deduction u/s 80c in the senior citizen saving scheme ( post office ) ?

  419. amit singh says:


    • Sunil says:

      Amit you did not mention the amount of the policies

    • narendra says:

      i think ,you need not required to have policy for all members of ur family. the policy the a single key person will be enough.

      Do like this:
      Claim under section 80c
      a)pay insurance 30000
      b)Pay tuition fee of your child=10000
      c)Purchase a house and claim Repayment of house Loan=50000.(To-let the house property to claim interest portion,if it is more than Rs 150000)

      Remember from year 2010/4/1…The limit U/s 80 has been increased to Rs 120000.

      Tax evasion is crime but tax planning is inevitable.

  420. dashrath k says:

    what is the limit of lic premium exempt from i tax 80c

    • srinivasan says:


  421. govind says:

    is there any exemption on following



    • SAGAR RASTOGI says:


  422. r k gupra says:

    my daughter is studying in college. she is assessed to income tax and having the income from bank on deposits.Now i want to know if she pays her tution fee from her own account then whether she will be ekigible for 80 C

  423. r k gupra says:

    dear sir

    my daughter is stuyding in college and she is tax payee and assesee to income tax.

    she has income from bank interest now i want to know if she payes her tution fee from her own account the whether she will be eligible for deduction u/s 80-c

  424. Santosh says:

    I am presently working for government of India since Sep 2010. During my PG(2007-2009) I took Education Loan of 1 lack and now i am repaying it through EMI of Rs 2400 from Dec 2010. So can I avail any Tax exemption in this regard …… please convey it to my E mail ID

    • KANNAN says:

      no…..for the capital you are repaying ll not get tax eccemption….only for the intrest you are paying can get tax excemption…

  425. Ritesh Samuel says:

    If two person take the housing loan on combined basis so can both the person get the deduction under 80c and under section 24 on pro rate based.

  426. arup kumar das says:

    to Chandra Sekhar

    He may purchase Rs. 10,000/- NSC.(Please consult tax-consultant for correct information)

  427. CHANDER SHEKHAR says:

    my income is 170000.due tax much amount of nsc i have to purchase to save this tax

    • Professional says:

      Dear Sir,

      You have mentioned Rs.170000 as your income. However, you have not mentioned from which head the income has been earned.

      Hence, we assume that it is the income taxable (after all exemption eligible u/s10)on your hand before the deductions available under chapter VIA. Further we assume that the income mentioned by you is earned for the year 2010-11.

      Having assumed as mentioned on the para 2, You should invest at least Rs.10000/- in any of the eligible investments (NSC is one of the eligible investments) to take dedcution u/s 80C.

  428. CHANDER SHEKHAR says:

    i want a tax rebate on much amount of nsc i have to purchase for this.

  429. Prash says:


    I’m planning a start-up of my own. That will need an investment of something like 1L for me individually. Will that be counted in as an investment?


  430. SHEELU G says:

    My CA claimed Rs.48,000/- as a rent for the shop for the year ended 31-03-2010.Actually Stamp Duty(Rs.84,000/-) and Registration(Rs.14,000/-) are yet to be paid.Thereafter I will take the possession.then I paid Rs. 5513/- as INCOME TAX as calculted by him.If I pay Stamp Duty & Registration Charges and avail tuition fee (Rs.100,000/-),I need not pay Income Tax this year.Am I correct.Secondly, can I NIL rent for the shop as income.

  431. Ghazala says:

    I am a single parent (female) of twins age 5 yrs. Can you please advise me how I can save tax except tuition fees. I need the best way where I can earn maximum profit with less risk. Is it possible to save tax which has been already deducted this year from my salary? Please answer ASAP.

    • Professional says:

      Dear Madam,

      There are many kinds of investments which are eligible to be claimed u/s 80C. These include PPF, NSC, FD (for five years), LIC premuim, Housing loan principle repayment, Certain Mutual Funds…….

      Investing in PPF, NSC and FDs will get you assured, however moderate, returns and further you no need to fear for the investment is being eroded. There are lock-in period for these investments.

      Investment in Mutual fund (not all the mutual funds are eligible to be invested to claim dedcution u/s 80C. Further is worth to note that the mutual funds eligible to be invested and claimed u/s 80C used to have a lock-in period of three years)may get you a higher return than the investments such as PPF, NSC, FD etc based on which scheme and which MF you have invested. The Mutual fund scheme which yield high returns are normally invested in the equity funds and thus, needless to say, the amounts invested are exposed for being eroded.

      We strongly recommend to take advise from your CA before you invest your hard earned money.

    • Professional says:

      You have not mentioned if you are employed or carrying out your business/profession. We assume that you are employed and give the below mentioned solutions

      If the total tax payable by you for your salary income, after considering the investments you made (now) to claim dedcution u/s 80C, is LESS than the amount already deducted (as TDS) by your employer, then the excess deducted over the total tax payable can be calimed as refund from the IT Dept by filing your tax return.

      If the total tax payable by you for your salary income, after considering the investments you made to claim dedcution u/s 80C, is MORE than the amount already deducted (as TDS) by your employer, then the balance tax payable (over the TDS already deducted) will be deducted by your employer from March’11’s salary.

  432. raj says:


    My yearly income is 6lacs. I invest in PPF, Life Insurance upto 1lack and 20thousand in infra bond and top of that have mediclame also.

    My query is if i go for home loan and if my EMI is Rs18 thousand how much will be i able to save more on income tax. i.e already i am saving tax on 1.20 lacs by investment in ppf lic ect. will i get more tax benifit if i go for housing loan.

  433. santosh ghag says:

    I have purchased a house which is under construction and hoping to get possession in coming year 2011, I have paid stamp duty on nov 2010, so can I claim this amount under 80C this year or the year when I get possession. Please suggest.

  434. puneet agrawal says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

  435. Surunesh mitra says:

    I would like to know whether the post office MIS is exempted from the income tax under 80C.
    secondly, my wife has been gifted a plot of 1200 Sq Ft, the stamp duty charges can be included from exemption from income tax.

  436. RISHU GARG says:

    Thanks for this article.

    I would like to know whether deduction in respect of amount deposited in Recurring Deposit Account of Post Office whose term is of 5years will be allowed U/s 80C or not.

    Please clarify.

  437. M.V.Rao says:

    Sir ,
    I have taken a Bhima Bachat Policy , a single premium policy from LIC with the single premium of Rs. 84,000/- the Sum Assuerd policy value of Rs. 1,10,000/-. My Drawing & Disbursing Offcier says that only 20% of the sum assued Or the premium amount paid , which ever is least is only eligible for tax relief under section 80C. So he allowed only Rs. 22,000/- instead of Rs. 84,000/- . I feel it is not as per rules. so please clarify it.

  438. kavita says:

    I booked a flat & paid stamp duty & registration charges & flat is under construction,can i take a deductionof stamp duty charges under section 80 C

    Please reply me.

  439. kavita says:

    I am claiming for exemption under section 80C – “Stamp Duty and Registration Charges for a home”My company is not excepting the same. They sya it should be claimed after possession of the house. Kindly guide me.



    • R Mahalingam says:


      The question of claiming benefit AFTER possession of the property applies only to interest. The principal paid even during construction period (including land registration charges) can be claimed in the year of payment under Sec 80C.

      The relevant sub-section under Sec 80C reads as follows (reconstructed for ease of understanding):-

      In computing the total income of an assessee, being an individual or a Hindu undivided family, there shall be deducted, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this section, the WHOLE OF THE AMOUNT PAID OR DEPOSITED IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR, being the aggregate of the sums referred to in sub-section (2), as does not exceed one lakh rupees.

      (xviii) for the purposes of purchase or construction of a residential house property the income from which is chargeable to tax under the head “Income from house property”

      The words “the income from which is chargeable to tax” is misinterpreted as a pre-requisite for deduction under Sec 80C. It should be read with the following words … “under the head ‘Income from house property” so that the actual import is understood. What it implies is that the payment, if is made towards a loan taken for any non-residential property, then it is not eligible under Sec 80C.

      Hope it clears your doubt.

  440. balakrishnan says:

    Whether the post office recurring deposit scheme is elegible for deduction U/S 80C?

  441. sunil kumra says:

    please mail me various section under income tax for a salried person in detail& obluge

  442. Jayasankar.S says:


    I paid Rs.50,000/- in SBI ULIP. Can show full amount in 80c?


  443. sunil kumra says:

    i am a saliried person i am suffering from ulcerative colitis i claim the medical bill from my institution as per income tax rule excess of rs 15000/- is tax able i.e will add in my income as income from other soursces
    can i exempted under sec 80dd or 80ddb i mean to say my problem ulcerative colitis is eligible for Rs 40000/-

  444. CA Sushant says:

    Yes, subject to codn. that u have not taken deduction in MArch’11.

  445. Sanjeev kumar says:

    I have taken a loan from HDFC in joint names(me and mywife) and i was pay the principal amount to the bank. Bank was taken the payment through ECS on my account only.
    So please tell me about
    1.i was good for me because i was pay principal amount to the bank or i pay only interest to bank.
    2 it was possible my wife was taken the tax benefit on behalf of me.

  446. Hemant says:

    How can I benifited from tution fees & what is the process to take the benifit from tution fees.

  447. Subbarao says:


    Does the registration & stamp duty charges done in Feb 2011 can be claimed in April 2011 under 80c of IT?

  448. yogesh says:

    Whether deduction under income tax act is available for leave encashment at the time of retirement ?

  449. jai says:


    Repayment of housing loan but said housing property under construction than can i get 80 C benefit on repayment.

    also can i get benefit U/s 24 for Interest on hosiung loan which property is under construction.



  450. jayantibhai says:

    disability benifit in income tex

  451. jayantibhai says:

    dis ability deduction under 80cc

  452. shyam says:


    i had done a coarse in NIIT and APOLLO coaching centre.will it deduct in it.

    please reply

  453. MURLI MANOHAR says:

    hi sir,pls clear me for 80c deduction for childern education limit and ppf limit and home loan principal amt.
    80D medical insurance benifit for self and mother/father limit.
    please repply me

    thanks sir

  454. sachin says:

    kya 80c mai 20000 rs bond ki deduction extra hai a.y.10-11 mai

  455. Sachin says:

    I booked a flat & paid stamp duty & registration charges & flat is under construction,can i take a deductionof stamp duty charges under section 80 C

    Please reply me.

  456. murali says:

    Hi, I have savings more than one lakh to get exemption u/s 88. One of my friend told me that i can invest 20,000 over above one lakh under this section. Please inform me how i can purchase infrastructure bonds. What is the minimum amount that I have to spend on this item.

  457. Rakesh Sharma says:

    Dear Prabhakar,
    As per my view, Interest paid on preconstruction or under construction prop.; or interest paid till the property is not occupied the interest paid is capatilised.
    Thus only deduction u/s 80c is available.

  458. Neeraj says:

    I am salaried, my father is retired from govt. Can I show his LIC and bank Fixed deposit as exemption.

    Please suggest..


  459. D Durairaj says:


    My personal income tax assessed from March to Feb. I paid my insurance premium during March. Can I claim the premium deduction in the Month & year of payment


    D Durairaj

  460. prabhakar says:

    I am having a home loan for a flat purchase, which is under construction. it was suppose to be get occupied in dec 2010, but still it is under construction only, so it is not occupied, I do not have occupation letter from builder. I have bank statement (bank certificate) from a nationalize Bank, having all priciple amount (Rs. 178000.00) and interest amount (Rs. 80000.00) paid for this financial year.

    Can I get tax benefit on this home loan ? Please suugest.


  461. prabhakar says:

    I am having a home loan for a flat purchase, which is under construction. it was suppose to be get occupied in dec 2010, but still it is under construction only, so it is not occupied, I do not have occupation letter from builder. I have bank statement (bank certificate) from a nationalized Bank, having all priciple amount (Rs. 178000.00) and interest amount (Rs. 80000.00) paid for this financial year.

    Can we get tax benefit on this home loan ?


  462. Kavitha says:


    I want to do TimeDeposit for five years in the post office for my tax planning. But I am hearing from few of the Post office employees that this policy can’t be exempted under 80C section. Is it true? Please clarify.

  463. v,narayanan says:

    my wife is income tax assessee and paying tax. and she has opened ppf account and paying minimum contribution. she was unable to contribute more amount in ppf since 80c was over flow. in this connection, i may kinly be clarified if i invest maximum rs 70000/- im my ppf account. the said amount will be taken to my husband income under 8c in his return. kinly clarify

  464. vellayan says:

    Dear Team,

    I am a salaried person, during current year i have purchased a residenital vaccant plot, which i have planned to start construction during next year. Whether i will be eligible for claiming the stamp paper and registration charges as deduction under section 80 C

  465. Sreekanth says:

    Is Loan taken on site is eligible under sec 80c(2). The loan taken on site and house not constructed on this site.

    Is the interest amount eligible for tax saving under 80c(2).


    sreekanth M

  466. Nitesh says:

    If I myself is pursuing higher education (Graduation), in that case tuition fees paid by me in cash (without any education loan) comes under tax relaxation or not?
    there is a point of individual’s tuition fee under section 80C.
    Please confirm

    • rakesh says:

      yes, u can take the benefit of tax relaxation u/s 80C of the income tax Act.
      no education loan is required at all.

  467. Vijay Sharma says:


    I have 5 year tax saver FD. I opened it in year 2008. Can i show it every year tax exemption or do i need to open it every year.

    Kindly suggest.

  468. Digvijay Thool says:

    I Have invested nearly 36744/- in LIC and 5000/- in PPF and 5000/- in INFRA BONDS.
    Please tell whether i have to invest further to save my tax.
    My gross taxable income is 2.18Lacs.
    please guide me through this.

    • shammi jhanwar says:

      you can make Investment in mediclaim policy it’s premium deductable u/s 80 D up to Rs/- 15000/-

  469. SURYA PRAKASH says:

    can a person claim rebate of repayment of amount against housing loan taken for two separate properties, one in his name and secone jointly with hi wife for which the repayment in full is made by him only.

  470. Sachin Chawla says:

    What are the options for tax saving other then the 100000 (chapter VI-A)? Please advise.

  471. Dake D.G says:

    I had purcahsed home in Dec 2010 but I have not get the possesion yet so can I claim it for tax benefit under 80c for stamp duty and regeistration fee


    whether 5 years tax savings fixed deposit scheme would be encashable after 1 year.

  473. Naushad says:


    I want to know if Stamp duty paid on purchase of Land can be considered under 80C??
    Kindly suggest.


  474. Sameer Bhagwat says:

    Sir, Can rebate for interest component of the EMI be claimed for more than House/Flat. In other words can this rebate be claimed for two units.

  475. ANUPA MATHEW says:


    • shammi jhanwar says:

      no you can not claim tution fees paid to personal coaching classes under this section because 80 c deduction included tution fees paid to only reco. education centre like college,school.

  476. Rafael says:

    I have purchased a land recently (FY 2010-11) which is jointly registered in my wife’s name and my name. The Stamp Paper charge (8% of the land’s cost), Registration & Stamp Duty (1%) all together came around Rs. 1,57,000/-
    I would like to know if I and my wife can use this whole proportion for tax rebate under sec 80C (Stamp Duty and Registration Charges for a home) for this financial year.

    Note: Though it is a land, it is been purchased for housing/residential purpose but the construction will commence only after 2 years from now.

    Kindly help me in this regard.


    • Iqbal Grover says:

      Hey Rafael.

      I have a similar issue as yours..
      Did you get a solution to your problem ?
      Please let me know when you get to know anything about it..


  477. Utsab says:

    I just saw an article that if thee insurance coverage under a particular life insurance policy is less thaan 20 times the annual premium then the premium paid will not be tax free and any income generated out of this policy will also be taxable? Is this true?

  478. shridhar prabhu says:

    i wanted to know the maximum deduction of principal amount of housing loan available under section 80c

  479. SHAJU MATHEWS says:


    I have taken a loan of 1.25 lakhs from a bank of which i am repaying it monhly from the last 18 months as deducted from my salary account of Rs 3575/- of which no reciept is there but my bank statement reflects it every month. Can i use this for my 80C deduction


  480. devang shah says:


    I am paying lic premium and mediclaim premium of my father. he is dependend on me. Is lic premium and medical primium of him granted to me as per 80c.

  481. Guruprasad C H says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Will the tax percentage be decided based on the total income arrived at, after deducting the investments under 80C?
    E.g. Assume my total taxable income is 5.5 Lac/annum which comes in 20% tax bracket, and if I invest Rs 75,000 under 80C how will tax percentage be decided? is it still on 5.5 lac or on 4.75 (5.5-75000) lac?


  482. KUNDANLAL says:

    Respected Sir,
    80C has the maximum limit of Rs.1.0 Lakh. Over and above can we take 80D for further deduction of Rs.15000 and 80CCF (Long term infrastructure bond) up to Rs.20000.
    i.e. total Rs.1,35000.


  483. vikas gyanchandani says:


    Is there any schema for which I can save tax, but the period of investment should be 1 year max and I can takeout the money after 1 year, even if I don’t get the interest rate.

    If not, which is the minimum period investment scheme available.


  484. Manish says:

    Dear Sir

    If Housing Loan is in both real brothers name, Can both claim full amount of Housing Loan Principle and Interest. Both are workings.In this case both brothers want to claim the full principle and Interest amt. for tax saving purpose

    Please advise.
    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Kumar

  485. renuka says:

    i have a own house can i show rent receipt for salary people


  486. SUMAN KUMAR JHA says:

    dear sir,

    i purchase kisan vikas patra (kvs ) from indian post office, plz advise me kvs is avlable for decucton of undersection 80c for salary person.


    suman kumar jha

  487. sagar jadhav says:

    pls inform me that which plans of the lic’s having deduction available

  488. Ravi Kiran.D says:

    Dear Sir,

    Suppose if our own residence under construction is in Vijaywada and iam residing in Secunderabad.Then am i not eligible to show the tax deduction for Home interest or principal repayment. And am i not eligible for the house rent for tax deduction. Eligible for Both or either of

  489. Sivasubramanian says:

    Is there IT exemption for my daughter, who has paid Rs.50,000/- in the PPF account of her DEPENDENT mother?

  490. susheel says:

    which are the eligible investments, to recieve additional deduction of Rs. 20000 above Rs. 100000 under sec 80C

  491. raghu says:

    Dear Sir

    If Housing Loan in both husband and wife name, is there any rule for claiming proportionate amount of Housing Loan Principle and Interest. Both are workings.In this case husband want to claim more portion of the interest to save tax
    plse advice at early.

  492. jay prakash narayan singh says:

    my son’s school is charged inclded an anual fee of Rs.2800.00. can i avail deduction u/s 80c for it?

  493. m.shanmugam says:

    kindly inform maximam saving can be made u/s 80c

  494. Chandrakant says:

    Pl. let me know . can i deduct house rent from my income? and what is the limit.

  495. nagaji says:

    I want to take new home on my wife name. Bank are ready to pay the lone to my wife . I will be gurantor for her. EMI will deduct from my salary account. Can i take the tax banifit 100%. Because House is not in my name but i ampaying th EMI as gurantor.

  496. Jayan Naik says:


    Me and my wife have recently purchased home, She is second party and i am the first party to purchase. I have paid Stamp duty and registration fees from her account via DD. I wish to know that can she claim the Registration fees and can i claim other part of stamp duty.
    please note EMI will be deducted from my account.

    Secondly can she claim the whole stamp duty and registration fees.

  497. prashant says:

    I had invested 50000 in ELSS last year.I availed Deduction for the same. now i need money for some reason.
    Can i Sell ELSS & withdraw money? (though there is a lock in period of 3 yrs, is there any provision about withdrawal in IT laws?)

  498. Abhinay says:

    Hi Srinivasarao you can show your parents LIC premium amount for tax exemption under section 80C.


  499. VIVEK CHEVLI says:


  500. K V Chari says:

    Post office senior citizens Savings Scheme: On maturity it can be extended for 3 years from the date of maturity. In such a case, kindly clarify whether whether the deposit extended will qualify for concession under 80-C
    K Venkatachari

  501. Srinivasarao says:


    If I Paid life Insurence premiums for my father and mother, they are dependent on me whether it is exmpted under section 80C.

  502. karthick says:


    I am an IT professional. My father got a home loan and now i am paying the principle. In the loan document me & my brother also signed for the repayment of the loan. Can this home loan is eligible for section 80C. Can i get the tax exception for this in my income.

    Karthick M

  503. varsha says:

    i am state govt. servant,i have taken a policy in the name of my husband,now i want to take 80 c deduction on it.what documents will require for it,which show it my husband is not getting benefit of that policy u/s 80c. me

  504. suresh hegde says:

    Other than Section 80c and 80CCC where I can invest so that I can get IT rebate/benefit

  505. Raghavendra says:


    I have paid 20,000 for my kids school as registration fee and administration fee to a trust. I have got the reciept also. Is this 20 thousands will come under 80c will i get tax excemption on this, please let me know.

    I am also paying tusion fee about 27 thousands, will this also comes unders 80c

    Please let me know


  506. g.krishnamurthy says:

    pl.clarify whether senion citizens savings scheme opened at SBI which gives 9% interest and with a lock-in period of 5years qualify for tax exemption under 80c? The bank people or the postal staff do not commit to the question of tax exemption in this scheme while canvassing for it. I have invested Rs.1.00 lakh in it last month. pl.clarify.

  507. Rashmi says:

    My father is gvt employee..his income lies in tax slab at @20%..his saving cross 100000…in GPF,LIC premium..can he save tax by diffrnt investment?..except dsaving limit?…plz tell as soon as possible…

  508. parveen kumar says:

    my wife is a govt. employee. she purchased a plot.i am also a govt employee.Bank is ready to give me home loan.
    can i save my income tax through this loan


  509. Shivani Joshi says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Father’s income is 444800 p.a.We pay LIC premium of Rs 48000+NSC Rs15000+PPFRs5000 Please compute our tax liability & advice how to save tax ?
    Yours faithfully
    Shivani Joshi

  510. Dr. RABINDRA KUMAH JENA says:


  511. Dr. RABINDRA KUMAH JENA says:

    Very much helpful. WSish ur advice all along.

  512. M.B.Desai says:

    Recently in Nationalised Banks the retirees were given SECOND PENSION OPTION and for that they have to pay certain amount towards PENSION FUND GAP .
    Whether this amount is exempted from income-tax? If yes then it is full amount or a limit?
    I think this information will be useful to entire community of bank retires opting for second pension option.
    Please write to me , even at:-
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  513. Rakesh Khatri says:

    No,deduction u/s 80c to 80u are not available for short term capital gain

  514. rajan says:

    can we save short term capital gain with invest in 80c

  515. Narendra says:

    can i invest Rs.1 Lakh in NSC

  516. v v n murthy says:

    Dear Sir

    If Housing Loan in both husband and wife name, Can both claim proportionate amount of Housing Loan Principle and Interest. Both are workings.In this case husband want to claim the portion of the principle and portion to wife.

    Please advise.
    Thanks & Regards
    V V N Murthy

  517. Gopi says:

    Under Life Insurance Premiums i am not clear about the sentence “If you are paying premium for more than one insurance policy, all the premiums can be included”

    Plese can anybody explain

  518. avinash kumar says:

    can I claim rebate on fees other than tuition fee of children’s education expense under 80c?

  519. v.Govindan says:

    My question is whether any nationalised Bank will accept the senior citizen’s scheme 2004 at Chennai?

  520. v.Govindan says:

    Where I can invest in Chennai in the senior citizen’s scheme 2004. Can it be done in any nationalised Bank?

  521. Randeep says:


    Please advise if a NSC or a FD in my name would be valid for my husband to declare as savings under 80c.


  522. mukesh rohil says:

    i have rd in a post office for the 5 year can rd is under 80c saving scheme

  523. KAMESWARA RAO says:


    Recently i bought a Residential site(220 sq yards) at Kakinada. I have paid around Rs 58000/-(8.5%) as registration charges for this property(stamp duty)

    Now, i would like to know from you that: Is it Eligible for Sec 80c Exemption? If Yes pls let me know what is the Limit?

    My mail ID is &

    pls inform as early as you can.


  524. jaideep says:

    sir,i want to get exemption other than 1 lakh
    i heared about the IDFC infrastructure bond,just tell from where i can buy that bond and what i heared is rigth or wrong

  525. prasad says:

    Hello All,
    can you tell me pls criteria of LiC premium for Parents

  526. K.Gururajan says:

    If a home loan EMI is more than Rs. 1 lac is fully deducted or not

  527. ksdhaliwal says:

    what about infrastructure bonds is their deduction over&above one lac

  528. MOHAN says:


  529. soldier says:

    Kindly let me know the investments eligible under sec 80c described in dtc

  530. K.A.Sampath says:

    I have taken home loan in my wife’s name and I stood as co-borrower. When my wife approached for tax benefit for home loan, the employer said that only 50% of the amount repaid towards Principal and Interest will be taken into account and the remaining 50% should be claimed by me since both of us working.Is there any such Income Rules says so. Please clarify me.

  531. Aditya Jain says:

    Sir can u please tell me can i claim deduction in respect of rent paid by my father..if yes wat is the limit

  532. ag thaj says:

    Dear Sir is in the name of my father and i repay the housing loan through my account. so who will be eligible to get deduction u/s 80C
    2.NCD Is under 80C or not

  533. CMA Pralay says:

    Contribution to ELSS got the deduction u/s 80CCB.not u/s 80C.just chk it out..

  534. suresh says:

    If NSC was on two persons name my & my mother name, amount paid by me, is it applicable under 80c for my Tax saving?

  535. ravi says:

    Tax Saving bonds/NSC/POKVP taken in the name of my parents will be considered under 80C or not.

  536. Sanjeev Mishra says:

    I want to buy IDFC Infra Bond for Rs.20000/- in the name of my wife who is a housewife. Please tell me this amount can be claimed for rebate in income tax by me.

  537. pnpatel241189 says:

    can a mother gift her property to her daughter in law(son’s wife). is there is any provision to get tax benifit

  538. shrutika says:

    can a mother gift her property to her daughter in law(son’s wife). is there is any provision to get tax benifit.

  539. Bharat Jain says:

    NCD Is under 80C or not

  540. Bharat Jain says:

    I Invest In NCD It is Exempt In 80C or not

  541. Narendra Nath Hazra says:

    I invested in LIC policy for my only grand son who is 8 years old for his education and his parents capacity. Am i eligible for deduction under 80C


  542. M L Pandey says:

    Dear sir, i bought a flat in Naini allahabad and paid stamp duty & registration of rs 81000/-. the property registred on 30/06/2006. How and what amount can be claimed as income tax benefit.

  543. Vikram Singh says:

    My question is if grandson is life to be assured,father is proposer & grandfather is Payer can grandfather take the tax benefit for u/s80c

    Thanks & Regard
    Vikram Singh
    Haridwar (U.K)

  544. jalpa shah says:

    property is in the name of my father and i repay the housing loan through my account. so who will be eligible to get deduction u/s 80C

  545. puneet mahajan says:

    Our Business Income is 216000/- in A.Y. 2010-11. Our Home Loan Interst is 24365/- and I will Pay 8000/- Per Month as a EMI on House Loan. Lic Premium is 5000/-. What amount can be claimed as deduction and calculate income tax on such income.


  546. hiralal says:

    sir i want repplai

  547. jaynandan prasad says:

    dear sir, i bought a flat in navi mumbai and paid stamp duty & registration of rs 183000/-. the property registred on 30/08/2010 and possession is being given on dec 2010. how and wat amount can be claimed as income tax benefit.


  548. hiralal says:

    sir i taken home loan from SBI for purchase house but i cant get pussetion how i get tax examtion.

  549. Sampath says:


    I am staying in rented house chennai and getting HRA exception (Under Sec 10) by submitting rent receipt.

    I would like to buy a house at my hometown for my parents by taking housing loan.

    So, can i get benefits of both HRA exemption (Under Sec 10) and Housing Loan (under sec 80c for Principal and Sec 24 for Interest)?

    Thanks in Advance,

  550. abhay srivastava says:

    I want to purchase a house in the name of my wife to save stamps on registry. She is a house wife.
    I have applied for house loan from HDFC Bank, will I be eligible for tax rebate on house loan.

    Read more:

  551. abhay srivastava says:

    I want to purchase a house in the name of my wife to save stamps on registry. She is a house wife.
    I have applied for house loan from HDFC Bank, will I be eligible for tax rebate on house loan.

  552. Pankaj Kumar Singh says:

    Dear All,

    I have purchased a residential plot jointly with my cusin.My query are:
    1. How much amount can i claim u/s 80 C for the payment of stamp duty.(is it 50% of total value of stamp duty or full value.)
    2. I have sold the plot in same financial year. Even then can i calim the tax exemption U/s 80c for the payment of stamp duty.

    thanks in advance.


  553. sunil says:

    thank you

  554. CA Vijay Kumar.G says:

    Deduction U/Sec.80C can be availed by the individual only on the insurance premium paid by such person only on the name of Self, Spouse and children.Hence, Mr.Sunil u can claim deduction on the amount which u hve paid for ur wife’s Insurance policy.

  555. ravi says:

    i want to all update about tax & bussines related rules & regulation

  556. sunil says:

    I took a Life Insurance Policy on my wifes name for which i am paying the premium as she is housewife and have no source of income. Will i get the benefit under section 80C of Income Tax Act

  557. sanjay says:

    i am paying mba fees of Rs. 10000=00 can i claim for deduction u/s. 80c ?

  558. Murali says:


    The property is in my dads name, now i am planning to take a home loan on that property for construction purpose. He is retired and not working, I will be paying the EMI, will i be eligible for tax benefits/ savings.

    Thanks in advance,

  559. Chandrakanth Nawgrahe says:

    under section 80c let me know zero tax amount for year 2010-2011

  560. nagesh kini says:

    Are premia paid for critical illness covers of life insurance policies tax deductible under 80C or 80D any CBDT circular on this issue?

  561. Anil says:

    if my dad pay LIC premium can i get benefit of deduction u/s 80C & premium is paid through cheque of dad bank account

  562. Ankit says:

    I am ankit i m having govt job and a personl loan EMI of 8000/- and having agriculture income too. having expenditure on it too. and my son is outside of city for education so please tell me that what con be a good financial planning for me. my monthaly income is 22000/-.

    Thank You

  563. Raj says:

    I have made investments in Ulip in my parents name. Can I claim income tax benefits for that?

  564. CHITTA ROY says:

    Intimate exact deduction for 2010-11 for 80 C to be saved.

  565. Praveen says:

    Can a person claim income tax benifit on the principle or interest amount of the Home Loan which is in the name of the spouse only?

  566. Vikram says:

    Can i get income tax rebait on mortgage housingh loan

  567. khandoori says:

    My second question is can the investment made in the name of wife under section 80c can be clubbed with the investment made in the name of husband while submitting retun by husband. If the wife’s earnings are not taxable.

    Is it applicable for vice versa too?

  568. khandoori says:


    If interest earned on my saving bank account(salary account) was 5000/- then will I have to add this in earnings and caluculate the tax accordingly.

    If yes then can I revise my return for the assessment year 2008-2009 to add the earning from my saving bank account in the year 2008-2009.

  569. Shrikant Upadhyay says:

    Hi,Can i avail benefit to take policy for my father u/s 80c in HUF.

  570. Vinay says:

    I have a apartment under construction and it would ready in Dec 2010.

    I had been paying intrest and prinicipal on it for last 5 years but since I am not having any income in India I didn’t file any returns for last 4 years.

    1) Now is there a way I can file return to show the intrest paid for last 4 years and account for it as CFL ?
    2) Also is there any way to get any tax benefit on principal already paid ?

    3) If yes to any of the 2 above which ITR form and which area of the form shall I show intrest and principal under ?

    4) If I get it registered under my brother’s name ( or add my brother’s name) now – can he claim the intrest portion for last 4 years as he has income in India.

  571. Sandip says:

    1)Can i get tax benefit for property insurance which is already included in emi or it already taken care in emi amount of bank certificate of loan repay
    2)can i get tax benefit for life insurance cover and under which section like where to mention in itr1

  572. Senthil says:

    As stated under this section given below:

    “Life Insurance Premiums: Any amount that you pay towards life insurance premium for yourself, your spouse or your children can also be included in Section 80C deduction. ”

    My wife was paying premium for one of the LIC policy till last year and i wish to continue from this year onwards since she has resigned and decided to be a house wife.

    The organization i work had stated they will not accept this premium for 80cc deduction on my income tax since it not on my name. Please advice, If we have a document ( IT ACT / Rule) which i can provide to my company to substantiate this.

  573. Milind says:

    Assessment year 2010-11
    FYE 31st March 2010
    80 C Investment static at 1 lakh or hiked to 3 lakh

  574. Praseeda says:

    Hi, I have an LIC which is in my name. I have paid 4 quarterly installments in the financial year 2009-2010 and I have claimed the amount for 3 installments under section 80C.I have got my form 16 as well. I would like to know whether my husband can claim the remaining amount for the 4th installment in his income tax return?
    Thanks a lot for your time,

  575. PIRABAHAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please confirm whether SBI MAHA ANAND II covered with tax benefit u/s 80C.

  576. pirabahar says:


    Please confirm does the investment on above scheme have tax benefit u/s 80C.

  577. Ravindra says:

    In case of Joint Housing Loan in f/o of Husband & Wife, the Housing Loan Principle under Section 80-C & Interest payment u/s 24 can be partly claimed by both or not.

  578. jayeshpatel says:

    What is limit of Housing loan interest in tax rebate for salry person

  579. Rajat says:

    1) I had taken loan only to purchase a plot.
    2) Last December I have taken another loan to purchase a Flat which will be registered on my name in the coming month.
    For both the cases EMI had started. Shall I get tax benefit on Principal and Interest amount paid, for last F.Y ? pls reply.
    Thank you Sir.

  580. anoop sathyan says:

    My annual income is Rs. 2,16,000. And I don’t have any investments so far except for a personal loan from HDFC bank for Rs. 1,17,000; and my child’s education fees. According to the slab I have to pay 10%, i.e. Rs. 21,600/yr as tax. What are the best investments that I can have to save this amount? I am interested in Life Insurance/ NSC/ ULIP.
    How much do I have to invest as a whole or which investment gives me the best benefit to save this tax amount?
    I am an amateur in this field so kindly advice.
    Looking eagerly to hear from you soon.
    Anoop S.

  581. uttam Kumar says:

    I have taken 150000/-personal loan than am I eligible to save my incom tax?
    If yes tan please guide me.


    Uttam Kumar.

  582. Aryan says:

    simply i want to know k hum kitne lakh tak ek sal me kisi project(property) me laga sakte hai taki taxed na ho as i dnt come under taxtation income till now…

  583. Aryan says:

    I want 2 buy a underconstruction flat in noida which over all cost of 13.5 lakh i want to know that if i m capable 2 pay 50% of the whole amount in Flexi payment plan do i get taxed as my salary is 14kper month only and i m doing this through the help of my mother and myself and all the payment partly done through my account only….plz tell…

  584. sunil KK says:

    I have purchased land, can i show registration fee under 80c exemption?

  585. Vikram Sirohia says:

    Can one claim HRA & also home loan interest exemption U/s 24?

    Please clarify……

  586. Gaurav says:

    ya you can claim deduction, but you should claim u/s 24 not u/s 80c

  587. Raj says:

    I have booked a underconstruction flat in Sept-2009 in Mumbai and done stampduty, registration (Rs.3,50,000) on Jan – 2010 possession expected in year 2011

    Can I claim payment of stamp duty & Reg Charges payment u/s 80 C in F.Y 2009-2010, even though I have not received the possession?

    Some one told me that you will not get any benefit u/s 80C, since you do not have possession


  588. sirisha says:

    sir, i have received LIC maturity amt on 08.06.2009, wether this was a taxable income under the head “Income from Other Sources”. or any othe head.In previous year’s i was claim deduction u/s-80C for premium payment on the same LIC Policy.

  589. sirisha says:

    i got maturity amt rs. 106000.00 whether this amt was included in total income of computation plzzzzzz tel me imediately

  590. VISHWANATH says:

    sir,i have sold my agriculture lands by dividing them as sites/ plots.. will i get exemption u/s 54 capital gain ?? if no , wt are the other ways to get exemptions??

  591. suresh says:

    I have taken loan from my employer(Govt.department) where the principal amount is recovered first and then the interest will be recovered later.The property is not completed. Ihave taken loan in the FY 2009-10.Can I claim accrued interest on housing loan in my tax return i.e. assessment year 2010-11.

  592. suresh says:

    I have taken loan from my employer.(Govt.Department)where the principal is recovered first and then interest will be recovered.The property is under construction. Whether the accrued interest can be claimed under Income from house property in my tax returns for the assessment year 2010-11. Please let me know at the earliest.

  593. sanjay ratnani says:

    can registration expenses of residential land purchase admissible under section 80c

  594. Harish says:

    Dear Sir,

    Our building is recently got redevloped under 33(7).our society is already formed.
    Society is of 17 members.builder had promised corpus fund of rs.65 that amount taxable in the hand of society? or shall we take it on an individual basis.

  595. kinjal says:

    sir my wife is doing MBA. should i get deduction of tuition fees under 80C.

  596. ajay says:




  597. Ankit says:

    Dear Sir,
    I payed Rs 32,000.00 as a top-up amount towards my traditional type (not ULIP) insurance policy of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company..Is this amount liable for Income tax Deduction under Sec 80C ? If yes, Do I need Tax Benefit Certificate for this amt seperately or the receipt is suffice. pls reply.

  598. kuldeep says:

    hi ,i want to invest some money inho jeevan saral . my agent says the amount invested in jeevan saral is exmpted from tax but some other says it is not . please clarify the matter .

  599. suman says:

    if a person say Mr. A has taken lic poicy and beneficiaries are his spouse and childrens an iF in a particular year if such premium is paid by his spouse (Mrs. A). can Mrs.A claim it under 80C?

  600. Dipesh Gunjiite says:

    I am investing 1 lakh every yr under section 80c. having done so still the tax on my income comes upto 20k aprox. can i save this 20k also? can i invest this 20k somewhere?

  601. Janardhan says:

    I have leased a house for Rs. 6 lakhs and want to claim exemption under HRA/Rent. I am aware about Tax exemptions for rented house is based on actual rent paid or HRA. I need clarification on possible exemption on leased house and how much exemption can be claimed. Thanks!Jana

  602. Subrahmanyam says:

    Hi,I bought house and got registration on March-21-2009,I want to submit IT returns for stampduty and registration charges,would you please let me know what all documents I need to submit for stamp duty & reg charges under 80C.Thanks & Regards

  603. Raj says:

    I have also deposited 3lacs in the local bank for tenure of 2years. But it seems this kind of investment has a lock period of min 5 years. So can I change the tenure of my FD now from 2 to 5 years so that I can get tax benefit on this investment. And if I want to withdraw this total amount before pre-mature how would it affect on interest rates. Will there be any problems should I face/loss in terms of money. Please advide here too.

  604. Raj says:

    I want to invest 2k everymonth in SIP-Mutual funds for about 3 years. SO can i get tax exemption on this kind of investments? Is there any limits on this investments. Please advice.

  605. rajesh kumar says:

    I have purchased a house in noida in 2000 by taking loan from my deptt in which i am residing.
    Now i have recently purchased a house in lucknow by taking loan from hdfc bank in which i am not residing.
    I want to know whether i will get benefit on both the loan.

  606. Bharat Kumar says:

    i have a ULIP plan having a three years locking period. now after this period i can sureender the policy. Now the big qestion is weather IS there is any lock in period for the premium paid in the last two years for which i have allready benifit under sec.80c. I”ll be highly obliged if you answer this on my mail id.

  607. Prakash Kadtan says:

    I have paid Rs 24000 LIC premium in the month of april 2010 having due date in march 2010.Can I show this premium in the calender year 2010-11 ang get benifit.

  608. Sivadas chettoor says:

    The limit of rent has been enhanced to Rs 15000/ ie Rs 180000/pa which is sought to be made effective from July 2010. We will have to wait for passing of the bill.

    sivadas chettoor

  609. Yogesh says:

    Suppose i did stamp duty & registration in previous FY & i got possesion in this FY. Can i claim Stamp duty & registration this year?

  610. Mansi says:

    I am salaried person and staying on rent. From April the rent amount has increasd to 10500/- pm. am i supposed to deduct TDS on rent. i don’t have any TAN as of now. will i be required to apply for it.

  611. Hemant says:

    I have two housing loan.Cani claim the pricipal of both the loans under sec 80c.In one hous i saty where the annual principal is 31000 and second house i would get the posession in coming june with annual principal of 38000…can i claim both put together 68k under sec 80c where the max limit for sec 80 c is 100000/-.

  612. Raveendran says:

    i want to know whether the limit of aggregate savings under section 80C is Rs 100,000 or Rs. 120,000 for the financial year 2010-2011.

  613. KVS says:


    I have bought a plot/site in 2008 and been out of India till last year.
    Today, I got a statement from ICICI Bank Housing Loan titled:
    ACT, 1961
    I was under the impression that only residential property is eligible for claiming any deductions/benefits. Can anyone explain please?

  614. Vishal says:


    I wanted to inquire if it is possible for both me and my wife to claim tax benefits under HRA. The property is rented out only in my name though. Is there any way possible we both can avail this?

  615. vikram sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am having a tax benefi mutual fund, i want to know whether i would be getting tax benefit on sum received on maturity of that mutual fund,kindly explain.

  616. Pankaj goel says:

    Sir, I am having shares in my trading account from the last more than one year and due to some misunderstanding by the broker, he sold my shares on one day and repurchased on the second day. Thereafter after 2-3 months,if the same share gains by 50 rupees, and if I want to sell my shares, in that situation, whether I shall be entitled to the benefit of long term capital gain or have to pay the tax for short term capital gain for the mistake done by the broker.Please guide me. I shall be highly obliged. Thanks.

  617. Mahesh Desai says:

    Pl enlighten me the provisions of Section 54 of Income Tax Act. This is regarding Capital Gain.

  618. Ashutosh says:

    I have booked a underconstruction flat in Feb 2010 in Navi Mumbai and done stampduty, registration 29th March 2010.
    My question is , Can I show stampduty, registration amount in my next year IT i.e. 2010-2011 ? whould i get tax benifit in this year or how can i claim it.

  619. karthik says:

    my father bought a property(50L) in his name by selling old property(30L). Remaning 20L is from Housing Loan. My father(2nd holder) and myself(1st holder) sharing the housing loan. Can i able to claim Principle and interest.

  620. Vidya says:

    Whether Income tax rebate available u/s 80C for Life Insurance Premium paid during Apr to Nov 09, when policy is closed in Dec 09

  621. RinZ says:

    Also, if my monthly PF deduction is already 1,441 amounting to 17,292 for a year.
    In that case, i have to invest for the rest 82708..right?

  622. RinZ says:

    I want to knw if i invest:

    1. 70k in PPF
    2. 15k in Bank RD. and
    3. 15k in Life insurance.

    Will that be perfect to get an exemption upto 1Lac.
    Plz suggest if you have any amendments for me for the above mentioned.


  623. Pankaj goel says:

    Sir, I am having shares in my trading account from the last more than one year and due to some misunderstanding by the broker, he sold my shares on one day and repurchased on the second day. Thereafter after 2-3 months,if the same share gains by 50 rupees, and if I want to sell my shares, in that situation, whether I shall be entitled to the benefit of long term capital gain or have to pay the tax for short term capital gain for the mistake done by the broker.Please guide me. I shall be highly obliged. Thanks.

  624. Girish Patel says:

    I have availed a Housing Loan from Bank and purchased flat in my wife name and paid Rs. 61000 towards EMI and Rs. 35000 towards Interest. My wife will not claiming exemption the said payment in her annual returns. Please let me know shall claim housing loan EMI and Interest under section 80-C?.

  625. Rajesh says:

    I have LIC which premium is 10,000 per year. it can be double exempt under sec 80C i.e.20,000/-.

  626. poonam says:

    i have taken property mortgage loan. can i claim under house property income .otherwise under which head can i claim deduction

  627. Guru says:


    i want advise to unclaimed stampduty spend in the year ended 2008-09 in the month of march-08 that stamp duty & reg.charge can be claimed as deduction u/s 80C of the income tax Act 1961 for the year ended 2009-10.,

  628. suraj naik says:

    I have invested in ELSS Mutual Fund, the first holder being my wife (who is a house wife with no income) and I am the second holder. Am I qulified for any deduction under sec. 80c of income tax act 1961.

    Kindly let me know. My e mail id is

  629. bhavesh bhavsar says:

    i have purchased own house jointly ( me and my wife) and i will do the stump duty and regestraion fees on the name of my wife, should i get this expeses under 80c

  630. Thiagu says:

    My dad is a retired person getting Govt. Pension.
    Shall we include my mom’s medical expenditure bills under 80 C deduction ?
    If so , what is the maximum ?

  631. Rohit L says:

    Dear sir,
    I had utilised my upper limit of deduction u/s 80c i.e. 1L & also i claimed exemption u/s 80D of rs 15000 but i’m under large tax liability.Plz suggest me inventments which are not covered u/s 80c & on which i can claim further deductions. plz suggest…

  632. Pranay J Luthia says:

    I have a Life Insurance Policy of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. since last 4 years. Now I want to Sell the units of said policy, so what will be Tax Implications.

    Please guide me.

  633. shevanti says:

    i and my spouse both invest Rs. 1,25,000/ – in Elss jointly. Can we both
    claim and share deduction for amount

  634. subhash deshmukh says:

    I have retired from government service in May 2009. I have deposited sum of Rs.3,00,000/- in post office MIS for period of six years- whether the said deposit is covered under the provisions of section 80C

  635. Arvind Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    kindly provide me detail what will be covered under Section 80C.

  636. ROHAN says:

    CA Sandeep Kanoi
    CA Ritesh Jain

    I have already paid my Rs. 70,000/- limit in my PPF a/c.

    My wife also has her own PPF A/c. But she has paid her PPF premium of Rs.40,000/-only.

    I wanted to know whether I can deposit in my wife’s PPF account Rs.30,000/- and claim income tax rebate on the same amount in my name so that my Rs.1,00,000/- EXEMPT under 80c gets completed?

    I shall be highly obliged.

  637. P Kamala says:

    I have paid stamp duty and registration fee of Rs.65,000/- during October-2009 for a house under construction. Possession is expected in Feb-2011. Whether am I eligible to claim deduction of Rs.65,000/- under Section 80 C during the financial year 2009-10 itself. Please confirm.

  638. Daya says:

    i’m salried and also doing higher study 4 which i’m paying 65000 annualy can this amount be rebated on tax

  639. Amal Krishna says:

    I purchased a flat taking housing loan from LICHFL.I have made registration of the UDS(undivided share of the land)and paid Rs.55000/-as registration charges in OCT2009.Can I get deduction of this amont U/S 80C for the year 2009-10(AY2010-11)

  640. Rakesh Kumar says:


    I have purchase a flat in Feb 2009, the construction will be completed by May’10. I am paying EMI (not P-EMI) from the first day.
    Between Apr’09 – Mar’10, I will be paying 70000 (as principal),170000 as interest and 4,800 as Pre-EMI.

    Please let me know how much I can deduct from my taxabale income this year.

  641. Nikunj devpura says:

    I want to know about the clubbing provision under section 64(1)(Vi) when individual transfer any property to his/her spouse and subsequently if that spouse transfer that property to his/her son’s wife than income arising on that transfer would be taxable under whose hand?

  642. Nikunj devpura says:

    I want to know about the taxability criteria of gift received in kind from non relative?
    Eg. If i receive during a financial year(after 1-10-09) any gift of two immovable property of fmv 40000 each wound the entire amount will be taxable or the transaction would be regarded as single transaction and no amt would be taxable as each is less than RS 50000 ?

  643. Kalpesh Patel says:

    Are grand parents eligable to claim under 80C if they are paying life insurance premium of grand childrens.

  644. CA. Ritesh Jain says:


    Yes you are eligible to claim it.
    Provided your daughter is not claiming the same from her income.

  645. Gopalakrishnan says:

    Shall the investment made on my daughter’s name in ICICI Prudential life insurance(u/s 80 C) be eligible for deduction from my income(Salary/Pension)

  646. bharat says:

    If someone purchased a house in name of his wife through a house loan in joint name with his wife.
    Where wife is a house wife and have no source of income. Whether He will be eligible for thr income tax exemption.

  647. Sandeep.N says:

    My query is my father took a home loan. There is 4 more years left in it and my father had retired, so the repayment is now made by me. Am i eligible for tax deduction.

  648. CA. Ritesh Jain says:

    As u have mentioned that u had set up a warehouse & let on lease to someone.
    But here u have to make clear firstly that whether you have started a new business of lease or u are having a old business of lease. Than only we can decide about claiming the deduction under 35D of the act.
    And as it is clearly evident from the section 35D which read as under.
    35AD. (1) An assessee shall be allowed a deduction in respect of the whole of any
    expenditure of capital nature incurred, wholly and exclusively, for the
    purposes of any specified business carried on by him during the previous year in
    which such expenditure is incurred by him :
    Provided that the expenditure incurred, wholly and exclusively, for the purposes
    of any specified business, shall be allowed as deduction during the previous year
    in which he commences operations of his specified business, if—
    (a) the expenditure is incurred prior to the commencement of its operations;
    (b) the amount is capitalised in the books of account of the assessee on the
    date of commencement of its operations.

    And note also here that if you once claim deduction under this section than you will not be able to claim deduction under any other provisions of the act and in any other previous year..
    for ex. depreciation..

  649. CA. Ritesh Jain says:

    The amount you pay as stamp duty when you buy a house, and the amount you pay for the registration of the documents of the house can be claimed as deduction under section 80C in the year of purchase of the house. But make a note over here that it is subject to a maximum deduction of Rs. 100000.

  650. deepak bartwal says:

    i have purchased a residential land for which i have paid Rs 90000/- as a stamp duty. under sec 80c can i claim deduction on this amount?

  651. Santosh says:

    i want to bye National Sving Certificate in 10 march 2010.can i eligible for tax deduction for the year 2009-10

  652. Santosh says:

    i want to bye KVP in march 2010.can i clime duduction for this year ie 2009-10

  653. Raju Antony says:


    Please advise whether I can take the whole amount(including service tax) on Insurance premium payemnts for 80 C deduction ?

  654. jeet says:

    i have set up a warehouse and let it on lease. will i be able to claim deduction under section 35AD.

  655. tushar pimple says:

    can i take tax benefit for amount of national savings certificate which is purchased on the name of my minor child plz give information

  656. deepak says:

    i have purchased a residential land for which i have paid Rs 90000/- as a stamp duty. will this amount be eligible for deduction under sec 80c?

  657. Manju says:

    Pls help. I woke up late to save tax.. Around 20000 amount need to shown in investments/medical bills etc.. can I pay LIC premium of april(due) in march & claim it as investment for this FY..

  658. Sudhansu says:

    I have taken a house loan in the joint name of my wife and myself. My wife is a house wife and have no source of income. Whether I am eligible for thr full tax exemption.

  659. manubhai parmar jnv patan says:

    family planning allowence is taxable income or not ?

  660. Amit says:

    Whether the life insurance premium paid by me for my dependent parents can be covered under section 80C

  661. Sinsin says:

    I and my husband are in higher tax income bracket. We own 3 houses in the same city. If we buy another 2 properties in my father in laws name, will I get the tax benefit?

  662. Prashanth says:

    I want to purchase a flat in mid march. will i get all the benefits of stamp duty, under IT exemption in the FY 2010-2011 also. OR shall i wait till 01-04-2010 for the beginning of new financial year??

    Pls reply

  663. karun says:

    To the administrator, or any reader, of this forum…

    1) For a “non-resident Indian”, who has made short term capital gains from sale of equity shares of Indian companies through SEs in India (and that is the only Indian income coming within the purview of Indian taxes) and who would like to file tax return in India, is the benefit of 80c available? i.e. can he invest upto Rs.1 lakh in ELSS and get exemption from payment of tax on that part of the total income (in this particular case, only short term capital gains) earned?.

    2) Would a non-resident Indian who is a senior citizen, and seeks to file tax return in India, get the benefit of the more liberal slabs for tax calc?

    Thank you for your time.

  664. pnvgopalarao says:

    sir, under the CTC pattern of salary structure, er+ee contributions of pf are paid from ee this case, for computationf of 80c whole will be taken or exempting er portion, ee
    portion will only be taken?

    Read more:

  665. pnvgopalarao says:

    sir, under the CTC pattern of salary structure, er+ee contributions of pf are paid from ee this case, for computationf of 80c whole will be taken or exempting er portion, ee
    portion will only be taken?

  666. Santosh Jadhav says:

    Hi sandeep, a)1 lakh amount can be claimed are Only stamp duty charges?or it includes both stamp duty and registration charges ? b)I have taken home loan of 20lakh for an underconstruction amount disbursement will start from April 2010 (i.e. next financial year). so if I pay only Pre-EMI interest in this year will I get Income Tax exemption for that amount? c) please Advice me How to get maximum tax Exemption In this Case of home loan? Should I start paying Principal amount before getting possesion of flat(i.e. before disbursement of total principal amount.)

  667. Santosh Jadhav says:

    I have buy Underconstruction flat in Feb.2010 and I will get possesion of flat by next year. I have paid Stamp duty charges 120000 lacs. can I claim 120000 for income tax exemption for year of 2010 (this year).

  668. Sathyaraj R. says:

    I have deposited Rs.50000 in LIC’s ULIP plan in dec.2007 and claimed a decuction for Rs. 15000 in 2008. Can I claim deduction for the balance amount this year? The lock in period is 3 years for the ULIP.

  669. sunil Joshi says:

    1) Can i get the claim for House Property Insurance Premium.

    2) Can i get the claim for Gifted proerty Registration charges .

  670. AMIT KUMAR says:



  671. Nitin says:

    I have purchased a property on loan in the current year. However, have’nt received the posession. Can i claim HRA in the current year and simultaneously also claim the Stamd duty and registration charges u/s 80C as the same have been paid in the current year.

  672. Rajesh Shetty says:

    Sale of agricalutural land taxable or not.

  673. Shrirnag M. Chauthaiwale says:

    Limit of Tution fee amount under section 80C

  674. R. S. Kumawat says:

    Dear sir my wife is taking education and i have submited fee for education . can i get rebate in incom tex for me under 80c

  675. Rajesh Shetty says:

    I am contributing LIC premium for My son who is 25 years old & working with a company. Wheather i will get the deduction U/s 80C.


    Myself and my wife are working. I had LIC policy under my name.
    Can this be used for my wife’s tax deductions under Section 80C?

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      It seems you taken house on loan and you want to take deduction under section 80C on Lic in your wife’s account which are in your name.

      You claim the deduction in your wife’s account if your wife pays premium on your LIC policy from her Income.

  677. anil says:

    my elder daughter is doing CA and
    can i claim her collge fee and also her ca coaching fee plus exam fee as deducation under 80 c limit of one lakh.

  678. Sachin says:

    If i taken NSC in the name of my son, does it will qualify for deduction under section 80C

  679. Sudhir says:

    My uncle’s brother have purchase Property and his father is Co-Applicant for borrowing home loan and EMI starts from Jan-10 can his father shows Saving for repayment of Home Loan EMI in his Form 16 if his son not showing in his Form 16.

  680. Mohit Kumar Jain says:

    While employer’s contribution is exempt from tax, your contribution (i.e., employee’s contribution) is counted towards section 80C investments. You also have the option to contribute additional amounts through voluntary contributions (VPF). Current rate of interest is 8.5% per annum (p.a.) and is tax-free.

    I think that the tax free interest rate is 9.5% instead of 8.5%

  681. Mrutyunjay says:

    Currently I have paid 105000 as principal amount for the housing loan.I was told that there is a limit of 20000 on principal amount repayed on housing loan for tax rebate (sec 80C). that means although I have paid 105000, only 20000 will be considered as part of the 1 lakh limit. So does it mean that I still have to show savings proofs for 80000?

    Thanks in advance

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      There is no such limit of 20000 in section 80C. you can claim deduction of Rs. 1,00,000 under section 80C in respect of principal payment towards housing loan.

      Such limit was earlier there when we use to claim deduction under section 88.

  682. Sudhir says:

    I have paid stamp duty for purchase of house property and it shows in Form 16 in last year I have to fill up ITR return which form i should fill up ITR I or ITR II.

  683. Sangeetha says:

    I am unmarried female, can i claim the insurance i pay under the name of my parents?

  684. kaushik says:

    registration fee of land is tax saving under 80c ?

  685. Gadre Chintamani says:

    Limit under 80 C is 1 lakh.

    By mistake if investment under 80C exceeds the say upto 1,20,000. Will it be treated as fraud, even if amount claimed under 80C is limited to 1,00,000 ?

    Please reply

  686. RAVI KUMAR says:


  687. Amit says:


    I am living in pune and paying a housing loan, My wife is staying in Nasik , Can I show Nasik rent and the hosuing loan both at one time,
    As my wife is dependent on me and I am paying her rent as well as housing loan both.

  688. john says:

    i was appointed 2007 march goverment teacher of tamilnadu state,was given 6 th pay arrear of Rs.10973 on sep 2008 year.but my IT was nil that year.but this year im getting IT can i claim deduction for the previous year arrear Rs.10973 and two terms of DA arrear of 1600 n 1474 this yera n my dads paying LIC housing finance loan can i show that for my Tax deduction since he’s not working n dependent on my salary.plz help me out.

  689. Pramod Chand says:

    I’ve purchase a flat in the joint name with my wife in Gurgaon. For this I’ve availed a loan from HDFC in the joint name with my wife. How much deduction I’ll be getting on the basis of the following loan repayment for the period from 1/4/09 to 31/3/10:-

    Principal component 26,877
    Interest component 50,973
    Pre-EMI interest 15,696

  690. Pramod Chand says:

    I have purchased a flat and availed loan jointly with my wife. For the year from 01/04/09 to 31/03/10 the following is the break up of the amount into
    Principal component 26,877
    Interest component 50,973
    Pre-EMI interest 15,696

    What relief will be available to me and to my wife under income tax for the above payments.

  691. pankaj goel says:

    Whether the deposit made by the father in his major sons ppf account, will qualify the father, to claim income tax rebate on the same amount.? Please also guide, If father is entitled then how to get authentic proof /document so that the officials can be made satisfied. I shall be highly obliged.

    I still await your advices please.

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      Yes he will qualify. He only need to pay the same from his account. To claim deduction PPF receipt in the name of Son is good enough to satisfy Assessing Officer.

  692. anand says:

    UNDER hra
    and under loan principal and intrest


    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      Principal can be taken under section 80C.

      Interest can’t be claimed against income from house property till the construction completes. After completion of construction interest till the date of construction completion can be claimed equally in five Assessment years starting from the A.Y. in which construction completes.

  693. Prasad Shevatekar says:

    My brother is working with L & T Pune and he is taken housing loan from Bank, our building is under construction and my question is whether interest on housing loan is exemption from tax. (As per my company circular after submitting completion certificate they are allowing exemtion} Please guide.

  694. pankaj goel says:

    Whether the deposit made by the father in his major sons ppf account, will qualify the father, to claim income tax rebate on the same amount.? Please also guide, If father is entitled then how to get authentic proof /document so that the officials can be made satisfied. I shall be highly obliged.

  695. Sudarshan says:

    I pay the LIC premiums for my parents who are depending on me & also i am not yet married, can that premium be claimed for tax deductions. Also for the case of rebate, is there any need for a certificate proving dependency of my parents on me.

    • CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

      Parents claim deduction under section 80C for premium paid on life of their children but children cant claim the deduction u/s. 80C for premium paid on the life of their parents.

  696. deepak says:

    I took a Life Insurance Policy on my wifes name for which i am paying the premium as she is housewife and have no source of income. Will i get the benefit under section 80C of Income Tax Act

  697. hanif chauhan says:

    My father has taken home loan and i m co-borrower in that. my dad is paying installment from his account but i am depositing money in his account from my salary. my father’s income is not covered under tax slab but my income comes so can i get benefit of sec. 80c here in this case ?

  698. vinod kumar says:

    In reply to Mr Reddy above, it has been said that exemption for stamp duty applies only to residential property. Does it include a residential site/plot to construct a house.


  699. jai says:

    if i start repay education loan from this year, only this year interest will be exampt or till date interest will avail for exempt

  700. Avinash Reddy says:

    I bought some land. The registration charges went up to 50000. Will it be possible to show them under 80C tax savings??

  701. Amresh says:

    Can we show stamp duty & registration fee under “Loss from house property” Becasue I have bought a house where I paid 2.5L of stamp duty/ registration fee. However, as per information on this site, we can claim this amount under section 80C( 1L limit) so, what about rest of the amount I paid that is 1.5L? it is a loss for me.

  702. Amresh says:


    I have a question. Under “Income form House Property” we can also show loss from house property. However, what kind of loss it is? This has been given in section 71B “Carry forward and set off of loss from house property”.

  703. pankaj goel says:

    In continuation to my earlier question, as in the book the word minor is mentioned so the officials are not allowing rebate on this account, please clarify the querry so that we can proceed further. thanks

  704. pankaj goel says:

    Whether the deposit made by the father in his major sons ppf account, will qualify the father, to claim income tax rebate on the amount deposited by him in the PPF a/c of his son.?

  705. Astha says:

    What is the maximum permissible exemption for Home Loan Principal payment? I mean, if I don’t invest in any of the items under sec80C and just in Home Loan. Will I get the complete 1,00,000 exemption or is there any clause?

    • Sandeep Kanoi says:

      You can get exemption up to 100000/- in respect of Home Loan Principal payment under section 80C of the income tax act 1961.

  706. B K Agrawal says:

    Recently, I understand that the upper limit of investment in PPF has been kiked inline with sec. 80 C to Rs. 1 Lac, please confirm and commwnt on it and if right make necessary amendmant in the interest of readers

  707. Pradeep says:

    I have planned my savings U/S 809c) upto Rs.1 lakh.My income is purely from salary.But still there is some amount of tax payble.What more I should plan to reduce tax?

  708. Pradeep says:

    does home loan and interest on it comes under section 80 c?

    • Sandeep Kanoi says:

      Principal amount paid out of home loan repaid by you will qualify for deduction U/s. 80C. Interest on home loan will be deducted under the head Income from House Property subject to a limit of Rs. 150000/- for self occupied House Property.

  709. Prithwiraj Pramanik says:

    i have a question regarding the filling up of the form -16 in the assessment year 2010-11 that
    i have invested 6000 rupees in NSC,from Jan, 2008 @ 2000/- per month during 2009-10.
    so, how much of its interest of NSC will be added in the income?

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