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CA Sandeep KanoiWe have to initially open the Open the PPF account for 15 years and after the initial period of 15 years is over, one can keep on extending the deposit for a period of 5 years at a time. In fact, this is where the magic of PPF begins. One need not start a fresh PPF account and continue it for all of 15 years — just extend the old one for five years at a time, indefinitely. This way, the same PPF account offers additional liquidity to what is offered during the initial term.

Overall, then, after the initial 15-year period, you can convert your PPF investment into a 5-year deposit that offers tax-free interest, tax saving under Sec. 80C and immense liquidity —- and all this for your lifetime. Now, let’s briefly examine the rules of extension.

The PPF account can be continued (after the term of 15 years) either with or without further subscription.  The rules for contribution to the extended account remain the same as during the 15-year period. Once the choice is made for a block of five years, it cannot be changed.The only thing that investors should be careful of is that once an account is continued without contribution for any year, the subscriber cannot change over to with-contributions extension. [Notification F.3(6)-PD/86 dt 20.8.1986].

The choice to extend the PPF account with subscription has to be made within one year from the maturity of the account. If this is not done, then by default the account is deemed to have been extended without further contribution for a period of five years.

Coming to liquidity, an investor, continuing his account with fresh subscriptions, can withdraw up to 60% of the balance to his credit at the commencement of each extended period in one or more instalment, but only one per year.

(Notification F.7/2/97-NS IIdt. 9.2.1998). For example, say the term of your PPF account is ending on March 31, 2014. The balance at that time in the account is say Rs 15 lakh. Now, you may opt to continue the account for 5 more years (i.e. till March 31, 2019) and invest regularly as you have been.

However, over the period of five years till March 2019, you may withdraw only Rs 9 lakh which is 60% of the balance standing to your credit on March 31, 2014.

But, what if you wish to continue but not invest further? In other words, you may wish to earn the tax-free interest but may not wish to commit further funds. That, too, is possible.

In case the account is extended without contribution, any amount can be withdrawn without restrictions. However, only one withdrawal is allowed per year. The balance will continue to earn interest till it is completely withdrawn

(Clarification 7 to Clause 9(3A) of the PPF Scheme, 1968).

Form: The investor has to submit Form H at the post office or bank where the account is held if he intends to continue with the subscription. The form is available at

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50 responses to “How to extend PPF account beyond 15 years”

  1. Sandip says:

    can I still close my PPF a/c after extending for 5 years . My 15 years period is over & have once withdraw some money . But now I want to close & have some years (4) pending (extension years) can I close Please let me know

    • Gokul Singh says:

      Can I withdraw 90% of my total contribution in my PPF A/c. even after completion of 15 years plus 3years completion period i.e,(15+3)yrs. against extended 5years.

  2. Subhash saini says:

    Is there any limit of period for extension of PPF after maturity. IE is there any grace period for extending PpF Account

    • shankar says:

      I opened a ppf ac in 1987 and renewed it in 2002 for 5 years till 2007. Thereafter i forgot to renew for 10 years till 2017. Now i want to renew it for further 5 yrs but system in bank is not accepting renewal. Pl advice as autorenewal should have taken place as mentioned by you in rules.

  3. Nisha says:

    Immediate reply awaited

  4. Nisha says:

    Reply is requested till evening ,so that PPF account can be operated and active tomorrow.Sincere Regards

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