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Equity funding in Indian SMEs: Problem Areas

There are numerous advantages of equity funding over debt funding for a business. It available in any difficult financial situation, in any amount with no requirement fixed, guaranteed, periodic repayments or no requirement of any security! They are based on the growth potential & merit of business!! ...

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Equity Research Analyst: Fundamental vs Technical – Basic Difference

What comes to your mind when you read these words together? You might be thinking of multiple computer setups with colourful charts displayed on them and a professional person shouting to get the trades right so as to make his/her pocket dearer ...

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Should you exit TATA stocks with Cyrus Mistry…???

The exit of Cyrus Mistry from TATA group was not a crisis situation and wouldnt change the fundamentals of companies. The sudden removal of Mistry took the market by surprise and in the near-term, some volatility in Tata Group stocks was seen. It raises questions on the governance front too. ...

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How to become a successful mutual fund investor?

In the current oscillating economy and soaring inflation, investing for return is a big challenge. Investors are becoming more growth and return savvy. Mutual funds have become one of the most popular investment vehicles in India, as they come in different flavors to suit the varied needs of the investors...

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Distribution of Cash Benefits through Depositories

All cash benefit distributions are being processed outside the depository system. Thus, no information is available in the demat account with respect to entitlement of cash benefits and payment of the same to the investors. In case any investor requires any information or has a complaint with respect to above benefits, they are required t...

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Invest Smartly: Bursting the myth of security associated with traditional investments

#JanoTohMano In contemporary times, the idea of security, which is associated with traditional investments, is obsolete. While they do provide a sense of security yet the question is - is it a smart move on your part to shy away from huge returns which you can easily earn by investing in mutual funds? Well that’s for you to decide....

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Former Telecom Minister A Raja's share investments shot up by 170 percent

Former Telecom Minister A Raja's investment in shares and fixed deposits have increased by nearly 170 per cent from Rs 8.52 lakh to a little over Rs 23 lakh during one year, annual property returns of the Ministers provided by Prime Minister's Office...

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