CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalProviding service,

With motive to earn money,

As we know attracts service tax.


Giving service with pure heart,

Without any motive or condition,

Absolutely is the way to relax.


For calculating output tax,

Debit & credit memos too,

In the midst of others getting adjusted.


To understand the life eternal nature,

Intellect with service motive,

Is evoked & requested.


As the quantum of service

Get augmented,

Tax burden get increased.


As the hand to serve,

With no personal cause get extended,

Powerful energy & grace get heightened.


There is a mechanism,

Called with the name of reverse charge,

In order to prevent loss of government revenue.


Here is an inculcation,

Known with name of social obligation,

To establish peace & harmony avenues.


Same as Input Tax Credit,

All our deeds & actions,

Brought forward, utilized & carry forward.


At the end the pray is to serve the nation,

Let’s the Inner joy sprouts in us,

& make our life journey successful swinging inwards & outwards.

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One response to “Service n Service Tax vs. Serve n No Tax”

  1. Debjani Debnath says:

    Wish everybody has the power like you to understand things so nicely. please keep it up!

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