1. Education Cess and Secondary and Higher Education Cess

2. Service Tax Audit Manual 2011

3. Accounting Codes for the taxable services introduced vide the Finance Act, 2011

4. Assistance provided for processing visa applications

5. Representation by Jaiprakash Associates Limited, Noida, in terms of Judgement dated 14.02.2011 in W.P. No. 7705 of 2008

6. Short Term Accommodation Service and Restaurant Service- clarification

7. Prosecution provision in Finance Act, 1994

8. Applicability of the provisions of the Export of Services Rules, 2005 in certain situations

9. SEZ –Service Tax Refund

10. Processing for or on behalf of client, in relation to agriculture –causing sale or purchase of agricultural produce

11. Clarification on “Completion of service”

12. Chambers of Commerce- Service tax on fee charged for issuance of Country of Origin Certificate (COOC)

13. Service Tax –Audit of the accounts of M/s Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Tiruchirapalli –Issue of eligibility or otherwise of Notification No.03/1994 – ST dated 30.6.1994 in case of telephone services for local calls provided through Village Panchayat Telephones

14. Clarification on levy of service tax on distributors/sub-distributors of films & exhibitors of movie

15. Service Tax Refund to exporters through the Indian Customs EDI System (ICES)

16. Meaning of the expression “gross amount”appearing in Rule 3(1) of the Works Contract (Composition Scheme for Payment of Service Tax) Rules, 2007, as it stood prior to 07th day of July 2009

17. Service tax on construction services

18. Toll in the nature of “user charge”or “access fee”paid by roads users

19. Allocation of work relating to Service Tax procedures to the Service Tax wing of the CBEC

20. Clarification on Point of Taxation Rules

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