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Securities and Exchange Board of India



Fax No: 91 22 22829520

Circular No. IMD/CUST/10/2003

December 8, 2003


All Foreign Institutional Investors and

Custodian of Securities

Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub: Half Yearly Reconciliation of FII data

In terms of regulation 16(2)(b) of SEBI (Foreign Institutional Investors) Regulations 1995, the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) through their domestic custodians are reporting to SEBI on a daily basis the transactions entered into by them. In order to ensure integrity of the FII data, it has been decided to reconcile SEBI FII data with that of the custodians’ records.

All FIIs are advised to submit to SEBI through their custodians’ Half Yearly Reports (HYR) for all the transactions done by them during the half year. There shall be two different reports for debt and equity. The HYR shall be submitted in soft format latest by 15th of the following half year. The format for reporting is enclosed in annexure A

The first HYR will be for the half year ended September 2003, which has to be submitted to SEBI by the FIIs through their custodians’ latest by December 15, 2003. The aforesaid information should be submitted through email to

These instructions are issued under Regulation 20 of SEBI (Foreign Institutional Investor) Regulations, 1995.

A copy of the circular is available at the web page “Foreign Institutional Investors” on our website . The custodians are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of their FII.

Yours faithfully,



Encl: Annexure-A


Annexure A: Format and Order of Fields for the Half Yearly Report





1 CUST_CODE Custodian Code (this is the numeric code present in the SEBI Regn No) Number 3
2 MMYYYY Month and Year for which report is submitted Number 6
3 FII_R_NO FII Registration Number


Character 16
4 FII_NAM FII Name Character 60
6 SA_CODE Sub-account Code Number 7
7 ISIN_CODE ISIN Code Character 12
8 SCRIP NAME Scrip Name Character 60
9 OB_QTY Opening Balance of Holdings (number of shares) Number 16,2
10 OB_VALUE Value of holdings Number 16,2
11 PUR_QTY Quantity purchased during the half year Number 16,2
12 PUR_VALUE Value of shares purchased during the half year Number 16,2
13 SOLD_QTY Quantity sold during the half year Number 16,2
14 SOLD_VALUE Value of shares sold during the half year Number 16,2
15 CB_QTY Closing Balance of Holdings (number of shares) Number 16,2
16 CB_VALUE Value of holdings Number 16,2
17 CB_MARKET VALUE Closing Market Value of Shares (as per the last day mkt. price) Number 16,2
18 PRCNT_CPTL Closing balance of holdings as percentage of the paid up equity capital of the company Number 5,2


1. The HYR is based on trades done during the half year period. 1. The files names to be used for submitting the report in soft copies are as follows:

Equity : hye<mmyy>.txt

Debt : hyd<mmyy>.txt

1. The soft copy, in txt format, would contain only the data fields separated by “pipe” character.

1. All the fields are mandatory. If a field is left blank, an error would be encountered and the whole report would be returned to the custodian of securities.

1. The field width N (16,2) denotes Number with 14 integers and 2 decimal digits

1. The formats for month and year would MMYYYY

1. To avoid any confusion regarding the name of the security, ISIN codes should be used. The appropriate ISINs for scrips as applicable for the physical and demat are to be used.

1. The scrip name should encompass the entire details of the securities.

1. For the HYR ended September 2003, the opening balance would reflect the closing balance in terms of no. of shares corrected for all auctions/pending trades and other adjustments as on March 31, 2003. The value of opening balance would be the net of the sum of all reported daily trades in terms of purchase and sales.

1. The scrip / instrument wise purchase and sale in no. of shares /value would be the transaction during the half year period. The closing balance of holding would the outstanding no. of shares as on September 30, 2003. The value of closing balance should be computed as mentioned at point 9. The closing market value of the holding should be valued at the closing price as on September 30, 2003. Where ever the last price is not available, appropriate value should be imputed for the same.

1. FIIs through their custodians must ensure that the data submitted is accurate and complete and does not contain any blank or incomplete records.

1. Reports submitted late or incomplete or submitted with different parameters may result in problems and delay in compilation of data. All reports should be duly verified before submission by the Heads of Custodial Operations.

13. The FIIs / custodians may have operational difficulties in reporting opening balance value. Requests for clarifications, if any, may be addressed to Shri Narendra Rawat, Manager, FII Division, SEBI on phone: 91-22-2285 0451-56 Extn. 311 or facsimile no. 91-22-2282 9520 or e-mail

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