October 6, 1995


The President/ Executive Director
of all the stock exchanges, OTC & NSE.

Dear Sir,

Submission of Audit Reports by the members

This is with reference to the Circular No.F1/5/SE/83, of Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, Stock Exchange Division, dated May 31, 1984 and our letter No.SMD/SED/0012/92 dated December 31, 1992 regarding the aforesaid subject.

The six months period from the closure of the financial year 1994-95 ended on September 30, 1995. Therefore, we request you to furnish the status of submission of Audit Reports for the year 1994-95 by the members of your stock exchange in the following format by October 30, 1995.

Total No. of members  Total No. of active members No. of members who have submitted Audit Reports for the year 1994-95  No. of members who have not submitted Audit Reports for the year 1994-95 Action proposed to be taken by the stock exchange against the defaulting members

It has also been noted that 10 members of your exchange have not submitted the Audit reports for the year 1993-94.

1. You are requested to give us the list of members who have not submitted the Audit Reports, together with reasons for non submission.

2. If the reasons for non-submission are not satisfactory, you are to take stringent action against such members and sent the report thereon to us.

Yours faithfully,


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