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Circular No. FITTC/FII/01/2002
February 27, 2002

All Foreign Institutional Investors and Custodians of Securities

Dear Sir / Madam,
Sub: Scheme of FII Trading in all Exchange Traded Derivative Contracts

Presently, FIIs have been permitted to trade in exchange traded index futures contracts. It has since been decided to permit FIIs to trade in all exchange traded derivative contracts subject to position limits. A copy of SEBI circular SMD/DC/CIR-11/02 dated February 12, 2002 detailing the position limits is enclosed for your reference. The custodians are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of their FII clients.

This circular is also available at the web page ‘Foreign Institutional Investors’ on our web site www.sebi.gov.in.

Yours faithfully,
General Manager

Encl: Copy of the circular SMD/DC/CIR-11/02 dated February 12, 2002.

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