Ref. SMD/1395
April 11 1996


The President/Executive Director
Managing Director, of all Stock Exchanges.

Dear Sir,

We shall appreciate it if you will please arrange to furnish us the following information on or before April 20, 1996 either by fax or by speed post.
1. Turnover (single side) for 1995-96 (April 95-March 96)
Rs. in crores

Total Turnover
(Single side)
Total Delivery
Percentage of Delivery to Turnover i.e., (2) as percent of (1)
a) Specified
b) Non-specified
c) Total (a) & (b)

2. Market capitalization
Rs. in crores

No. of companies where Exchange is the Regional Stock Exchange  Market Capitalization of these companies as on March 31, 1996

The above information is required for SEBI Annual Report for the year 1995-96. Hence, please treat this as urgent.

Yours faithfully,
S. T. Gerela

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