Circular No. G/Cir/13662;  Dated: September 4, 2013

It is observed by the Hon’ble Shri justice Anoop V. Mohta that the Office is not taking care to put/write the Full name of His Lordship and they are still writing His Lordship’s name as ‘A. V. Mohta’ instead of ‘Anoop V. Mohta’ and directed this Registry to issue immediate directions to all concerned.

In view of the said directions, Advocates and parties appearing-in-person are hereby directed that they should write His Lordship’s name as ‘Anoop V. Mohta’ instead of “A.V.Mohta”, failing which the Registry will not accept any proceedings, including praecipe if the name of His Lordship is not shown as above .

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  1. kumar kothari says:


    Speaking and writing full name is a good practice. One must practice to introduce himself and confirm himself with full name. E.G. it is better for me to say I am Dev Kumar Kothari instead of I am D.K.Kothari. Incidentally as an example in India CA Dev Kumar Kothari is only one but there may be many CA D.K.Kothari even Dev Kothari like – Dev KIshan, Dev Karan, Dev Kripa, Dev Kaushal,.. we can have many combination for D.K.

    Though writing names of judges with their short names is a very old practice, however, instructions of honorable Justice Anoop V. Mohta, to write his full name is a good beginning towards adoption of better practice of writing full name. Mentioning full form of “V” in his lordships name can still be better option. MOST LIKELY “V” in his name stand for name of his father.

    Custom and practice of adding name of Gotra / Grand father/ father/ husband / native place etc. is used with important purposes of fully introducing with other much concerned person , community or native place etc.

    Names with initials should be used only when full name is very lengthy.

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