CBDT extends date only in Punjab, Haryana, UT of Chandigarh and Gujarat

Karnataka State Chartered Accountant Society (KSCAA) & Sri.Raveendra S.Kore vs Union of India & CBDT (Karnataka High Court ), Writ Petition (WP)  41109/2015, 41110/2015

Updated on 28.09.2015-  Hon’ble Karnataka high court directed CBDT to consider the representation of KSCAA by 29.09.2015. – Read Judgment

Update on 23.09.2015– Hearing taken place on 23.09.2015 and case been adjourned to 28.09.2015 for Final hearing with direction to respondent to take instruction from Government/CBDT.

Appeals for Tax Audit and Income Tax Return (ITR)  Due Date Extension had been filed in Karnataka High Court, which was heard by the Hon’ble Chief Justice yesterday on 21-09-2015. Karnataka State Chartered Accountant Society (KSCAS) pressed for an early next hearing which was accorded and the case is  listed  for Preliminary hearing for today i.e.  23-09-2015.

Advocate on Record for the Petitioner is Mr. Shanker A and  It Will Be Heard By Acting Chief Justice B.V.Nagarathna.

It has also come to our Notice that one more writ is been filed in Karnataka High Court separately by CA Raveendra Kore.

We will update this page with further development in this case so keep checking this page for update on What Karnataka High Court Decides on the issue.

Keep Checking the below page for  Status of various Petitions in High Courts for Extension of Tax Audit Due Date –

Tax Audit Date Extension- Status of High Courts Appeals

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  1. mukesh says:

    Mukesh Says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    09/29/2015 At 1:30 AM
    In Karnataka ~ Under the Vat act we are supposed to update all sales invoices, purchase invoices, debit notes and credit notes every month. Match these figures with the return filed. Not only that the department wanted to match the input tax details with those of the suppliers. Non matching of figures for inpur tax, declarations forms like “C” “F” etc., took up lot of time. Upon that the vat department started the assessments from 2005 to 2013. Assessments galore.
    Above all the dead lines and compliances under the others Acts every month and their respective return monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly :: 5th Service Tax, 7th TDS, 15th ESI & PF, 20th Vat/Cot/PT. Labour licence renewalas, PT renewal. All this too consumed time.
    And we had un interruped power cuts, internet speed, server slowing down (As everything is on line, like virtually the Government office work is done by every business man n his staff ). Elections galore and bundh also played its own parts.
    Due to this natural and practical hardships faced by the common business man, accountants, professionals, it is prayed that the Date be extended or at least penalty be waived for 2 months ~ Most of the taxes are deducted by way of TDS and many are regular in payment of Advance Tax. Hence there is no loss of revenue to a very great extent. The Government can however collect the interest on delayed payments beyond 30th September 18% for month of October and 24% for the month of November.
    For the professional this was hectic because of the new forms, extended deadlines, disclosure of income dates also collide with 30th September.

  2. omprakash says:

    3.”We direct the Central Board of Direct Taxes to consider the representation at Annexure- ‘C’ to these writ petitions dated September 15, 2015, peremptorily by September 29, 2015.”The order is a Direction from HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA AT BENGALURU to consider the representation.The word peremptorily used to describe an order, command, etc., that you must obey without any questions or excuses

  3. RAHUL SINHA says:

    3. Karnataka State Chartered Accountant Society (KSCAA) vs Union of India, Writ Petition (WP) 41109/2015 Karnataka High Court 28.09.2015- Hon’ble Karnataka high court directed CBDT to consider the representation of KSCAA and issue notification by 4.30 PM today. Detailed update of Writ filed in Karnataka High Court – See more at: https://taxguru.in/income-tax/tax-audit-date-extension-status-high-courts-appeals.html#comment-1861342

    What does it mean?????????

  4. mukesh says:

    CBDT and Finance Ministry ~ is this legal battle necessary every year. On practical grounds voluntarily the date should be extended. Become more assesse friendly ~ The business man has to cater to compliance under various acts of state and central government. And when there is a genuine problem, the inflexible stand speaks otherwise.
    Here is a request on behalf of entire business community, accounting freternity and one n all affected to extend the date in interest of all concerned. Thank you.

  5. bobjee kurien says:

    Income tax act has been there for almost a century now . Does not the board know that unless the returns are made available the statutory duty of the citizens cannot be full filled . When it comes to limitation of time the time taken by the board is limitless. it takes it own sweet time to decide and when they need to decide it takes years on end to respond.Result un necessary litigation which is well founded .The member Judicial needs to address the issue

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