We all are aware that whenever we login into our Income Tax Account, at that time we get an auto pop up to update our contact details and if the contact details are already updated then we get the message of update address details. With general human tendency we usually read those message and just click on skip button by thinking that we will done this next time and that next time never comes. But because of this habit we forget that how important is that personal information of that user for any of our income tax return related query or refund, etc.

Income-Tax Department uses the registered contact details (Mobile number & E-mail ID) and registered address for all communications related to e-Filing. It is mandatory that all tax payers must have a valid contact details registered in e-Filing portal.

It is noticed that many registered users are not having authenticated contact details in e-Filing or may have provided details of other persons for convenience. This prevents the Department from interacting directly with taxpayers on their personal email and Mobile.

Further, it has been observed that in many cases taxpayers are not able to reset their password since the email communication from the Department may be sent to their registered email or Mobile which may be different from the taxpayer’s personal email or mobile.

Hence, In 2014 Income Tax Department has put the restriction on primary contact details i.e. One mobile number or email ID can be used for a maximum of 10 user accounts as the Primary Contact- Mobile Number and Email ID in e-Filing. This is to ensure that family members (not exceeding 10 separate users) not having personal email or mobile can be covered under a common email or mobile, but in general taxpayers should have their own unique email ID and Mobile registered with the Department.

Because of this restriction in that year many people have updated their primary contact details, but still there are some people who has yet to update the same.

Remenmber the taxpayer can enter any other person’s email or mobile number in addition as a Secondary Contact (without any restriction on the number of user accounts linked as a Secondary Contact). Using “Profle Settings -> My Profile” the taxpayer can select to include the Secondary Contact to also receive emails, alerts etc.

The process of updating and authenticating the contact details are below.

New User Provide the correct Mobile Number and Email ID during the Registration in the e-Filing portal, Activation link would be sent to the registered E-mail ID and a One Time Password (OTP also called PIN) is sent to the registered Mobile Number. User needs to Click on the Link provided in the E-mail and enter the OTP received in the mobile number for Successful activation of the registered user in e-Filing portal
Registered User After the user logs in to the e-filing account, the user is requested to update the current Mobile number and E-mail ID. The user should update their personal Mobile number and Email so that the updated contact particulars are registered with the Department or confirm that the Mobile number and email ID already registered is their valid personal contacts.

Upon submitting the details, Department would immediately send OTPs (PIN1 & PIN2) to new mobile number and Email ID. The respective PINs-PIN1 and PIN2 received through Mobile number and E-mail ID should be entered by them in the respective input fields to authenticate that the email ID and mobile are correct. Upon successful validation the Mobile number and email ID would be updated in the taxpayer’s profile and the process would be complete.

If the PINs are not received within specified time (say 2 minutes), the taxpayer may opt for “Resend PINs” option. The PINs once received will be valid for 24 hours.

The taxpayers are advised to validate the contact details using the PINs received within 24 hours. If PINs are not validated within 24 hours, the taxpayer has to login and follow the same procedure as above again.

Taxpayers are advised to follow the process mentioned above in the interest of the security of their e-filing account and to directly receive communication from the Department about status of processing and issue of refunds etc.

This is a one-time process to validate the mobile number and email ID. However, whenever the taxpayer changes the Mobile Number or email ID in their Profile, the process will be repeated to ensure that the particulars provided are correct.


1. Include the emails and SMS from the Income tax Department in the ‘safe list’ or ‘white list’ to prevent the communications from the Department from being blocked or rejected or sent to Spam folder.

2. Please check for email from Department for PIN in your Inbox as well as the Spam or Junk folder (mail id – [email protected])

Further, now for those people who have updated the contact details, department are giving pop up for updating their registered address details so that recent updated postal address should be in records of the department for any written communication. The screenshot of the Pop up message is as under:

Address updation income tax

Hence, to conclude, I can say that it is for our benefit only to update this details in time otherwise, we might miss some important communication and then unnecessarily consequences will need to face.

Republished with Amendments

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  1. Sarvan says:

    Basically Indian Information Technology minds are powering systems around the world, but each Indian government website sucks. Income Tax department should get out of corruption and give contract to some good software company to manage its IT needs. IT should redesign its IT.

    From Frustrated NRI….



    Where does income tax department use E-mail address mentioned in ITR?

    Thanking you. RAKESH KUMAR JAIN

  3. Murthy says:

    What is the significance of bank validation and EVC for getting the refund to be deposited to the same bank account from whom form 16A is received? Why are we reinventing the wheel again? Again it all boils down to a stupid IAS babu who misconstrues himself as a genius blissfully ignorant of the ground realities. The IT is worried an honest tax payer will pay his taxes and they are taking steps to prevent it. To cap it all there will be a penalty on grounds of late filing .

  4. Cindy Trillo says:

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  5. badan singh says:

    sir my ITR V OF PAN BNNPS6763D for assessment year 2013-2014 has been recevied jan 2015 but not receive any responce so please sir requst send information my mob no 9089605330

  6. badan singh says:

    sir my ITR V OF PAN BNNPS6763D for assessment year 2013-2014 has been recevied jan 2015 but not receive any responce so please sir requst send information

  7. Thirunarayanan says:

    All the comments I have read thus far are the frustrations with the introduction of the PIN for filing tax-returns online. What is the purpose of the PIN? Is it for verifying the identity of the tax-payer?

    I believe the Indian IT introduce this without thinking the process through, and not considering if it has the infrastructure to support this process. I am sure some IAS Officer siting in his/her ivory tower designed and implemented this with scant respect, or consideration, for the robustness of this process.

    Based on the comments, can we have the IT big-wheels to rescind the process and re-implement after thoroughly testing the process? The testing should include users as well. The testing should also include NRI’s.

    1. Murthy says:

      Totally agree with you. NRIs are the most affected. IT doesn’t want to send OTP to foreign mobile. What the hell is the NRI supposed to do? IAS Babu sitting in an ivory tower appears to have been taught how to be irrational. I am venting my frustration

  8. Ramji Lal Sharma says:

    I registered my pan no.for online yesterday with wrong email.ID, therefore cannot activate my online account.

    Please tell how to overcome the problem.

  9. Sridhar says:

    Pathetic change done by some IT guy based on some stupid specs provided by another Babu oblivious of the ground level realities. What about the testing of the changes before they are rolled on to impact millions of middle class tax payees like us.

  10. subhash Chand Agrawal says:

    Hello Sir/Madam

    I have forgotten password of my email Id last year registered. So I am unable to get my email PIN to log in to the site ti file my current year return.
    Please suggest is there any process to change email Id.

  11. Hitendra says:

    I am in USA and not have india mobile number working here!!!! So not able to login because its not accepting the USA mobile number at all. can anyone suggest the solution to this extraordinary ISD charges business policy.

  12. Das says:

    This is really not user friendly for tax payers. The SMS to mobile is not sent 90% of the time. Clearly, the decrease in number of returns this year will show the outcome of such drastic steps without proper consultation.

  13. NK Nair says:

    I am an NRI, I don’t have an India mobile number. Verification form doesn’t accept USA mobile number. How do I complete the verification process?

  14. Mohit Jain says:

    Yes, this is not a good move by the department.

    The problem lies with the small clients who do not have their personal email id. Therefore creating and managing unique email id for all those clients is really a cumbersome task for a CA or any other consultant. Practically CAs are itself creating unique email on behalf of their clients, therefore the very purpose of department gets failed.

    – Mohit

  15. Praveen Kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    I feel the policy makers are not even aware of the ground realities. These stupid decisions are taken in closed A.C. rooms. Why dont they come out and try to understand the various problems/difficulties faced by the CAs/Auditors. These kind of negative steps would only delay the process of filing returns thereby reducing tax collections. Creating Lakhs of e-mail IDs just for the sake of filing of returns will not only render them junkies but also could pose external threats and risks when left un-used for long period.

  16. Prakash Shetty says:

    E filing process is a success due to the efforts of the CA/Advocates/ITP and other Professionals. Individual assesses are not filing Returns. Its the Professionals who are maintaining their Income Tax file. Hence its imperative that Professional keep a track of mails received from Department so that the notices or letters received from the Department are addressed.If email Ids of assesses are given the assesses might not be able to keep a track of the same . Hence the purpose of the same will be defeated.


    my problem is that while i log in to the web site, PINs are sending to the registered e mail and mobile. but as I have been transferred, the registered mobile is not in service now and due to this I am facing the problem. what is the remedy for it ? My e mail is exisiting.

  18. Shabnam says:

    It not Gud Decision taken by deptt. regarding e-mail because indian’s also find the Jugad of every problem. In this situtaion every ca/advocate create new mail id even without notice to client, reset the password problem remain same. This is Useless or time waste process.

  19. DRK Reddy says:

    I don’t think CBDT implement the blocking of IP address for 4 returns. If it so, CBDT is not thinking of Indian assessee.
    Now-a-days, some Europeans are not interested to use mobile and email.
    Little Happy that now we have wait 24 hours to update the PIN from mobile and email.

  20. M R SINGHVI says:

    My Friends, this is not the end here, by prepare, the CBDT will now think of restricting the filing of Return (more than 4)by blocking the IP Address itself, so friends prepare your self to the final blow to the comfort of e filing

  21. Deepak Rajgor says:

    A real foolish step taken by the income tax department. India is not this much tech savvy. Everyone might have mobile number, but everyone is not having personal email id. CBDT needs to rethink. Unnecessary waste of time for chartered accountants & tax professionals.

  22. CA Narendra says:

    It is mentioned in the article that the PIN is valid for 24 hours but once you close the screen, how and where you enter the PIN to validate the email and mobile no. for a already registered user.

  23. Manoj Agarwal says:

    Income Tax E Filing: How to USE same E Mail ID for more than 4 times!!!

    Here is the SOLUTION>>>

    Open a gmail account (if not having one) or any other domain which ignore . (dot) in the email ID. Say my gmail ID is manoj76ag @ gmail.com. Now, because gmail admin ignore dot within ID, if anyone send email to manoj.76ag @ gmail.com or manoj76.ag @ gmail.com or m.a.n.o.j76ag @ gmail.com or in any permutation and combination, it will be treated as same ID by gmail and i will receive all mails at one ID!!!. However,www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in will consider all these IDs as different IDs. Effectively, you can use same email several times!!! Hope this will SAVE you lot of troubles. ENJOY E Filing.

  24. Jayant Kalpavriksha says:

    Sir, in our country there is no IT education to many of the clients. Again we have to attend them. Ultimately it comes to the old system and it is not going to be of any help except waste of time of the CA/Tax advocates. Further in order to change he has to be first log in and the login passwords are with Tax advocates or tax return preparers. They will not provide the same if at all he wants to leave him. So in such a situation if the client gives an alternate id for reset of password the same be sent to his new mail id. Ultimately department wants compliance by the tax payers. Therefore in case any person wants to leave his old consultant and go to new consultant he may be allowed by providing him with new password reset to his new maial id. Further login in the present method may be continuted and the setting the mail id by obtaining OTP may be discontinued. This is not going to serve any purpose. Ultimately again the CA’s/Tax advocates only have to do this job and it will be waste of time for them as well as assessee. By the time the pin gets from the client the time lapses and again we have to reset and ask for fresh pin and again the same repeates. So it is a grate hurdels for tax asvocates and CA’s. So definately rethinking is reqired and also the old system of providing reset passward on the request of the assessee ot his new mail id or new consultants’ mail id may be continued.

  25. S PRAKASH says:

    Limitation of 4 mail id and 4 mobile number for registration on the Income Tax Web in the name of security is a foolish decision of the Board/Government.In a place like Tumkur even the mobile numbers it self will not work as there will be no signals, and internet impossible with this POWER SHORTAGE as we can not get continuous supply of power to work in the computers.If the Clients mail id and mobile number is given they will just forward the same to the Advocate,Tax Consultants and Ca’s and this is the recent experience of number of consultants.In such a situation providing PIN on Mobile and E-Mail id etc can not be dreamed off in a country like INDIA as the infrastructure is still not a reality.Whether the members sitting in the CBDT are in India, and framing all these for INDIA or they are sitting in USA? Whether our new PM and Finance Minister are working for India or for some other county?They should know the ground reality before introducing these procedures.If it happens how can you meet the target of WORLD BANK’S WIDENING OF THE TAX BASE? GST IT CODE AND OTHER REFORMS WITH OUT THE TAX PAYERS.KINDLY SCRAP THE INSTRUCTION.

  26. PRIYA LADDHA says:

    Its realy very difficult for filing of return through site from one mobile no & email id for 4 returns only. Many Clint Lives In Villages and Not To Be More Knowlege About Email , Passwords , so same Difficulty Of Filing Return On Last Date. Please roll back the system as it was before.

  27. K MUKAMBIKA says:

    Manoj Sharma, Advocate Sir,


  28. CA. Shasank, Tadepalligudem says:

    Appreciate the Department for their forward thinking. As of now, it is a big hindrance for the CAs and other Tax Consultants and even the General Public for such a move.

    1. Many of the Assessee do not have Internet Connection or even PCs in their home, the Internet penetration is very low in India. The Clients cannot be expected to create a mail id or even check the communications from IT dept. The whole purpose of the Department directly interacting with the Assessee is not served. If the department wants to interact, they can send the communication by Post, which will serve the purpose and keep our Postal Service busy.
    2. The Assessee do not have tax knowledge, that s why they go to a CA or Tax consultant to help them in compliance of Tax laws. The Notices or Department communication will be a Greek and Latin for them. Much of the Notices sent will be ignored.
    3. The CAs and Tax Consultants will prefer manual filing of IT returns after such move by the Department, rather than wasting their precious time on E-filing. The Mobile PIN confirmations wastes the Time of the Client and CAs too.

    Please roll back the system as it was before. Certainly, I too agree that there are instances of concealment of the Passwords by the CAs or Tax Consultants. We should avoid such things, because it is going to make our lives tougher. Let the Client have the freedom to go where ever he wants too.


    CA. Shasank, Tadepalligudem

  29. DRK Reddy says:

    We are in a small town. Our clients are from villages and most of them does not know email or even phones and some are having mobile and no network is not available in our town.
    Is it genuine to expect a illiterate/elementary studies people to have all these, if they have taxable income!!

  30. Anuradha says:

    Also the validity of One Time Pin for both email and mobile is too cumbersome.At least some activation link would be easy.
    The tax consultants who have given the clients email id and telephone number in the website are now forced to obtain pin as it is sent to the client contact and the client may not be in a position to view his mail or mobile PIN at that point of time.Also before they communicate the PIN the webpage session expires and the whole process to be repeated again.It is delaying the process of preparation and submission of ITR.

  31. Manoj Sharma, Advocate says:

    Its a shame that as soon as one gets a semblance of order in the Income Tax website, there comes an order that is downright stupid if not a cruel waste of time. Can we just close our eyes and imagine that we are in Finland or Sweden with almost every citizen having access to the internet and mobile?? A real waste of time and pure harassment to taxpayers and CAs/Advocates & Practitioners. Shame on the Board for issuing such Orders…

  32. CA Ramesh C Halappanavar says:

    Dear Sir,
    We do not agree to this draconian move.
    Our clients are yet to become so tech savvy . This is especially true in case of smaller cities and smaller assessees.
    Under the circumstances, we professionals prefer to make use of a single ID to support our clients and also followup becomes easy.
    Otherwise the mail goes to clients who do not know its importance and would either ignore the mails or press an unnecessary panic button.
    Hence it is prayed that the old system be resored

    1. Rahim says:

      You can put foreign mobile as they give option to select country. However, it is completely useless as they do not send OTP to foreign mobilles.
      Most times it does not even save the foreign mobile number. Contact a trusted relative in India and use his/her mobile for OTP

  33. Narendra Shah says:

    Limit of 4 registrations against a mobile number/email registration must be removed immediately. When the mobile number and email id, both are being verified during new registration/update of old registration, putting such limit becomes useless.

  34. Vijay K. Malik says:

    It is not possible for ordinary person like chai walla, paan walla, small shop keepers to have their personal email id. This type of procedural hurdle will create more trouble for tax consultants, they have to create email id for their clients on their names, which seems to be more illegal to crate this type of email id. Income Tax Department has to think from this angle also.

  35. B.S.K.RAO says:

    When 5 class of persons are authorised to prepare return on behalf of assessees & majority of assessees are not competent to open e-mail a/c, how come deptt. is expecting voluntary compliance by putting restriction even for usage of e-mail ID for assessee registration & login for filing return by all 5 class of persons. By an average, Tax Professionals file around 300 returns of assessees per annum & they can not open e-mail a/c for each assessee. If such procedure is followed by the deptt. wrong demands requiring action U/s 154 mount-up in the deptt. Because, Tax Professionals can not act against wrong demands raised while processing return by CPC.

  36. Sagar Kulkarni says:

    I an agree with S Sudarshana…. Even our clients dont know about E-mail and do not having email ids…Phone nos are also having under DND so how they can receive sms from income tax dept. There should not be limit of 4 assessees…

  37. A. Lokesh says:

    I was filing the returns of many people, for those are not able operate computers properly, in that case those people will stop filing IT returns, I will do for myself and my family.

  38. vswami says:

    The newly announced procedure for bringing on IT Record the particulars for communication to taxpayers is prima facie cumbersome and spells additional hassle. Further,more importantly, it does not seem to talk about updating of physical ‘address’. As suggested before,in consideration of ‘balance of convenience’ , by having suitable changes made in the department’s computerized system itself, the said address may be updated on the basis of the address/changed address as filled in / reported, in the tax return lastly filed and on its record.

  39. s sudarshana says:

    Why only 4 filings from one email ID? All will have their own mobile phones but cannot be expected to have their own email ID. When they are encouraging the efiling, limiting the filing by a single email ID to 4 is not a positive step.

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