F. No. S/V-30-Misc- 1 03/2020/NS-III/JNCH

Date: 14.07.2020


Sub: Setting up of the Turant Suvidha Kendra (TSK) for faceless assessment-reg.

Attention of all officers of Mumbai Customs Zone-II is invited to CBIC Circular No. 32/2020- Customs, dated 06.07.2020 wherein the Board has directed for setting up of Turant Suvidha Kendra (TSK) by 15.07.2020 for carrying out functions mentioned in para 5 of circular NO. 28/2020-Customs dated 05.06.2020. Also refer JNCH Public Notice No. 80/2020 dated 08.07.2020 and 82/2020 dated 14.07.2020.

2. TSK is being set up in JNCH with effect from 15.07.2020. This step is being taken in advance of the pan-India rollout of Faceless Assessment, which would be done in phases to be announced soon. TSK would be a dedicated cell manned by Customs officer to cater to functions and roles mentioned below:

i. Accept Bond or Bank Guarantee (BG) in respect of import of goods including import related to Export promotion schemes;

ii. Carry out any other verifications that may be referred by Assessment Groups;

iii. Defacing/debiting of documents/permits licences, wherever required; and

iv. Other functions determined by Commissioner to facilitate trade.

3. The roles and responsibilities of various officers posted at TSK are as follows:

I. Assistant/Deputy Commissioner:

a) Acceptance and cancellation of Bond and BG.

b) Act as supervisory head of the TSK cell.

c) Any other function assigned by Commissioner from time to time.

II. Appraisers:

a) Scrutiny and verification of Bond/BG for acceptance by AC/DC.

b) Carry out physical verification of documents referred by Assessment Group

c) Any other function assigned by Commissioner from time to time.

III. Examiners/Tax Assistant:

a) Scrutiny of documents referred by Assessment Group.

b) Maintaining the Bond and Bank Guarantee Registers.

c) Forwarding of original BG accepted by Appraisers and Asstt./Dy. Commissioner of TSK to the BG cell for safe custody after keeping a scanned copy of the same.

d) Verification of seals and signature of Country of origin certificate uploaded in e-Sanchit.

e) Debiting/Defacing of original physical documents uploaded in e-Sanchit.

f) Carry out any other verification that may be referred by the faceless Assessment Group.

g) Numbering, handling and safe keeping of documents retained at TSK.

h) Scanning of all documents accepted/ verified/ defaced/ debited with cross reference of Bill of Entry No. and date.

i) Any other function assigned by Commissioner from time to time.

4. The following procedure is prescribed for TSK officers:

I. Bond/BG:

i. The TA will receive and enter the details of the Bond/BG in the register and will forward to the Appraiser TSK.

ii. The Bond/BG will be verified and scrutinized by the Appraiser, TSK and will forward to
Examiner/TA for generation of Job Number in ICES System.

iii. After generation of Job Number, the Assistant!Deputy Commissioner, TSK will accept the Bond!BG on hard copy and also in the ICES system.

iv. In accepting bonds, it shall be the responsibility of the AC!DC in charge of TSK to make sure that the legal text and format of the Bond is in order- for instance- that an unequivocal auto-renewal clause is incorporated therein.

v. With regard to Warehousing Bond, the original bonds shall be forwarded by TA, TSK to the Bond Section on daily basis for further necessary action.

vi. TA, TSK shall keep Bonds other than Warehousing Bonds in their safe custody.

vii. TA, TSK shall forward the original BG accepted to the BG cell for safe custody after keeping a scanned copy of the same.

viii. TA, TSK shall take receipt on the register after handing over the original Bond and BG from the Bond and BG cell respectively.

II. Other Documents:

i. All documents received in TSK shall be acknowledged.

ii. Physical copies shall be verified! debited! defaced! accepted only in respect of the documents uploaded in e-Sanchit.

iii. Physical copy of documents which are required to be retained by Customs shall be kept in TSK in safe custody.

iv. Physical copies are seen by TSK officer only for those documents where verification! submission! defacement!debiting are required, like Country of Origin Certificate.

v. Assessment Group! RMS Facilitation officers shall verify the documents uploaded in e-Sanchit for the purpose of assessment or CCV or OOC.

vi. TSK officer shall select such document in the System to see what has been uploaded by the importer in e-Sanchit and mark it as verified! defaced! debited in System under the new role TSK _OFF after verifying and defacing!debiting the original paper copy.

vii. Once in the database of the System, the verification/ defacement/debiting confirmation will be available to Assessment! RMS Facilitation Centre/OOC officer.

viii. After completing the due process in respect of the documents received, a scanned copy of the documents shall be kept by the TSK officers with cross reference of the Bill of Entry No. and

-SD- 14/07/2020

Copy to:

1. Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH,

2. Commissioner of Customs, NS-G!NS-I!NS-II!NS-IV!NS-V, JNCH

3. All officers in Mumbai Zone II via Website.

4. DC/EDI for uploading on JNCH website.

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