F. No. S/V-30-Misc-103/2020/NS-III/JNCH

Date: 14.07.2020



Subject: Setting up of the Turant Suvidha Kendra(TSK) for faceless assessment-reg.

Attention of all stakeholders is invited to CBIC Circular No.32/2020-Customs, dated 06.07.2020 wherein the Board has directed for setting up of Turant Suvidha Kendra (TSK) by 15.07.2020 for carrying out functions mentioned in Para 5 of circular No. 28/2020-Customs dated 05.06.2020. In this regard, Public Notice 80/2020 dated 08.07.2020 issued by JNCH may also be referred.

2. Considering the benefits ushered in by providing single point interface, CBIC has decided to extend TSKs to all the Customs formations. Accordingly, TSK is being set up in JNCH with effect from 15.07.2020. This step is being taken in advance of the pan-India rollout of Faceless Assessment, which would be done in phases to be announced soon.

3. TSK would be a dedicated cell manned by Customs officers to cater to following functions:

i. Accept Bond or Bank Guarantee (BG) in respect of import of goods including import related to Export promotion schemes;

ii. Carry out any other verifications that may be referred by Assessment Groups;

iii. Defacing of documents/ permits licences, wherever required;

iv. Debit of documents/ permits/ licences, wherever required; and

v. Other functions determined by Commissioner to facilitate trade.

3.1 TSK will accept all types of Bonds like:

i. Provisional Assessment Bond

ii. Warehousing Bond

iii. End User Bond

iv. No use bond

v. Letter of Undertakings

vi. SVB Bond

vii. Re-export/Re-import Bond

viii. Test Bond

ix. Project Import Bond

x. Bond for availing Concessional Duty/ Notification Benefits

xi. NB

xii. Bonds pertaining to License Section -DEEC/EPCG/MEIS/SHIS BOND

xiii. Any other Bond

4. The broad scheme of the TSK would be as follows:

i. In performing these functions, officers posted at the TSK will match the documents produced by the Customs Broker/ importer with the soft copies of those documents uploaded on e-Sanchit to verify their authenticity and record a remark to this effect on the ICES system.

ii. The document verification by Customs officers for Assessment and Customs Compliance Verification (CCV) stages is based on the documents uploaded in the e-Sanchit. However, in some situations, physical submission of documents is required for defacement, debiting, validation, etc.

iii. The importer has to upload all the documents in e-Sanchit for the purpose of Assessment and CCV before approaching the TSK officers with original documents.

iv. Assessment Group/ RMS Facilitation Centre officer will do the Assessment / CCV based on documents uploaded in e-Sanchit.

v. While all the supporting documents will be available in System for the TSK officer to check, it may be ensured that the physical copies are seen only for those documents where defacement / debiting / verification is required, like Country of Origin Certificates.

vi. The TSK officer will select such document in the System to see what has been uploaded by the importer in e-Sanchit and mark it as defaced / debited / verified in System after verifying it with the original physical document and defacing / debiting the original physical document.

vii. Once in the database of the System, the defacement confirmation will be available to Assessment / OOC officer.

viii. Documents requiring verification during examination for validation with goods would continue to be done during examination, as at present.

ix. All documents received in TSK will be acknowledged.

5. TSK will be functioning from the EDI Service Centre, JNCH with the following complement of Officers:

(a) Assistant / Deputy Commissioner

(b) Appraiser/Superintendent

(c) Examining Officer

(d) Tax Assistant

6. The contact detail of Turant Suvidha Kendra is as under –

Address E-mail ID
EDI Service Centre, Ground Floor, JNCH [email protected]

For contact details of officers posted in TSK, please visit JNCH website.

7. Difficulties faced, if any, may be brought immediately to the notice of the JC/ADC, TSK, NS-III.

-SD- 14/07/2020
Commissioner of Customs, NS-III

Copy to:

1. Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH.

2. Commissioner of Customs, NS-G/ NS-I/ NS-II/ NS-IV/ NS-V, JNCH.

3. AIIEA, FIEO, BCBA and other trade associations.

4. All officers in Mumbai Zone II via Website.

5. DC/EDI-for uploading on JNCH website.

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