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Insurance is a basic expenditure which you must factor for preventing yourself from costs which you perhaps couldn’t afford in case something goes wrong. Car accidents, medical emergencies, theft, accidental damage, and more could happen.

For protecting your finances, and securing the future of your family, it’s best to seek out insurance plans such as term insurance, auto insurance, health insurance plans etc.

In the financial world, the insurance and investment often appear side by side. One is a defensive strategy while the other is an offensive strategy and it’s possible for one to thrive without the other. Insurance is a crucial element in any sound financial plan. Different forms of insurance help in protecting you and your family in different ways.

One of the most critical parts of a financial planning is to ensure having an adequate amount of insurance. If a catastrophe hits someone then they might need to sell investments for paying for the cost of such events like a car accident or medical emergency. Selling the investments in a bearish market instead of holding them on till the market shows some bullish sign isn’t a good idea as it would result in a loss from a temporary dip.

One of the most important forms of insurance is the term insurance. Term insurances are a lot like goalkeepers in a football match; they seem to hover around in the backdrop not doing much in a game, however, when the ball is jolted towards the nets, the role of the keeper becomes evident. Most of the individuals fail to appreciate the role of term insurance while framing their financial plan. Most of them have a vague idea of what a term insurance is intended to do and use it as an umbrella for investment purposes. Having the right amount of life cover is crucial for your financial wellness as well as your family in case anything happens to you.

Similar is the case with health insurance plans. It is correctly said that health is wealth. Actually, without health, it becomes very difficult to grow and sustain wealth. With the medical costs rising day by day, health Insurance plans becomes a critical part of the financial planning. You should choose a right medical insurance that adds value to the financial plan and would last you through the retirement life.

It is very important to ensure a secure future – both medically and financially. Medical expenses in your 30s could seem manageable with a steady income source; however, such expense after your retirement may look like big bucks with no or limited income sources. It is, therefore, best practice for including a health Insurance plan when you’re planning the finances so that you’re prepared for all the expenses.


The biggest hurdle to your financial wellness is your decision in taking that initial step, it might take some discipline, however, once you’ve taken that step, you would be surprised at easy and how cost-effective it can be. The peacefulness you would achieve from getting your finances and health secured is well worth the effort.

While an insurance coverage is crucial, the type of insurance and the amount of insurance people requirement differ with each individual. You should decide how much risk you are willing to endure without insurance.


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