Circular No: NSDL/TIN/2014/024, May 28, 2014

Subject: Revised procedure for acceptance of e-TDS/TCS correction statements and upload of scanned documents to TIN Central System

Attention of all TIN Facilitation Centers (TIN-PCs) is invited to the procedure of acceptance of e-TDS/TCS correction statements and upload of scanned images as provided in chapter 6 and 7 of the TIN-PC Operating Manual (TOM).

As per approval from Income Tax Department, the procedure for acceptance of e-TDS/TCS correction statement stands revised. The same is intimated vide this circular. The revised procedure applicable with effect From June 1, 2014 is as per table below:

Sr. No. Documents to be accepted along with e- TDS/TCS correction statements – Existing procedure Documents to be accepted along with e­TDS/TCS correction statements – Revised procedure (From June 1, 2014)
1 Physical Form 27A Physical Form 27A
2 Statement Statistics Report (SSR)
3 Copy of Provisional Receipt of Original Statement

 In view of the above, TIN-PCs are required to accept e-TDS/TCS correction statements from Deductors/Collectors with .FVU file and duly signed Form 27A (generated from the latest File Validation Utility). The copy of Original Provisional Receipt and Statement Statistic Report need not be accepted from Deductor/Collector.

The verification of control total screen has to be carried out on the basis of information present on Form 27A.

Further, the revised procedure for upload of scanned images of e-TDS/TCS correction Statements, is as per the following table wherein e-TDS/TCS statements are accepted on or after June 1, 2014.

Documents accepted at the time ofacceptanceof e-TDS / TCS Statement Documents to be returned to Deductor / Collector Scanning of documents
  1. CD/Pen Drive
  2. Form 27A
1. CD/ Pen Drive 1, Form 27A2. Provisional receipt copy generatedfrom SAM

In case of multi-hatch correction statements, following documents to be scanned;

Batch 1

  • Form 27A
  • Provisional receipt copy generated from SAM

Batch 2

  • Provisional receipt copy generated from SAM

Batch 3

  • Provisional receipt copy generated From SAM

Note: For e-TDS/TCS statements accepted upto May 31, 2014, the scanned images of Form 27A and Provisional Receipt needs to be scanned and uploaded as referred vide circular number NSDL/T1N/2011/009 dated May 6, 2011.

The version of TOM after the above said updates is 5.10. The version control sheet is attached as Anneyure A

In case of any clarifications, contact TIN Support Desk on 022-24994201.

For and on behalf of

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited

Bushan Maideo

Senior Vice President

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