The government may consider bringing in a legislation to make anti-glare technology in automobiles mandatory in an effort to reduce night accidents caused due to blinding by lights of oncoming vehicles. The government has been supporting the development of an automotive anti-glare technology by the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), which is has reached demonstration stage.

Joint Secretary in the Department of Heavy Industry Ambuj Sharma told PTI that the government would request industry players to implement the technology voluntarily.

“However, there is a scope for bringing in a legislation.

It could also include the retrofitting aspect,” he said, when asked what would be government’s move if the response of the auto industry was not satisfactory.

Accidents due to blinding by lights of oncoming vehicles is one of the major killers on the Indian roads.

Source- PTI

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  1. MRkGANDHI says:

    Anti glare lighting is a long dream. There is requirement to paid half of headlight with black paint. Even this is not enforced. Now a days no vehicle follow this requirement; it creates whether this requirement is still in existence.

  2. rugram says:

    Attempts to reduce glare from auto headlights should be redoubled.
    However, I am not sure if mere legislation would help. Indian industry would always look for profits and if technology to reduce glare happens to be expensive to implement, auto makers would look for all sorts of excuses to get out of it.
    What is totally lacking in India is implementation of laws. Our traffic rules are good but implementation is very very poor. Coupled with corruption, police, RTO, etc. would look the other way. If only there is strict enforcement of laws, there would be substantial reduction in the no. of accidents. Havent we succeeded in cutting down noisy firecrackers during Dival? This is partly due to stricter action by the Police.
    I am all for moves to cut down on the blinding glare from auto headlights. If we have the money to send satellites in space, what pervents us from doing research in this regard (auto headlights glare)? Surely an acceptabl solution could be found, but are we willing to spend money on this?

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