Q: I’m not able to register, as I get an error message “Invalid PAN details”. What should I do?

A: It is possible that you’re typing in the Name details differently from what you have mentioned while applying for PAN card. Please call ASK, 1800 180 1961 and get the correct details and then try registering in the e-Filing application.


Q: The Principal Contact is a Foreigner/Non-resident and does not have a PAN and hence, not able to register in the new e-Filing Application. What should be done?

A: As per CBDT guidelines, Foreigners without PAN is allowed to be an authorized signatory and can file on behalf of the Company/Firm without a PAN encrypted DSC. The assessee Company is required to send an email to details such as Name of the Company, PAN of the Company, Date of Incorporation, Name of the Principal Contact and DOB of the Principal Contact.

Q: While updating the Principal Contact details in the Profile, PAN field is not available. What to do?

A: The possible reason can be that the previous Principal Contact was a Foreigner without a PAN and might have been added as an exception case in the e-Filing application. To remove this exception, send an email to details such as Name of the Company, PAN of the Company, Date of Incorporation, Name of the Principal Contact, PAN of the Principal Contact and DOB of the Principal Contact. The exempted details in the e-Filing application will be deleted and the Principal Contact will be able to register the PAN of the new Principal Contact.

Q:The Principal Contact of my Company/Firm is a foreigner and does not have a PAN. The Principal Contact has been updated without PAN in the Company/Firm profile of the e-Filing portal. The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of the Principal Contact is with a dummy PAN. When I try to upload/register the DSC, PAN mismatch error comes up. What to do?

A: Digital Signature Certificate with dummy PAN will not be accepted by the e-Filing application. In case the Principal Contact has been updated without PAN, Digital Signature Certificate without PAN encryption should be used. In case the Principal Contact is updated in the profile with a PAN, Digital Signature Certificate with the same PAN should be used.

Q: In case of our Company/Firm, the Principal Contact is a foreigner/non-resident without a PAN, how should the XML of the ITR be generated, because of verification in the return requires for a PAN field to be filled up?

A: For filling up the verification field, you may use dummy PAN (FFFPF9999F). It is again clarified, that the dummy PAN can be used only for the verification field and DSC with dummy PAN will not be accepted.

(Republished on 02.09.2015 – Compiled with Information available on Income Tax Website)

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  1. Rashmi katiyar says:

    when i m registerd my pan no for filling income tax return. at the third stage message show that ” we are unable to serve your request due to technical error. please try after some time”. i have to tried for registration for a long time, but same msg repeated every time. what can i do

  2. DEVARAJ says:

    For a company with foreign director we applied for DSC without PAN, but while registering the DSC in efiling portal it is the error as Please enter valid DSC PAN, so we have taken again for the director and register the same it is showing the same error, kindly do the needful.

  3. DEEPAK DANG says:

    There is a slight difference in my name in PAN as “Deepak Kumar Dang” & in Aadhar it is “Deepak Dang”. Further I have shifted to new address for many years, which is recorded in DATABASE of I.Tax.
    – How I should get the name noted in data base as “Deepak Kumar Dang” alias “Deepak Dang” so that it may serve both purpose, wherever need arises.
    – Change in address of PAN database as per aadhar card.

  4. Jyoti Pandey says:

    I am 80 trs old family pensioner.My son realised few months back while linking AADHAR card to my Tax Return that mu DOB is wrongly written in PAN card.

    I asked my son to correct it and he filled my application & deposited the required amount on line.

    My DOB in PAN card was 01.03.1925 while i told him to fill 01.03.1935.

    Unfortunately this time also it was not correct which i realised when submitting the DOB in CGHS Card.Unfortunately in 1935 in aplace Haldwani now in Uttrakhand Birth Certicates were never heard off,hence i could not recollect the day & month although i remembered my year of birth.

    My husband expired in 2003 hence it became even more difficult.

    Since then i am writting to but they are unnecessary harrasing me.

    Kindly advise me what to do ?


    Jyoti Pandey

  5. s sudarshana says:

    Computer is brainless! Whoever is using the password, it assumes it is the same person! Alert does not arise. your clients are intelligent and are changing the password. By the by password is not to be shared and can be set for others with the advise to change it at the earliest.

  6. Ram Babu says:

    My ? is not directly related to the above. I am giving the password to my clients. While registering in the profile settings I am choosing the alerts option But when they change the password I am not getting alerts .!!!

  7. s sudarshana says:

    Best way is to keep the PAN with you while entering the details in the computer. What is first name in a full name is different in different part of our great country. In the south, we use the first name and keep the fathe name/place name etc om the initial; while in the north, first name is in the initial and surname is used everywhere. We cant say this is correct or that is correct.
    The problem with the PAN happens to many, and can be easily addressed while making entry.

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