Principal Chief Commissioner Of Income-Tax Shri Satish Kumar Gupta from Mumbai has requested the  CBDT  for Extension of date of Limitations under Income Tax Act, 1961 due to spread of Covid-19 Virus and related Impact on working of Department.

He referred to lock -down and restricted movement to contain the spread of the viral infection.

He further stated in his letter that “In city of Mumbai, sub-urban local trains have been stopped. More than 90% of the officer and staff commute to office by local trains and a stoppage of this services has meant there is no staff or officer is able to come to office.

It is also brought to the notice that TDS buildings  has been taken over by the Municipal Corporation for hospital purpose. Apart  from that there is general panic and keeping the Government advisories in mind, the officers are trying to avoid any travel in an effort to  Maintain social distancing. Their travel not only risks their personal safety but that of their personal safety but that of their family and the whole community.

 In view of this, it is requested that steps my be imitated to extend the time -barring date of 31st March, 2020 under the income tax Act for various functions, some of which are as below:

  • Processing return u/s 143(1)
  • Time barring penalties
  • Revised And late filing of returns u/s 139
  • Reopening of assessment under 148
  • Revision of assessment u/s 263 & 264
  • Time barring assessments u/s 143(3) r.w.s.142(2A)
  • Time barring set -aside assessments, and any other time barring actions which may get barred by limitation  on 31st march, 2020

Similar action may also be taken for Vivad se Vishwas Act, Black Money Act.”

PCIT letter to CBDT

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  1. Z Syed Ameeruddin says:

    Good initiative !! Hope the Finance Ministry and the Union Government take a responsive decision for the benefit of tax payers at large soon !!!

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