Notification: S.O.3672

Section(s) Referred: 35 ,35(2A)


Date of Issue: 8/8/1977

It is hereby notified for general information that the following scientific research programme has been approved for the period specified below for the purposes of sub-section (2A) of section 35 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, by the prescribed authority, the Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi.

1. Name of the Programmes :

—— Sl. Title of the project Estimated No. Outlay —– 1 2 3 —–

1. Surface studies using field emission spectrometry field on mass-spectrometry 7,70,000

2. Techniques for study of surface of materials 8,54,000

3. Studies of thin film properties (i) Magnetic materials and microwave applications (ii) Electroluminescence 6,40,000

4. Laser interferometric study of materials 3,30,000

5. Electron beam technique for studying Alumina, FEP teflon, Mgo, Mica & Glasses 4,25,000

6. Luminescence studies with tunable dyee laser pumped with pulses N2 laser 2,80,000

7. Design and fabrication of a beam foil apparatus and spectral study of highly ionised states of atoms for understanding the charge transfer mechanism 3,35,000

8. Ion implantation Studies 3,40,000

9. The use of the (8-10) Me V Microton electron accelator for nuclear materials Assay and Radiography of materials 4,49,000

10. Fast Neutron Activation Analysis 3,90,000

11. Elucidation of the semi-conductor to metal transition in Oxides of Transition Metals by using X-ray Emission Absorbtion/Flourescence, Spectroscopy 20,11,000

12. Position Probe for Tungston Carbide 4,20,000

13. Studies of Electromigration, Diffusion and anisotropic Absorption using the Mass Spectrometer 4,20,000

14. Mossbauer Spectroscopic Studies of (i) Spinel Compounds, and (ii) Plant Haemoglobin 3,70,000

15. Laboratory Measurements of Electron temperature relaxation rates in the Molecular Gases 3,50,000

2. To be undertaken at : University of Poona, Poona.

3. Date of commencement and Approximately 5 years from completion date of commencement of respective programmes.

4. Estimated cost The estimated cost of each programme is given against it in the above statement.

The University of Poona, Poona, where the programmes are being undertaken is an approved University under section 35(1)(ii) of the Income-tax Act, 1961, vide Ministry of Finance, Notification No. 505 (F. No. 203/46/73–ITA–II), dated 4th December, 1973.

[No. 1921—F. No. 203/73/77—ITA–II]

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