Jewellers misuse PAN Card details from Railway reservation charts

Indian Railway Reforms facilitates PAN card misuse

Memorandum submitted by Akhila Bharata Grahak Panchayat

ABGP-All India Consumer Movement (Regd)- TATKAL Reservation- PAN Card Details-Misused By Unscrupulous Persons- Memorandum To Minister For Railways,Chairman, Railway Board & G.M.,S.Rlys.

AKHIL BHARATHEEYA GRAHAK PANCHAYAT(ABGP); An All India Consumer Movement ( Regn.No:S/9194,Delhi, having its branches in 30 states, submitted a memorandum to Hon.Minister For Railways,chairman-Railway Board and G.M.,S.Rlys’.

Copy of the Memorandums Hon.Minister For Railways,CC to Chairman,Railway Board and to G.M.S.Rly., with ack. is attached, for ready reference.

* As per Commercial Circular No.5 of 2011 issued wide Letter No.2010/TG.1/20/P/Tatkal dt.28.01.2011, Tatkal tickets shall be issued only on production of one of the 8 prescribed proofs of Identity.One among them is PAN CARD.The details of the Identity proof shall be captured by the system and indicated on reserved tickets as well as on the reservation charts.

* IR as per the above direction display PAN CARD DETAILS along with other details of reserved passenger’s, in the reservation chart pasted outside the Coach.

This practice has become a boon for benami transactions .In an attempt to combat black money, Government Of India by Finance Act 2012 has made it mandatory for certain traders like Jewellery dealers to collect tax (TCS) from customers on purchase of jewellery exceeding Rs.5 lakhs.

While complying with TCS rules for collection, payment and uploading of TCS information (E-filing of TDS returns), Jewellery dealers have to furnish PAN of customers. For Certain customers,it is not convenient to provide PAN as they may have constraints in explaining the source.In such cases to accommodate high net worth customers,unscrupulous traders have an easy source of benami PAN particulars from reserved railway passengers chart.

After such illegal use of PAN CARD details of unconnected taxpayer, there is almost 6-12 months time for the PAN holder to know that a transaction of above nature has taken place in his name and only if he goes through Form 26.

The Income Tax Department will first initiate action from the tax payer side asking him to prove that he /she has not carried on the above transaction.The onus lies on the genuine tax payer for fault committed by the traders.

Hence, ABGP Requested By Its Memorandum That The Indian Railway’s Either Withdraw PAN Card As One Of The Prescribed Proofs Of Identity For Tatkal Reservation Or Publish Either The English Alphabet Part Or Numeric Part And Not The Full Details Of PAN Card In The Reservation Charts Displayed On The Railway Compartments to safeguard the interest of Railway Reserved Passengers.

With the severity and urgency of the matter, ABGP requests that suitable orders may be passed at the earliest.

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  1. Rahul Adi says:

    I’m having a gas agency in my name previously run by me but, due to disputes I’ve left the business. Now it is being operated by my aunt who is also the sole investor. I’ve invested nothing but my credentials such as education certificates and PAN is linked with the business. Now there is no transparency on what is happening or any exchange of information on balance sheets or account statement. I want to surrender my PAN to the IT dept. and then apply for a fresh one only for my personal use. Will this be helpful to come out of this business where the transactions are happening without my knowledge?

  2. MRKGANDHI says:

    Our business community resorts to blatant misuse of anything and everything; more particularly they are aware this government is not capable of effectively dealing with crime or evasions. In our country compliance with law is expensive and non-compliance is cheaper. The so called economic reforms under steward ship of under achiever Prime Minister, the business class is emboldened because some token penalty will be imposed for violation. Who can rescue this country from the hands of defaulting business class. Only revolt across the country where corrupt politician and businessman is crucified like the Christ at four roads corner. 

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