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Hope all of you are familiar with efiling of ITR – 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. I have a message for you…. IT people (You may call them Income Tax People or Inefficient Taxman) are not very clear about Circular No. 5 – 2007. I find it very difficult to convince them that their department has enabled efiling and it is also sufficient to submit a verification form in ITR – V, they are blissfully ignorant about their department’s STATE OF THE ART!!!!!!!!!!! Technology in infusion of Information Technology at the service of Taxpayer!

Here are a few intelligent questions cast at us by IT officers at IT Office, this is just for you to enjoy their ignorance…..!

Question No. 1 – When we tried to submit ITR-V “Why should we accept a form which says VERIFICATION FORM, in fact we did not verify anything!?”

Question No. 2 – Where did you get this acknowledgment Number which you have given in your form?

Question No. 3 – Though you have electronically filed your returns, is there any difficulty in your part to provide a hard copy of the original form? (When asked why – they said) suppose in case our database gets deleted or corrupted, where will we go for the information????

Question No. 4 – Didn’t you ever know that this does not apply to offices which are not online? (Circular No. 5 – 2007 clearly states “whether online or not”)

Question No. 5 – “We do not have any computers, how can we accept e-filing forms????”

I have been forced ‘late-filing’ by these inefficient taxmen – I filed the returns electronically before the due date – but after e-filing I could not submit form ITR-V within 15 days as stipulated by IT department –

Taxman – Train before you leap

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