Taxpayers have appreciated the new initiative of Electronic Verification of the Income Tax Return through Aadhaar linkage and Net-banking and the testimonials affirm the user-friendliness and removal of the hassle of sending the paper copy of the ITR-V form to Bengaluru. Taxpayers have also reported that the process of e-verification shortens the time taken for processing of the return and issue of refund.

Details regarding e-verification are available at in Notification 2/2015 in issued on 13th July 2015 at

Taxpayers are requested to use Electronic Verification facility in view of the convenience and flexibility offered. Taxpayers are, requested to e-file their returns early to avoid the rush closer to the last date.

E filing is possible within minutes.
Year by year, improvement in efiling is visible. xml utility and e verification of filed return are welcome additions worthy of all praise. Work of I.T. team is commendable.
This procedure is very excellent instead of munual ruturn
New verification mode is really very helpful for us. It reduces time and also sending paper in hard copy was difficult. This new format is really appreciated and helps the salaried employ save their time and money. It is so easy for every invvidual to fill their return own and get verified.
My experience is good. especially when you can do e verification & no need to send ITRV.
Good initiative ITR-V e-verification
Great work and really efficient software which is easy for any layman to file returns
I am really happy with this significant improvement on e-Filing process topped with EVC through Net Banking. It took me just 30 minutes file return. I would like to thank the entire team of this portal and I congratulate you on this super feat. Thank you guys and the government of India.
Excellent move from IT dept.E filing for a salaried person like me takes hardly 10 minutes altogether. Thanks for making it simple and easy.
it will be nice if items covered under respective sections i.e. 80c 80cc are abbreviated and shown on mouse hovering the item which will helpful.E verification through Aadhar is welcome.

What next? efiling through android tablets?

Congratulations to all of you.

Very easy and fast system for filling and submitting income tax return online. I am sure this will encourage a lot more people to fill income tax return. Satisfied with current system.
e filling updated one is excellent thank you
Income tax return processed in record time. Excellent.
Great to see the process improvement.. in terms of itr submission and hassle free processing. Excellent Work!!!
Amazing service   !!! Everything is so easy and with high security, loved it    !!
e-filing, e-verification and ITR processing and refund payment is very very fast and excellent.
E filing is fantastic. And   I got my refund credited to my bank account in 11 days after e
filing. Simply superb!
The online ITR form submission and verification works like a charm. Thanks! Thumbs up team! 🙂
Medical Policy of my mother was due for refund.The refund has been recd yesterday.This is absolutely fantastic,excellent prompt service by IT Team. I am very thankful to IT dept for such Fast service especially being a Govt service. Great Job . Pls keep up the good work IT dept…
Apart from the user friendly interface of filing the Tax Returns, I am also surprised to see the quickness of the Return processed and Refund given. Thank you very much and hoping to receive similar services in the future as well.
Thank you for very fast action of refundable due to online submission and return.
Impressive. Good to see that everify using netbanking. Thanks IT team for this and the initiator
Superb e filing forms.   Easy to file return in less than a minute.  I.T. Department is one of the most efficient government department who is progressing year by year.   Getting assessment done in less than 15 days time of return submission is highly appreciated.
Awesome. The new Electronic verification and ITR upload are very fast and simplified the process like anything. I got my tax refund in two weeks. Thanks for making it so fast. i think even in USA it would take two months you did it with two weeks. great job. keep going.
Mind Boggling. Hat off to IT dept. for creating such a robust site
Excellent work done by the IT dept. EVC option is excellent!.
I am proud to be an Indian and the Tax Filling through is amazing. Not a single problem and everything for very smooth. Thanks to Income Tax Department. I would suggest that the Govt should show this in Public media so that everyone can realize how easy is Income Tax filing now.Thanks
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    Why NOT introduce EVC by sending OTP to Registered mobile & email for all assesses rather than restrict it only to those whose income is less than Rs.5.00 Lakhs and where there are NO Refunds?
    AADHAR linking is OK; however as pointed out by TAMILKELVAN, a very big pronlem exists in Tamil Nadu. Also if the Registered mobile with AADHAR gets lost the problem of restoring the number asnd necessary delay will cause pronlem unless alternate means are also avilable for EVC

  2. VIJAY says:

    Yes. There is no doubt that the E-filing System is fantastic. However, the problem relating to E-verification based on Aadhar Database requires fine tuning. Especially the name verification shall be pruned in such a way that when the name of the individual in Aadhar Database matches with any one of the three names ie first middle or last name of the PAN Database, no error shall be shown and the verification shall be approved. This aspect requires immediate attention.

  3. Mukesh says:

    I shall be satisfied if the refund will be credited in account within 24-48 hours as of now and immediately after filing return eventually. This may be subject to validation that refund is not more than 30% of tax paid as a general and liberal for senior citizen and persons who have to file return for TDS refund in case they have no taxable income. People will not cry on TDS deductor which they face as of now.

  4. Sidhes says:

    It is very good initiative but, maximum time it is showing that data mismatch, when a person having Aadhar and PAN card with same particulars but still it is saying data mismatch, In such situation department should have another procedure to validate the return,like confirming the detail through mobile and e-mail, which is register with department. That will bring more help to verify the return.
    Instead of allowing 10-10 users in one e-mail and one mobile, it would be better and if it would strict to one or maximum two user in one e-mail and one phone,
    It will bring more security and spread awareness between the tax payer and practitioners.

  5. Kamal Khurdia says:

    In continuation to concerned expressed by Mr. Tamilkelvan, I want to draw attention on one more issue. The Department has proposed two processes of EVC, one for fillers having no refund and Income below 5 Lacs and another for persons having refund or income above 5 Lacs. I could not understand why there are two separate processes. Why not one process is adopted for all type of returns? Further EVC in case of refund and or Income above 5 Lacs can only be generated through Mobile number registered with Aadhar and netbanking, but we all know how Aadhar were prepared when even after providing all the Information like DOB, Bank details, Mobile Number etc. the preparing agency did not bother for the same and have not updated/ fed the information. Further all the persons who are filing Income Tax returns do not have access to netbanking.
    Thus my suggestion is that why mobile number and email id which are given at the time of filing of return cannot be used to generate EVC in all the cases of returns filed like the same is used in filing Income Tax Returns having no refund and Income below Rs. 5 Lacs.
    Please put the issue with Tax authorities and get corrected the same as soon as possible so that lot of paper, time and energy will be saved.

  6. B.Vaidyanathan says:

    Quick filing of the Returns has been made possible with the new online IT Returns filing and Aadhar linked electronic verification. Kudos to the IT Department. As a matter of fact, I could file 2 Returns with electronic verification, within 15 minutes. Finance Minister – Keep up the good work.

    As far as the First Name, Last Name Confusion is concerned, there needs to be some revamp of the PAN Card issuing, in respect of Tamilnadu is concerned. I had pointed out this more than two years ago, through your columns. I am not amused with the feedback given by Mr. Tamilselvan. Let IT Deptt. realise this flaw.

  7. TAMILKELVAN says:

    The Government of India is improving efiling of returns day and day out. However there has been problem for linking AADHAR NUMBER WITH PAN. i filed my return electronically during first week of july by which EVC was not introduced and hence I sent FORMV and everything is smooth with credit of REFUND AS WELL AS RECEIPT OF INTIMATION. However whenever I login to the IT DEPARTMENT I am receiving message for linking with AADHAR. The problem is that IN AADHAR CARD AS IS THE PRACTICE IN TAMILNADU THERE IS NO CONCEPT OF FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME AND SURNAME personal name is entered first and the father’s name with the result that My personal name and father’s name are exhibited. However in PAN IT IS THE REVERSE CASE. Thus there has been mismatch. When I contacted the DEPARTMENT they wanted me to update either PAN OR AADHAR. But there is still difficulty. In all CENTRAL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS AS IN PASSPORTS the procedure followed is FIRST NAME/MIDDLE NAME AND SURNAME. While in STATE GOVERNMENT/LPG SUBSIDY/BANKS it is the reverse. Thus whenever when PA OR AADHAR are linked with VOTER IDENTITY/BANKS there will be still difficulty. Hence what I suggest is that just as in other Departments ITD should devise a mechanism whereby the particulars give during the time of efiling may be matched with AADHAR since PERSONAL NAME/FATHER’S NAME ADDRESS AND DATE OF BIRTH will not change in both the cases. Further AADHAR NUMBER is also indicated in return. Hence I request TAXGURU to take up this issue seriously in the right earnest since it is not an individual issue but a general issue and sensitize the DEPARTMENT so that at leat at the time of filing the RETURN FOR 206-17 this issue gets resolved.

  8. S PRAKASH says:

    what about linking of ADHAAR? Try it. What about refund of the persons who have filed the returns promptly and died, and the fate and correspondence of the legal heirs with the CPC? FORM 4,5,6 AND 7????????????

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