Clarification- Some of our readers have objected to the use of Term Chartered Accountant (CA) for Late Yakub Abdul Razak Memon. The reason for their objection was that name of Late Yakub Abdul Razak Memon was removed from the Register of Members maintained by Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI)  in 1993, so at the time of his hanging he was not a CA. We at Taxguru agree with arguments of our readers and regret the mistake at our end and assure them that we will be more careful in future.

Yakub Abdul Razak Memon (30 July 1962-30 July 2015) was a terrorist and has cleared his CA Final Exams in 1990. He was convicted over his involvement in the 1993 Bombay bombings by Special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities court on 27 July 2007. Yakub Memon is the brother of one of the prime suspects in the bombings, Tiger Memon His appeals and petitions for clemency were all rejected and he was executed by hanging on 30 July 2015 at 06.30 IST in Nagpur jail.

He had been woken at 3:30 AM, permitted to take a warm bath and was provided with a fresh set of clothing. He was allowed to read the Quran and offer Namaz, given a last meal of his choice, and underwent a final medical examination before the execution. A police constable who had previously executed Ajmal Kasab served as the hangman.

Early history

Yakub Memon was born on 30 July 1962 in Mumbai and grew up in the Byculla neighborhood, where he attended Antonio D’Souza High School. He completed a Masters in Commerce at the Burhani College of Commerce and Arts. In 1986, Memon enrolled in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and completed study as a chartered accountant in 1990.

In 1991, Memon founded the chartered accountancy firm ‘Mehta & Memon Associates’ with his childhood friend Chetan Mehta. The following year, they parted ways, and he founded another accountancy firm ‘AR & Sons’. Named after his father, it was so successful that Memon won a “Best Chartered Accountant of the Year” award from the Memon community of Mumbai. He also formed the export company ‘Tejrath International’ to export meat products to the Persian Gulf region and Middle East.

Part in the 1993 Bombay bombings

According to Indian authorities, Memon financially assisted his brother Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim in planning and executing the bombings. Memon allegedly handled Tiger’s funds, funded the training of 15 youths who were sent to Pakistan to learn the art of handling arms and ammunition, purchased the vehicles used in the bombings, and stockpiled weapons.


The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation claims that Memon was arrested at New Delhi railway station on 5 August 1994. However, Memon claims that he surrendered to police in Nepal on the 28 July 1994. Memon was arrested with a briefcase which contained a recording of a conversation he had had in Karachi.

Studies During Imprisonment

Memon was originally held at Yerwada Central Jail, and was transferred to Nagpur Central Jail in August 2007.While in prison, he has studied at Indira Gandhi National Open University and earned two master’s degrees. The first, in 2013, in English literature and the second degree, in 2014, in political science. (Source-  Wikipedia)

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  1. Mohammad Ayiub says:

    I understand “Chartered Accountant” is a qualification and not the membership. Once Yakub got such qualification with no illegal manner no one has right to snatch his qualification. Supreme court has found him guilty and has punished for his act and not for his qualification. ICAI has deregistered him from the membership and not taken away his qualification called “Chartered Accountant” of its record.

    There are several members who get deregistered for so many reasons. Should they not be called as “Chartered Accountants”?. Several members do not register themselves after getting qualification. Should they be not called as “Chartered Accountants”?

    Its very poor on the part of taxguru to regret and call it a mistake for calling a “Chartered Accountant” as “Chartered Accountant”. It is very unfortunate and insulting to “Chartered Accountants”. Opinion may differ on the act of Yakub and the punishment he got. But please respect the qualification called “Chartered Accountant”. I feel taxguru must apologise to all “Chartered Accountants” whether member or not of the ICAI for such act.

  2. vsnmurty says:

    Dear …….
    What about those CAs who daily indulge in financial terrorism.If you disown them there will be hardly any body left in the profession.


    Can a professional degree permits to the degree holder to do any thing whatever he wants , our soul does not permits for this type of activist as CA either he has was well and good in education and At last as on hangout date he was only the terrarist not a CA

  4. yogesh s limaye says:

    Stop Vindicating Yakub Menon as CA

    Even though, once upon a time, he would have earned the degree but by later HIS own acts he lost it. In this regard, i would like to draw readers attention to hanging of Dhananjoy_Chatterjee, a rapist and murderer of 14 year old girl, on 14 August 2004.

    The family refused to either attend the execution or claim his body; it was later cremated.

    On the same lines, we being a CA family, refuse to accept him as our family member.

  5. ajith kumar says:

    Everyone is arguing how can a Chartered Accountant can do such a crime?. I would like to say that CA is different and crime is different. Most of the Crime are done by a well educated person. If a person is deprived of his life he will enter into such a crime activities. It depends on his mental attitude and not his qualification or education. Every person who are mentally deprived have to read Holy Bible, which shows how a person has to live in a societal world.

  6. VIJAY says:


    What ever the qualification one earns by way of studies and passing the examination, once either he directly involved or indirectly supports any activity which is not ethical or which makes him unbecoming of a professional, he will not be a professional any more and the identity shall be removed immediately. Here the act is against the security of the country and there is no necessity for any arguments in his favour.

  7. Ashok Kumar Modi says:

    Yakub was an well educated person and belonged to a memon community where people are well educated. He was also one among those youths who are brain washed by the terrorists in the name of religion and went on the wrong path. His life is a big lesson for those youths.Being a well educated person, he did all this and got such a shameful death and left his family to live with a stamp of a terrorists wife and daughters all life. In my opinion he should be asked to address to the youths. This would stop youths to go in wrong path and being brain washed.

  8. Vinay Joshi says:

    BTW, the apex court [midnight hearing] pronounced the judgement
    at 04:57hrs IST, 30th. The jail authorities took him at 06:30 hrs 30th.
    [the petition by habitual signatories forced the CJI to summon the bench, tho’ they had visitited to petion at his resi & subsequently the registrar got to proceedings.]

    And earlier also the apex court at 01:40 hrs had passed a verdict in
    ‘Nithari killings’!


  9. common man says:

    he will be CA YAKUB forever bcoz he earn it by his hardwork.even institute if snatch his all degrees he had cleared finals and also in 4years full ca. Whatever he had done he had got punishment so pls dnt say he dont deserve.he was CA, he is CA and will be CA yakub.
    I want to ask those victims they r saying they finally got justice? D master mind is his brother like salman said? He had just finance d funds. His only fault was that he is ca. He had huge money.he had not plotted any conspiracy. Ali who was in together with hin got only 5years conviction thats it.and since now he is not more so dont blame him anymore bcoz justice is already done according to many.
    But what if he didnot returned to pakistan and dont wish to come india than..i want to ask jst one thing when wll be d master mind wll be hanged?
    And what abt gujrat riots mastermind? Wy he is not getting death warranty?
    And yeah am hindu nt muslim. For me he is only soul and his body had left so RIP ca.yakub memon

  10. CA A. P. GUPTA says:

    Yakub Abdul Razak Memon qualified his final exam of CA and as such he is and shall remain a chartered accountant though he is no more. The ICAI has cancelled his membership only but can not withdraw his qualification as he was not a terrorist when he qualified the final exam of CA. He was hanged because of his post qualification activities and the punishment was justice to him. One should not be so sentimental that by calling him a chartered accountant he feels guilt.

    CA A. P. GUPTA

  11. lone altaf says:

    Y Y & Y NOTTT

  12. girdhar says:

    Yakub Memon was involved in 1993 terror blast when he was CA. It is really shameful that his brother was mastermind but yakub supported him which shows he become mentally ill and made his life miserable.
    I wonder how a person like him can clear CA exam…. after clear exam get involved in such terror activities….. really not good at all.
    Finally Govt. was stick to its decision and show no mercy to him.

    But it also essential that after 1993 there were made many terror blast in india of which some person would be mastermind so govt should take imitative to take strict action against them also.
    media do not make hype for such topic which spread wrong notion among public. where public can’t do any thing but some high profile people do time pass by making comment on this where they have no knowledge at all or half knowledge also make useless publicity of such high profile people.

  13. Surya Suri says:

    No, doubt he was a terrorist but, everyone is know he was also a CA and Chartered Accountants. Its mean our education system provide us only education but do not make us a noble man. We have to do something for overcoming from this.

  14. RiddhiSiddhi says:

    Qualified person will always be qualified…. at the time of Crime, he was a qualified accountant (CA)… so he has convicted when he was an CA… now at the time of hanging he is a non practicing CA; in spite of termination of his membership since 1993… therefore you can not deny that he is not a chartered accountant… he is non-practicing chartered accountant…

    it is experienced by the people of nation that at the most financial irregularities/frauds/scams have been done by the CAs or with the use of their brain… now it is time to check this severe problem by the Institute with the help of counseling them….

  15. A.BALAJI says:

    Many CA’s involoved and supported in white many color crimes in stock market related/bank loans related / kit pro co like in AP Vijayasai Reddy, a senior CA ….. Tax evadasion by companies/business people,,,in block money management etc.

    Hence respect has gone to them

  16. shailesh S says:

    It is confirmed that yakub memon’s membership was cancelled since 1993 so he was not a CA when he got hung. Kindly take note of it.

  17. M.Narayanan says:

    It is not known whether ICAI took any disciplinary action against him and levied any disciplinary penalty. This is more important as a chartered institution than a CA being terrorist and getting hanged as the first. Will I be enlightened on this?

  18. P Veerabhadra Rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    This also shows the appetite of Ca’s to get involve in money laundering and hawala transactions. Religion apart there are many CA’s in Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities who are involved in creating companies and making fake books and transferring hawala money and creating black economy. Along with Yakum, these CA’s should also be brought into books for hurting the Indian economy and People trust.

  19. Aashish Kabra says:

    As Recd
    It is confirmed yakub memon’s membership cancelled since 1993…SO DENY EVERYWHERE that a CA hanged ….he was not CA when he got hung..

  20. Vinay says:

    ICAI should have cancelled his membership at the time of his conviction itself. Such criminals should not be tagged with a prestigious institution in anyway.

  21. CA Suniiel R Karbhari says:

    Great Quotes worth remembering of Legandery Constitutional Expert Late Advocate Nani Palkhiwala and I quote,

    ” When you lose a case ,nothing is lost , even when you lose a client again nothing is lost ,even you lose a judge ,still nothing is lost but when you lose your Conscience,then Every thing is lost “

  22. Anesh pati says:

    I have not expected this type of statement from TaxGuru.


    Just in simple words i have commented that you can understand.

    Anesh Patil.

  23. CA Umesh Sharma says:

    It is confirmed yakub memon’s membership cancelled since 1993…SO DENY EVERYWHERE that a CA hanged ….he was not CA when he got hung..

  24. Rajendra Mandhana says:

    ICAI should come up with a note regarding disciplinary action, if any, initiated against him for his involvement in terror activities.

  25. Rajendra Mandhana says:

    Plz do not bring his CA profession / qualification in such discussion. He is not hanged for being a CA and doing wrong thing. What he has done is nothing to do with profession. He has been hanged as a terrorist or like that. This kind of stupid lines will only bring disrepute to the profession in the eyes of public.

  26. ASHWIN GALA says:

    WE HAVE NO SOFT CORNER FOR HIM. But why our education system has failed so miserably ? Degree Of CA did not earn him reputation enough to live life respectfully ? Within two years of his practice he earned award of “Best Chartered Accountant of the Year” from the Memon community of Mumbai. Yet he was not satisfied ? Or he was not matured enough ? If high degree of education can not bring satisfaction or maturity or capacity to a man to face extreme bad aspects of life like terrorism then what the education is for ? We are spending so much resources for education. It is really mockery of our system that fails miserably to educate a man to such an extent. THIS PARTICULAR CASE MAY BE EXTREME OR EXCEPTION. But what percenatge of Highly Educated people are satisfied , proud , matured & strong enough to face challenges of life ?


  27. Ram says:

    Pls don’t bring profession into discussion as he hanged as a terrorist, but not as CA.
    Let us keep respect on the profession rather discussing on terrorist profession.

  28. vaidya kesavaiyer says:

    It is a shame on the part of the institute not to have terminated his degree so as to proscribe any accountancy participation over the CA qualification and made public

  29. V Sivaraman says:

    Yakub is a qualified CRIMINAL and a BEAST who deserved to be hanged for he did not take one to one revange but messacred about 200-300 innocent citizen when they were unarmed and ill prepared.


    Neither should any sympathy be shown for 21-05-1991 killers at Sriperumbathur for they too killed 100s of innocent aunarmed public.

    Infact the people who held back their execution and who support their release must also be hanged because they supporting the Killer BEASTS who are not human beings.

  30. CAVIVEK BAJPAI says:

    Please do not use word CA . I condemn the heading “Yakub Memon become First CA to be Hanged in India” used in this article.His activities does not fall under great profession teachings .


    Please abstain from linking any noble profession with a convicted criminal offender. It is inappropriate in the journalism to make a Hero of a convicted criminal even belonging to a noble profession. An offender is an offender he has no religion or profession.

  32. Ravin says:

    Please change below line from your data and archive immediately, as no terrorist can be related to any country and below statement looks that he was Indian Terrorist.

    Yakub Abdul Razak Memon (30 July 1962-30 July 2015) was an Indian terrorist

    Please correct ASAP without any further delay.


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