prpri Income Tax and TDS Password Format with Examples Income Tax and TDS Password Format with Examples

Many of us get confused while opening the PDF downloaded/received from various government sites. The Income tax and TDS Site also contain many documents which require different type of Passwords to open the PDF downloaded/received from the respective sites. One person cannot remember all types of PDF passwords because the passwords are nearly same and contains a minor change which makes it even more confusing.

Following is the table which contains various functionalities and the types of password format required for it.

List of Password required for opening various documents

Functionality Password Format Example
ITR V PAN number (lowercase alphabet) and the DOB (“DDMMYYYY” format). aaaa11111a01012011
Form 16/16A/27D/TBR PAN (first 5 letter in uppercase) and DOB (“DDMMYYYY” format). AAAA101012011
Form 16B Date of Birth of the BUYER (in DDMMYYYY format) 01012011
Form 26AS Date of Birth (in DDMMYYYY format) 01012011
Any Intimation/Order (Income Tax) PAN NO. Along With Date of Birth in Lower Case aaaa11111a08081997
Intimation received through Email First Four Letters of TAN_Date of Filing of Regular Statement (DDMMYYYY) AAAA_01012011
Extracting TDS Consolidate file TAN number and Request number MUMR03066R_1083
PAN card PAN number (lowercase alphabet) and the DOB (“DDMMYYYY” format) aaaa11111a08081997
Aadhaar Card First four letters of Name in CAPITAL letters and your Year of Birth (YYYY) MAHE1989
Extracting Justification Report JR_<TAN>_<Form Type>_<Quarter>_<FY> JR_AAAA11111A_24Q_Q3_2010-11
Extracting TDS Certificates ZIP File TAN In Upper Case AAAA11111A
Extracting 26AS ZIP File Date Of Birth in (“DDMMYYYY” format) 01012011
Opening TDS Provisional Receipt/Ack TAN No. In Lower Case aaaa11111a

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  1. Ananthasayanam says:

    Sir, I am an Ex.serviceman pensioner,81yrs,stuck abroad due pandemic, filed Ay 20-21 itr1, by post to CPC, BG,on 27 Nov.20, not cpc so far.pls advise mail id of cpc for complaint.

  2. Ananthasayanam says:

    Sir, I am a defence pensioner, 81 year old, stuck abroad due pandemic, filed itr fy 2019-20, by post to cpc, BG.on27.nov.20.No ack rec’d so far.pls advise what email id to contact cpc. Simple procedure requested.I am not savvy digitally.TQ.happy new year.

  3. RKSINGH says:

    I have paid rs30000 as advance income tax on 08 Nov.2019 for financial year 2019-20 but SBI has paid it in financial year 2018-19 then what can I do?
    I have again paid Rs 30000/ on 15 March 2020 by on line net banking as income tax advance tax for financial year 2019-20 but I could not get challan paid certificate .How can I get challan certificate.

  4. Ravindiran. M says:

    When I downloaded form 15G, I get information to show the downloaded Form 15G ” to enter the password”. Can you inform me how the format of the password will be for form 15G?

  5. rakesh kumar singh says:

    Hi sir
    I got e tan on my email id
    But pdf need password nsdl given hint
    Six digit on application
    But there is nothing pls help me to open pdf file

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