The Income Tax Department has been awarded GOLD by the Government of India under category “Cat-I-Excellence in Government Process Re-engineering” for National Award on e-governance 2014-15. The award has been conferred for “TDS Reconciliation Analysis & Correction Enabling System (TRACES)” project launched by the Department.

The Project marks a major step in ensuring TDS compliance through the processing of TDS returns and comprehensive data processing of TDS statements using technology driven end-to-end processes. At present 15 Lakh deductors and 2.5 crore tax payers are using various e-enabled online services through the CPC (TDS).

The award was presented today during the 18th National Conference on e-governance held at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

This third award on e-governance to the Income Tax Department in the last 5 years speaks volumes about the commitment of the Department to e-governance and to move towards a non-adversarial and tax-payer friendly regime.

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  1. s sudarshana says:

    Modi deserves all credit by all of us, non-affiliated aam janatha, as he never hesitated to take all good things of previous govt. All in the interest of common man, in general and Our country, in particular.

    1. Varaprasad Daitha says:

      The much stated Voluntary Disclosure Scheme of 1998-99 had yielded only about Rs.9500 Crores. But a simple scheme of DHAN-JAN Yojana had yielded more than Rs.11000 Crores only on initial stage.

  2. n.krishnamoorthy says:

    The entire credit for the Incometax Deptt giving awards for its e-governance policy should go Mr P. Chidambaram, the ex FM. During his stewardship of the finance ministry for about a decade he has introduced sweeping changes and made the department assessee-friendly at the same time ensuring that the taxes grow up 9in leaps and bounds over the years. Who would have thought five years back that the direct tax collections are an astounding 4.5 lakh crores in a year. Wherever possible he has introduced technology and seen to it that by devising a system of voluntary system of compliance (at the same time carrot and stick policy) a vast section of people who ought to pay taxes and who were dodging hitherto were brought into the tax net. No amount of praise is enough for the yeoman work done by him.

    1. Varaprasad Daitha says:

      The credit actually goes to the employees who contributed their expertise in the implementation but not the policy makers. If Mr. Chidambaram was due to get the credit his name would also be accountable to all failures like resulting in black money creation during his tenure.

  3. S Sudarshana says:

    I join others in congratulating the Income Tax department (a) for taking effective steps to evaluate the various areas needing revamp and improvement/overhaul, (b) to incorporate the technology and upgrade the same on real time basis, (c)always trying to be a step ahead of times which is a rare commodity in govt. departments. Well deserved award!

  4. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    I congratulate the Income tax department in the achievement. In 2009-10 the TDS amounts which were not given credit was stated to be about Rs.60000 Crores. The position had improved to a state of winning an award under National E-Governance.

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