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In Nov’14, vide public notice no. 76, DGFT had made e-application for IEC(Import Export Code) mandatory from 1st Jan’15 onwards.  However, in Jan’15, vide public notice no. 80, the same was kept in abeyance till further notified date.

Now, vide public notice no. 83, dated 30th Jan’15, it has been notified that the e-application for IEC shall be mandatory from 1st Feb’15.

However, at the same time, DGFT has notified following banks with whom net banking facility needs to be accessed for online application of IEC:

  1. HDFC Bank;
  2. ICICI Bank;
  3. Bank of India;
  4. State Bank of India;
  5. Central Bank of India;
  6. Punjab National Bank;
  7. IDBI;
  8. Axis Bank;
  9. Union Bank of India;
  10. Oriental Bank of Commerce

The applicants, who don’t have the net banking facility with any of the aforesaid banks may continue to apply IEC physically till any further date is notified for such category of applicants.

Related Public Notice is as follows :-


PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 83 (RE)2013/2009-14,

Dated: January 30, 2015

Subject: Online IEC applications: Operationalisation of the Public Notice No. 76 dated 27/11/2014.

The operationalisation of the mandatory system of online applications for IEC with effect from 01/01/2015 was notified vide Public Notice 76 dated 27/11/2014. This was, however, kept in abeyance vide Public Notice No. 80 dated 6.1.2015.

2. Now, in exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy (2009-2014), the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby notifies operationalisation of the new system of applications for online IEC with effect from 01/02/2015. Applicants having access to net-banking facility with the following ten notified banks, namely, i) HDFC Bank; ii) ICICI Bank; iii) Bank of India; iv) State Bank of India; v) Central Bank of India; vi) Punjab National Bank; vii) IDBI; viii) Axis Bank; ix) Union Bank of India; x) Oriental Bank of Commerce, can apply online in the format notified vide Public Notice No. 76 (RE-2013), dated 27/11/2014 as per detailed guidelines laid down in Public Notice No.79 dated 31/12/2014.

3. Applicants who do not have access to net banking through the above banks can submit manual applications for IEC as before (existing prior to 01/02/2015), in physical form in the existing format (ANF-2A) and procedure with documents as prescribed therein, until further notice.

4. Effect of this Public Notice: The new system of online applications for IEC as per the Public Notice No. 76 (RE-2013)/2009-2014 dated the 27th November, 2014 will be operationalized with effect from 01/02/2015. The facility of submission of application in manual mode will, however, continue for those applicants who do not have access to net banking facility with the ten notified banks, as listed in Para 2 above. Applicants, applying for IEC in manual mode, may utilise the existing format (ANF 2A, as existing prior to 01/02/2015) and procedure to submit applications to RA’s office with documents as prescribed therein.

[F.No.01/93/180/20/AM-13/ PC-2(B)]

(Pravir Kumar)
Director General of Foreign Trade


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  1. Balaji says:

    Did any you try to fill IEC application form online. I got the mobile token but I’m not able to get the email token immediately. I’m getting the email token almost after 6 to 8 hrs. I have tried many times. But same problem every time. I have to keep the browser open till I get the email token to continue filling IEC application online.

    Does any one have solution for this or did any one face similar problems. Please share your thoughts.

  2. Mohd.Mobin Mansoori says:

    I online applied for IEC on 29.1.2015. After 1st Feb,2015 procedure has changed for IEC.
    I want to check status of my application on DGFT website.
    Whether i have to generate token first thereafter i will be able to access status?? let me know the procedure of checking status of IEC application in new environment.

  3. Amit says:

    I’m getting the same error – TASK COULD NOT BE COMPLETED. If anyone finds a solution or if it gets resolved from back end, please let us know here.

  4. Faisal says:

    I tried to apply IEC online today 4.3.3015, but upon entering all the details and hitting submit, “error task cannot be completed” is displayed. Does any one face the same issue

  5. Nishant says:

    I have tried applying for IEC with this new process. While updating the IEC Master Details, which is the first column on the left, i filled all the details, and when i try to submit it, it is showing an Error – Task could not be completed. Is any1 else also having the same problem?

  6. DILIP says:

    I tried to apply new IE CODE When I give my pan card number & phone number & email id it showing invalid pan invalid mobile number invalid email id Why its showing like that Can any one help me plz…

  7. Mahendra Nichani says:

    If the entity is having IEC No. which was obtained 10-15 years back, will it be valid today, even though there are no transactions during the Intervening period.
    Does it need revalidation ? Will appreciate your reply.

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