Office of the Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Saharanpur Range, has issued the information regarding Fake Income Tax Raid at Saharanpur.

F.No. Misc/Jt.CIT/SRE/2012-13

Office of the Joint Commissioner of Income Tax,

Saharanpur Range,Saharanpur.

(Phone no. 0132-2726959)

Dated: 27-04-20 12


The Incharge

Data Base Cell,

Central Board of Direct Taxes,

New Delhi .


Sub: Fake Income Tax Raid at Saharanpur- Reg,

Kindly refer to the subject mentioned above.

Recently there have been large number of news in daily newspapers on the above subject. Brief facts are that a gang of 6 persons led by so called Sh. V.D.Goyal, Investigation Officer of Income Tax Department raided the house of Dr. Mohan Pandey, Saharanpur(U.P.) on 18/04/2012. They claimed that they belong to the Office of the CIT, Lucknow and produced a fake letter issued by the Commissioner of Income Tax, Zone-2, Lucknow before the S.S.P., Saharanpur and got police force on the basis of fake letter as well as fake Identity Card. The gang took away Rs. 1I. I0 lac and demanded bribe for closing the case. Later on, it was found that this is a gang of swindlers. On the basis of an anonymous call, Dr. Mohan Pandey lodged an FIR with the police and police nabbed 2 members of the gang and a driver of the doctor. But the master mind, the so called V.D.Goyal is still absconding. The photograph ofV.D.Goyal is enclosed alongwith this letter.

It is in the interest of the I. T. Department that the so called V. D. Goyal is nabbed by the police. Police officers wanted the help of department in this regard. It is requested that the photo enclosed herewith may be circulated to different offices of the Income Tax Department through official Website or other wise so that the other offices of the department may become alert in such situations and also if anyone identifies this person this may be intimated as it is deeply believed that this so called V.D.Goyal directly/indirectly belongs to Income Tax Department as he is well versed with procedures/law of search. He may be a terminated/suspended employee of this department. To save the respect of our department, it is requested that if any officer/official know about identity/name of this fraud man it may be immediately conveyed to Income Tax Office, Saharanpur at at telephone numbers 0132-2724 109, 2726959, 2723552 & 2712158 so that police can nab this person for legal action.

Encl. As above.

Yours faithfully


Joint Commissioner of Income Tax,

Saharanpur Range,Saharanpur.

Copy for information to:-

1. The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Ghaziabad.

2. The Commissioner ofi ncome Tax,Muzaffarnagar.

Joint Commissioner of Income Tax,

Saharanpur Range,Saharanpur.

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  1. Tira.T says:

    Oh, what a great ISO 9999…Brand Equity of the IT Department and its officers in its 151st year to lure professional fraudsters to fake its name and its “honest” officers! Every serving and retired officer and staff must feel proud of this Department run inter alia by a non-descript group of expendable quantities called the IRS! This certainly is the greatest ever accolade that a corrupt entity may crave for, especially as there is now every possibility of a fake Ad.VI section of the Deptt. of Revenue also coming to surface. In fact, yours faithfully was told by a rather unpoular IRS fellow decades ago of this section and its boss with his own team would every year keep bogus lists of annual general transfers of officers ready in February-March. Then someone would call the persons listed from far flung places telling them of the “draft” orders and the need for preventive action on their part! So, these (mostly corrupt) officers would run to Delhi and submit them to blackmail pay huge amounts in exchange of promises to spare them of a posting to a “dry” place as punishment. A friend in the related service with offices in the same monumental heritage building confirms that this practice is not extinct at all even today. So, no wonder, there will be fake Board members, chief commissioners, etc. too!

    Kudos to the department and the top boss in the hierarchy.

  2. Raj says:

    Well, Demand of Bribe and settlement of case is the common practice of Income tax dept. (few are only caught and rest of enjoying luxuries life) , so a common man can not differentiate a Fake person and genuine, we strongly need first to clean the image of I.T Dept. in public, If the image were clear then this common man could catch this fake man when he demands for bribe.   

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