We are always worried about the fact that whether our TDS deductor/collector has filed quarterly TDS/TCS statement and provided our PAN while filing the TDS/TCS return. NSDL has recently launched a facility to enable deductee to know whether or not his TDS deductor/collector has filed quarterly TDS/TCS statement and provided his PAN while filing the TDS/TCS return.  To use and view the facility click on the link given  below:-

Link to To know whether your deductor/collector has filed quarterly TDS/TCS statement and provided your PAN

When we click above link it redirects us to the website of NSDl where we have to  Fill the following info –

1)      PAN of the Deductee

2)      TAN of the Deductor

3)      Financial Year

4)      Quarter

5)      Type of Return

6)      Verification Code

Notes :

1. All fields are Mandatory.

2. Count of records present: Signifies count of records present at TIN against TAN and Financial Year provided.

3.Contact your deductor/collector if:

  • TDS/TCS credit is not present in your Form 26AS. This may be on account of inconsistency in quarterly TDS/TCS statement filed by respective deductor/collector.
  • TDS/TCS credit is present in your Form 26AS with booking status other than ‘F’.
  • Incorrect credit is available in your Form 26AS.

4. No Record found: Records for combination of PAN, TAN and Financial Year mentioned is not available at TIN.    5.Possible reasons for record not found at TIN are:

  • Deductor/collector has not submitted quarterly TDS/TCS statement.
  • Deductor/collector either has not quoted your PAN or has quoted your PAN incorrectly.
  • You may also confirm your PAN available with the deductor/collector.

Article was First Published on 22.06.2011 and Republished with Amendment on 29.02.2012

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  1. shailendra says:

    Kindly advise if there is any punishment/penalty to the DEDUCTOR deducting TDS and not depositing the TDS amount to Income Tax Deptt.( verified and confirmed by Form 26 AS of the DEDUCTEE)
    Whether DEDUCTEE can file FIR under section 406/409/420 of CrPC IPC against the

  2. SK NAIDU says:

    I am a retired employee joined a in nov 2010 and my appointment is like associate salary as brokerage and for that 11% deducted as tds every month. Upto mar 2011 they recovered Rs.8092/- how to claim refund.


    Retired in 2009 as GM from a PSU.Received during FY 2010-11 Rs17 lakhs as wage arrears/gratuity.Part(Rs 45,000) of TDS deducted in IQr credited to my bank a/c at Feb end w/o any intimation to me.Entry made in July 2010 in Form 26 AS has been reversed in May 2011 with renarks ‘B’and a new entry with lower TDS amt(by 45,000) has been entered in 26AS .Payments made to me were shown in 26 As erroneously as 20 lakhs,while form 16 reflects correct income.I have finalised my tax payments for the year by mid Febraury.Consequently,while filing my return last week,I had had to pay Rs3,000 as interest on delayed payment of tax.Taken up with PSU mgt at top level.As per them,Form 16 only to be considered by me and I cannot question them on reversal of entry,refund of IT w/o any claim, and wrong reporting of income.They do not take responsibility for correct reporting in 26AS.How should I go about it?

  4. Rajan says:

    What is the recourse available if the Employer deducts the income tax from Salary but fails to deposit the Income Tax. The Salary Slips indicate the deduction of the Income Tax at Source.

    In view of the above, i am apprehensive about the receipt of the Form-16 which will be hard to come by.

    I request the Tax Guru team to help me find a solution to this problem. I have to file my return within the next 40 days… and possibly also claim a Refund.

    Thanking the Taxguru team in anticipation,


  5. Ashis Kr Bandyopadhyay says:

    Want to know & Verify Correctness of TDS Certificate TDS Amount Rs.9600/= Which was deducted by Fly with us India My Pan No AIWPB3135H

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