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F.No. Pr.DGIT (Systems)/ADG(S)-4/E-Assessment/2017-18

Dated: 23/02/2018

All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income Tax/CCsIT (By Name),
All Principal Director General of Income Tax/DGIT (By Name),
All Principal Commissioner of Income Tax/CsIT/CsIT (Admin & TPS, CO) (By Name),
All Principal Directors of Income Tax/DsIT (By Name)

Ref: CBDT Instruction No. 01/2018

Subject: Conduct of Assessment Proceedings in scrutiny cases electronically-regarding


This is in reference to CBDT Instruction No. 01/2018 para 3 reads as under:

“Further, considering the situation that some of the stations have limited bandwidth, being VSAT stations and stations with limited capacity where bandwidth is in the process of being upgraded, it has been decided that till 31-03-2018, such stations, in accordance with the target stipulated in CAP for F. Y. 2017-18, may undertake and complete only 10% scrutiny cases (Which are getting barred by limitation on 31-12-2018) having the potential to effect recovery during the current year itself. The list of such stations shall be specified by the Pr.DGIT(Systems). Accordingly, at these stations, till 31-03-2018, the assessment proceedings in cases to be completed as per CAP target, may be conducted manually if e-assessment is not possible. ft is reiterated that at other stations covered under para 2 above, subject to exceptions mentioned therein, the assessments would be conducted electronically only.”

2. As per the above instructions the list of the income tax buildings which have limited bandwidth are given in Annexure- A { List of 156 income tax buildings on VSAT} and Annexure –B { List of 212 other income tax buildings which are in the process of up gradation and expected to be completed by 31-03-2018). The rest of the 411 income tax buildings are ready for the e-assessment proceedings.

3. This issue with the approval of Pr.DGIT(Systems), New Delhi.

Yours faithfully,

Encl: As above

(Vivek Kumar)

Addl.DGIT (Systems)-4

Download The Annexure- A

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