How can the change in address or details on the basis of which TAN was allotted be communicated to Income Tax Department?

Any change or corrections in the data associated with the TAN, should be communicated to ITD by filing up ‘Form for Changes or Correction in TAN data for TAN allotted’ alongwith the necessary fees at any of the TINFCs, or at NSDL-TIN website.

What are the charges I have to pay while submitting the ‘Form for Changes or Correction in TAN data for TAN allotted’?

You have to pay Rs. 55 (plus service tax, as applicable) to NSDL/TIN-FC as processing fees while submitting your application at the TIN-FC or making online application.

If I change my address, should I inform ITD or should I apply for a new TAN?

Change of address within a jurisdiction does not change the TAN. However, it may involve a change in the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore, be intimated to ITD so that the TAN database of ITD can be updated. In case of change of address from one jurisdiction to other (e.g. address changes from Bangalore to Mumbai) a new TAN needs to be applied for and previous TAN needs to be surrendered on allotment of fresh TAN.

What can serve as proof of TAN in case one has lost the TAN allotment letter?

Printout of the webpage showing details of TAN, from the Income Tax Department’s website can serve as proof of TAN.


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  1. TILAK says:

    What if we apply for new TAN and we want to file TDS return now..?
    IF TAN had been alloted within due date-do we need to file return based on new TAN providing details of tax deductions on old TAN. OR We need to file return based on OLD TAN ignoring the new TAN, since we had deducted the TDS providing the old TAN number
    If TAN had not been alloted within due date-Can we file TDS return based on Old TAN ignoring the Jurisdictional change of address.

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