Ministry of Finance

Department of Revenue

Central Board of Direct Taxes

New Delhi, 22nd June, 2016


In continuation to the letter F. No. 385/01/2015-IT(B) dated 31st May, 2016 of Member(R), CBDT in connection with proper implementation of Income Declaration Scheme(IDS), 2016. It is reiterated again that all out efforts are to be made to ensure that the targeted taxpayers are well-informed about the Scheme and are adequately guided and facilitated for filing declarations so that they can avail maximum benefits under the Scheme. which is under highest consideration of the Government during coming months.

In this connection, I am directed to convey that while implementing the Scheme, following strategies may be adopted in addition to what was highlighted vide aforesaid letter of CBDT —

1. Facilitation Centre —

In every city where Pr.CIT is stationed. a ‘Facilitation Centre in the nature of a Help ­Desk may be opened for disseminating information about the Scheme and addressing the queries raised by the prospective declarants. It is advised that an officer, adequately familiar with the Scheme and having good interpersonal skills may be deputed as `Facilitation Officer’ for the period during which the Scheme is in operation. A dedicated room may be earmarked for the purpose and the confidentiality of the visitors must he ensured. The Facilitation Centre should also have the facility to display the power point presentation ‘available at under the caption ‘Important IDES 2016’ New)] and short film which is being prepared by Pr.DGIT(Adnin.) and would be available shortly,

2. Single contact-point for Declarant and ensuring Confidentiality —

Vide Circular No. 19/2016 dated 25th May 2016 of CBDT. the jurisdictional Pr.CIT/CIT has been designated as the Pr.C’IT/CIT as referred to in See. 186 of IDS-2016 to whom declaration under Sec. 183 of that Scheme is to be made. Such Pr CIIT/CIT should he the one and only point of contact with the respective declarant. The idea is to ensure that the declarant is not exposed to multiple persons in the office so that his confidentiality is not compromised and he is able to file the declaration in a hassle-free manner. All the procedural facilities as required, should be provided by such Pr.CIT/CIT at his stage only, so as to avoid the requirement of any additional interaction with anyone else in the office. All the records related to IDS- 2016 must be kept in the personal custody of the respective Pr. CIT/CIT Officer in a safe and secure manner. They may appoint any subordinate officers working under them to help in discharging the functions under the IDS-2016 with the prior approval of Pr. CIT concerned.

In Order to give adequate publicity to the Scheme at the local level, it is imperative that a proper, elective and consistent strategy is chalked out by the Pr.CCIT of the region. It is advised that in a station having a single Pr.CIT. the said Pr.CIT should be made responsible for handling the media and publicity campaign programs for creating awareness about the Scheme. In multi-Pr.CIT charges, the Pr. CCIT can make a committee of officers. if considered appropriate, to handle the publicity work in a co­ordinated and planned manner so as to ensure that all the jurisdictions are equally and adequately covered under his direct monitoring, If required, Addl./Jt. CsIT can also be given responsibilities to oversee effective publicity campaign in smaller cities. The efforts in this regard would include frequent meetings with the Members of various Clubs, Professional Bodies/Associations (e.g, Medical Practitioner Associations, Bar Council, Institute of Chartered Accountants etc.) and Trade & Business Organizations which have direct links with the potential declarants, organizing seminars and town-hall meetings. The Power Point Presentation/Film. as mentioned above, should also be shown in these meetings. Further, the publicity material to be displayed /distributed is being prepared by Pr. DGIT(Admn.) and shall be sent shortly. However, publicity in regional languages would also be required for which the publicity material should be got prepared at the earliest. At local level, stalls can also be put-up by the Department at local fairs, fetes and social & cultural functions though which publicity material could be distributed. The posters to be provided by Pr. DGIT (Admn.) should be displayed not only in the offices, but also at places which arc frequented by the potential declarants, like club­houses, posh markets, show-rooms of high-end products etc. In order to ensure that these posters do not get tornoff soon, these can be suitably framed so that these remain sustained during the Scheme-period. Nevertheless. more innovative and novel ideas for publicity may be evolved keeping in view the local requirements.

4. Monitoring at the Highest Level –

In order to monitor the progress of meetings held, ‘IDS Banner’ has been put in place in the Departmental website: By visiting this site, the officers will he able to upload meeting details photographs etc. and this will help in monitoring the progress made in organizing the campaigns/meetings in a particular Region and compare the same with the progress made in other Regions. The Board shall also be monitoring the progress in conducting such meetings across the country from this site. The utility shall be functional on the website in the next week.

The above steps, it is fell, would help in attracting the potential declarants to take benefits of the scheme. Any other action, as considered necessary, for making the Scheme a success should also he taken whenever required. Since the successful implementation of IDS-2016 is being monitored at the highest level, I am directed to request that the matter may be accorded highest consideration during the months concerned.

(Deepshikha Sharma)


 All Pr. CCsIT/Pr. CCIT (Int. Taxation)/CCIT (Exemptions)

Copy to:- 1. All the Members. CBDT 2. Pr. DGIT (Systems)

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