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Date: 11th January 2021

Dear Colleague

The Board had its first meeting of the New Year with the Chiefs of the GST and Customs zones as well as the heads of some of the Directorates through Video Conference on 7th January, 2021. While the year 2020 had ended on a very positive note for tax collection, focussed action needs to be continued on the compliance front if this tax buoyancy is to be sustained during the crucial last quarter of the financial year.

The meeting also saw the Board release the second edition of the `Swachhta Uday’ magazine brought out by DGHRD which showcases initiatives and projects undertaken by various formations towards a cleaner India. The magazine focused on previous year’s `Swachhta Pakhwada’ activities and the winners of the `Swachhta Awards 2019-20′. Due to prevailing circumstances, the awards of the `Swachhta Awards 2019-20′ announced earlier were handed over to the respective Zonal Members on behalf of the winning formations. It is encouraging that 859 `Swachhta Projects’ have been implemented by CBIC formations in a variety of activities such as Sewage Treatment Plants, Organic Composters, Renovation of toilets in Government Schools, Rainwater harvesting, E-Waste management and Bio-Gas Plants etc., since 2017. I appreciate these efforts and that of DGHRD in bringing out a well thought-out magazine and expect that the foimations would continue their efforts on the Swachhta front in the remaining months. They should ensure that the targeted funds are used completely and appropriately towards enhancing cleanliness of our surroundings.

It is natural for business establishments to seek a predictable tax environment that facilitates their tax planning. To help achieve this, the National Trade Facilitation Action plan for the year 2017-20 envisaged setting up an Advance Rulings Authority in terms of Article 3 of the TFA. To fulfil our commitment towards the said objective, the Customs Authority for Advance Rulings has been appointed at New Delhi and Mumbai with effect from 4th January, 2021. The certainty in tax matters that this facility will usher in would create a win-win situation for the government, the business concerns and the taxpayers. It is expected to reduce tax litigation by helping the tax payers to have clarity in matters of classification, exemptions, valuation, etc. in a time-bound manner well in advance, thereby reducing costs. This will lead to an optimum price for goods which would benefit the taxpayer. This is also expected to garner a higher revenue collection.

Let me now continue to share the achievements and initiatives of some more of our formations achieved during the last calendar year.

The Central Revenues Control Laboratory, New Delhi, and its 11 Revenue Laboratories, play a pivotal role in chemical analysis of samples. One more Revenue Laboratory of JNCH, Nhava-Sheva has been accredited by NABL for chemical analysis in 2020, taking the tally to 8. Installation and commissioning of high-end analytical instruments like Scanning Electron Microscope and Pyrolysis GC-MS, was successfully completed in 2020. Revenue Laboratories gainfully utilized the lockdown period due to COVID-19 pandemic to prepare for increasing the scope of NABL accreditation. Most significantly, the laboratories at New Delhi and Vadodara have applied for FSSAI recognition in December 2020. Some of the other Directorates that are our silent heroes includes the DGTS, which is our outreach and publicity wing and a frontrunner in taking our achievements and policies initiatives to the trade and public at large. DG Valuation has been helping us in keeping a check against mis-invoicing and ensuring parity in the valuation of imported goods. DGPM has been helping the Board in monitoring our goals and the targets achieved. DGPM has also been instrumental in onboarding all the field formations of the CBIC on the e-Office platform. The DGARM, our in house agency for providing IT driven intelligence inputs and carrying out big data analytics to assist the tax officers, have come up with a wonderful network analysis tool (NETRA) in addition to its various reports on risky entities that it shares with the field from time to time. The RMCC division of the DGARM too has significantly contributed in improving enhanced machine learning based interdictions in the RMS application while adding additional PGAs in collaborative risk management and facilitating in seamless implementation of Faceless Assessment.

DG Vigilance has assisted the Board in ensuring the monitoring of disciplinary matters and in advising it on the suitability of officers at times of promotions, deputations, etc. DG Export Promotion, has been helpful in sorting out the difficulties being faced by genuine exporters. It works in close coordination with different sections of the Board that deals with 100% EOUs/EPZ Units/SEZ Units and various Technology parks and the schemes relating to the export of gems and jewellery, to ensure that genuine exporters get the full advantage of the export schemes without any difficulties. I commend all these Directorates for the good work done during the past year. This has helped us tremendously in our EODB efforts.

An interesting initiative of the Directorates that has come to my notice is that of NACIN, Chennai. The ZTI has developed an in-house software for cataloguing and management of books in the library that would be hosted online and through a mobile application. This would enable officers across formations to access the library from remote locations and place an order for it online. The book will thereafter be sent to them through courier on a nominal charge if they cannot collect it themselves. I wish them the best in this endeavour. Such initiatives give a huge boost to our knowledge initiatives. I am glad that through innovations like this our officers are proactively helping in making the change they would like to see in the department. I hope to hear of many more initiatives that are similar in the days to come.

Let the celestial event happening this coming week of the Sun’s transit into Makara rashi (Capricorn), marking the end of the winter solstice and the start of longer and brighter days, bring to you and your family the positive glow of joy and good health.

with best wishes

Yours sincerely
(M. Ajit mar)


All Officers and Staff of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

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