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G.T. Hospital Compound, 10th Floor, New Mantralaya,
Mumbai 400 001 Dated 14th March, 2020


No.Corona-2020/CR-58/Aarogya-5: Whereas State Government has decided to invoke provisions of Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 vide Notification No. Corona 2020/CR 58/Aarogya-5, dated 13th March, 2020 from the date of issue of the notification,

Therefore in exercise of the powers conferred under section 2, 3 & 4 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, Government of Maharashtra is pleased to frame following Regulations for prevention and containment of Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19).

1. These regulations may be called ‘The Maharashtra COVID-19 Regulations, 2020’.

2. COVID-19 means the Coronavirus Disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV 2) as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) / Government of India.

3. ‘Empowered Officer’ under Section 2(1) of the Act. shall be Commissioner, Health Services, Director of Health Services (DHS-I & II), Director, Medical Education & Research (DMER), all Divisional Commissioners of Revenue Divisions & all Collectors and Municipal Commissioners & they are empowered to take such measures as are necessary to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 or the spread thereof within their respective jurisdictions.

4. All hospitals (Government & Private) should have separate corners for screening of suspected cases of COVID-19.

5. All hospitals (Government & Private) during screening of such cases shall record the history of travel of the person to any country or area where COVID-19 has been reported. In addition, the history of contacts with the suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 is also required to be recorded. Information of all such cases must be given to State Integrated Disease Surveillance Unit and Collector of the district/ local Municipal Commissioner immediately.

i. In case the person has any such history of travel to affected areas in last 14 days and he/ she is asymptomatic, he/ she must remain in home quarantine for 14 days from the day of exposure. He/ she must abide by the Home Quarantine Guidelines issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India meticulously. Persons who do not observe the Home Quarantine Guidelines shall be quarantined in the quarantine facilities set up by Government.

ii. Person with travel history and symptoms as per case definition of COVID-19, must be isolated in a hospital as per protocol and he/ she will be tested for COVID-19 as per protocol.

These stipulations of duration & symptoms may undergo changes based on advisories issued by Government of India.

6. No person/ Institution/ organization will use any print or electronic or social media for dissemination of any information regarding COVID-19 without ascertaining the facts and prior clearance of the Commissioner, Health Services, Director of Health Services (DHS-I & II), Director, Medical Education & Research (DMER), or Collector as the case may be. This is necessary to avoid spread of any unauthenticated information and/or rumors regarding COVID-19. If any person / Institution / organization is found indulging in such activity, it will be treated as a punishable offence under these Regulations.

7. Only laboratories authorized to take test samples for COVID-19 will collect the samples as per guidelines of Government of India. Such samples shall be sent to designated laboratories as authorized by Government of Maharashtra / Government of India.

8. Any person with a history of travel in last 14 days to a country or area from where COVID-19 has been reported, must voluntarily report to State Control Room (020- 26127394) or to the State Surveillance Officer, IDSP (020-27290066) / Toll Free number 104 or to such numbers as may be assigned, so that necessary measures may be initiated by Commissioner, Health Services, Director of Health Services (DHS-I&II), Director, Medical Education & Research (DMER), and the Collector/ Municipal Commissioner as the case may be.

9. Officers empowered under the Act are authorized to isolate and / or admit a person who develops symptoms simulating that of the COVID 19 infection as per the case definition criteria published by WHO or Government of India from time to time. The empowered officer may initiate action under the section 188 of Indian Penal Code (48 of 1860) against the person who refuses to comply with such advice of isolation and/or admission.

10. In the event of COVID-19 being reported from a defined geographic area such as village, town, ward, colony, settlement, the Collector of the concerned District / Municipal Commissioner of the concerned Municipal Corporation shall be competent to implement following containment measures, but not limited to these, in order to prevent spread of the disease.

i. Sealing of the geographical area.

ii. Barring entry and exit of population from the containment area.

iii. Restricting Vehicular Movement in the area.

iv. Closure of schools, offices, cinema halls, swimming pools, gyms, etc. and banning mass congregations, functions as may be deemed necessary.

v. Initiating active and passive surveillance of COVID-19 cases.

vi. Hospital isolation of all suspected cases and their contacts.

vii. Designating any Government or Private Building as a quarantine facility.

viii. Any other measure as directed by Public Health Department of Government of Maharashtra.

Staff of all Government Departments and Organisations of the concerned area will be at the disposal of Collector/ Municipal Commissioner for discharging the duty of containment measures. If required, Collector / Municipal Commissioner may requisition the services of any other person also.

11. Any person / Institution / organization found violating any provision of these Regulations shall be deemed to have committed an offence punishable under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860). Empowered Officers may penalize any person / institution / organization found violating provisions of these Regulations or any further orders issued by Government under these Regulations.

12. No suit or legal proceedings shall lie against any person for anything done or intended to be done in good faith under this Regulation unless proved otherwise

13. These regulations shall come into force immediately and shall remain valid for a period of one year, or until further orders, whichever is earlier from the date of publication of this Notification.

By order and in the name of Governor of Maharashtra,

(Dr Pradeep Vyas)
Principal Secretary to Government

1. Principal Secretary to I-lon’ble Governor, Rajbhavan, Mumbai

2. Principal Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mantralaya, Mumbai

3. Principal Secretary to Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Mantralaya, Mumbai

4. Hon’ble Minister (Health & Family Welfare), Mantralaya, Mumbai

5. Hon’ble Minister of State (Health & Family Welfare), Mantralaya, Mumbai

6. Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary (All), Mantralaya, Mumbai

7. Secretary, Maharashtra Legislature Secretariat, Vidhan Bhavan, Mumbai

8. Commissioner (Health Services) & Mission Director, NHM, Mumbai

9. All Divisional Commissioners

10. All District Collectors

11. All Municipal Commissioners

12. All Chief Executive Officers, Zilla Parishad

13. Director, Health Services- 1/II, Mumbai/Pune

14.Additional Director, Health Services (All)

15.Joint Director, Health Services (All)

16.Deputy Directors, Health Services (All)

17.Civil Surgeons (All)

18.District Health Officers (All)

19.District Malaria Officers (All)

20.Deputy Secretary to Chief Secretary, Mantralaya, Mumbai

21.All Joint / Deputy Secretary, Public Health Department

22.PA to Principal Secretary, Public Health Department

23.All Section Officers, Public Health Department

24. Select File: Aarogy-5

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