Before the introduction of GST regime, transporters were required to carry waybill for facilitating the supply of goods. Since the documents were physical and were obtained from the VAT authorities, the compliance requirements around the waybills were very complicated and thus acted as a hindrance in the transportation of goods across the states.

To curb this complicated problem e-Way bills were introduced post-GST implementation. The introduction of e-Way Bill is said to give some relief to the logistics industry. An e-Way bill is an electronic way bill used for the movement of goods of more than Rs 50,000 in value in a single vehicle. A registered person cannot transport his goods without an e-Way bill.

The 26th GST Council Meeting held on 10th March 2018 had some insightful discussions regarding the e-Way bill. As per the council meeting, it has now become mandatory for a registered person to generate an e-Way bill only if the value of the consignment exceeds Rs 50,000. The Council has decided that the e-Way bill for intra-state movement of goods will roll out from April 15 in a staggering manner and by June 1 it will be implemented in the entire country. As for the inter-state transportation of goods, the bill will be implemented from 1st April.

The provisions of the sub-rule (7) of Rule 138 have been deferred temporarily. Therefore, at present, even if the transporter is carrying goods of more than Rs 50,000 in a single conveyance, generating e-Way bill is not required if the value of an individual consignment is less than Rs 50,000.

Public conveyance has now been included as a mode of transport, but the railways are exempted from generating and carrying e-Way bill. Therefore, the value of the exempted goods has also been excluded from the value of the consignment for the generation of the e-Way bill. Also, movement of goods up to a distance of 50 km, which was 10 km earlier, from the place of the consignor to the place of transporter does not require filling the Part-B of the e-Way bill. They will only have to generate Part-A of the e-Way bill. A consignor can also authorise the courier agency, transporter or the e-Commerce operator to fill the Part-A of the e-Way bill on his behalf.

earlyGST by H&R Block has come up with two smart and powerful tools for generating and managing e-Way bills. We have implemented e-Way Bill Generator tool which can be used for generating a fewer number of e-Way bills, while for generating a large number of bills e-Way Bill Manager can be used.

Let us quickly go through the features of e-Way Bill Manager.

This tool allows you to generate a large number of e-Way bills with ease. With a well-equipped dashboard that provides a quick overview of the e-Way Bill Generation, Update, etc., this tool consists of the following features.

  • The tool integrates ERP or SAP or imports files to sync invoices, thereby eliminating manual intervention.
  • Timely alerts are sent to the customers and transporters through email and SMS.
  • The tool auto-validates various details such as GSTIN, HSN, TransID, while generating the e-Way bill.
  • It includes different MIS reports like Cancelled e-Way Bill, Rejected e-Way bill reports that acts as an Audit trail and maintained for your information.
  • e-Way Bill Manager also generates documents such as Delivery Challan that will help you in transporting the goods for exhibitions or trade fairs.
  • The tool has an effective load balancing for robust generation of e-Way bills.

Since the generation of e-Way bills will soon become mandatory a lot of you might not know or understand the procedure of generating the bill. earlyGST by H&R Block has the perfect solution for you with our products. Generate your e-Way bills through either E-Way bill generator or E-Way Bill Manager provided by earlyGST for an effective generation as well as management of the bills.

Learn more about these software offerings by clicking here:

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3 responses to “Recent updates on e-Way Bill & Advanced e-Way Bill Manager”

  1. Sushil Sureka says:

    e -way bill – Sugar coated bitter pill. Hope it helps cure the rampant disease of without bill transactions without undue harassment to honest taxpayers. Sushil Sureka, General Secretary, Ahilya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Indore.

  2. Gopal N shah says:

    Dear Sir,
    At present E-waybill systems, their is no facility to see consinee various business location for one GST Number, it is helpful to all if option available through drop down list of all location.
    Best Regards,
    Gopal Shah

    • Ankita Mathur says:

      Dear Gopal,

      Using our application we should be able to provide you with a similar facility. If you can help with your contact details we can provide you with the details.

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