Time of Supply of goods and Services under GST (TOS) Explained in Tabular Format.

Section 12 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 deals with Time of Supply of goods and Section 13 deals with Time of Supply of Services under GST. Article explains the Provisions related to Time of Supply under GST in Tabular Format which applies to Supply of Goods & Services-

Description Section 12 TOS-Goods Section 13 TOS-Services
Norrmal Charge (Supplier is liable to Pay) Sec 12(2)
-Last date of invoice
Whichever is earlier
As per N/N 66/2017 (No TOS is on Advance or receipt)
Sec 13(2)
(a) Invoice within Time (i.e 30 days or 45 days)
-Date of Invoice
-Payment Received
Whichever is Earlier
(b)Invoice  not within Time
-Date of Completion
-Payment Received
Whichever is Earlier
c) if not (a) and (b), date on Which Recipent shows the Receipt of service in the books of Accounts
Reverse Charge Sec 12(3)
-Date of Receipt of goods
-Date of Payment
-31st day from Invoice date of supply
Whichever is earlier
Proviso- if all the 3 above do not apply- date of book entry
Sec 13(3)
– Date of Payment
-61st day from Invoice date of supply
Whichever is Earlier
Proviso- if above  2 do not apply-  date of  book entry in the books  of account of the Recipent of Supply
Excess amount upto 1000 Proviso to Section 12(2) or 13(2)- TOS to the extent of such excess payment received at     option of supplier shall be date of issue of Invoice related to such excess payment
Voucher Sec 12(4) and 13(4)

(a) Supply against Voucher identifiable -Date of Issue of Voucher

(b) Other Case-Date of Redemption

Residual Case Sec 12(5) and 12(5)

(a) Periodic Return has to be filed -Date When the return required to be filed

(b) Other Case- Date of Payment

Interest/Late fee or penalty Sec 12(6)/13(6)

Date on which supplier receives such Interest , late fee or penalty on delayed payment

Date of Receipt/Payment  Entry in the Books of Account or Bank Realisation Whichever is Earlier.

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