First of all earlier installed emsigner needs to be uninstall from the system
 Windows + r, then select the emsigner version and uninstall it).

Go to GST portal download the latest version

(Home → system Requirements → Go to point 3 -> click on DSC registration → Download the appropriate version) and make sure this should be v2.6.

Please follow the below steps before using DSC:

1) Run the emsigner as administrator

2) Open the portal, fill the appropriate details go to till update register DSC

3) Open a separate tab in same browser and type

4) Click on Advanced

5) Click Proceed to (unsafe)

(This will show This page isn’t working no need to worry)

6) Come back to GST portal , refresh the page

7) Click on Register DSC




Check GST Common portal for More Information

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2 responses to “Solution for DSC Trouble Shooting on GST Website”

  1. Shashikant Gupta says:

    First update Java
    Then go to Java security and add site
    Open internet explorer and go to tools
    Privacy — add site

    Esigner open through run to administrator.
    Then login
    And update dsc

    If problem call me 9389728576

  2. KARTHIK says:

    Sir, It is not working… I check with so many other professionals and they also facing same problem. What to do now… no festival also… Return ready and submitted but we can’t able to sign through DSC.

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