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1. How can I download and install the Dealer Registration App on my mobile phone from Google Play Store?

To install and download the Dealer Registration App Android version from Google Play store, perform the following steps:

1. On your mobile device, go to the Apps section.

2. Tap the Play Store app on the mobile device.

3. The Play Store App will open. Type in GST Registration Migration App in the search box at the top of the Google Play’s screen.

4. Select the Dealer Registration app from the displayed list.

5. Tap the Install button. Dealer Registration App will be automatically downloaded and installed in the mobile device.

Note: App is only available for Android phones having version 4.4 and above.

6. In the mobile device Home Page, Dealer Registration Logo (National Emblem) & Name of the app will appear. Tap the GST Registration Migration App icon. Goods and Service Tax landing page will be displayed.

The GST Dealer Registration App icon will appear as shown below:

2. How can I fill my Enrolment Application in offline mode through Mobile app and submit it?

For filling up the application form, mobile data connectivity is not required (Offline mode).

You can fill the Enrolment Application form in the offline mode. To submit the Enrolment Application, you need to be ONLINE (Mobile data connectivity is required).

For submission, you will be redirected to the GST Common Portal from your mobile device. At this point of time the app will prompt you to become online i.e. your mobile data should be switched on. You should be connected to the Internet to proceed further. There is also a toggle button on the top right hand corner of the screen which enables and disables the mobile data. You need to login to the portal to create your credentials. You can then use your credentials (username and password) to upload the data.

3. Can I edit my Enrolment Application after submitting to the GST Common Portal and resubmit it again from the mobile application?

No, you cannot edit and resubmit the Enrolment Application after successful submission on the GST Common Portal from the mobile app. Any changes after submission can only be done from the web GST Common Portal available at

4. How can I check the status of the Enrolment Application if I submit Enrolment Application through the mobile device?

An e-mail message and SMS will be sent on your registered e-mail address and mobile phone number confirming submission of data. You can check the status of the Enrolment Application from the web GST Common Portal available at

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