Ahilya Chamber of Commerce and Industry  has made a representation to Chairman of GST Council and  made suggestions for better working of GST portal and for better compliance of GST Provisions. It also highlighted Problems in GSTR -1, GSTR 3B and New GST Returns. It has further requested to extend due date of filing GSTR 9/9C of financial year 2017-18  to 31.03.2020 . Text of the representation is as follows:-

Ahilya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

22 JAN 2020

The Chairman,
GST Council,

Through : The Commissioner, SGST, Government of Madhya Pradesh

Sub : Portal Issues + Problems in GSTR -1, 3B and New Returns

Respected Sir,

Since 16th Jan 2020, Taxpayers and Tax Consultant are facing major problems related with Portal. Multiple Tickets (Grievance on GST Portal) have been logged and people have shared their problems on Social Media platform.

Looking at low submission of GSTR -1 (Outward supply) by tax payers, GST Council had given a onetime window to submit GSTR -1 from Jul 2017 till Nov 2019 up to 17th Jan 2020 (Extension of date from 10th Jan 2020). With this additional favor / functionality, we have invited a big load on Portal.

Please find our suggestions for better working of portal and better compliance related to working.

1) Portal Capacity : Initial capacity of portal in Jul 2017 (at time of implementation) was 50,000 login at given point of time. It has been enhanced to 1,50,000 login at any given point of time. But looking at increase in tax payers from nearly 60 lakhs to 1.5 Crore tax payers as on date, this is not sufficient. Adding to problem, we have inserted Rule 36(4), which has forced tax payers / tax consultant to review the GSTR – 2 A along with liability as shown on portal since October 2019. This has increased time for tax payer/consultant to remain on portal and in turn loading portal with extra load. We again request for creating “MIRROR SERVER” of GST at each state (Their VAT Portal facilities must already be in place and these may be used as Mirror Servers with very little updates), which will accept data / returns on standalone mode and will dump all data at end of day on the main server. This will decrease load of main server and increase efficiency. We strongly believe that this will eradicate so many portal related issues.

2) Belated GSTR —1 Return : Thanks for waiving the late fees for belated returns till 17th Jan 2020. But, due to portal issues, many could not file the required returns. The date should be further extended till 5th Feb 2020. While extending the date it should be kept in view that no other returns “last date” is near to this last date.

3) GSTR — 3B (Dec 2019) : Needless to mention, GSTR-3B filing was also affected due to load on server of other returns. Special extension of date for Dec 2019 for GSTR-3B should be done till 25th Jan 2020.

4) Yearly Return & Audit (2017-18) : Yearly return and Audit for 2017 — 18 is 31st Jan 2020. As per our information only 1/3 rd tax payers have logged Yearly return GSTR -9 and 9 C. We need correct data for yearly return. This can be done only if all taxpayers file GSTR -1 for Jul 2017 till Mar 2018. We should give sufficient time after people file belated returns for Jul 2017 till Mar 2018. As per our calculation + understanding, we should extend the date till 31st March 2020. This will allow tax payer to file return with correct data from GSTR — 1, 2A and 3B.

5) New format of Return (Annex-1, 2 + RET 1) : We are still not perfect on portal connectivity with present format. New format of return include lot of data with continuous handshaking. This means, continuous load from each tax payers. This will call for increase of login at given time. You may please refer point no.1. We should not give a dead line for new return till such time that the portal performs After this stability, we may include new format in staggered manner.

We do trust that our submission will merit your kind consideration and immediate action will be taken on the issues.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Sushil Sureka

General Secretary

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