pri Why GST is paining instead of relief Why GST is paining instead of relief

GST, just 3 small letters but its impact is more than depth of ocean. As we all know GST was introduced with lots of celebrations by Govt., there are many unanswered questions which needs way. Is common man satisfied with GST or facing trouble ? Are business class welcoming GST with open arms or hesitating to accept it?

Undoubtly GST have lots of advantages like elimination of cascading effect of Indirect Tax, coverage of large sector including unorganized sector and many more but are they really beneficial to common man for whom both government and Business community works ?

Earlier GST is like cage for business man but now there is some relief from Govt. but is this actual relief or just vote bank stunt?

Let us try to resolve these mysterious questions!!!!

Firstly what I feel about GST being a professional and according to experience is that, the intention of implementing this tax structure is very clean, Govt. wants One Nation One Tax policy which will clear many disadvantages of earlier Indirect tax structure, They touched every business man directly or through reverse charge mechanism because they want more tax to run smooth & developing governance but problem arises when they introduced GST without prior planning , neither law is fully ready nor their online support. As like demonetization partial failure due to lope holes in planning , GST is heading towards same direction.

Govt. intention is to spread benefit of GST to common man but actually they are not enjoying any benefits, intention of Govt. is to cover maximum business man under GST but ground reality is that every business man is try to make unnecessary money from uneducated customers, Restaurants are not passing any benefits to their dinners , every business increased its profit margin by using the phrase “ GST ki Wjh se mehnga ho gya (this price hike is due to GST)”, dual invoicing structure are trending in the market one (higher) is for customer and another (lower) is for Govt.

Business man is creating nonsense dramas but actual fact is that they are making money even more than earlier and the worse part it Govt. fails to stop them either due to less manpower or securing their vote bank.

But again as like demonetization only poor class of person faced trouble, in GST only small business class is facing issues like increase in accounting cost and compliance, work and compliance which are reasonable in earlier tax structure are now very costly , which will put lot of pressure on small businessman.

If you noticed as election of few states are coming nearer GST which is earlier in hot case, moving into ice bag which is supported by figures of falling revenue collection month by month.

I am not saying that relief is bad sign from every ones perspective, it must be there but my doubt arises when Govt. just playing their cards for vote bank instead of passing fair benefits on time. On this some class of blind supporters of Govt. argues that as and when Govt. is facing problem in implementing they are solving it, that’s what I called poor planning. According to me these problem must be anticipated by our Govt. official pre GST because many of problems which are regularly facing by our businessman is already discussed by many experts far earlier than implementation.

Actually I am not against the GST although I am big supporter of new tax structure not only because I am professional but as common man but the way they introduced and handling is very pathetic. In fact if we quite on the issue of law for the time being but what justification will be there for GST online portal, one side our PM is expecting digital India on the other side portal cannot even handle more than 80,000 users, as against Face book regularly handling Billions of users efficiently.

Surely benefits of GST will come sooner or later but current situation is same as faced during emergency period.

In nutshell we can say we are in post 160 days of GST , still there is very foggy way to travel for every class either Govt. or Businessman or Common man.

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