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GST on Other Charges collected by Real-Estate Developer

May 24, 2023 11664 Views 0 comment Print

In this article we are only discussing taxability of various other charges under GST laws collected by Real Estate developer

GST implications on Residential Dwellings (25 FAQs)

July 25, 2022 34998 Views 2 comments Print

I am a registered person under GST, providing my residential property on rent for residence purpose to a registered person under GST, what would be the GST implications?

GST implications of Liaison Offices in India with relevant case laws

May 14, 2021 13077 Views 2 comments Print

GST implications on Foreign Liaison Offices in India In the age of globalisation where world economy is open for everybody, any company can set-up its business in any another country in any form they want. Based on the fact, if any company residing outside India wants to initiate its business in India, it can enter […]

ICDS-VI | Effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

January 10, 2020 58359 Views 2 comments Print

1. ICDS will applicable for computation of income chargeable under the head PGBP or Other Sources. 2. In case of conflict between the provisions of the income tax act and ICDS, the provision of act shall prevail.

What is Benami Transactions and Its Impact on Common Man

January 4, 2020 8592 Views 3 comments Print

Where a property held by a person (Benamidar) and consideration has been paid by another person (Benefiacial owner) & The property is held for the immediate or future benefit, directly or indirectly for the person who has paid the consideration.

GST on Bloggers or You Tubers

September 17, 2019 36312 Views 15 comments Print

A blogger is someone who provides space for brands to place their advertisement. Before we get into a detailed interpretation of GST applicability on Bloggers / You Tubers, it is essential to understand their working pattern. There are facilitator agencies, who work as advertising channel between the companies and the blogger. Most of the bloggers […]

Financial impact of HC Judgment on Section 50 GST interest

April 23, 2019 6009 Views 7 comments Print

The liability to pay interest under Section 50 (1) is self-imposed and also automatic, without any determination by any one. Hence, the stand taken by the department (i.e. interest is to be paid on Gross Value of tax payable without adjusting available ITC) that the liability is compensatory in nature, appears to be correct

SUGAR CESS under GST Regime

May 9, 2018 12066 Views 2 comments Print

Sugar Cess is tax which is likely be levied by CBIC under the guidance of finance ministry chaired by Sh. Arun Jaitely under GST. One should also note that, it is against the principals of GST law.

FAQs on Incentive for Digital Payment under GST

May 5, 2018 11103 Views 5 comments Print

In 27th GST council meeting, held on 4th May,2018 it is proposed that there will be 2% GST concession ( 1% each act i.e. CGST & SGST) (where tax rate is 3% or more) on B2C supplies, if payment is made through cheque or digital mode, subject to celling of Rs 100/- per transaction.

10 New FAQs on E-way bill Value, Distance and Validity

April 23, 2018 26925 Views 4 comments Print

This new article brings or covers few more aspect of EWB which needs special attention. the source is again e publication of ICAI on EWB.

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