GST Interest and Late Fee Auto Calculator for Extended Due Dates due to Covid 19 in Excel Format

Due to Covid 19 pandemic in India, The Indian Government has extended the Due Dates of filing GSTR returns of various assesses for the months of February 20 to April 20. These dates are declared through Notifications 30/2020 to 36/2020 And Notification No. 49/2020 to 54/2020.

There are different due dates for different types of assesses and due dates also vary based on the Turnover of the assesses. This makes the understanding and remembrance of the due dates difficult and complex.

The Interest liabilities are also bifurcated based on the Turvover of the assesses. And there is also reduced interest for some category of assesses. The Late Fee liabilities are also differently bifurcated based on different types and Turnover of the Assesses.

 This will make the calculation of Interest and Late Fee very complex and prone to errors. So, to remove such hurdle we have prepared the “GST Interest and Late Fee Calculator”.which will auto calculate the Interest and Late Fee liabilities for Feb 20 to Apr 20.

Benefits of Excel Calculator :

  1. Auto calculate the GST interest and late fee on GST amount for the month of Feb 20 to Apr 20.
  2. Calculator will also consider the extension of dates , rebate in interest up to 50%, for 15 days extension from original date for certain category of assesses etc.
  3. Covers all type Regular assesses with all types of turnover.
  4. Calculator is very user friendly and easy to update.

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  1. rushit10 says:

    Sir, With due respect I would like to suggest that this calculator requires change in the light of Notificaton No. 51 of CGST

  2. RamuGovindarajulu says:

    The interest has to calculate on Gross LIability(Output Tax) or Net Liability ( Output Tax – Input Tax)?
    In my case, after set-off ITC, the net CGST liability is Rs.1,875 and the net SGST liability is Rs.2,70,342 which attracts 9% interest Rs.11 on CGST and Rs.1,533 on SGST as on 28-May-2020.
    In GSTR 3B table 5.1, I can not fill the interest amount separately, If I fill Rs.11 in the CGST column the same amount automatically shows in the SGST column also.
    Please guide me on how to fill the above interest amount separately in table 5.1 and set off the liability in GSTR 3B.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Ramu Govindarajulu.
    +91 948 701 9930

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