GST Interest and Late Fee Auto Calculator Not. No 51 to 57 for New Extended Date February 20 to July 20

Due to Covid -19 Government is changing GST return filing due dates again and again. Further, dates are also bifurcated between different types of assesses with different turnover and principal place of business. The due dates are also different for with out interest, with reduced interest and normal interest. So, Friends for calculating the interest and late fee we have to look at multiple factors that is T/o of assesses, month of filing, principal place of business and have to refer all notifications so these calculation is very tiresome, time consuming  and as there are multiple factors it is prone to error.

So to remove all these difficulties of our user we have developed this unique and single tool in which user has to just select the basic inputs and will get the auto calculated amount of interest and late fee with in few seconds. These calculator covers till latest Notification No 57 as issued by Govt on India.

So, users are not required to do read or understand any notification and don’t have to  remember any dates these calculator does that work for you.

Benefits of GST Interest and Late Fee Auto Calculator:

1. It covers Interest and Late Fee calculation from Feb 20 to July 20

2. Cover all applicable notification in calculation Till Notification No 57/2020.

3. Interest and Late Fee will be auto calculated with in Few seconds.

4. We only have to select few basic inputs from the drop down list. We are not required to remember any criteria or refer any notifications.

You can download said Interest and Late fee Calculator from here.

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  1. vivekkothar says:

    i think there is a small mistake in this calculator in the month of June and Jul’2020 for “T/O Upto 5 Crore” and select “State under list No 1” the original due date shows as 24-Jul-20 for the month of June’20 and 24-Aug-2020 for July’2020 whereas the original due date is 22-Jul-20 and 22-Aug-20. Kindly correct me if i am wrong.

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